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  1. I just did it on my iphone. Click the add files button. Then go to photos. Select photo. I do not know how to resize them tho I also use Imgur from my pc.
  2. Cats. Pics of the cats living in the car. Gd autocorrect
  3. no, made in japan gets me hard and wet. I might order a couple just to have in case I get a 720 in 20 years.
  4. Anyone ever done a timing set on a 2rz-fe toyota motor? I took it down and replaced. I was 100% at tdc, verified by the timing marks on the crank gear, cam gear, two marks on the back side of the other gears and for good measure could see the top of piston one with a flash light. I reinstalled new set, turned it over by hand and had zero interference. Zero, turned like butter. Reassembled it and mother fucker, its bound up. I have no clue what I did wrong. I am fairly certain I got all the cover bolts back in the right spots. ( there was 3 weeks in between the tear down and reassembly, fucking holidays) Had to go get my son so had to call it a night. I am fairly certain I did not leave anything in the motor. I keep everything on my cart and bench. With that being said, I am going to go look for my two magnets to make sure one didn't stick to something and end up in there. Thought about that while laying in the bed unable to sleep. Please throw out some ideas. I was a sad sad panda after I realized I had failed. I will try to tear it back down on Wednesday. Chain was being replaced bc it had worn to the point that the tensioner was fully extended. Ran fine before I touched it, just had chain noise. lol
  5. Id make you a hell of a deal on a first gen supra if you were closer.
  6. Did you use a new rubber g asket? And we need pics of this critter you have.
  7. What was so special about this one? I know they are bringing more and more but with all due respect to whoever built it, That aint that nice looking for that kinda money.
  8. I was hoping it was to bring back the old classified section. lol
  9. If you have enough room, you cant put a grove in the end of the break off bold and turn it into a flat head screw that you can then remove and reuse.
  10. Damn man. I want to spend one winter in my lifetime dealing with snow. Ive most likely only seen a cumulative total of 24 inches in my lifetime.
  11. Rodeo seats are supposed to be a good fit. Theres some idears.
  12. bilzbobaggins

    NM 521

    Might be able to get the ruff size and screw it all back together and press a template into it.
  13. I remember red dog. Its for getting drunk cheaply.
  14. 10,750 clams plus fees. I really liked this car. Its my favorite color inside and out. I just cant justify spending that kind of money on one currently. I was really torn on how this car would present in person and how well it would look in a month.
  15. I call bullshit on those claimed MPG's. Vehicles are thru the roof. Its a truck and a Hardbody. Looks ready to roll. You could easily do worse.
  16. One of my favorite threads
  17. Straight clean tailgates were pricy 10 years ago. Im sure its much worse now. You are in Oregon. Im not sure if you know anyone who is into datsuns up there but getting to know folks will open doors and help facilitate deals.
  18. Because 521 is the sexiest and bestiest.
  19. Fuck paypal. I have used my account three times this year. I bought off of ebay once. I sent my buddy some loot for a jersey. I sent a deposit for my dog for the third. My account is now locked untill I provide them with invoices as they claim I am a business. And customer service is as helpful as you can imagine.
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