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  1. WTF? Waynos set up has purpose! Trucks are how most of us work/get shit done! Dancing beds? Your truck, go nuts have fun and yes I actually am interested in how this goes. I don't understand it but love mechanics. Good Luck.
  2. Yep well how often do you use your e-brake without parking, don't need it right! I have had my 720 over 30 years and a couple of days ago hit the brakes to make a turn and the pedal went soft (major Pucker factor). Turns out a hard line blew, I didn't use the ebrake at the time but used it to limp 1 mile home. I am in flat ass florida the small 4 cylinder engines don't have much compression braking. Brakes are second to steering but not by much, there are aftermarket shaft kits for brakes if the current kit does not have an E brake function. Brake systems are nearly foolproof but it doesn't take much to break the chain. Worked on the brakes today, new softlines, hardlines and antirattle kit, restored my lost confidence. Truck brakes like new and e brake works to lock up the rear end at least on dirt. When thinking about brake function think of your kids in another car ahead of you! I don't mean to sound like an old curmudgeon but kits that offer "upgrades" without an E-brake feature are just wrong.
  3. Ok good info Yep heating helps. I have used windex as lube and weed whacker string to seat the gasket. Was there a country of origin stamp on the package?
  4. Well you guys tickled my brain. I still have the innards of the 4th b where the nut backed off. Just pulled it out and the staked nut had backed itself out 10mm. I went to a c series after that and never have had an issue. This old b guts I kept with front and back housing removed. If wife threw a party and there were a bunch Male significant others with nothing in common I could always gather the guys in the shop. Throw the trans in a vice and everyone wanted to take turns shifting it and turning the shafts to watch everything move. Rednecks and scientists all returned to the party with greasy hands.
  5. I was going to mention that. My 4th b series failure was 5th gear walked of the shaft. I can't remember symptoms but my 5 speed became a 4 speed. I drove it from California to Florida like that. Smooth trans just nothing in the 5 th gear position.
  6. I am in the same boat. How about more info on where you bought it so we don't do the same. Oh yeah I've got a late 68 beetle also. There seems to be a vw/datsun overlap around here.
  7. B series trans are famous for bad countershaft bearings. I went through 3 failures on my 82 4x4. If you pull it apart before it fully grenades you may be able to just replace the bearing. The sure fire way to know if this is your problem is if the vibration is present in all but 4th gear.
  8. https://ratsun.net/topic/74810-i-gots-chinesed/ I went through this a few months ago. All good now.
  9. They bolt up just fine, they just don't match very well internally. If you get a ka full gasket kit off ebay it will probably come with two different gaskets. One for the truck head and one for the car head in the kit. At least that is what I got and hold the gaskets together. The bolt holes are perfect but the intakes are a different shape. If I remember the cooling passages were perfect. Anyways it has been a while but it was one of those things that bothered me the ports were not the same shape. Maybe I got an oddball but I bought an entire engine from a 1989 240sx for the intake and power steering pump and other bits and brackets that cleared that manifold. Put it on a 1995 truck engine one area had me scared it was so narrow it might not seal but it has held up fine. Pulled the car head to be rebuilt one day and dropped the rest of the block at the scrapyard. These were used engines so maybe something else different about the heads. I just know they were not a perfect match
  10. Yeah I daily mine without issues but the port match bothers me. (I guess I have issues!) I do have a car head that will swap a truck cam into "someday" and clean things up. He is about to tackle the wiring which has stumped a lot of folks into giving up on their truck, anyways I guess have at it. Like koHeartsGPA said why? I am curious too.
  11. Your going to have problems if you are trying to do an entire intake swap. So much easier to fix what you have. I have the 89 240sx on my 95 truck ka. I did this for the stand alone harness on a swap. Manifold to head ports don't match well and have about a 16th inch sealing surface on one them. It does look cleaner but you will be chasing parts for a manifold only offered for two years nearly 30 years ago. Let us know how this turns out.
  12. I wouldn't put a used water pump in. A new quality Japanese isn't that expensive. Time labor and coolant to only have a part that could leak at any minute doesn't make any sense. New Japanese and should have at least 75k trouble free miles from it. I put a new Japanese in my ka last year, different pump no fan clutch but about $60
  13. Which way are you going? 4wd does not have speedometer hole.
  14. OEM is nissan. Victor reinze, I think napa has good ones. I would use any that came from Japan.
  15. Rat just clarify the antifreeze could be "needlessly forgotten about". I am in south Florida and proper antifreeze is as important as Maine. Antifreeze provides lubrication for water pump, galvanic protection from dissimilar metals. Think aluminum head iron block. Pure distilled water should only be used with antifreeze due to mineral deposits in block and radiator. Maybe I have misunderstood your post, but proper coolant is one of the most important maintenance items you can do to your vehicle no matter where you live
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