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  1. Ranman72


    this should make any bad day better
  2. Automatic anything beats a fucking Prius
  3. Ranman72


    well its Ratsun not Ratun but im sure you will figure out your problems on your own without us dumbfucks SORRY YOU HAD A BAD DAY
  4. Thank you to everyone who has a hand in putting this show together it keeps getting better thanks to all the customers who make it worth the trip to San Jose we had a great time sold alot of stuff and went home tired no pics from me i was pretty busy all day anyone got any pics
  5. bummer no one near to help we just got home from a swap meet in san jose way to far away to help yes blue lake was today also another datsun show up that way somewhere today
  6. he has a bunch of 620s hes a datsun whore der
  7. we are going to miss this one to close to our cruise to jamaica /haiti and cozumel have fun with out us wishing for no snow for you guys
  8. I dont know what to say I put dry stuff in and closed the doors completely and it sweat dropps from the roof and it wasn't leaks but this was just my experiance our container at work does not seem to sweat but it is not sealed as tight as mine
  9. we get hot days cooler nights in the summer ,sometimes warm all night rain and sun in the winter I think it is like a hot box with no vent and causes it to sweat
  10. its a 4 door and a race car now so cut it up for flares just my opinion and dont get me wrong I love stock body lines and hate flares but this is a race car now so flare away
  11. Datsick car show is just around the corner I have mostly 240/260/280z parts but also have 1200 parts some B210 parts some Roadster parts 2 roadster tall windshield hard tops Call or text Randy for pre orders of larger parts Randy 916 496 7750 leave a message if no answer James for 510 and 620 parts 530 575 0911 
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