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Nice sunset shot.


"As the sun pulls away from the shore, and our boats sink slowly in the west..."

Spike Jones

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current stash - bad orange man giving me Class 6 privileges again wasn't good.


Jim Beam Repeal Batch has literally made me vomit both times I drank it and I can tip KD like water with no issue.

Old Overholt is a rye and the oldest whisky brand in the US though it's changed hands several times. I opened this bottle in 2018, let it breath for a few hours and sealed it back up until a few days ago. it's great now but fresh out of the bottle it's internal organ stripper.

lots of Crowns because the wife has to have every flavor they put out but she's honestly a bourbon girl and I get the ones she doesn't care for like the mash and rye which are both very pleasant.

Revel Stoke vanilla and pecan are just fun drinking whiskys for the holidays. the pecan tastes like the warm center of a pecan pie that probably needed about five more minutes in the oven - warm, sweet and spicy.

the Japanese whisky tastes pleasantly like fresh cut pine. no other way to describe it.

the Bulleit rye and bourbon are both wonderful sippers with no need to be mixed with anything. i can see it becoming as popular as Jack or Jim.

there's a bottle of Canadian Club rye in there because the man who gave me my first taste of whisky as a kid loved that stuff though the rye wasn't around back then i don't think. for a rye fan it's not bad bourbon fans seem to think it's paint thinner.

all cheapies but fun.

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11 minutes ago, Ooph! said:


Have you tried Buffalo Trace?


 I second the Buffalo Trace for a good all around bourbon. 


Wild Turkey 101 is also a good budget one. Jim Beam bottled in bond 100proof is also a good cheapie but not one of my favs.


If you go more Scotch get your hands on some Dewars Ilegal Smooth 8yr, super tasty and not too expensive (~$23).  Bit hard to find at times though. Scotch finished in Mezcal barrels. 


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