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  1. Oh yeah, grease the all-thread also
  2. https://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/d/reseda-datsun-pickup-truck/6917266718.html Otherwise fine
  3. Found a Datsun side mirror in the garage at an estate sale the other weekend. Hard to believe considering the house will be on the market for $3 million or so, and nobody around here, besides gardeners and maybe a couple other randoms, has Datsuns...
  4. Haven't done a 720, but did one bushing on my F250 I-beam using the all-thread & heavy washer method. Freezer is a good idea, and a light amount of grease at least at the start to help it start straight.
  5. Nice. Somewhere in a ditch there is a mountain of Datsun battery tie downs...
  6. Could probably dismantle a 521 in 30 hours. 29 hours for the front blinker housings, 1 hour for the rest.
  7. Logo looks like Sparco, but didn't know they ever made brakes...?
  8. And generally they have poor anti-drainback valves
  9. Were the electrodes mashed on any plugs 😅
  10. I like the Motorcraft FL-1A. Same filter I use on my 7.5 liter 😂
  11. It will definitely need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned in order to tig it.
  12. Realistically I think you'd be lucky to get $400 for it, and believe me I love these trucks and would like to save them all. You can probably get near that for the motor & trans if they are in good shape, but the rest just doesn't look like it's worth much when every panel is damaged like that. Common 521 parts are like coins...gotta be mint state to pull the good money
  13. Bad ignition switch or wiring, possibly start relay if it has one.
  14. Do it installed. If still no good I'd be looking at the positive cable & all grounds.
  15. Tried jumping the solenoid directly at the starter?
  16. Did you try to turn it over by hand?
  17. This isn't an auction site, and OBO does not mean, nor has it ever meant, that the seller is obligated to sell for the highest offer. It's completely up to the seller's discretion.
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