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  1. He is going to get a fatal case of Covid no waiting around for the dementia to get worse.
  2. Not worried about myself I can digest plutonium! My folks are hitting their 80s and spent a week with the grandkids a few weeks ago. They won't stop visiting, most people won't stop socializing. There will be a nice big bump after Thanksgiving. At this point I am just finding this interesting to watch.
  3. Florida bars and restaurants packed like nothing is going on. Brothers family acts like nothing is going on and the 13 year old Niece tested positive yesterday. Surprised it took this long the way they act. This is coming for everybody that doesn't take steps to protect themselves.
  4. I am in Florida where the average age seems to be about 80. My wife and I are staying away from bars and restaurants but driving through the entertainment district the other night the places are booming like nothing is wrong. The old folks are tired of this and don't seem to care anymore. This is the reason STDs rip through the retirement communities. Mask wearing is hit or miss, if I run into a store and a non mask wearer approaches I look at them and back off like they have leprosy. It pisses them off but that is what my public entertainment has become, I try not to laugh out loud. So I have a question for the Californians. How are the homeless following these rules?
  5. It's been proven now. People won't follow the CDC reqs because it goes against their political beliefs. So it is full throttle now and no putting the genie back in the bottle. Forget the shutdowns let it RIP as far as I am concerned. Take your precautions for yourself and get the vaccine if you can or want to. If you don't I will take your dose because I am low on the risk scale. Once I get the vaccine my interest in this topic will be nil and good luck with whatever plays out in your world. Just glad to see some success in the vaccine world. Germans got it first it looks like. I am glad the whole world was working on this. You all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
  6. One should be sensing wire and the other for field current. Case is the ground
  7. If it is not cracked clean it really well. I watched a Chris Fix video where he used rubbing alcohol to clean the inside residue then use windex. I was so pleased with the results all the other vehicles got the same treatment. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DaxI5Luw0Eos&ved=2ahUKEwiS05H81ontAhWNmVkKHYWtCuMQFjABegQIARAD&usg=AOvVaw0qeQbm6szb3J0GOKQkhnG4
  8. Looks like a future marine Biologist. I captain research vessels for a living. I could send some cool pics but for some reason I can't post pics here. Keep up whatever you are doing, keep them interested in the outside world!
  9. Got a pair of jumper cables? Try attaching the cable from the negative post to the block and see if there is an improvement. If not leave that in place and attach the positive cable to the positive post at the starter then touch the other end to the positive post of the battery. This will check for high resistance somewhere in the start circuit. Cables do go bad and most of the time it is the ground wire.
  10. My Dad had a dodge van with vinyl seats. He armor alled them and when I drove it and made a sharp left I slid off the seat. Miracle I didn't hit anything but scared the shit out of me My mask smells like beer.
  11. Couldn't she do an antigen test? I hired a company to remove bottom paint from a boat I have. The guys showed up and started grinding. One started hacking up a lung then lit a cigarette, I figured smokers cough but stayed away from them. Glad I did because when I checked with the company on why no progress was being made on paint removal they said both are out with covid. I don't wear a mask in the outdoors but always try to keep a good distance from other people. This crap can be anywhere now. Lesson learned.
  12. I don't even think extara would fit. Toyota, chevy, isuzu,whatever with the 6 on 5.5 is what you are looking for. I would love to find a set of Toyota turbines!
  13. That article is from May 21. My numbers are from Sept also a little dated. These are the numbers of imports to LA harbor and not just China but the Pacific rim and SE Asia. 471,795 TEUs (Twenty ft Equivelent Units) loaded imports 130,397 TEUs loaded exports 281,434 TEUs empty exports We are getting the rusty cactus fuck as someone used the term earlier as far as trade deficits. This is what Trump is claiming as a Wonderful deal? We were getting fucked before Trump so this is not new.
  14. If you don't wear a mask around other people and don't take the other precautions and you get it, that would be a dumbshit move. Oh I actually haven't owned a TV in 17 years. Waste of time. Too many projects.
  15. Nope Trump even made fun of Biden at the first debate for wearing the mask then the Dumbshit caught the vid. Kind of funny actually anyways. Holding big indoor rally's the list goes on. Anyways how about a news source on the imports into LA. If you believe anything Trump says I don't know what to tell. Biden can't fix this either it's too late. People think mask wearing will show support for Biden. https://www.portoflosangeles.org/references/news_101420_september_teu Import TEUs vs Export TEUs.
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