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  1. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    Brakleen is utter garbage anymore in my opinion. I no longer use it due to never getting all the product out. I dont waste the propellant by holding the can at the wrong angle and wasting the propellant. I was using the advance brand. With the discount I was getting the larger can for 2.24 a can. I was getting almost all of it out of every can as well. Very rarely was any left over. Then I tried the walmart brand. 1.97 a can. Never had a can leave a drop in it. I hate buying shit from them but its cheaper and works.
  2. Braided or just rubber?
  3. bilzbobaggins

    KHB310 in Borneo

    That car, so much want.
  4. Anyone here play around with or currently own a first gen A50 supra? I will most likely be the new owner of one in the morning.......
  5. Yes. They use a type in the emergency rooms. I used it just over a year ago on my thumb. A knife jumped into it pretty damn good. I sent pics to my nurse friend, and she told me to clean it and glue it back together. It was much cheaper than going to the er. No adverse effects to this date. Never mind, I should have read on, then answered. lol
  6. People have lost that a long time ago, here is a another wtf moment in time. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2006-honda-element-2/ 30k for a honda element with 53 thousand one the clock.
  7. Looks awful man. Where in the fuck is the rust? lol
  8. you check the fuses? Would one of those 12volt heater/fans work to get you home?
  9. Did some raking. Also loaded the truck with cans to take to the firehouse for the burn fund.
  10. Its the coolant bypass. It gets water past the thermostat for faster warmups and to prevent a cold pocket of water on the thermostat.
  11. Have a pic of the exhaust liners removed? I am curious to see how it looks.
  12. I dont care for the digital readout but do think it would be much more appealing in green as opposed to the red. I think keeping a water temp gauge would be more important to me as well. Could always add a low fuel light somewhere in there. A sweeping needle tach that fit that opening would be tits tho. Thanks for sharing this.
  13. Craigslist, Bookface, Junkyard, here, etc etc.
  14. ^ Damn, that looks good
  15. Mine were dim till I took the green covers off the board. Then, they got very bright.
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