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  1. I think that's just a result of age. I don't think it has anything to do with trying to seal the door
  2. Really it effs up both, and the T/C connection at the LCA. In stock form there really is no adjustment that doesn't put those three points into bind. Just picture a tubular metal triangle with welded corners...section a piece out of one of the sides and try to close the gap.
  3. It's not weatherstripping, it just holds the glass in the regulator channel. Not sure what it was made out of, though. The window sweeps at the top of the door body on the 521 are fuzzy "brush" style weatherstrip
  4. Like duke's, combined with adjustable lca and a clevis point attachment at the lca it allows unbound adjustment of the triangle? It's more solid while more freely moving?
  5. thisismatt

    NM 521

    High rpms, derpster
  6. File it enough to get it to slide out.
  7. You should be able to find an app for your phone to resize pics. I use "Photo & Picture Resizer" on Android...it's fine, just splashes an ad after resizing.
  8. But... you're on Ratsun 🤔
  9. thisismatt

    Heater duct

    Jake doesn't have any but Jake can get you one? 😅
  10. Couldn't you replace all that with one tube, or is there a maf in there?
  11. Masks don't work, vaccines don't prevent you from getting & spreading it. How hard is that to understand? Meanwhile, things like alcohol & tobacco kill 100's of thousands/year, including people who don't choose to use them, but nobody gives a crap.
  12. Thailand perhaps? https://www.ebay.com/itm/173389922482?hash=item285ed840b2:g:dGEAAOSwT6pVyJSn
  13. thisismatt

    NM 521

    Looks factory. One of those is W/B, just yellowed from age.
  14. What's this? Oh, a 3" "inside" slip-in closet flange (fail #1), set below finished floor (fail #2). Doubled up wax rings with built-in cone that doesn't fit inside undersized slip-in closet flange (fail #3). Start hacking everything out... Attempt to salvage elbow (and basement ceiling drywall) with a $100 socket saver pipe reamer. Get about 75% of the way done just to have it bite hard, kick back, and split the elbow (fail #4). Cut out the drywall anyways and redo the whole elbow, shim a new closet flange to proper height, reset toilet with one wax ring...drywall repair later.
  15. Check all your ground wiring for clean & secure connections.
  16. Probably any oil/grease getting on the carbon brushes and commutator mucks them up
  17. I can't believe there's still a royal family at all in this day & age. Talk about putting up with something stupid...
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