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  1. Ranman72

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I cant wait I am ready
  2. Ranman72

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    im in for a ticket on this one i need another pain in my ass and this one has a great start
  3. Ranman72

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    im all for this more info please as it becomes available
  4. Ranman72

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    i would like more details about location and camping we go to canby every year so we are ready to go somewhere else with similar amenities camping on the grounds and lots of datsun cars and people
  5. Ranman72

    Canby 2019 can't wait

  6. Ranman72

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    no one should be blaming Steve as Dave had stated before stepping down getting volunteers was sometimes difficult and then the cost going up on top of that there were many factors in this I am just glad I was able to go to Canby since 2011 CANBY WILL BE MISSED FOR SURE Started conversation: September 18 I have heard rumors from a couple of the DNW members that canby will not be this year is this in fact a true statement or still up in the air Thanks Randy Quote Edit Report reply Guest Replied: September 19 Hi Randy, This is all up in the air, I'm stepping down from running the club and Canby this year. What the next person in charge does will be out of my hands. If they want to keep Canby as the venue it will be up to them as a club. I had a great time running the show for 3 years, now it's someone else's turn. Long live the Datsun! Steven DNW Quote Report reply Ranman72 3,441 Replied: September 19 thanks for the reply I had also heard you were stepping down but didn't believe it thanks for the info and honesty is it ok if i post this in the canby 2019 thread Quote Edit Report reply Guest Replied: September 20 I am currently looking for my replacement in our DNW group. Have a few interested in taking over, we will see if someone steps up to the plate. I'd like to be the one to announce this, I will be having a meeting in the next month and after that I will make some announcements. Thanks for your support Randy. Steven DNW Quote Report reply Guest Replied: September 20 I'm stepping down cause I just don't have time, I run a big shop in Portland that takes a lot of time, I have a 6 and 9 year old and of coarse they are involved in way to many things, go kart racing, bmx bike racing, RC car racing, soccer, etc, oh and then there's that school thing too. It was fun running the show and I'll stay involved and help out the next crew as much as they need. Steven Quote Report reply Ranman72 3,441 Replied: September 20 keep me posted as for now it is only stated that I heard Canby may not happen we can hope someone will step up to the plate and continue the legacy of Canby Quote Edit
  7. Ranman72

    Weber 32/36 choke problems

    run a new choke cable less hassle buy a good quality one and your problem is solved
  8. Ranman72

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    i spoke with Steve a couple months ago in pm and he was trying to find someone to replace him but he wanted to be the one to announce the new guy or the closure of DNW so it is now official and SAD
  9. well i guess i will be the asshole here have you searched at all all of the info Dguy has contributed here MY GUESS IS NO or your second post would have been hey do you have any books on the car i own Dguy has spent hours scanning books and logging them into ratsun so we all can share them together so the asshole in me says please be respectful in how you demand knowledge be shared especially when many many books and bulletins have already been scanned JUST MY 2 CENTS with a ratsun salute and a smile 🖕😀
  10. Ranman72

    How Stupid Are People?

    well we know where we stand well we know where we stand
  11. Ranman72

    How Stupid Are People?

    sometimes when i talk to people with high IQ's and are very smart they seem to talk slower as though to many things are going on in their head or when they talk every part is thought out in detail
  12. Ranman72

    How Stupid Are People?

    thieves are really stupid sometimes
  13. I dont know why but diesel motors dont have or use vacuum the brake booster is hydraulic it uses the power steering pump which is ran by the fan belt I fortunately do not have to rent a truck but it takes 3 fill ups at around 125.00 each for me to go to this show BUT IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT
  14. thanks for the great swap meet Jose and all the great people that helped put it on thanks to all the people who buy parts for me we really appreciate it we had a great time it was a great turnout and the weather was beautiful

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