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  1. this is great news now we have more opportunities to go to even more swap meets Jose it is never easy when your parents pass just keep being you and be there for your Dad my mother in law and my mom passed away a few years ago about 39 days apart that was a BIG kick in the nuts Cant wait till we get back to some normalcy and being able to have events with friends again Thanks for the great info Jose looking forward to the new location and what is to come your shows have always been great THANKS FOR KEEPING THIS GOING
  2. when I was a kid at home and also young and married I had a waterbed my friend got married and went on his honeymoon and asked me to hang on to 500 dollars for him i put the money between the waterbed mattress and the liner while he was gone my house burned down I lost most everything but when allowed to go in my house to save what i could half of my house was gone BUT melted in between the waterbed mattress and liner was that wet 500 dollars still good not burned the waterbed with baffles was much better then the one as a kid where when someone else got in bed made a wave ac
  3. you cant see mitches hands but they are already hard at work
  4. the statement below should read MOST PEOPLE IGNORED HIS PROBLEMS DUE TO THEIR HATRED OF TRUMP his problems were posted all over in black and white you would have to be an idiot to not have known his problems ( most people were unaware of his problems and with so much hate for Trump all they needed was a standup dummy.)
  5. the fucker stole it planned it all along he is as crooked and more stupid then hillary
  6. this is above my pay grade but more fuel more air more horsepower more efficient even more horsepower BLAH BLAH BLAH DATSUN LOL
  7. that is a very nice condition truck there are a lot of datsun people around look up datsloco group on facebook alot are in manteca lodi stockton etc \also there is the sac datsun group in the sacramento area with lots of datsun people
  8. what!!!!!! I know covid put a kabosh on everything but is this really true
  9. Fuck Biden and Newsance both are pieces of shit oooops i will save that for destruction of America yes hopefully we can start doing car things again
  10. well because you work close to them you should have to be tested and get paid time off too till you make sure your not sick too RIGHT 😁
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