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  1. If it was a one off custom, I'd probably pay that.
  2. More info on that relay/fuse box please
  3. I dont see being able to get a sway bar in there unless moving thehole of some type of bracket. Heres a pic where it should mount. shock in the way.. As for measuring. got to do it old school.
  4. Great, now I have to check mine out. Mine looks like it has more angle than yours and Franks. My lower QA mounts closer to the ball joint than yours. My 620 is already a ball joint truck ('78)
  5. To me, the best mod is the bracket for the cup holder. Wire setup cool too
  6. She has more muscles in her left butt cheek than I have in my whole body
  7. Farmer

    "Farmers 620"

    I went with Bee' yes, I could of got a universal one cheaper but his is made mostly for our datsun trucks. Plus I like to support datsun peeps. First box arrived
  8. Farmer

    "Farmers 620"

    Matching rotors, Same design as front, & pads on order Also QA1 Proma Star Coilover Shocks with 250 lb springs on order Picture are mostly back in full thread
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