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  1. Thank you for your service and I truly mean that. I took a criminal justice course in the early 00's and my teacher was a retired officer from L.A. The shit he told us was terrifying and horrible most of the time, However he was one of the nicest, biggest hearted people and I will always look up to that mentality after dealing with so much! He could also be one funny guy, he would always warn us about breathing while taking a dump, said he went to entirely too many calls of old folks dying on the toilet!
  2. Logical1

    Head Bolts and Gasket

    This sounds weird but the best tool I have ever used to hold the timing chain on napz motors is a wooden coat hanger broken in half, wooden ones are usually two pieces glued in the middle, snap that bastard in half and drill a hole in the fat end. I used to look in my closet when I was in my 20's and think wow, I am so classy with wooden coat hangers, Now in my 40's I look in my closet and see endless timing chain wedges!
  3. https://www.car-part.com/
  4. It is a Lectern not a podium... Fully just having fun as I work in event production and people ask all the time for a podium and when we bring an actual podium, they argue with us that isn't what they asked for on the tech rider they submitted!
  5. I could possibly be talked out of the like new one I have holding my parts shelf down...
  6. X2 what bananahamuck said, Make sure your main battery cables are in good shape (not old as shit and corroded inside) and the ends are clean and tight. Both the battery terminals and the ring lugs that connect to the starter should be scrubbed down and made fresh. I cannot remember how many peoples vehicles I have fixed due to poor electrical connections!
  7. Dune is a fantastic book with an unequalled story if a bit dry. I personally love Lynch's Dune, It is not for everyone though... My opinion could be questionable as I loathe Star Wars. If anyone is curious about a great cut of the full version of Lynch's Dune, do a Torrent search for "spicediver" or Dune: Alternative Edition Redux. It is a superb fan edit that was assembled with an unbelievable amount of work and has many kudos, in as much as any fan edit of a failed 80's space epic can!
  8. Getting ready to put my current build (85' 720 4x4 kingcab) back together and it badly needs a new windshield and gasket/seal. I saw a post a while ago about sourcing a windshield but I have that covered and thought it would be a good to have a thread on sources for the rubber needed to install them. Back in my 510 days I purchased several seals from datsunlandsocal and they were the best I ever sourced over ebay/amazon ect... Unfortunately, they do not do 720 seals. I have been browsing around the net for 720 seals and the best looking one from a decent looking place so far is: Autocarpets -
  9. Where at in Washington? I have a few stock carbs for them floating around and know the 720 inside and out. Mike is damn hard to argue with but I am a die hard weber guy. $300 for a new one isn't that crazy to get your truck running perfect and easy to adjust.
  10. I will just leave this here.... https://offerup.com/item/detail/1022204161/?_branch_match_id=805154015702890299 His Listed Cons are the truck are priceless!
  11. I am not sure how anarchist are trying to get what is rightfully theirs, "an absence of government" includes all services... and no governing body. In reality I am just having a hard time with so many lazy useless fucks who cant help themselves in anyway. If the trucks stop hauling food, the farmers stopped growing and selling food, power was shut off etc, countless millennials would just sit at home and die! 🤣
  12. I am curious on this statement, any US citizen should be able to own/have ANYTHING? I have a touch of an anarchist in me, however this seems like a quick path to oblivion in any society. Don't get me wrong, I daydream of chaos and people actually having to fight/work/plan to survive! 😈
  13.  bananahamuck, I already think you are badass, and then a guy buying a matchbox off me gushes about you! Level=epic!

    1. bananahamuck


      That's surprising,,,  most want to hit me over the head with a stick..  




    2. bastardo


      just because we want to club you doesn't mean we don't love you

  14. One of my favorites! - tada yori takai mono wa nai.
  15. Oh did I shit in your sandbox? I was unaware you were engaged to fox media networks! Fairly sure this a free for any & all classic car forum full of irreverent misfits open to criticism and satire.
  16. Myself, I hate wearing a damn mask! However, Doctors, morticians, mechanics😆 ect. wear gloves for a reason... same principal: minimize contact. On a personal note, only the strong should survive. We have too many damn idiots...
  17. I live just outside of Everett and have 2 720's currently. I would be happy to check yours out if you don't have any luck. I am almost obsessive with how many of these trucks I have worked on/owned! as far as vacuum leaks, any thing from the intake side of the head and on... the old trick with carb cleaner and spraying it on various parts is still a decent technique.
  18. 85' 720 resto progress: upper drivers side fire wall cancer clean out led to fender wall cancer, YAY!

  19. Every Datsun Leaks into the passenger cabin, Change my mind!

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    2. MikeRL411


      Fortunately the 410 and 411 plenum is easy to clean.  2 screws and the slotted cover comes off.  Volkswagen heater hook up hose will direct the water to the ground and prevent any exhaust leaks from  entering the cabin.

    3. Icehouse


      My coupe doesn't leak any water.  My tan car leaked so bad it made a pool deep enough to short out my ECU under my seat.  End result was me finally getting around to swapping the turbo motor in.   So not a total loss. 


    4. MikeRL411


      I posted a fix for leaky windscreen rubber a long time ago.  Use search.   RTV, sharp razor blade [or Xacto] and white vinegar.

  20. I think it is Genius for a Weber in California!
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