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  1. Ranman72

    1974 260z crossmember questions

    what mike said 74 through 78 is the same the 240 one will probably work but it is lighter weight due to factory holes the steering rack might have slightly different mount points also on the 240
  2. sorry we missed this one but the drive home sunday night would have been difficult we went to the shasta roadster/jdm show on saturday it was small but had a good time 46 total cars if i heard correct
  3. I logged in with old password might just be the timing of the update pieces
  4. Ranman72

    510 strut top fail......oh no

    this was a problem for the brock racing enterprise rally car it was good for street but not rally racing eventually the rubber wears out after all they are over 40 years old although i have never seen one broken I have heard the stories you could go with camber plates with top hat bearings or just find a used one and go with it
  5. Ranman72

    Wheel size for 73z without rubbing

    part of this depends on wheel offset i have seen 265 on the rear but cant remember if it was flared
  6. Ranman72

    Mt. Shasta Roadster Meet. July 12-14th 2018

    same weekend as eagle rock swap meet :poop:
  7. might miss this one we have been wanting to check out the Shasta show not a swap meet for me just a fun weekend wife has a new job and we have to be back home Sunday eve and that makes a really tuff day/night
  8. i purchased mine at onlintires.com
  9. I have had several sets of Achilles on my 350z and on my 370z decent tire rides nice handles great wears decent all have been nice and round and tru so no wierd wobbbles or out of round had them at high speed too with no issues I would buy them without hesitation
  10. Ranman72

    280Z engine timing issue

    also make sure it ii is top dead center on the compression stroke of the #1 cylinder
  11. Ranman72

    Best battery for a B210???

    die hards have always been expensive but good to me interstate is also a great battery go with the longest free replacement battery if possible although all of them are less free replacement then they used to be the a series could probably turn over with a couple d cell batteries
  12. Ranman72

    Kiwi Melon......................

    wagons rock
  13. Ranman72

    Forum Update - How to embrace change

    seems slow still just not as slow took 10 seconds to post this longer than normal instantly
  14. Ranman72

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    ouch that hurts great to know that there are talented people who can save cars of this magnitude of damage
  15. Ranman72

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    didnt realize that it seemed so nice damn criminals

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