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  1. bottomwatcher

    85 720 radiator replacement with A/C

    Thanks for the tip! I have had issues before with the gauge reading high when applying voltage load via accessories while the engine temp remained the same. Running the fan on high while in the heat position should cool a warm running engine, anyways thanks for the gauge test. Will give it a go tomorrow.
  2. bottomwatcher

    85 720 radiator replacement with A/C

    Chasing a gauge issue now. Engine was boiling over while still in the good zone on the gauge, sender reads 33 ohms. Should be between 20-40 ohms so that's good. Tested thermostat with meat thermometer in boiling water, opens right at 180 degrees. With the new radiator now runs just above the cold mark.. Soooo time to chase the ground. Battery voltage reads 13.8 while underway so somewhere along the way I am losing some voltage. 12 volt systems 95% of the time it is the ground or the ground or the ground. I am guessing this time it is a ground! Anyways after install the autozone radiator actually fits pretty well and is cooling well, that was in 90 degree Florida heat today.
  3. bottomwatcher

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Ha ha! That is my wife's response to the boat, vehicle or next home improvement I propose. They dont stay free for long! More importantly true. Women see the next project as competition for time funds whatever so choose wisely if married or things can get very expensive! . Cheaper to keep them is not far off. If single go nuts and enjoy the freedom!
  4. bottomwatcher

    85 720 radiator replacement with A/C

    Well there can be a few other causes. I just replaced my radiator today because in spite of a nice clean flushed interior the salt air has desolved the fins to powder. Powder does not dissappeat heat. 150 from autozone. Frigging Chinese and the lower tube was about six inches off but it was better than what was in the truck. Second radiator in 30 years we will see how this one lasts.
  5. bottomwatcher

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    That won't stay free for very long!
  6. bottomwatcher

    Making the Z24 alright

    The z24 is a very reliable motor and the power is not that bad as long as it isn't tired and you are not trying to swing larger than stock tires. if you are trying to swing big tires well it will be a dog and not amount bolts ons will help.
  7. bottomwatcher

    Noll saves a Subaru justy

    I am old enough to remember the TV add for this car. Started with the teenage girl calling her boyfriend and telling him her parents were going out for the evening and he should come visit. The skies opened and he drove up this dirt mountain road in a hurricane to only have the parents open the door and ask what he was doing out on a night like that? Well glad you are up for the heroics to save this car. Good luck.
  8. bottomwatcher

    anyone wanna throw me a bone here?

    Brakes are easy if the are already semi functional. Take pics with your phone as you take them apart and even better do one at a time and use the other side as an example of how things go back together. The spring removal tool that looks like a threaded screwdriver is cheap and works well for spring removal. look for signs of leakage or better yet just buy new wheel cylinders, shoes, drums, and softlines and don't worry for 10 years.
  9. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    It's painfully slow but deal with only one wire at a time. All the different color codes gets confusing. Beer is not your friend during this stage of the swap. Bolting the engine in is the easiest part of the swap. Stick with it. Good luck.
  10. bottomwatcher

    Were have all the.....

    Excuse my ignorance, but what are the advantages to the quartermaster besides eliminating the arm and spring. I remember dealing with an internal slave on a jeep, what a pain in the ass. Nissan external can be swapped for new and bled in less than 1/2 an hour. Not dissing your slave but have never seen anything like that.
  11. bottomwatcher

    '82 4x4 Axle question

    Damn that looks good. Must have never been driven in the winter. Don't drive it when they salt the roads the bed seam is extremely prone to rust. I have an 82 720 4x4 and the front axles are nla also they are not rebuild able like the later ones. Replace your boots and yes it is a messy ass job but try to save what you have. That model should have the extra low gearing in the differentials. I have always kept an eye for one of those for parts. Congrats on the find and your questions might be answered quicker on the 720 forum section.
  12. bottomwatcher

    KA24E Donor Mileage Too High?

    Nope I mean naps z power! I went through 4 of them behind the naps z. I did the c swap and no more issues. 10 plus years after the c swap dropped in the ka and it is still rolling fine. Just picked up another c from a hardbody as a spare. Those 4 trans failures have made me nervous for life.
  13. bottomwatcher

    KA24E Donor Mileage Too High?

    Lots of good info here, after doing this swap in my 720 and 20/20 hindsight I would focus on the completeness of the package for sale. A complete uncut wiring harness with all of the sensors intact is worth it's weight in gold. Every empty plug on the harness means you are going to have to track down crap from a nearly 30 year old car with an engine that was offered with that intake manifold for only 2 years. Don't bother hooking this up to a b series trans, they don't last under naps z power. I went with the truck ka24e and 240sx intake route. Works great but tracking down all the stuff for 89-90 model year was a pain in the ass. The newer you go the more common and available the parts are. If you have the room buying a parts truck may be the way to go. Good luck.
  14. bottomwatcher

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    Yep I get it, I live in the sticks too. But if you have the old bearings in hand and take them with you to the bearing house they just whip out the calipers and will have replacements on the way. Take your seal with you too even if the numbers say nla when looking up online the bearing house can get them too. Sometimes it is just easier for folks who deal with this everyday to solve the problem even if it takes some windshield time and a couple extra bucks.
  15. bottomwatcher

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    The number on the bearing is not usually brand specific. I just normally use the number and many brands show up. Remember nissan didn't make bearings just used what was offered. Most towns of any size have a " bearing house" and drag what you have in there and with a quick measurement if no numbers are present they can order the proper bearing, but it will cost more.Same with seals i am far from my truck and parts so sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck

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