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  1. Sorry to spoil it, most 'news' today is littered with opinion. It blends into fact when it aligns with your blind bias.
  2. It almost doesn't get any dumber than this. I said almost.
  3. Hilarious quote ^ lol Fun tip, Project Veritas has been listening to CNN's internal daily conference calls for the past 2 months and is releasing the audio in about 15 min. This is calls with the Jeff Zucker and their producers. To let them know, they called conference today during a live stream and let them know if their intentions. Brutal.
  4. Good news everyone, we flattened the curve! Oooooh, wait a minute. Turns out COVID is a cure for the flu!
  5. I got the rlc 69 charger. Gonna sell it though. Was trying to use a store credit and failed. 🤓
  6. Im gonna go with the larger loop 👍
  7. Carpet and floor mat samples arrived today. I've settled on the actual carpet material, now having a difficult time with the floor mats. I think I've narrowed it down to either brown or silver checkers. Here are samples compared with various parts of the car.
  8. Started to tack together the mounts and test their actual function. So far I've only these two, but they put the seat at a level position and seem like they will do the job. I'll add a small gusset or two. These are made of 1/8" steel, probably plenty strong already.
  9. I'm toying with the idea of extending the seat mount back to the seatbelt anchor, then adding a third mount location similar to this. It would be out of something thicker than 1/8" steel. It would put the belt in a good position. Safety first, so I am trying to plan this out a bit more. But would look something like this:
  10. As mentioned before, I started to mock up some idea for the seat rail mounts.
  11. aaaand I just realized those are terrible pics. 😐
  12. Here are the pics of height adjustment mechanisms.
  13. I made a bit of cardboard aided design progress last night. The seat rails are pretty heavily integrated, I did consider it but it may be tough. I’ll take another look at it and take some pics. Im still waiting for carpet so I’ve got some time.
  14. thanks for posting the details. I think most of the Datsun sheet metal is 1mm. That looking mighty clean inside! Great to see.
  15. I haven't made much progress on the seats. I've got a bit of decision paralysis with the rails. The seat rails are rather long which means If I cut them short they wont adjust forward and back very far. Also they are spread very far apart. Both which make it difficult to lower. The other part is that the seat has a mechanical height mechanism to raise and lower the seats. This would be great if the seats sat too low. Right now I have the choice of medium to bar stool. I've sat looking at the mechanical linkage to see if I could modify the seat to drop it down. Not happening, and it would be for marginal gains. I'll likely just try to level out the seat and build some mounts. Also I need to get the car off jack stands to really get a good feel for position.
  16. Looking a little toasted, but fixable
  17. I’ve used luk on several vehicles with great results.
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