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  1. Looks like a couple more didnt get linked
  2. I know. Grew up in Port Angeles
  3. Definitely tell your in the Pacific Northwest. Everything so green, even the rocks
  4. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    I did get a vacuum setup but way to much air was getting through the threads. Even the brand new calipers. So it was done the the two person technique. This was on my list to try next( probably should of done this first) Was looking at what the proportional valve actually does. Read on ratsun about how to go about adjusting it, but seemed to be wrong. Why would you want to build pressure for back brakes Instead on front backs. Especially when backs are already locking up before fronts. May have to re read some of this stuff
  5. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Shocks installed. Brakes bled some more, but still soft.
  6. I'm planning to be there too! Brakes or no brakes. Can't remember if theres speed bumps going into park though
  7. Farmer

    Powerland 2020!

    I'll definitely come next year
  8. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Thanks Jim for the thought. I ended up buying the KYB. They had the same specs as the monroes.
  9. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    better than new
  10. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    5852 pok14a2
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