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  1. Its not that your nuts are big, it's that your shaft is small. Perspective. 👍
  2. Facebook.. where the same 10 questions get asked over, and over, and over....
  3. Looking good!
  4. Draker

    Floor repair

    Solid work Daniel!
  5. I saw some videos on youtube and they did sweat and drip. That was northeast weather.. so not the same climate. I don't have any first hand experience though. I'd store my junk in one.
  6. Looks like a fender, valance.. and you might be okay. Not easy to come by in kansas though.
  7. Are you looking for chome or black? I've got the drivers side on black.
  8. Are you looking for chome or back?
  9. There are a few folks in your area. Good luck on the build!
  10. I'd be interested in this as well.
  11. If he is able to get it even close to on the cam we know it's not popped out all the way. It likely just needs pushed in a tiny bit more. The head gasket compresses when it's torqued. If you pull the head and try to reuse the gasket you are asking for trouble. Can it work, sure, can it fail? Definitely. Again, just look down there with a flashlight and see what's going on. It probably just needs a little persuasion. Try the simple stuff first.
  12. Head gasket is junk if you remove the head. Literally did this on a motorcycle today. Installed headgasket yesterday due to burning coolant, still burnt coolant. Pulled head today and junked the gasket. It sucks.. but that's how it goes. Sometimes it's a bitch to get the chain back on. Tight fit. Just try to get a little more slack by compressing the tensioner very very carefully. Shine a flashlight down there and see what's goin on.
  13. I wouldn't remove the cover yet. Stick a pry bar down the inside of the cover and see if you can force the tensioner back in. It may have slipped out a bit. If it popped out, you should be able to eyeball it.
  14. Draker

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Did you attempt the tube method? I struggled with bleeding my 510 for a while until I did this. You can literally just keep pumping and pumping. No need to close the bleeder valve every time. Set the bleeder so it's tight enough not to leak around the threads, but open enough to still pass fluid. Sometimes it's a difficult balance.. but I've been doing all my cars this way.
  15. Just make sure your wiring follows that order then and you should be fine. You can test with a multimeter, or test light.
  16. Draker

    Recommended Killswitch

    I usually pull the rotor or plug wires. I've got the club as well.
  17. Make sure the polarity is correct. Unlike a light bulb a diode will only work if the power is flowing in the right direction.
  18. Draker

    My Little Goon...

    That thing does look pretty nice!
  19. Draker

    Powerland 2020!

    I could imagine the epic shirts already... wow. Nice work!
  20. Draker

    Powerland 2020!

    Celicaguy guy... lol He tracked me down at Blue lake.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, pretty sure this site ran without a cert for a really long time. Meaning, nothing was encrypted, even your passwords when you logged in. Someone sitting on the server could have grabbed every password in plain text. Things are better now.
  22. The cert is valid until 7/7/19. Everything is fine.
  23. Seriously, one of the best mods to a 521. Makes it look a whole lot less farm truck.
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