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  1. Madkaw has those exact lights in the classifieds. I never go there but hit the link above for s&g and there they were
  2. Being a redneck I would do a redneck fix and booger up a few threads sticking out the back. You are only trying to avoid back out from vibration.
  3. Pull the offending hub side hub. These axles have a habit of spitting the snap ring off the end of the shaft and damaging the end in the process.
  4. bottomwatcher


    Probably best bet is a driveshaft shop. I had my primary driveshaft between trans and transfer case lengthened when I did a trans swap. Not crazy expensive and they deal with this every day. Make sure you have accurate measurements and they take it t from there.
  5. bottomwatcher


    Cab strap, accident thing. I have a body lift on mine and actually have blocks to retain the strap. King cab.
  6. I know this is kind of an old topic but I will rock the boat. I loved my Jacob's unit I ran for 20 plus years. Still going strong when I went from naps to ka. Not much room for it under the hood after the ka swap and the system is bulky. Switching from stock to Jacobs there was a noticeable difference in smoothness. Now that being said to take advantage of the Jacob's you had to open the gap in the plugs, switching back to stock would require reggapping the plugs so it wasn't quite as quick as advertised to go back to stock. Anyways I never had an issue with the old Jacob's and might try to install the unit on my 68 beetle but it is bulky.
  7. bottomwatcher

    AC install 83

    I had the same issue. Broken solder joint. Of course I had put in a replacement. Learned to look first before buying parts.
  8. bottomwatcher

    AC install 83

    The only electric that I would think would be different would be the wire for the compressor clutch and the low pressure switch on the low pressure side. I don't have my wiring diagrams but that low pressure switch wiring would probably swap over. It has been a while since I looked at the system so probably shouldn't comment but i will be repairing my system in the near future so I am interested in this thread.
  9. bottomwatcher


    Run a vacuum hose to the diaphragm on the distributor and plug the rest of the ports. The valve cover vent will run open to the atmosphere. You may or may not have an emissions diagram sticker stuck on the underside of the hood.
  10. Two universal joints is all you need to rebuild it. Several posts on u joints in the 720 forum.
  11. bottomwatcher


    I see 4 empty vacuum ports and one unconnected hose. Amazing it runs at all!
  12. bottomwatcher

    Z22 build

    My Z22 blew two headgaskets just fine. I did swap to a z24 and the power difference was notable, you are kind of going backwards but if that is what you have I guess run what you have. The hardbody is a lot of weight for those little motors to drag around.
  13. Wow $1,000 for a Subaru with all those probs? I have an older Subaru 99 and I think the head gaskets repair was in the $2,500mark about 8 years ago. I was out of town the wife had taken it to visit family took it to a dealer to get fixed. Man I was mad, car was maybe worth $1,00 before the gaskets blew. Anyways the Nissan is much easier and cheaper to fix. If you don't want to play grease monkey move on but the nissan can be fixed at home with not may special tools. As a side note we are still using that old Subaru as a daily. Maybe not so mad now because they are very good cars.
  14. The adjusting can be a little tricky.Tighten then roll back and forth to let things settle. Once everything is level get it aligned. I know you just had it aligned but any time you change the torsion bars it throws the front end out of whack. If stock you may be ok to just level it. Back in the day shops used to offer a $70 lifetime alignment I may be cause this is no longer offered because I have had My 720 31yrs.The 720 front end is a complex mess, lots of joints to add play into the system.
  15. Patchy leaf sprung with pan hard rod. Weld perches on.
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