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  1. $125 isn't too bad, but the shipping is a killer. AUD got stronger over the last year.. a year ago it would have been $92+ship. I don't know of any other kits. Check datsun1200.com, it's got everything you need to know about A series drive trains.
  2. Got some work done on the rear panels
  3. If that’s a 5 speed, it’s worth as much as the entire car! Hold on to it or sell for good $$$
  4. As much as you can squeeze under the hood. 😂
  5. Draker

    My 1971 521

    more likely you’ll hear it out the exhaust or intake, not specifically the valve seal.
  6. Check datsun1200.com good source for a series info. Yes they can take boost, yes it’s been done.
  7. Damn, and I thought mine was high mileage at over 300k. 700 is next level stuff.
  8. Draker


    From what I understand the DET motor is coil on plug. Tagging @Icehouse he's got a handful of these, in 510s.
  9. Draker


    What color is the tach needle?
  10. Already got 2 coats top and bottom. But still worried about the edges chipping and trapping water under the grommet. Probably good enough but in my opinion best to not let it get under the plug at all. Plus the amount of rain we get up here in Oregon, you almost have to treat these like a boat hull. lol
  11. Draker


    There were two factory tachs, which one do you have?
  12. I’d say post an ad in the classifieds with a bunch of pics. If you need assistance posting pics let me know. dual or single headlight?
  13. I think I’m gonna put some sealer on mine. Because you’re right, rust always forms here.
  14. Naw, they should have rubber plugs in them. Mine were missing or fell out so I replaced with some I found on eBay.
  15. Permits are gonna take a bit, hoping to get started late July. I might be able to turn a few wrenches out there this summer, but hard to say. Everything is backed up at the moment and lumber is at an all time high. Perfect time to build.
  16. That certainly adds to the complexity. Not sure on the front oil pan either.
  17. Aftermarket adapter is likely the cause of your signals not returning. But it's quite common for that just to break as well. you can also just unplug the switch, grab a meter and test continuity when switching right and left. Should tell ya everything you need to know.
  18. Well it's been 4 years since I posted this. I ended up buying a new place in 2018. It didn't have a shop but it did have a slightly bigger garage. Fast forward 4 years.. Today I received the engineered plans for a 1920 sqft shop building in my back yard. Next up permits and away we go. 🙂
  19. With the rack conversion you'd also get a choice of ratios depending on your needs. I'd personally go with the rack, which has been on my list for some time. Maybe when I finally swap get started on the KA swap dime.
  20. Next comes vinyl prep/softener and paint. Same process as I did on the front door panels. Using landau black vinyl paint and chrome pen for the panel detail.
  21. Got to work cleaning and prepping the door panels as well. Looks like I just smeared the dirt around more than cleaned it.
  22. Plan is to take off the vinyl under the window and redo it. Foam for soft from glue and well it looks like the ocean with all those waves 🌊 Got more material.. and a pretty good pattern.
  23. Sewing that carpet binding on was pretty tricky. Not bad for my first go, but mistakes were made. Shit happens, on to the next thing.
  24. Made the carpet for the rear window. It’ll be glued to padding and over the wood that’s up there. The plan it to put some speakers back there as well.. so it’ll get cut up at some point.
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