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  1. Draker

    waynos 1963 L320 project

    What are they asking for it?
  2. Good to see you still plugging away at it. My projects are a bit stalled due to house projects taking priority.
  3. Woah.. that's a good idea with the rope! Great work.
  4. picture url must be in this format https(s)://pictureurl.xyz/picture.jpg Post to a picture hosting service, copy to image field, post. https://postimages.org/ works ok but they might not keep your pictures forever.
  5. Do you have a return line? That could help, but not too common. Some 510s came stock with it. You could also try to insulate your fuel lines that run above the intake and exhaust. I've had the same issues before on hot days.. I insulated mine which helped, but it still happens at times.
  6. Let us know if this resolves the issue!
  7. Didn't think it was an option. Mine was aftermarket. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. Sure, go for it. I do on certain ones. Later nissan harness are complete shit and corrode really bad, so I tend to use it on the older stuff as well.
  9. That's probably your issue. Just connect the gauge cluster if you want to test. Otherwise wait until it's back in.
  10. Charge light has to be connected. Bulb needs to be good.
  11. They had ratty 510s in 1985? There cars were still babies back then... Seriously, awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. F wire is the key here I think. The issue is the alternator is not turning on. I'm with mike, install the old regulator if it's still good. Just use it to test. You'll need voltage on the field wire to tell the alternator how much voltage to put out.
  13. Yikes.. hope it's not too bad in there. Enjoying the progress!
  14. If I recall the sun roof is a dealer option. Not a nissan option. So parts are long gone. I bought a slightly oversized new sunroof to replace one I had in my 720 because the latch broke and as a result it wouldn't stay closed. And naturally it leaked all the time.
  15. Also, just because it's remanufactured doesn't mean it's good. Don't be afraid to take it back to the part store to be tested. That will help you know if it's you... or the part.
  16. What's the battery voltage with the engine off? Make sure the dash light wire is hooked up. It should be marked L. If it's not hooked up the alternator won't 'turn on'.
  17. Its not that your nuts are big, it's that your shaft is small. Perspective. 👍
  18. Facebook.. where the same 10 questions get asked over, and over, and over....
  19. Looking good!
  20. Draker

    Floor repair

    Solid work Daniel!
  21. I saw some videos on youtube and they did sweat and drip. That was northeast weather.. so not the same climate. I don't have any first hand experience though. I'd store my junk in one.
  22. Looks like a fender, valance.. and you might be okay. Not easy to come by in kansas though.
  23. Are you looking for chome or black? I've got the drivers side on black.
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