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  1. As a 720 owner I can verify the nut bottoms out on the sleeve regardless of whether polyurethane or rubber bushings are installed. And I can verify that the torque measurements in the FSM are correct for my vehicle. Using my skateboard experience as an anecdotal reference, polyurethane skateboard truck bushings appeared about the time they became available for automobiles. At lower torque, that is when looser trucks were desired, rubber definitely felt "softer" than polyurethane when torqued identically. However when the skateboard trucks were tightened down to a level where they would not budge ( for downhill skateboarding) there was no difference in the feel between rubber and polyurethane and there was no difference in performance. I feel this is applicable to the discussion.
  2. Actually this statement leads me back into what I was getting at ( albeit incompletely) with my first statement about torque. Under 100 ft. lbs ( average ) of torque ( which is a helluva lot of pressure) are the differences between rubber and polyurethane really that great or appreciable? But as alignment happens in minute increments, maybe so.
  3. Who is attacking you? Your numbers do not match the '81 FSM. As far as the insults and opinions, carry on, its funny watching you get torqued properly.
  4. Government town home? No, a decent condominium that is appreciating nicely and in which we have a ton of equity. Property owning in SoCal. is the best investment but hey its okay to wait as the prices are sure to drop eh?
  5. First off, he did not speak it he wrote it. I legitimately asked where he got his numbers from. The rest is in your head.
  6. Half wit? Ha ha, everyone can see your superior intellect as it manifests in your wise life choices!!!
  7. Not sure where you got your numbers from but the Datsun Factory Service Manual thusly states; I dare say that overtourqued rubber might act like....polyurethane!!!!!
  8. Says the guy who can barely afford to live in Santa Barbara. Too funny, a rich guy attitude minus the rich! Of course you won't say anything insulting to anyones face because if they didn't before, now everybody knows what you really are...a regular joe racist, internet tough guy!!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that...in fact you are in good company.
  9. Uh you were not showing anybody anything , regardless of what your dad says. Just adding word salad to the obvious which has already been established ; rubber and polyurethane are different materials. And if you wish to insult me again come and say it to my face.
  10. What I choose to use on my vehicle is not the issue. The o.p. asked for help and immediately out the gate was met with ( in effect) " Don't use poly bushings because they are horribly ineffective and you will suffer catastrophic vehicle failure if you do." I am just offering my anecdotal experience as opposed to theoretical hysteria. O.p. should have as much info on the topic as possible to make an educated decision. B.T.W. I have used new rubber and it still wears faster than polyurethane.
  11. You know where I live. Come and have a coffee with me. We can discuss it.
  12. Word salad. Torque is not the issue because in a real world comparison both t.c. rod nuts would be tightened the same. I like polyurethane and I am not dissuaded by fear mongering.
  13. But poly is not "solid". It is harder than rubber but not as unyielding as steel. I use poly on my 720 now and used it for years on my ZCAR with no issues other than noise. In the picture you posted above look what happens to rubber over the years. That looks like much more of a safety issue than any of the allegedly possible issues created by polyurethane.
  14. The total range of motion is a few degrees. Both tension rods and bushings on each are torqued down. There is no "swinging" per se happening during normal operation. I fail to see how poly would differ much from rubber seeing as torque for both nuts is identical.
  15. That is not a 720 tension rod. Looks like an s-30 ZCAR. 720 tension rods are much more stout and angled.
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