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  1. I have trouble finding quality/affordable (I know there is a slide relation) work here in Augusta myself. Quote I got in 2011? to do the tank was almost 400 bucks. Then, there was the exhaust work I needed. My y pipe was shot. No one wanted to make another. I tried walking in like a moron with a wad of cash begging to get raped and no one would. These were all the recommended "hotrod" or non chain shops. Tried going to small welding places and also got shot down. Later on, when I had a blue hands exhaust flange, no one still would do it. I ended up buying a 610 one off ebay and making my own. And are you talking about dirt daubers?
  2. Damn man. Couple days after I posted about blowing my pickup tube out, the sob clogged again. I ordered a por 15 tank kit, I really dont want to have to mess with this again. Hope that you can get that line cleared.
  3. Lulz You guys are funny. Its 91 and 60% humidity here. We call that a break in the heat during the summer here.
  4. i would use 2 10 cent pieces myself given the situation.
  5. There is/was an 80 at the pull a part here. It most likely would be cost inhibitive to ship across the county. Plus, they are somewhat costly on parts in my opinion. I will be going there Saturday for some junk, I will see what is left of the truck.
  6. bilzbobaggins

    Wiper arms

    PM if you cant find a set. Im fairly certain I have a set off of a 75 620.
  7. Im in, good excuse as any to get a 620.
  8. Crazy, some death metal band from South Africa just played next door to my bar this past weekend. Does not help you out but I felt like it needed to be said. Good Luck.
  9. Fairly certain its the line on the top near the sending unit opening. I sold my 620 gas tank 5 years ago and its hard to remember. I did have this problem a month ago on my 521 tho. I kept putting cleaners in and blasting it with air from the compressor. Took several, several, several times for me to get it clear. And i looked and I was wrong. That is the feed tube.
  10. I think that one is more your style. To help you out, I will buy your b210. Just trying to be a nice guy.
  11. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    That is not me with a metal dash top for sale. I do have one setting in the garage tho that is slated to go in mine, as well as another valence to fix my fubar one. There is a matchbox dizzy at the pull a part now, but the timing advance plate is frozen shut so I passed on it. I do understand the hoarding thing, its an easy thing to get started on. And im like you, I jump when things that are good show up.
  12. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    And if you have room, take every last damn thing that hundo gets you. If you dont have room, make room. 🙂 Its tough being on this coast.
  13. Dont really have a build thread. Im not put well enough put together to have one. lulz
  14. Happy luck me day!!! Always nice to score some parts, especially when you are on the right coast!! Tailgate is in amazing shape with one chain being factory. Taillights are in amazing shape as well. One crack on one of the red ones but thats it!!! No spider webbing and they are a glossy shiny red! One back up lens looks brand new, the other has spider webbing. The reverse light buckets are toast tho. Scored it all for 130. Im very pleased.
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