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  1. well mike when one door closes another opens eventually this shit will be gone and companies will be hurting for employees that are good and trusted
  2. I couldn't help but modify
  3. old folks like John Williams. Take care all! WTF that not funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. well i lied after i fixed the exhaust on the 510 we went to the ocean today about 1.5 hour drive tried to get subway for lunch both subways in the area were closed went to a deli in a small town on the coast and got sandwiches there drove up the coast to find a place to park and eat and take the pups for a small walk everywhere was coned off so you cant park and get to many people in one area we drove 10 extra miles and found a spot to eat where we could watch and listen to the ocean the ocean doesn't give a shit about covid-19 it looks and sounds the same It was beautiful
  5. this will probably be my first and last post in this thread as i heard it trump stated he would like to TRY to open the country by Easter and possibly some areas sooner if you live in BFE there isn't much reason for self quarantine now Vegas,San Francisco ,New York Chicago big cities in general need to self quarantine as a precaution where as people who have 50 people in the entire city may not if you live in a more open less populated space there is much less risk or need to isolate yourself as you are already living that way
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