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  1. Farmer

    Blue Lake 2019 35 years of Datsuns

    This may be the only Datsun Event I go to next year
  2. Farmer

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Thats a punk ass way to leave. All great things come to a end, just like this forum
  3. Farmer

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    Holy crap. That was a good episode. The things they come up with.
  4. Farmer

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Polk County Fairgrounds too
  5. Farmer

    Photochop 2018

    I know. I was all gung ho for it, then had no time to do it.
  6. Farmer

    From Farm to City Life! 1974 build thread.

    Look to be in decent shape. Welcome to the forum
  7. Farmer

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Congrats on the house. Same city?
  8. Farmer

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    That just pisses me off. I would of never of sold it too them knowing what they did to it
  9. Farmer

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Went on the possible final drive before winter sets in and the brake booster went bad , then the lower door hinge broke causing paints gouging. Wonderful!!
  10. Farmer

    Len Robertson

    Sad to hear. RIP What was his screen name (if he had one)
  11. Farmer

    Got a 1200 again

    Its nice to have a space to work on it now. Never knew you owned one 1200 that is
  12. Farmer

    "Farmers 620"

    Looks like I lost all my original pics on the first few pages. Host deleted my old account. Now to see if I still have them on computer. Joy
  13. Farmer

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    Make me want to jump into wiring my truck

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