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  1. https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/zip/d/oxnard-free-lot-of-2000-brand-new/7322744665.html Anyone got a free VCR? Asking for a friend
  2. If your server supports https, then just update the urls. It looks like yours does, but the certificate looks to be invalid 🤷‍♂️
  3. It's not ratsun, it's chrome or any browser blocking insecure content (http) on secure (https) pages. http://510factory.com/pictures/Datsun_510_Build_Pics/IMG_20181102_105914.jpg vs
  4. I wasn't really paying attention to the dates, but it seemed like you make great progress 👍 I like the kit, unless you plan to lower it. It gives it a look like it's lower, making it look less like an 80s/90s sedan.
  5. Nice. I have NOS 521 parts from Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Egypt...😂
  6. O'Reilly is a tool. All these commentators are one unsurprising scandal away from downfall.
  7. You know she died in a car accident, right? She was cut off by some dick!
  8. Got my 2nd Pfizer shot last Wednesday. Didn't really have any side effects...
  9. I bought two, TWO, NOS 521 fenders on eBay on two different occasions from two different sellers. The first one shipped the fender in a giant bubble wrap envelope. Lots of damage in shipping - duh. When I bought the second fender I related my packing woes from the first fender. The seller assured me it would be packed well. It arrived in a bicycle box with basically zero packing material inside and lots of damage. WTF.
  10. Does ANYONE make a wifi router that doesn't turn into a flaming POS after a year or two?
  11. Sender should read 40Ω at 80°C/176°F. Fire up the sauce pan & meat thermometer
  12. Yes, well aware, but I think I'd rather move out than move sideways or down.
  13. The landlord (son of, who manages the property) lives in the front house and we live above the detached garage/office. They aren't breaking a lease, as we are on a month to month contract with 30 day notice for lessee, 60 day for lessor, so I believe they are within their rights. Regardless, I'm not the type to fight this kind of thing either way. If they don't want us here, that's good enough reason for me, especially because it would become hostile - to be fair they could have raised the rent over the years as it has been below market value, but only raised it slightly. My youngest isn't sc
  14. Might be time for us to move out of CA anyways. My landlord has decided to evict us at the end of the eviction moratorium, no reason given. Really great timing considering how slammed the housing market is here. I can only assume it's so they can turn around and rent the place for considerably more money, since a law passed in '19 doesn't allow more than a 5% increase in rent unless the tenants changeover. Plus I've done a bunch of cosmetic work on the place so it's a lot nicer than when we moved in. I would say we are among the best tenants one could ask for, aside from noisy kids (which c
  15. https://ratsun.net/topic/79106-inherited-grandpas-‘71-datsun-521-pu/?do=findComment&comment=1706320
  16. Couldn't hear it either
  17. thisismatt

    2 cars in 2 days

    Drove a 92 Accord for 16 years, sold it to my nephew in '16 for $500 after spending $900 on the timing belt/water pump/etc service. It's still going...probably 280k+ miles now, and on the original automatic transmission. If you have any questions I might be able to help.
  18. thisismatt

    My 1971 521

    This is why I would just stick with a used or new oem, or a rewound high output.
  19. Lockleaf's post is likely the reason. 4wd shouldn't be used on solid surfaces due to the lack of center differential, even though you may have open front & rear diffs.
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