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  1. Farmer

    UCA mount swap?

    If your sticking with a l20b or simular engine, get the 1980 720 frame.
  2. I was born in Idaho, so I'm a native of Idaho.
  3. Just looks like a miniature ass. So all is good
  4. Coeur D Alene is growing leaps and bounds. My sister moved there 2 years ago and she even sees it happening. Crazy during summer time, basically a resort town. I grew up just east of there, little town of Silverton Id. Any place just over Fourth of July past to the east, will have that small town feel. If you like the snow, thats the place. Id personally head to east Idaho.
  5. There a bunch of Datsun guys local to Boise, but they don't visit this site much anymore. Find the on FB
  6. First off, this is for my '74 620 Funtana. Front end is low and even lower with the spoiler. Im just looking to be able to raise it a few inches just to get onto and off of trailers and such. Dont need it bagged. Getting tired of having to shim the front with 2x4 within suspension. So my thought was to put in airshocks with raised upper shock mounts with a simple air system. Just dont know for sure if the can handle the weight of the front end or if they make small enough ones. Ill google it. Just seeing if you all thinks its possible? Larry
  7. Farmer

    '74 Cactus Green

    My paint sucks and IM still afraid to drive it around.
  8. My king cab build started in 2005 and is still completely torn apart. You got time, LOL
  9. Best motel for a lowered car
  10. This would be a long haul for just a one day show.
  11. She does have big teeth but not that big
  12. It was a good get together
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