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  1. Its the 82 transmission that will blow up on you. Plan on installing a c series trans.
  2. Well when I am around it I daily drive my datsun 720. I have had it 31 years and know when something is amiss. That being said it is ka now, obd1 after a ka swap and the fact you have built in trouble codes make life a lot easier when trouble shooting. My other shitboxes are obd 2. A cheap simple plug In device tells you what the problem is without lifting your finger. So if you are going to daily the datsun keep your ears, butt tuned for anything abnormal and do proper maintenance. Most importantly keep it stock You will have a reliable albeit unsafe ride ( no airbags, doorbeam, abs, ect). But that's how I roll so enjoy the ride and good luck.
  3. Used to Datsuns! Anyways Blue you guilted me in to replacing the tensioner with a Japanese unit. All good now the old POS runs great.
  4. I am an idiot. Toyota forum said the cam pulleys need to be opposite each othe. Flange side in on one side and out on the other. I pulled the front one and when replacing it I matched the rear. Off to the shop. I am pissed and happy at the same time. Hope it works.
  5. Thanks for the response. I have done everything correctly and the car fires right up and runs smoothly. The tensioner is the only reused part besides crank shaft and cam pulleys. I don't understand how the tensioner would affect this being on the opposite side of the crankshaft. I will replace it because they are easy to swap. The rest of this project kind of sucked!
  6. Looks like I am the only one on the internet with this issue so I am asking ratsun after no response on the toyota forums. The facts! Put new waterpump on 2003 by toyota highlander Aisin waterpump timing belt kit. New Aisin waterpump, idler pulley and tensioner pulley. Mitsubishi belt. All quality. Reused original tensioner. Bitch to compress and gets belt bar tight so I assume good. Problem 90k mile belt lasted 90 seconds after start up. Lots of smoke and belt was destroyed. Replaced with old belt sans belt cover to figure out wtf happened. New waterpump wants to walk belt off pulley into waterpump body. A friend suggested notching a rib in the waterpump webbing thinking the belt wouldn't go further. Did that and I think if the waterpump body wouldn't stop it this belt would want to walk right off the pulley. Watched plenty of videos and went step by step but no one else seems to have this issue. I am stumped!
  7. Yep oil pick up swap and I had to move my dipstick location. My swap at the time was a used jdm motor. Who knows what it came out of. I doubt you will have to change the dipstick location since it is truck to truck engine but the dipstick and pickup should go with the pan.
  8. Ok well I ordered an aisin pump and timing belt replacement kit. Brand new aisin pump had, wait for it. A frigging plastic impeller! Anyways I will trust aisin over everlast. Bearings in kit were Japanese and belt was Mitsubishi with a made in USA label. So hell with it the waterpump goes in. I guess it is normal now to have plastic impellers. Probably been that way for a while, newer vehicles suck for repair. I have changed my Datsuns waterpump in a rest stop before and maybe took a half hour. 1 full day so far and I hope I'm halfway done. Sorry for the rant but a simple waterpump change shouldn't take dismantling the entire front of the engine.
  9. Nice! Glad to see other folks not afraid of work, rare these days. Keep it up the truck is looking good!
  10. Thanks for the input. My first impression was to stay away but that was all they had and I hate making the long trip to civilization. I will be returning it and try to find an aisin. No instant gratification at the discount shops.
  11. Bought a duralast waterpump for my highlander and the impeller is plastic. Never seen a plastic impeller before.All I have is old shit. This may be normal nowadays. Should I look for one with a metal impeller? Thanks.
  12. What happened to the z24 pan that came with the 85? That will bolt up to the z22 and should sit in the right place. I went the other way once and swapped a z24 in place of the 22 on my 82. The 22 pan bolted to the 24 just fine. To say these oil pans are an odd shape is an understatement.
  13. Get under the truck while someone turns the wheel. Idler arm is first to wear out. Next tie rod ends and finally usually over 125k the centerlink. Best just to do the whole front end at once. Ball joints are usually first to go because the rubber boots rot out. Good luck.
  14. Take lots of spare tires. I spent several weeks with a buddy driving around Costa Rica. Once we established our role in the tire change routine, you could put us up against and NASCAR pit crew. Trailer tires are notoriously bad. Many folks who tow long distances switch to light truck tires on their trailers.
  15. bottomwatcher

    Rebuild begins!

    Dont use that oil pump. Get one for a Ka. Bolts right up, pumps more oil and gives a higher pressure.
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