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  1. Code: 139431159128989299 Your code expires on July 26, 2020, so do not wait!
  2. Code: 139304167128878971 Your code expires on July 19, 2020, so do not wait!
  3. Pic? i just did this. Anti squeal compound can be used keep those backing plates in place. Upper pad compression spring plates should sandwich into the caliper and hold there.
  4. the pre my rust bucket roller is worth $5k boom.
  5. Good to hear things are improving!
  6. 2-4K sounds about right for California. If it was pre smog you would fetch a bit more. Post at 4K and see what you get. Lower slowly as needed until it’s gone.
  7. Never lowered an 810 but it is similar to a 510. Get shorter springs or cut a few coils. New shorter rear shocks. Reinstall and now your lower. also you might find this thread useful if you want to upgrade to disks. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/65097-project-datsun-810-has-begun/
  8. Last fall we were planning on heading down your way around this time. But damn quarantine messed up those plans.. maybe next year.
  9. Crazy.. he did a great job! Glad to see this thing will be back in the road, and in short order.
  10. Bought a few more advertisement pieces and a matching rally 510. Hoping to do a sort of shadow box display with it.
  11. Impressive work! Who knocked that dent out?
  12. Dang.. this thread was pre-510 boom. Also look at the the OGs posting in here. Crazy.. and also the first time I’ve seen this thread or car. Very cool!
  13. I thought I saw you at powerland last year? Was it it real? Really sorry to hear about the windshield.. fucking sucks! Call bulldog auto glass in portland. I've had good results.. but a 610 is a rare beast.
  14. Draker

    1200 Buyers Guide

    Automatic is not a bad thing in some regards l. The transmission tunnel is larger on the autos. Gives you some options when doing a 5 speed swap.
  15. You can embed instagram photos here now. Photobucket is awful.
  16. directional tires, even rotating the correct way?
  17. I used a spring calculator online.
  18. Sounds like you need an alignment. When was the last time it was professionally aligned? Post your results.
  19. Other way around, I want a softer rate. The blue is the new spring. I think I calculated the red at around 475lbs?
  20. Took me 5 years but I finally framed and hung these prints up. They should look familiar.
  21. Old springs on the left, new on the right.
  22. My 69 510 had a drum clutch type water pump. If yours is original, yours might be also. Bad news though, you'll never find those parts. If you have that type in your car, I'd just buy a pump from rockauto. And you'll need a new fan to go with it. Aisin is the OEM for toyota water pumps, and they make pumps for the L motor. It's a quality pump with a cast impeller. If you have a viscus clutch or no clutch at all, you'll be able to find a replacement pretty easy and then you can just reuse your existing fan. If you have the drum clutch type and you'd like to keep it, you can. There are a few companies that rebuild water pumps, but it won't be cheap.
  23. Draker

    mrbigtankers 521

    Do it. I dare you!
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