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  1. "Good...good. Your hate has made you powerful". - The fictional Emperor from the Star Wars Series. "One day you will learn the price, as I have". -Me
  2. If Trump wins I stand to financially profit immensely. That there is what is known as a quandary.
  3. Telling that you used "born without" and "lost". Your bias is showing.
  4. gen·der /ˈjendər/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female. "a condition that affects people of both genders"
  5. Gender and sexual ambiguities among humans have been with us since prehistoric times and probably as long as there have been people. Do your own research. " The further you go the less you know". - Tao te Ching 47
  6. That water wheel is my favorite part, aside from the vegetable garden!
  7. That is one fantastic garden/ koi pond. Wow!
  8. That vehicle was listed a week ago. All the goodies are long gone now. Folks are on it up in this piece...
  9. Person, you stated I was mediocre, remember? Out the window goes your delusion of being logical if you are attempting to gaslight or troll me. Or if you are having short term memory loss you might wish to consult a physician. If I believe ANYTHING that comes through TV, phone, or computer screens then I am a fool. Right or left it doesn't matter, it is all an illusion based on someone else's staging of their view of whatever reality they wish to convey. Solipsism is best for me. If I believe anything in how Trump portrays himself than I am a rube who let myself get conned. If I think that I can get an accurate picture of someones character traits based on a few lines of text on a screen than I am an arrogant prick. "Address anything I actually said in a logical manner?" First, you did not say it, you wrote it. I will also need a refresher on the content posting guide for writing on Ratsun. If someone could point out where I could find that I would be very appreciative. Please include the style and prose addendums. I used to write lengthy posts complete with references etc. but in retrospect, for whatever reason, it was a complete waste of my time. In my advancing age I have logically realized the importance of extreme time management and do not have the time to waste partaking in endless scribble on a car enthusiasts website. I don't go to Burger King for a filet mignon either. Yes I realize that some on here may be out of work due to Covid, or retired and this is what they do with their time. This is about as much time as I care to donate to this screed right now. I have to go, life is calling.
  10. Now instead of me, apply these words as if you are addressing Donald Trump. It's okay when he does it right? Mediocre is better than hypocrite.
  11. Yes because Trump was discussing hair and facial regimens with the pimp Ghislaine Maxwell
  12. Sour grapes eh? For me the Trump Show has jumped the shark. It is no longer interesting and the ratings have fallen. It will probably be cancelled soon barring its' chief competitor falling prey to the final cancellation. It will be great when the Trump Show is shut down.
  13. That's some great sleuth work there, but you neglected to list a pertinent detail; Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell and Trump with Geoffrey Epstein.
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