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  1. bottomwatcher

    One six industries

    I am with you on this Stoffy. I was a die hard weber fan until I did my KA swap. All those wires, plugs, sensors and computer looked like a lot to go wrong. Two years later and nothing has gone wrong. the truck is so much more enjoyable to drive. No pumping the pedal or waiting for it to run better when it "warms up". Instant starts and runs the same warm or cold. Better mileage, cleaner oil. I wanted to put a weber on the KA and I am glad I didn't. I stirred the pot before with this comment but will repeat it. "Carbs are toilet bowl technology".
  2. bottomwatcher

    My '83 4X4: Interior Strip/Tidy/Refresh *Many Questions!*

    The window glass must flap in the breeze Like a flag. Well you have your work cut out but it looks good for minimal rust. Was there any kind of reinforcing to the frame or body for the top mods?
  3. bottomwatcher

    I gots Chinesed!

    Ok well the "new" universals arrived today. They came in ancient beck/Arnly boxes marked made in Japan. The universal joints were marked GMB Japan on them. They look and feel much more quality than the Chinese stuff I received last week. Kind of like Norinco Vs H&K in the fire arms world. Anyways I will be installing these and will probably order some more as spares. So you win some lose some on Rock auto, need to do more homework next time. As far as imgur I got sucked into the less "G" rated stuff and lost concentration on posting pics but will try. Well I give up on the pics but it wasn't exciting anyways. Just glad to have some quality parts now time to get dirty and replace them. Did I mention U joints are not my favorite?
  4. bottomwatcher

    Max's 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4x4: "Big Bird"

    some folks have said the ebay manifolds actually work fine. They come with a shitload of holes in them to cover all the different years but also have plugs included to seal everything up. My experience with headers have been crap, rust, leak, no power increase and unless welded to the rest of the exhaust blow out at the flange. Sorry to not have a positive response on headers but, well, They suck!
  5. bottomwatcher

    720 5 spd trans front seal replacement

    Yep good angle there Mike. Looks like a cast Iron one. I have had some that were iron and some were aluminum. Any rhyme reason to why they were made from different metals over the years?
  6. bottomwatcher

    Max's 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4x4: "Big Bird"

    Your only going to end up replacing a leaky header for a leaky header. Stock manifold doesn't hurt the power, fits perfect and lasts!
  7. bottomwatcher

    Timing chain wedge

    I am glad I am not the only one that does these things.
  8. bottomwatcher

    I gots Chinesed!

    I have had good luck with them in the past in getting Japanese sourced parts. My screw up here was looking at a GMB u joint with japan stamped on it from s source other than rock auto. I assumed all GMB was Japanese, obviously not. So the ones I just ordered are supposed to have the Japan stamped on them and said they are warrantied for 50k miles. The other ones (Chinese GMB) are warrantied 12k miles. Not that you would ever be able to claim anything at least they are advertising better quality from the start with the Japan ones. When I receive them I will report back.
  9. bottomwatcher

    I gots Chinesed!

    Soooo for being the glutton for punishment that I am. I went back to the rock auto site and there were my Chinese GMBs plus some GMBs that are stamped Japan for the princely sum of $3.81.They were not there last week when I ordered the others so I am trying again. I am guessing these are old and GMB moved there factories to China? Hard to keep up. Thanks for the replies.
  10. bottomwatcher

    I gots Chinesed!

    Well after looking for some new u joints I went to rock auto and bought some GMB u joints. Now pics from other sites showed GMB with the clearly made in Japan label. The GMB from rock auto are made in China. Now the last time Replaced U joints I ended up with PDQ another Chinese u joint and honestly they have been fine for close to 100k and I grease them religiously. I have a spare set of the PDQs so I am inclined to use them over the new GMBs. This is for my primary driveshaft on a 4x4 that have never been changed before 250K and getting "Notchy". Anyways any experience with the Chinese GMBs? I Know I know Chinese junk but it seems kind of unavoidable now so like I said the PDQs have been fine so there may be some OK stuff out there. Any regular mechanics using this stuff?
  11. bottomwatcher

    Timing chain wedge

    Most of us have experienced the popped out tensioner and don't want anyone else have to go through that. There are several of life's angry moments that stick in my brain. The popped out tensioner is one of them.
  12. bottomwatcher

    Timing chain wedge

    Well while everyone is going nuts with this. Stick a philipshead screwdriver in between the chain and cam gear to suck up any slack. Then wedge the wood. The idea is to wedge the tensioner before removing the cam gear and any slack from the bottom end makes it easier on the top. Once secure yank the Philips and you have a few millimeters of slack to work with. Hope this makes sense.
  13. bottomwatcher

    After market mirrors move too easily

    My aftermarket mirrors stay in place perfectly! Just the mirror part gets smaller as the edges lose their mirroring coating.
  14. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    if you are pulling the motor and bolting the trans go ahead and mount the starter and get the motor running before you put it back in. This makes it so much easier to troubleshoot than when it is in the truck. Believe me you will have troubleshooting and it is a lot easier to deal with when you can see and reach everything. Due to intake manifold size everything is a little harder to reach than the Naps z setup.
  15. bottomwatcher

    Skillard Nissan 720 Parts Group Buy

    Those shifty Canadians slip me one of their quarters now and then. The fact that the us has quarters for the different states doesn't make things any easier. Japanese coins already have holes in them so no drilling required. Funny enough I used a Japanese coin as a shim on the wife's toyata. I figured the next person to own the car and peels back the duct tape should get a kick out of it. I would like to see the door cards. Otherwise the rest is putting lipstick on a pig.

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