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  1. Senior Member 584 563 posts Location:FL/ME Cars:82 720, 68 beetle + dailies Report post Posted 5 hours ago Yep spend the winter in Florida. All kinds of controlled burning down there. Helps to remove some of the exotics plants also. this exactly we used to do controlled burns to minimize risk till government and air quality people stepped in the way maybe we could ask god to keep the lightning to himself maybe we could ask the arsonists and protesters to work from home and burn their own houses down NEXT
  2. there is a complete built thread here on ratsun nice article thanks for sharing he also has a 411 wagon with miata under it also a build thread here
  3. this is one of the main reasons abortion should be kept legal your body your choice
  4. you guys are weird and must be from Washington and Oregon 😁
  5. yes we understand you have to apply for asylum its not automatically granted Photo: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP/Getty Images The asylum seeker must prove to the officer that there is a “significant possibility” he or she is eligible for asylum, and must also be subject to a credibility assessment. If the officer makes a positive finding, the asylum seeker is referred to an immigration court where they will have the opportunity to apply for asylum before an immigration judge. If the individual does not meet the credible fear screening standard, he or she can be deported. Some individuals who are already in the U.S., such as those who may have entered on a tourist visa or other temporary visa, may also apply for asylum. In those circumstances, the process for asylum varies. How many people are granted asylum in the U.S.? “Asylee” is the term used in the U.S. for people who have been granted asylum. Last year, 35,502 individuals were granted asylum. According to U.S. immigration law, a person granted asylum is legally allowed to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation. They qualify to work, travel abroad, and apply for their spouse or children under the age of 21 to join them. Having a legal representative significantly increases the likelihood of being granted asylum. One study found that asylum seekers who had submitted an asylum application before the immigration court were five times more likely to be granted asylum if they had a lawyer. Video For this student, violence in El Salvador was akin to war Where do asylum seekers in the U.S. come from? At the start of 2019, Venezuelans and Central Americans were among the largest groups of people to apply for asylum in the U.S. Three million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015 due to growing insecurity, instability and violence. People living in
  6. did they not hear when trump said put america first dont come here illegally asylum is how some have come and are still illegal and do not contribute to our economy when trump said stay home in your country he meant it just the same as cops saying dont move or i will shoot WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL SO FUCKING STUPID AND TEST THE AUTHORITY oh yea i remember lets go to america they take everyone for free heck they will even give us free healthcare and government assistance
  7. trump haters will be trump haters and look for every possibility to make him look bad just as biden haters will do the same the difference is that most of the biden (democratic party ) has been on a witch hunt for 3 years and 9 months we have seen more about our crooked politicians in the last 3 years and 9 months then we have in the entire us history Thanks TRUMP keep draining the swamp
  8. here is another if you like to read both have been good in their own ways but as some hate trump I hated obama https://www.bbc.com/news/world-45827430
  9. this is kind of long but 16 charts to compare https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/09/05/trump-obama-economy/ here is one clip 8. Manufacturing output The end of Obama’s second term saw a mini manufacturing recession that deeply hurt blue-collar workers even as the service economy continued to chug along. Trump vowed to revive factories. Early on in his presidency, manufacturing jobs and output jumped. In 2018, manufacturing jobs were growing at the fastest clip since the early 1980s. But it didn’t last. Manufacturing output and jobs stalled in 2019, an early warning sign of economic trouble. The pandemic was a major blow. Real-time indicators show some rebound in manufacturing, especially as auto sales and home sales have bounced backed. But manufacturing employment remains more than 700,000 jobs below pre-pandemic levels. 9. U.S. home prices Home prices have been on a steadily upward climb even since bottoming out in 2011. A lot of this growth has been driven by the Federal Reserve. The Fed has kept interest rates low, which has led to historic lows in mortgage rates that have made home-buying more affordable for many families (as long as they have savings for a down payment). 2020 is the summer of booming home sales — and evictions Even the pandemic didn’t put much of a dent in home purchases. In fact, some city dwellers have been rushing to the suburbs in search of bigger homes with more space. That trend, combined with a surge in millennials buying homes and mortgage rates below 3 percent, have fueled a housing boom. The median home price in the United States hit $304,100 in July, according to the National Association of Realtors. It’s the highest price on record, surpassing the prior 2006 high in inflation-adjusted terms. 10. U.S. government debt Both Obama and Trump have been criticized for growing the national debt. Spending increased under Obama as the federal government tried to revive the economy after the Great Recession, as well as fund the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and continuing most of the Bush tax cuts. AD Trump’s 2017 tax cut added about $1.5 trillion more to the debt, contrary to claims by the president’s administration that it would not. Then the pandemic hit and the federal government responded with more than $3 trillion in aid. The result is the national debt is at the highest levels since World War II. The closely watched debt-to-GDP ratio, a sign of how big U.S. debt held by the public is relative to the economy, is on track to surpass 100 percent in the coming months. Many economists say the bulge in spending after the Great Recession and pandemic recession were necessary and unavoidable, but they fault Obama and Trump for not doing more to right the federal budget during the good economic years. 11. Consumer confidence Consumer spending drives about 70 percent of the U.S. economy. Many economists and business leaders closely watch signs of consumer confidence to see if Americans are likely to keep buying. The two main gauges of consumer confidence are monthly surveys by the Conference Board and the University of Michigan. Both showed an increase in confidence after Trump’s election, largely because Republicans and Independent voters rated the economy more highly. Your view of the economy depends on whether your party controls the White House As the unemployment rate continued to decrease, confidence hit levels not seen since the late 1990s in early 2020. Though much of the economy under Trump looked similar to under Obama, many Americans appeared to feel better about their job and business prospects. Then the pandemic hit, causing confidence to tank. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans now worries about losing their job, according to Gallup. 12. Wages While the economy did a big U-turn under Obama, his administration admitted that its “unfinished business” was seeing wages grow faster again. When the economy is performing well, it’s usually hard for employers to find enough workers, and they start lifting pay by more than 3 percent a year. That did not happen in the Obama era. It took until the summer of 2018 to finally see average hourly earnings rising above 3 percent. 13. Gas prices Gas prices were well above $3 a gallon for much of Obama’s tenure. Many Americans see these prices as they drive to work, and it influences their overall feeling about the economy. As prices rise, they tend to feel gloomier as gas costs eat into their weekly pay. But oil prices plunged in 2014 as the world’s major oil-producing countries, such as Saudi Arabia, refused to cut back production, leading to a glut of oil on the world market. When Trump took office, gas prices were just $2.37 a gallon, on average. They have remained low throughout Trump’s first term, helping keep costs manageable for many Americans. Though Trump likes to tout that America is now “energy independent” because it exports oil again, the reality is the nation still depends on imports of crude oil from abroad. The rise and fall of gas prices are largely driven by the world market and power players like Saudi Arabia that have continued to pump cheap oil. 14. Americans with health insurance Obama made it one of his top goals to get more Americans covered by health insurance. The number of Americans lacking health insurance went from more than 48 million people in 2010 down to 28 million after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The uninsured rate has remained low under Trump, though it ticked up slightly after Trump did away with the penalty for American adults who don’t buy health insurance. Trump also made it a goal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but that has not happened in his first term. 15. Business investment An ongoing problem for the U.S. economy in recent years has been sluggish business investment. The economy tends to perform better when firms spend more on new research, products and equipment, since that tends to lead to more innovation. Business investment was slow at the end of Obama’s second term. Trump and many Republicans said their 2017 tax cut would spur a business investment boom. Though 2018 did see improved business investment, the bump was short-lived. Business investment was anemic again in 2019, even before the pandemic’s economic blow. 16. Trade deficit Most economists paid little attention to the trade deficit before Trump ran for office. The United States has purchased more goods from abroad than it has sold for years, largely because American consumers like to shop. Economists didn’t worry about this because foreign nations would turn around and invest in the U.S., so the dollars typically came back, one way or another. But Trump insisted deficits were a sign of weakness. He promised his trade deals would get the deficit back down. What happened instead is the overall trade deficit in 2018 was the largest in a decade. The trade deficit is on track to come down in 2020 but not for particularly encouraging reasons. Trade deficits tend to shrink during recessions, as Americans save more and shop less. 231 Comments Today’s Headlines The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Most ReadBusiness 1 Analysis NCAA rules allow White students and coaches to profit off labor of Black ones, study finds 2 Analysis The Trump vs. Obama economy — in 16 charts 3 Perspective Stock market sell-off shouldn’t change your retirement strategy 4 A penny pinch: How America fell into a great coin shortage 5 Postal Service police block Florida congresswoman from touring USPS plants Today’s Headlines The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Podcast Post Reports The Washington Post's daily podcast: unparalleled reports, expert insight, clear analysis. For your ears. Add to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts
  10. i do not have a quote only remember the talk about how it had never in history climbed as fast as when he took office
  11. no matter who is in office republican/democrat black/white/brown/pink/gay/straight they will always get blamed for the bad or good so when the economy is good and TRUMP IS IN OFFICE guess who the fuck gets the credit for it you got it TRUMP by the way from as far back as i can remember I have never seen the economy rise as fast as it did when Trump took office and never crash as fast as when the pandemic hit and it will rise again soon as it is already
  12. I saw that friday and sent it to the keeper and a few friends thanks for posting here
  13. well we can agree on one thing we both like Datsuns one thing for sure you either love trump or despise him no in between really kind of like Dale Earnheart SR in NASCAR
  14. your not alone Biden is a pawn and if elected I believe will be removed from office due to inability to do his job Harris will take over and she is more wacked then Biden even if you hate trump which i dont trump is the safer bet for our country and people
  15. I just took it as another punch at the police and personally I would not want to be in their shoes but if i was I would not want to have to second or third guess every move i made with my gun the police/cops have a difficult job dealing with both good and bad people DAILY If put in a compromising or questionable position that gives them any fear of being shot or killed they should shoot to mame or kill the suspect so they are no longer a threat to either the cop or the public
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