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  1. Angela

    Cluster light sockets

    Hey guys, I've been struggling with this same issue. I just installed new white LED's I got from Amazon (verified fitment with Sylvania website for a Datsun 521). Let me just say it's a freaking BITCH of a job that is deceptively simple. Yes, there is a polarity sensitivity to deal with & trial & error seems to be required but there's also good contact issues on top of that, not much room to fiddle with it while cluster is still installed either. Anyhow, I looked through a few threads & found this old link that still works so maybe it'll be of help: https://www.superbrightleds.com/vehicle/1970-nissan-521-pickup-vehicle-led-lights?make=55&model=222&year=1970 I got most of the lights to work after several attempts at orienting them correctly & trial/error but it's still not as bright & beautiful as Mainer's or dat521gatherer's (great job guys). I'll get at it again tomorrow & hopefully resolve it. I have a question though (please forgive the slight thread jack). Everything in my cluster works but my speedometer. The odometer turns, the fuel & temp gauges work but the speedometer needle doesn't even bounce...it's just dead. I've installed a new cable & it's properly lubricated. If anyone knows of a fix or source for fixes that might be helpful I'd appreciate it. I really want to make this cluster work 'cos I spent some $$$ on it cos it was supposedly new OEM with the odometer at 000009. I just rebuilt an L20B & wanted the mileage to match. Thx in advance.
  2. Hey there, my '71 wagon has OEM blue (turquoise) interior & white (color code worn off) exterior & came with a navy blue vinyl top. I searched for nearly 2 years to find the right match so I could redo the interior...not easy. However, it came out perfect & I saved the color swatches & supplier info. Truth be told I might have to do a little digging to find it but not too huge a deal. I have lots of pics, too. I'd be more than happy to share anything that might be helpful to your project. I had it done about 3 years ago & shared some pics here on the forum so they're here somewhere. Here are a couple of "before pics" though of what I started with.
  3. https://santamaria.craigslist.org/cto/d/santa-maria-4x4-nissan-datsun/7218717854.html
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 5 hours

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    Hello there Rastuners, I'm in need of a red speedometer pinion gear (20 tooth I believe & only the pinion, not whole housing) for a newly transplanted 5 speed in my 521. Please let me know what you have & how much you're asking. I have some 510 wagon parts & a few 521 parts to trade or just plain mulah via PayPal. Thank you in advance ☺ -Angela


  5. Daniel, your work is always an inspiration. Thank you so much for all the step by step illustrations. My plate ended up looking quite a bit like yours but I just got the truck back yesterday & it appears that my buddy wedged/force fit the old boot (not an original anyhow...pics later) into the smaller hole he cut. I'm not a fan but super appreciative of the effort since I can't really do that stuff myself. I'm still focused on breaking in my newly rebuilt L20B properly so cosmetics will take a back seat for the moment but I'll certainly be referring back to your posts when the time comes. Took my 1st freeway trip today for about an hour & the new motor & 5 speed felt strong & pretty smooth. Think I might be needing a break upgrade though! Will do an oil change this weekend after driving a bit more. It's been teetering on triple digits here where I live so temp gauge was running a bit hot. Might go with a Koyo radiator next. Ahhh...it's always something (but I love it).
  6. Yup, that's what I went with. Your interior is really cool. Thanks for the input!
  7. Beautiful! I like your carpet kit better than the one I got from ebay for too much $. Where'd you find that?
  8. I thought about covering it with my new carpet kit I just installed but since my truck had an original plastic snap in mat that the shifter plate sat on top of, I figured that's how it came from the factory. I have never seen any examples of a 521 with the shifter plate under the carpet or mat. I suppose there are several custom variations that could be done but I think I am a fan of the plate on top of carpet. I have a metal 520 dash top I just painted in flat black that I plan to install next so it kinda ties things together. I just love this truck so much. My 510 wagon gets jealous sometimes I think 🤔 😆
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I did try to orient the plate 180° but because of the contour, it wasn't gonna sit right. My buddy ended up cutting a new hole in the existing plate & patching the old one. It's "okay" for now but I'd really like to find a solution that's a little nicer looking. If anybody out there is fabricating something more stock-looking or smoothed out so it doesn't look so "cut 'n paste" I'd love to know about it. DanielC, I still need to dig through all your wonderful posts on Dragon to find what you did to yours.
  10. So, 5 speed is in, L20B swapped, S.U's installed & engine sounds great. Still working on exhaust & other little details. It's still over at my Datsun buddy's place for now so no real pics to share yet but I have a question for all who've done a tranny swap... What did you do for the transmission tunnel plate? Cut a new hole & patch the old one? Does anyone make custom tunnel plates that look good mounted on top of carpet? Any advice & especially pics will be appreciated! Thanks guys!
  11. Well thanks for the advice & information (admittedly some of which is still above my pay grade...but I'm trying & learning). Are these oil pumps fairly easy to source? Anybody have leads? Much appreciated as always guys. You rock 🎸
  12. KA oil pump for an L20B motor...really? Esplain me por favor 😜
  13. HOLY F'ING CRAP! Glad you're still here to tell the tale my friend!
  14. Thx Mike! I've got a hunch I'll enjoy the heck out of these upgrades. I was fortunate enough to find a speedometer guage that had just .9 miles on it so newly rebuilt engine, new, accurate mileage tracking. I'm gonna take good care of my baby so hopefully it'll last me for however long I'm on this earth & able to drive it! Having M.S sucks sometimes & is completely unpredictable but when I get in my wagon or 521 & just drive...nothing else matters & all is good. Nothing else compares. It's the best meditation & medication in my book😍
  15. That's a great story...& illustration. My old L16 had low, uneven compression & made me a little nervous when navigating the local hills & climbing up the Cuesta Grade here where I live.. Having to stop for a signal light on a hill was awful. I'm stoked to know these are worries I can leave behind.
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