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On 11/18/2020 at 4:57 PM, a.d._510_n_ok said:



this popped up on my buddy's trail cam in southwest Oklahoma. took the game ranger to tell us what it was.

Ok ignore the goat for second and let’s talk about the dude in background in what seems to be a creepy ass Sponge Bob suit.. 


what in the hell? 


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20 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Hey has anyone ever tried crazy glue to bond skin together....intentionally?


All summer I've been using a shovel or rake every day and there is a huge callus on the index side of my thumb. With the cold weather the thick skin doesn't flex well and it split along a fold. It starts to heal but then splits again and is always sore like a split lip. I have some JB Weld crazy glue so I brushed a small amount on one side and pushed it closed. It's holding and I guess in time the skin will grow under and displace it up and out? Right now it's a little itchy.


Yes.  They use a type in the emergency rooms.  I used it just over a year ago on my thumb.  A knife jumped into it pretty damn good.  I sent pics to my nurse friend, and she told me to clean it and glue it back together.  It was much cheaper than going to the er.  No adverse effects to this date.


Never mind, I should have read on, then answered. lol

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Well a piece fell off the other day but the gap is still closed. You can rub it vigorously and no pain so the skin at the bottom is repairing. Before it was gaping and every movement felt like tearing. Had a band aid on it till recently and this kept it moist and softened it.

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6 hours ago, datzenmike said:

How often (other than RR) do you ever feel the need to talk with other Tesla drivers?????????  A feature without a use.

“Hey, anybody got a traffic report for 81 Southbound?”  HOV lane clear?  

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