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  1. bottomwatcher

    Muffler size

    Usually if it is loud there is a leak somewhere. There are lots of bends and connections, even the stock is fairly quiet if well maintained. There are better options. I use a welded thrush and have been happy with it. The noise on long trips does suck the life out of you and I am not talking about the 720 but the duramax 2500 I drive from Florida to Maine.
  2. bottomwatcher

    stock radiator rust check

    The Muriatic I used the last time was the low odor from home depot. Just pour it in from the jug let it set a half hour, rinse and looked as good as new. Now I did do a heat exchanger from my sailboat with home depot commercial brand descaler (depco?)and had the same effect, the clr brand seems useless. The funny part is my wife did oyster restoratoration projects for a living, you are fighting them! Good luck with the radiator, if you get I clean it is amazing the temps drop.
  3. bottomwatcher

    stock radiator rust check

    I live on an island with the salt air environment and radiator fins, home ac fins and pretty much anything non stainless disappears like a bar of soap. That being said I have revived my current radiator a couple of times by removing it and filling it while laying horizontally with muriatic acid. Put the cap on, fill it and let it soak half an hour and it looks like brand new inside. Nice shiny metal it has worked for me. That acid is some nasty shit but cheap and effective. Good luck!
  4. bottomwatcher

    Let’s see those toppers - camper shells!

    I bought a brand new hardbody one when they were making hardbodys . Fits great except it does not follow the slant of the back of the cab.
  5. bottomwatcher

    First 720

    For me there were some "growing pains" with the weber swap. It was used and I had to do some jet swapping. There is a book but even with that I ended up taking the idle jet to a real German with strong accent and he drilled it out by hand and said "no charge" ran like silk 150k.
  6. bottomwatcher

    Engine just turns off while driving. Any thoughts?

    Uh oh naps z. Yep 2 coils don't bad at once probably ignition module if you are losing spark.
  7. bottomwatcher

    Engine just turns off while driving. Any thoughts?

    Next time it quits spray starter fluid in the carb. No fire it is an ignition issue probably an ancient coil giving up the ghost. While driving and it stops running period sounds totally on the ignition side. Usually a fuel issue is gradual but if the fuel pump is overheating to the point it shuts down you will get the symptoms you ate getting. Not much help sorry, but get a can of starting fluid and give it a go the next time the engine quits.
  8. bottomwatcher

    Rubber Shift Boot

    I run a body lift and I had to invert mine because it couldn't handle the extra throw riding higher on the stick. I also used a universal if you invert it and sandwich it between the trans and tunnel the shape doesn't matter to much.
  9. bottomwatcher

    I need some help please

    Add a regulater for that high of pressure pump. I am running the facet 3-4 psi on my pict 34 on my 68 beetle no issues. Good pumps but carbs like 3-4 yours is way too high.
  10. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    There is or should be a regulater on the return line. I am running the walboro 255 works fine, need the check the authenticity of the pump. Apperrently there are a lot of Chinese knock offs put there. I purchased mine from a seller that advertised his were not chinese, seems. Ok.
  11. bottomwatcher

    instrument panel warning lights

    If you go the led route I think the original flasher module has issues, not enough draw. I had to put resisters in another vehicle with a simular flasher.
  12. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    I am running the walboro on my ka24e and it works fine but sure is loud. I am half ass keeping an eye out for a hardbody tank and pump. The in tank would be the way to go.
  13. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    Damn it took me years to get to that stage. Keep it up!
  14. bottomwatcher

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    Now is the time to do it. Especially if the engine sat. Seals don't like to sit, waterpumps also.
  15. bottomwatcher

    Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

    It's not the pulling, it's the stopping.

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