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  1. bottomwatcher

    32/36 Weber Conversion

    Pierce manifolds wont slip you a Chinese knock off. Careful when looking for the best price on these.
  2. bottomwatcher

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    The can am is worth the money keeping the circuits organized and on separate relays. It has led lights to let you know systems are a go. Any issue is made easier to track. You could twist the hots together and run off a relay from the ignition switch but good luck tracking individual circuits. You still don't have it running, you are most likely in for some troubleshooting once the wiring is complete. This is far from simple and cheap and it drives me nuts to see others on here say "just slap a ka in there it bolts up". Keep at it and glad you will have some access to a shop and experienced help. You have a ways to go but keep us posted.
  3. bottomwatcher

    82 720 noisy fuel pump

    If it sounds like it is sucking air guess what. Ethanol is not kind to fuel lines, only a short length from tank to pump so go big and replace. Use automotive fuel line. I decided to use "ethanol resistant" marine fuel line thinking I would solve the problem permanently. Nope ethanol liner inside line collapsed and that was fun tracking down that issue. Maine? I am in Belfast area during the summer never see another Datsun, road salt got em.
  4. bottomwatcher

    Cammed 210 head

    I did the header larger exhaust on my 720 and besides the header the rest of the system did not fit well on the 720. The design of the torsion bars, exhaust routing larger tubing really doesn't work. You have to "smash" the exhaust to fit in the 2 inch tubing around the torsion bars and bend the crap out of the tube to make it out of the back of the truck. You lose whatever the increase of the exhaust tube to the sharp bends to make it out the back of the truck. The original exhaust can be improved with individual component but don't expect much, the original system except muffler is probably the cheapest easiest way to go without breaking the bank.
  5. bottomwatcher

    1984 king cab vacuum diagram

    Definitely a little of topic but I have had an 82 720 4x4 for the last 30 years. I won't let my wife drive it. It is only marginally safer than a motorcycle in modern traffic. No abs, air bags, abs I only use it local now. Keep your daughter off the highway. Feel free to tell me to F myself but these are not very safe anymore.
  6. bottomwatcher

    My Nissan 720

    20 years of sitting plus modern Ethanol that is actually really effective at cleaning the whole system, that filter will clog frequently. I change mine annually on a clean running truck. These are nothing like modern vehicles with check engine lights and codes. They need constant maintenance of fluids and filters, cheap and reliable if you put in the effort on maintenance otherwise you will have frequent breakdowns and disappointment.
  7. bottomwatcher

    My Nissan 720

    Fuel filter is #1 issue for not reaching full speed. Truck sat will need frequent changes for a while. Good news is filters are cheap and easy to change
  8. bottomwatcher

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    Trucklight doesn't show the 4x6 and the brother in law said it was not a priority. Soo I don't think a drop in good replacement exists. This kind of sucks but this is being in the realm of old but not valuable vehicles. If someone wants to buy the ebay and report pack after 1 year of ownership otherwise buy the standard halogen.
  9. Direct ingesting is not recommended as you found out. Mix a little in whatever your are seasoning, it goes a long way. Funny thing is dogs and cats don't seem to mind spicy.
  10. bottomwatcher

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    ok so the link says out of stock. Anyways spoon feed me on this. I deal with boat LEDs on daily basis but not familiar with the headlight assembly projector housing whatever is needed to make this bolt in place of the original halogens. Really the brights are not needed since I can rarely use them anyways. The leds on the bug are awesome but the newest vehicle I have is a 2002 chevy Duramax so I am way behind the times on modern headlights. That old beetle has the best headlights in the fleet.
  11. bottomwatcher

    New alternator. 15.6v too much?

    Gage or meter reading? If using a harbor freight meter good luck. The standard regulator voltage for automobiles is 13.8, 14.1 or 14.4 heavy duty apps. Anything over Will cook the battery
  12. bottomwatcher

    Differences in my 720's I have noticed

    What you are looking at is a lot of nla parts. I would take every bolt, rear end steering whatever before sending it to scrap. Switches, wiper motor, overflow tank, gauges, fuel pump, having a donor is handy but doesn't make friends with the neighbors. You could sell parts here, everybody needs the oddball crap.
  13. bottomwatcher

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    My brother in law gave me a set of LEDs for my 68 beetle. $500+ he works for truck light in Pennsylvania so American made. Friggin awesome! Also led tractor bulbs for spreader lights on my sailboat same deal. But they don't make bulbs to fit the 720. I would love to find affordable LEDs that are worth a poop. But the Chinese crap on Ebay has me nervous. In 30 years of ownership I think I have only replaced one or two headlights. But they could definitely be improved.
  14. bottomwatcher

    Ka24e swap?

    Go to the how to swap a ka into the 720 in the how to forum. If you have questions after that come back.
  15. bottomwatcher

    RB25 Powered KC

    Stoffregens hour estimate is for professional mechanics in a fully outfitted shop. Adjust hours accordingly. This can actually be enjoyable if you have the space and tools. The six cylinder is ambitious and folks around here hate to see a good truck get scrapped because someone bit off more than they could chew.

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