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  1. I wonder where your son gets that from? Nice work Kurmot
  2. It's funny someone on here gets called Dav and gets all upset. You could call them an asshole, cocksucker, shithead, shitweasel ect. That would roll right off there back but the worst thing you could be called is Dav. I guess we need a ratsun shirt that says don't be a Dav!
  3. If I were alone with a woman like that naked my dick would be scared stiff! Um as long as it is a real woman.
  4. Nice list of the criminal class that can get away with anything. Epstein had been warned, given a slap on the wrist then continued his behavior is what finally got him locked up. All the others on the list were at least aware if not directly participating but did nothing to stop this. These douchebags think they are above everybody else and the poor are there to be abused and discarded. I doubt anybody will do any time.
  5. I have a memory of being in the tiny backseat of on of these in college. Well me and a pony keg and couldn't sit looking forward because of no legroom and a tall ass passenger in the front passenger seat. Dumbass driver decided to yank the E brake going downhill in the rain. We slid sideways and hit a curb while I was in the backwards position and got slammed by the keg only to bumper pool off the curb and slam forward into the keg as we hit the curb on the opposite side. Being young we laughed it off but two dented rims and some smashed shins the keg was tapped and life was good.
  6. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the honesty. Trying to get a boots on the ground report of this stuff without the media hype.
  7. Not judging just out of curiosity. Vaccinated?
  8. You can usually find downloadable FSMs online for free. Check nico forums.
  9. I don't believe anything he says. I try to look at other countries and how they are handling this because it is a shitshow here. Looks like unless you are a small island nation with a civilized population that doesn't riot like New Zealand it doesn't seem to be a whole lot better in the more populous countries. It seems countries with lower obesity rates seem to fair better as far as people that actually die from this. It seems to have run its course once omicron makes the rounds. Not worried about it anymore with my family members. Just a flue now.
  10. Your alternator is working
  11. 1977 celica gt. The mustang fastback of the japanese world. A couple of kids had them when I was in high school. One was a desert tan. Sadly one year only, no body parts available if you find one and rusted away to dust even in Florida.
  12. Here's where the chloroquine argument falls apart. This is a world issue. Most of the world hates us and doesn't give a crap about Fauci and are still having major Covid issues. You think the Chinese care about Fauci? Yet they are still using lockdowns to try and stop the spread. Shit the Africans use it for malaria and the covid still spreads. All the people that die from this are already on deaths doorstep. Unfortunately chloroquine isn't a wonder drug.
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