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  1. so now you have a dirty engine and solvent due to a shitty filter 😄
  2. lindsey wagner just didnt have a reason to mention it
  3. the car is already rebuilt and looks better then ever i sold the owner some parts to rebuild it it was a racing accident nothing more nothing less these things sometimes happen when racing
  4. yes if it can be stood on the front of the engine so the back of the motor is flat and on the top it will allow for easier movement of the arms but the motor can be in any position and definitely remove the mounting plate from the stand itself
  5. stand the engine on its nose if possible and do everything wayno said start with everything loose stands are made universal and i haven't seen one that wouldn't bolt up to almost any configuration
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ratsun/ here is a real link and one more
  7. you are correct copy and past brings it up a link is highlighted in blue so you just click on it just like a proper valid email when typed will be blue
  8. on my computer your post has the link the first post shows what you posted but on my end does not work as a link your post does work as a link thanks now i can read it see the difference yours is lit up blue as a link original post is not
  9. the headline is written poorly at best and there is no link to read on i read 80 muscle cars and 90,000 dollars i must be old like mike 😀
  10. so quickly browsing through this thread looks like you have 3 68 2 doors ???? damn lucky guy I was very lucky when I got mine Thanks for the tip James
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