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  1. Datsun Parts Photos The rubber part looks like brake boots, package says "Packing" Lens LOOKS like a 520 but is larger and only has 2 bulbs The throttle linkage I have no idea about, except maybe it is for fuel injection.
  2. I will be bringing; 2x 521 OEM Windshields 2x 521 Back Glass 2x 521 Front Bumpers w/ brackets 2x 521 Tailgates 2x 620 Tailgates 1x 240z Hatch Glass w/ vertical heater lines 1x 720 Rear Glass Probably more
  3. I watched part of Donald Trumps state of the union. It made me feel good...like heroin makes a junkie feel good. I do not and will not fall for the con, because that is his mightiest gift..the subtle powers of psychic persuasion. A con man through and through, he is not changing at age 71, he is not becoming "more presidential". I can see clearly the wreckage he leaves behind in his wake once his empty and false words have been forgotten. Now it is just wait and see and I have stopped watching the Trump show because it is not good for my mental health.
  4. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I have offended. I am so very sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings with my diatribes or opinions. This thread should be a safe space where everyone is included, no one feels left out or persecuted because they are different, after all we are all; FREE TO BE YOU AND ME! If I could pass a cup of cocoa through my monitor to each one of you I would! Thanks for being here and don't stop being you!
  5. Playing the race card, that's so libtard of you. Nice try at projection too. Why don't we meet and discuss it?
  6. Since you are experiencing cognitive dissonance over your right wing political views I feel that it is best I make an amends to you; I am truly sorry that you will never be able to be a member in a white supremacist organization because of your Latino heritage. Life is so unfair for so many people and not being able to be a nazi is probably a nadir in your life. It's okay though, you can still be a productive member of society... And by the way I was calling out the heritage of MEXICAN NAZIS because the concept is truly ridiculous. But everything is all about you right?
  7. I didn't know you right wingers were such sensitive snowflakes; Mestizo (/mɛˈstizoʊ/;[1] Peninsular Spanish: [mesˈtiθo], Latin American Spanish: [mesˈtiso]) is a term traditionally used in Spain, the Philippines, parts of Central America (especially in Belize) and Latin America which originally meant a person of combined European and Amerindian or Pacific Islander descent, regardless of where the person was born. The term was used as an ethnic/racial category in the casta system that was in use during the Spanish Empire's control of their American colonies. Nowadays though, particularly in Latin America, Mestizo has become more of a cultural term, with culturally mainstream Latin Americans regarded or termed as Mestizos regardless of their actual ancestry, and with the term "Indian" being reserved exclusively for people who have maintained a separate indigenous ethnic identity, language, tribal affiliation, etc. Consequently, today, the vast majority of Spanish speaking Latin Americans are regarded as Mestizos, although because of this newer, culturally based definition, this term cannot be taken as indicative of actual ancestry. Please enlighten me on my supposed racism or... ....go hide in your safe space. Aren't you right wingers the same people these days who have your collective panties in a bunch about your language allegedly being censored by the politically correct left?
  8. Why, if you can't take the smell get out of the bathroom.
  9. Look everyone. I'm a typical right wing wimp, I need positive affirmation from the group because I cannot stand on my own two feet!
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