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    did mike ever find a head? what happened to the enkei sawblades and why is the door/fender replaced
  2. the blue 620 crew cab used to belong to another ratsun member but not in this condition and was red and in pieces
  3. gene knight

    NM 521

    where did you get dingle balls and strips
  4. that looks like a NL320 1964 i had 1 all white and it was a NL320
  5. who is the guy in 1st pic next to boss lady
  6. i have a plethora of 510 parts and i'm in arizona
  7. was hoping to take grimace but it wont be ready for its debut still have work to do to get it drivable and still at painters/upholster shop. he was sick for a week and got behind on cars
  8. i wanted to go and bring my 521 but medical issues and my 521 not ready i won't be coming maybe next year if i can get a handle on my medical issues and my 521 ready
  9. anybody going to this event
  10. me and charlie69 reindexed my torsion bars 1 spline i think and running 720 4x4 leafs in back and will be running 3" angle cut blocks or 4" angle cut blocks and i will be running enkei sawblades 15 x 7 and 205/70 r15 tires
  11. i need pix from the speedos cluster from them
  12. gene knight

    NM 521

    Oilspot: if you can get with kelmo on here and maybe come to the route66 event in williams, az on Oct.1st and 2nd
  13. gene knight

    NM 521

    Oilspot: welcome to ratsun and saving a 521. keep us posted on your build thread pm sent
  14. i'm gonna be running 15 inch enkei sawblades on my 521 and need to know what tire size i should get so that tires won't be rubbing on inner fenderwell/frame or fenders. i lowered my truck and running disc brakes
  15. i am hoping that it does not come down to colon resection surgery. i have read that there is antibiotics, high fiber diet, fiber supplements, meds, probiotics, and if none of the previous treatments work then there are the following procedures like colon resection, abscess drainage, perforation surgery, peritonitis, fistula removal and intestinal obstruction surgery if blockage is life threatening and possible colon resection. i just hope and pray that the doctors can prescribe antibiotics/meds or high fiber diet/supplements /probiotics. i will keep everyone posted i see gastro doctor on 13th of july Top
  16. I had 1 of those on my first 521 back in the 80s and hated it. It was the 1st thing I took off
  17. gene knight

    Matt's 521

    Safe travels
  18. So Thursday I had to go to the hospital for severe left kidney pain and had blood work and CT scan and the results came back as Colonic diverticulosis an os mild oviod fat stranding adjacent to the mid descending colon in the left abdomen measuring 1.1 x 1.4 cm may represent mild changes of epiploic appendagitis and Hepatic steatosis and bilateral ureteroceles In easier terms is an issue with left colon and left kidney, doctor says something twisted in that area and the Hepatic steatosis and bilateral ureteroceles means liver and pancreas issues. With all my medical issues it's frustrating and depressing for me it's affecting my mind and thoughts on how much I want it all to end.
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