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  1. just work an extra hour and you will be able to stimulate somewhere 不
  2. people need to stand up to the bullies in politics and give them a big FUCK YOU do any of these idiots listen to any of the CDC and other pointless bullshit it changes daily and sometimes hourly do what you want and be safe doing it
  3. Kate Brown is a BITCH
  4. wrong 510 for that money wrong car wrong price in my opinion you want this kind of 510
  5. they also have a shortage of glue where they are not making timberstrand rim boards so they can make plywood as it is used more its Trumps fault or wait MAYBE NOW ITS BIDENS OR KAMALA FAULT
  6. just like starting all over where are the wires to make it run and the seat to drive it no other parts needed pure sexy right there
  7. A DODGE what happened to the 454 chevy chevy is a plush office mans truck who works it sometimes a ford is a working mans truck most or alot of farmers drive fords a dodge is for the guy who couldn't afford a chevy or ford SO what are you doing with a dodge cuz i know you can afford better 不
  8. thats more like it need to borrow a cool Ford instead of a HOT Chevy 不不不不不 Its halfway up hill
  9. you would be driving a chevy maybe a ford would be better we do alot of long drives in the ford or hell maybe drive a DATSUN like the old slogan WE ARE DRIVEN NOT TOWED disclaimer not towed might be improper and might offend some datsun owners
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