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    On your overheating issue the thermostat was definitely the main culprit. The fact that the temp continues to climb indicates your radiator is not operating at a 100%. You can probably get by just watching the temp. But with a new radiator and a functioning thermostat you should be able to drive as hard as you want without any temp climb. It's cooling of this time of year but if you notice it getting hot next summer time for a real flush or new radiator.
  2. I saw my first in real life BLM protesters today in Bucksport Maine. They were standing on the Bucksport bridge waving BLM signs and cheerfully waving and smiling at passing cars, all 12 of them. No Black people. Other than Portland that is how protests kind of go around here. Frankendot my favorite inexpensive meat for cooking in beans to this day is smoked Turkey legs. They are a leftover meat at the grocery store all kind of shriveled and tough and cheap. If you boil them in the beans they get all soft and the meat slides off the tendons. The skin really gives the beans a nice smoky flavor. You can still eat good when eating po!
  3. I always thought hand out MREs for those that need food assistance. Good enough for our troops they will sustain you but motivate you to find a way for better tasting food. Or boxed staples, Why subsidize obesity and overwhelm Medicaid at the same time? I went a very long way on rice and beans when needed. Still make a large batch and freeze the leftovers in individual bags. Although life is comfortable now. Some things just stick with you.
  4. Section 8 was the government's way of getting out of building and maintaining "projects". They would build large subsidized housing complexes and then have to tear them down ten years later because the inhabitants would make them unlivable and unrepairable. Strip the wiring for copper on their way out. This shifted the burden to landlords that think they would get a steady check from the government, guaranteed rent but many got burned by the type of inhabitants that utilize section 8. My parents had a rental duplex when I was a kid. I would mow and help my Dad with repairs. Those fuckers were primates and we had to paint and replace cigarette burned furniture every changing of the guard. Fucking drunks seemed to take their frustrations out on the toilet for some reason. We had more damaged toilet issues than anything else. The best tenant was a psycho that got a Nut check from the government. Payed every month and even mowed for a discount. By age 14 I knew to never bother with renters.
  5. The problem with the false positives is people think they have it without any symptoms and they are good to go once the 2 weeks are up. If it isn't followed up with antibody testing this should not be tallied in the final count of recovered cases and the person should be aware they are open for an infection. The testing is the key to get a grip on this and the guidance from the top has been mixed messages and confusing. I am lucky to be in Maine right now where our CDC is directed by one sharp Dr. Shaw. We do have a sparse and manageable population so that is in our favor but the tracing has been excellent. Although the virus is still spreading at least they have some kind of handle on it. Only Vermont is doing better. That being said there is a segment of the population that refuses to wear a mask and social distance. Thay have been lucky so far as everyone spends most of their time out of doors now. This will change as the weather cools and I expect spikes in the virus here. Accurate testing and tracing is the key to success in solving this. Unfortunately our president wants to reduce testing since it makes the country look bad. Go figure!
  6. No frigging ammo either! 9mm unobtainable local.
  7. PLEASE don't inject yourself with bleach!
  8. Something new. Dr. Trump said to expect a vaccine possibly by the end of October! I am not sure where he got his MD but it was a response to the CDCs estimate sometime mid next year. Can't make this shit up!
  9. Yep spend the winter in Florida. All kinds of controlled burning down there. Helps to remove some of the exotics plants also. Don't worry about news sources I bounce around from fox to NPR. Sometimes you gotta wonder if they are even talking about the same story. Unfortunately. Most just seem to want to cause anger. I picked that story because it was just Trump on his own, no prepped speech no telepromter. I just think we could somehow do so much better with our leadership.
  10. Keep it pretty clear with lawn. My pine trees are dying from something, won't be many of those left soon. They turn to rot pretty quickly. Mostly oak and maple with a little birch and poplar. Maine is usually kind of wet. Cooling off already. I could probably do better. I've got some free time and a chainsaw so I might give it some further study.
  11. I guess it has been working on me! He gets under my skin so bad. This behavior just churns my stomach. We should have much better representing us. I was just listening to the Maine CDC Dr. I don't pay that much attention to subject but the Man runs an amazing meeting. Articulate, sharp, He handles the reporters evenly, the good and the ones trying to put words in his mouth or skewing the data. This is the type of individual I want as a leader. I just wanted some clarity. Thanks. Frankendat
  12. 1. Most of my paychecks for the last 25 years have come from downstream service companies in the gulf oil patch. I am very familiar with oil production. 2. I live in the woods. So I am familiar with woods life. 3. I believe I am somewhere around average intelligence 4. I have been a Republican my whole life. Everytime this idiot speaks about a subject he has no clue about He goes on and on becoming an instant expert and spewing misinformation. I have respect for the officials behind him maintaining there composure and not mouthing WTF. I see the responses have been fear of what of will happen if the Democrats get elected.This is sad we don't have anyone with any kind of integrity wanting to stand up and run for president.
  13. I have spent a lot of time in Oregon and loved it. I feel sorry for you all on the west coast going through this shit. The smoke has made it Maine. Got some haze around the sun now. I am not a Biden supporter but can any of you Trumpers explain this?
  14. Felons can't vote in California. No voting from that crowd.
  15. I get your point and thanks for the response. We share the love for our rusty junk that most people would wonder why we would be upset if it was damaged. Other than that we live in different worlds. I live very rural where everybody has guns, carry open or concealed no permit necessary. The only crime has been multiple breaking and entering cases by mice and nocturnal burglary of the bird feeder by deer. I did almost get "shot" by a skunk last week when taking dinner scraps to the compost pile but that is about all I have to worry about. That being said there is a 9mm in my nightstand. I sleep better that way. The Democrats are in a tight place as far as passing additional laws. Their narrative that a certain population suffers mass incarceration despite having their day in court leaves them kind of impotent to pass more laws that would incarcerate more people.
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