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  1. The polls and the media.He supposedly has some ridiculous approval rating.
  2. And with the free ride so many got i doubt they'll be eager to pay any back rent.They're probably stashing cash so when the eviction comes they can find a new place to live.
  3. If Trump told you the sun rises in the East you wouldn't believe it.The corporate tax cut did have something to do with the better market.Who's idea was that ? Trump's gone now,you can stop crying about him and tell us how great Biden is.And what things are getting better ?
  4. My favorite restaurant tried the paper straw thing.You can taste the paper when you drink.It didn't go over well and they went back to plastic straws.
  5. The straw thing was kind of a joke.But you do know that they tried real hard to ban them.We have to ask for them now,they don't just throw them in your bag of food or leave them on a table at a restaurant.Isn't it pretty obvious that our cities with the biggest problems run by a certain side of politics are the way they are because of policy ? Come on now.If it was Republicans coming up with this shit i'd blame them.Better ideas for the drug addicted ? Get them sobered up and put them in jail for awhile if they commit crimes.Providing a clean needle will sober nobody up,that's ridiculous.
  6. Hmm,what i'm doing to destroy America ? Let's see.Go to work to support my family,pay my taxes,take responsibility for my own behavior,take care of my own healthcare needs,treat others as i expect them to treat me etc.etc. As far as the straw goes,we banned them here in Cali didn't we ? Instead you can get hypodermic needles to shoot up your drugs with.And even a place to safely use those drugs without risk of arrest.Those policies were created by who ? It's not about a closed mind.It's about a little common sense.
  7. At 16 i bought my friends 4 door 510 for 700 bucks.His grandfather was the original owner.I beat the shit out of it and sold it and bought a nicer 2 door at a used car lot for 1,200 bucks.This one was very clean and original.I'm on my fifth one now and have had it for 32 years.If i had only known what they would be worth in the future.
  8. An "A" series ? either a 1300 or 1400 cc ? What vehicle is it in ?
  9. IF true and can be proven these actions should be criminal.That's when the games will stop,when somebody gets held accountable.
  10. Lesbians ??? Not lesbians,Democrats.Or should we now call them "socialists" ? Because they're far from really being Democrats.
  11. How are you "sandwiching" the two pieces together to fit around the steel ? Are you routing a groove into the inner halves to fit around the metal ?
  12. It is the Dems that fucked this state up.Don't you live in the bay area ? That alone should wake you up to what's been happening.Wasn't Frisco nice some years back ? Who runs that show ?
  13. The lumber pricing is about covid.The mills were forced to shut down.They're still playing catch up.It's going to be awhile before it changes.
  14. See all of those blue dots for Cali ? One of them will probably be gone.That's the great news.Better than the alternative.Will it matter in this state ? probably not because people can be stupid when it comes to voting.Texas should be fine.Those going there are trying to escape the politics of Democratically controlled states for the most part.
  15. Oh that looks disgusting.Waste of a nice booty.
  16. There's a commercial that's been on the radio about this menthol thing.They make it sound as if Blacks aren't smart enough to know smoking is bad for you and addicting at the same time.If i was Black i think i'd find it insulting.
  17. California lost so many citizens (left the state) that we're going to lose a Congressional seat.Great news.Texas gained two seats.
  18. Damn dude i never claimed the media is covering up anything about the vaccine.Is this direct enough again ? Saying i wouldn't be surprised is NOT saying there's a cover up.Get your vaccine and you have nothing to worry about.
  19. That's what i thought.What's your favorite news source ?
  20. I don't recall claiming the media was covering up anything about the vaccine.If i did please point it out.
  21. Claiming the media won't cover up things is laughable.I'm not necessarily talking about Covid.I wouldn't rule it out though.It's a personal choice about this vaccine.If you don't need it why get it ? If you got the vaccine you did take a risk with your health.I posted something in another thread about my mother in law and her first vaccine shot.She died about three weeks after getting it.
  22. It's Rolling Stone man,completely biased and full of shit.
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