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  1. I've got two of these installed. The areas of concern are the lower rad hose can be tight to the alternator pulley. Use a shorter belt if needed. The second part is that the standoffs that connect the radiator to the core support need to be shimmed out about 4-5mm. It's very minor, use a few washers. It's a great radiator.
  2. Draker

    Seat belts?

    Seatbelt planet should have this.
  3. Draker

    Seat belts?

    I've got a set of lap belts I removed from my 510. They are modern, good shape, if you're looking.
  4. Obscure norm quote from SNL, “ya got any gum?” of course there are many more popular references. I loved his comedic style.
  5. Draker

    GLHS's 1971 1200

    I was interested in this car when it was last for sale. But it sold before I could get to it. All good though, happy to see it in the community. Really sweet ride!
  6. Draker

    GLHS's 1971 1200

    I wondered what happened to this car! Glad to see updates. Nice car for sure!
  7. there are others too. I know he’s busy, But I’ll tag him anyway. @LS_Wagonmakes some incredible repop lenses.
  8. If you didn’t tonight the tie rods or track rod, nothing to worry about.
  9. The early clsd’s are super hard to find. Second hand they are about $600 and in a 3.7. i had to buy a 510 to get my first one and just got really lucky on a Craigslist post on the second. Been looking for years and years. Second hand they come up often enough but ya gotta pay!
  10. There are some guys in here making some really nice lenses for 510s and 521s. The problem with the 320s is it’s such a small market. I’m sure if there was a preorder scenario some of the folks in here would be able to do it. The quality seems to be really nice too!
  11. Huge thank you for this. I know how long it takes to model, print, adjust, reprint..repeat, just to get these things dialed in. This is an impressive model and it's very generous of you to put up the files for the community.
  12. The stock seats are so uncomfortable! I did the same in my old 720. It was fantastic!
  13. I'm no expert, but I think folks prefer the clutch LSDs over the viscous type. Interested to hear feedback from others.
  14. Draker

    What's a 620 worth?

    Looks like it's $7000. I'd say $3000 is not out of the question. It's a 79 KC, so probably the most desirable. Other than for the california folks which are looking for smog exempt vehicles.
  15. i haven’t watched the news in months. Fear porn.
  16. I pulled this car out yesterday to start and warm up. Battery was dead, no surprise. Got it started and the rear carb is overflowing with fuel. I'll have to pop it open and unstick the needle, seat, float. Whatever it fucked in there. It started and ran very well otherwise. I've been trying to get some tires for this thing but there appears to be a shortage of 165/55r14s. I looked everywhere... and they are all sold out. So I guess I'll continue to wait. Here are the new wheels.
  17. You don't have to be effective, you just have to appear effective. That's how government works.
  18. Don't lose hope yet. It's pretty bad out there.. but it'll pass eventually.
  19. Depends on what it needs. I’d say about $1-2k.
  20. Champions crack. go with the koyo. Good fit, need to space the standoffs with a few washers. Lower radiator hose can be tight but works. I have two of these.
  21. i used both s18 contact adhesive for direct to metal and for to foam foam I used sprayway high temp fast tack 92.
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