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  1. Let's see the shifter. C has a top load type without those crappy bushings that always create a lot of slop in the B.
  2. That and the rear countershaft bearing on my c is roller bearings vs ball. If you are doing the work I would find a genuine C. Also the shifter arrangement is different. I end up with unicorns machinery wise all the time and hate them. Finding a unicorn is difficult, finding parts for a unicorn, impossible.
  3. Surprised nobody took a stab at this. First thing I do with weird 12 volt issues is clean every ground I can get to. Starting with the battery terminal, engine ground wire, body to engine wire, ect.
  4. bottomwatcher

    My 720 Project.

    Go to the engine forum and look at KA with sidedrafts. 16 pages of problems! Fuel injection is not that difficult and runs so much better!
  5. bottomwatcher

    My 720 Project.

    D21 engine harness is integrated in main harness. The 240sx is stand alone. I have this set up but you will be looking for a harness and intake that was only offered for two years thirty years ago. Probably best to buy a whole parts truck. A lot less searching and cheaper 8n the end. If I had to do it over I would definitely start with a whole donor.
  6. Love this! I spend part of my year in Maine and have a local machinist that does this kind of stuff! The rest of the year is Florida where if you are not there to drop several hundred are treated like poo a d told to F off!
  7. Clean truck! Where did you dig that up from? Oh and your pics are mislabeled. That is not a project!
  8. His had the splines continue to the end of the shaft without the groove for the snapring. I have made my own groove caveman quality and used a round wire snapring. There is a reverse taper in the splined part that engages the hub and it pressed the wire snapring into the groove. I really wouldn't call it a proper fix but the 82 and earlier halfshafts are NLA so you gotta do what you gotta due. On a side note while over serving myself some beer in my shop I grabbed a clutch alignment tool off the wall. Those splines match the clutch, the front outer halfshft and the trans output shaft. Just a little useless info.
  9. Not to be dick but you are spending a lot of time, effort, and expense to end up with a weak lackluster ride. The ka swap with trans gains major power, reliability and way more parts availability. The Z series is a reliable motor but sold when the speed limit and moto was 55 stay alive. Drive 55 today and get stink eye, the finger and if In LA shot at. The 1986 shares a lot of parts with the hardbody. The pool for hardbody parts is 3 times that of 720 if not more. My 2 cents!
  10. Really nice job on setting up a properly grounded set up for testing spark. Most everyone including myself jury rigs some kind of half assed hope it is grounded kind of setup that may show the spark or has some kind of defect in the circuit. I feel a little smarter after witnessing this. Thanks!
  11. bottomwatcher

    Axle swap

    KA will solve sluggishness!😁
  12. How about cast iron VS aluminum for torque specs. I never do anything other than manufacturers recommendations buts that's just me. It seems if I try to do anything other than factory I F it up!
  13. D style? Simple female spades should just plug in
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