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  1. Hey Ted, I'm still looking for a 521 oil pan & pick up tube if you come across one. Glad you'll be making the trip! See ya there.
  2. Hope you & your kitties feel better soon. Take care of yourself & God bless🙏
  3. Yup! I got my brother Michael into Datsuns now😈
  4. Hey, I know that wagon😍 Great event. See ya there Randy. I'll be there in my 521 pick up & my 510 wagon this year.
  5. Angela

    mrbigtankers 521

    Trailer? Ha! Tanker just hoists it over his shoulder & carries it😝
  6. http://imgur.com/gallery/XqAMbRY
  7. Hitting the road in just a few hours... Let's light this candle folks!
  8. I completely rebuilt my heater assembly & duct work, replaced/greased wheel bearings all the way around, valve adjustment, carbs tuned, oil & fluids replaced...including diff. A quick wash & packing the wagon up & heading up the coast Wednesday from Central Cali Edit: And...Installed CB RADIO & antenna, fixed horn, replaced failed glove box, 1 rotor resurfaced. Top still rattle-canned & tinted side windows myself (& boy, does it show) but hey, WTF? I might get pulled over & have to rip it off before I hit the State line. Like you said Mike..."20 feet at 25 mph...looks good" SAFE TRAVELS Y'ALL! :thumbup:
  9. Got my Goon just about dialed in. My buddy & I decided to go Old Skool for real & are doing this camp/road trip with CB Radios! I am SO looking forward to this as it is the 1st vacation I've had in a very long time. I can't think of a better way to use up my accrued sick time & return broke as hell...until I can save up enough to do it all again next year
  10. There's a special place in HELL for Datsun thieves :devil: Praying for the safe return of your ride. Please keep us posted.
  11. Well, Hector got a shout out on the show for selling his repop emblems to JDM Legends. Congrat$ Hector..."out in California" (Your emblems are very well done btw) As far as the show itself...meh. Mostly disappointing & same stale template as the rest.
  12. Thanks Randy, it was really fun hanging out with you, Jacque & your crew. Congratulations on your Bluebird WIN! I'm planning on bringing "Billie Jean" my 521 next year & we're doin Hitching Post for dinner/drinks from now...on : )
  13. "Cops seize $130,000 Nissan Skyline GT-R at car show and the story is wild" (seems some Japanese car importers were involved & ownership is being questioned...) https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/cops-seize-dollar130000-nissan-skyline-gt-r-at-car-show-and-the-story-is-wild/ar-AAwoxv9?li=BBnb7Kz
  14. Here's the link to many more pics from the actual show on Saturday. Great turn out. https://imgur.com/a/RYe6FRD
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