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  1. I'm surprised, you're usually a pretty sharp guy. What is it about Kentucky that KFC does not want it's brand associated with?
  2. That is part of the fun (at least for me) of modern life, interpreting the data bombarding me daily. The act of interpretation keeps me from subconsciously absorbing too much of the items I would call bullcrap. That is how the fuck I figure that. Anyway back to; "preparedness for the coming flu epidemic... and a few laughs." No laughs here folks. This was gleaned from the internet; Disinfecting with Clorox, Today, I wanted to make a mixture of Clorox to disinfect the counter tops in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. The working mixture of bleach to disinfect is 1:10 (initial volume/final volume). I assumed that the amount of Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) in the Clorox bottles was 6-7%. I checked the several bottles of Clorox (4 of them) we have in the laundry room and I could not find the amount of SH on any of the bottle labels. These Clorox bottles are all of the “Splash-Less” type, commonly available in the stores, and therefore the amount of SH, although not stated on the label, I have found it is no more than 1%. So if you dilute it further 1:10, you end up with a mixture with 0.1% SH, just good enough to brighten your laundry, and that’s about it! Furthermore, on ONLY one of the 4 bottles, it states clearly that this type of “Splash-Less” Clorox is NOT made to disinfect anything! The solution is to buy REGULAR BLEACH CLOROX, that is if you still can find it, which has the right concentration of SH (It is shown on the label), or use another make of beach, but also checking first the SH concentration.
  3. All information is good information even the fake information.
  4. No issues with toilet paper purchasing thus far. Like everything else it can be found online ( if I know where to look).
  5. Mike Huckabee says we can return to using corn cobs to clean the posterior of fecal matter. How does that work? Does one draw the corn cob back and forth across the anal region allowing the nooks and crannies of the corn cob to give the cling-ons a new home? Or does one anally insert the corn cob ( is this where cornhole come from ?) to really attack that "not so fresh feeling ?" Personally, I like my idea of the outdoor handheld bidet ( read: hose) as an alternative to t.p. et al.
  6. Watching President Trump at a press conference putting forth the proposition that the government might be able to get an "equity stake" in businesses which will benefit from the proposed economic stimulus. Reminded me of something...oh yeah , here it is;
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