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  1. Ranman72

    Powerland 2020!

    from what i saw DNW had no interest in doing the show anymore i heard not enough he;lpers and volunteers mostly then the cost of the venue and well other reasons came up too Canby was awesome and i will miss it BUT This was also awesome a low key show and we had a blast it will only get better and i didnt miss the renaissance people either
  2. There was no torch pass it was dropped by dnw and Jay grabbed that thing by the balls and lit it on fire again This was a great turn out for a low key first time show and really the unknown Jay you did well talking with the people at Powerland and making this happen what great people and the people working in the museums were wonderful also the lady planeing and sanding old lumber for rebuilding thethe floors on the people movers was very nice She told me there is 62 acres inside the gates and 14 acers outside the gate for visitor parking Everyone was respectful camping area was plentiful as well as parking Vendor space and shade We had an awesome time and can't wait to come back to Powerland Thanks again Jay for stepping all over the plate to make this happen 👍
  3. Your an animal Glad your home safe
  4. Should have bought a real truck Eeemmm I mean Ford for hauling instead of a chevy for hauling ass Lol Drive carefully and be safe We will miss you
  5. Motel 6 can keep the light on I've stayed twice at 2 different ones Both sucked No motel 6 for me anymore
  6. Does.anyone know how early we can arrive there
  7. We drove by Powerland they were closed Our welcome said welcome Datsan and.nissans So I flipped the A upsidown to make.a U if anyone has any.contact with them it might be good.to point.it.out
  8. if your shit is broke FIX IT if you cant fix it TRAILER IT just my opinion if you cant trailer it PUSH IT bring your datsuns anyway you can we are leaving thurs 3 am driving the oregon coast up
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