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  1. One of my favorite threads
  2. Straight clean tailgates were pricy 10 years ago. Im sure its much worse now. You are in Oregon. Im not sure if you know anyone who is into datsuns up there but getting to know folks will open doors and help facilitate deals.
  3. Because 521 is the sexiest and bestiest.
  4. Fuck paypal. I have used my account three times this year. I bought off of ebay once. I sent my buddy some loot for a jersey. I sent a deposit for my dog for the third. My account is now locked untill I provide them with invoices as they claim I am a business. And customer service is as helpful as you can imagine.
  5. This one aint clean. Lol Im going to goof off in it for a few weeks and then put it on the lot I think they put manuals in thru 2011. I could have bought a 2010 earlier this year. Its was a six speed manual. I did not know it was at the sale and only realized it was a hog leg transmission when it was being bid on. I couldnt risk much on it as I didnt look it over before the sale.
  6. Speaking of weird, I was buzzed and bought a 99 camry v6 with manual trans. Its got a cool 504k miles. Never drove a manual camry Had to have it.
  7. Wouldnt the tropical assembly be for a J series motor?
  8. I believe I read you just got this truck recently and it sat a while. If you have further plans to do things around the truck I would go around it with your rust penetrant and go to town on all bolts and screws. That way it can set in there in the heat and work its way in.
  9. If you buy a sending unit, let me know which one you get please. There are a lot on ebay and amazon that claim they will fit but folks say they wont. Some say they do. I have never found a definitive answer to this. Would be swell to have a fuel gauge again.
  10. Day one.^ 3 Weeks ago.^ Earlier tonight while I was cleaning the Kitchen.^ This is Oskar. I always wanted a corgi growing up. I have never had a dog till this year. I am 41 and grew up in apartments for the most part and a dog was not a thing we could really have. I close on my house that I currently rent on the 9th so now we have a big house and yard to play in. He seems to be a good dog and reasonably smart. Ive had cats my whole life so the learning curve is different but not all that much. My biggest concern now is if I am going to have his balls removed. He also does not know it but I know of a litter of barn kitties that are two weeks away from leaving mama. Hes getting a buddy to play with. I always said I would get a female and pay up front to NOT have the tail docked. This guy kinda just fell into my lap. Couldnt say no.
  11. bilzbobaggins

    NM 521

    I am almost positive that the bezel is held in with a clip on each side.
  12. bilzbobaggins

    NM 521

    Go there. I still cant figure out pics. Info is in there and a pic of the pinout for the cluster. Using my pin out diagram above, connect 12 volts negative to the ground pin. Apply 12 volt positive to right turn, left turn, dash light, and high beam, those lights should come on. Apply 12 volt positive to the Ign power in pin, leaving 12 volt negative on the ground pin, and then grounding the oil light pin, and the IGN pin those lights should come on. With the ground still connected, and 12 volt positive on the ign power in pin, grounding the temp sender pin should cause the temp gauge go to full hot. Grounding the gas sender pin should cause the fuel gauge to go to full. This is how you can test the fuel gauge. Not my pic or description of how to test.
  13. A bonus of failing china brake parts
  14. Hopefully she never wears those when she mounts tony stewart. lol
  15. I wonder if the threads are garbage on the rod or on the end links. Enough thread to work but get pulled out under load.
  16. Did your wheel come loose? edit: loose lug nutz
  17. Hope you didnt wash your dick. lol Its always nice to have parts rigs all around for sure tho.
  18. rock has or had the spacers. They also have or had the nikki style pumps. EDIT I checked, they be still showing available
  19. ^that "guy" eats a lot of chocolate cover circus nuts
  20. Why dont my brakes work? Pins were seized and only the inside pad was working, for a while. You can see in the pic above what it did to the inside rotor thickness. Who ever owned this poor sequoia was a dunce. We bought it for a parts vehicle but quickly made it run tits. Now to make it stop. Was reading an article on Kinsella since he is the rage with the field of dreams game last night. Spotted that beauty while reading. I squealed on the shitter when I saw it. lulz
  21. We have machine for dispensing cold liquor and it has a pump for the dispensing. The pump sounds like a Chrysler starter. Gets my dad every time, or did till I took it out because it was a piece of shit machine.
  22. To the fucker who drilled a hole in my gas tank to steal my fuel, get fucked please. There was only 5 or 6 gallons in there and it looks like you let most of it run on the ground. The fact that if I catch you doing it and I am not legally allowed to break both your fucking legs is pathetic.
  23. Stay away from my woman, shes mine.
  24. Its a copyrighted name, they paid for that shit. Someone else is living it up.
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