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  1. Thanks for sharing. I couldnt even figure out how to log in. If I hit that spot I can. Thank you.
  2. for damn real, how is it still available?
  3. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    Yeah, but it might be just enough resistance to keep them from backing out easily. Dunno.
  4. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    Isnt white thread tape gas resistant?
  5. Kinda funny. My friends and I were talking last night. One lives in boston and one lives in orlando. Orlando friend and I were commenting on how its baby powder time already. He texted this morning about the snow. I thought about this thread first. lol
  6. bilzbobaggins

    My 1971 521

    So, they forgot a jet on the end of an emulsion tube? Or it had backed out? Unfamiliar with these carbs. If it was dumping a turd ton of fuel in, hows the oil in the block?
  7. If the intake valve is not seating air comes out the intake right? If it goes out the exhaust its the exhaust valve? edit: I thought the post said you heard the air coming out the carb on 2?
  8. This thread pops into my mind every time I get blinded by some idiot. Then I have something decent happen like a large truck cutting his lights off in the drivethru behind me to keep me from getting blinded. I want to believe there is hope. If it would not look so fucking stupid and be morally stupid, I would put a light bar on the rear of every vehicle to return the blind for the ones behind me. I do not cut my brights off for folks who do not or have improperly aimed lights.
  9. There was 2 w58 peanut heads on ebay last year. I cannot find the completed listings for them. And please correct me if I am wrong, but all the castings have been seen with a "peanut" chamber on them?
  10. I think that the offspring of them ended up working for ford and designing the triton 5.4 3v timing set.
  11. Keep at it man. I like the looks of it. There is a r31 wagon over in Alabama I am trying to convince myself to buy........
  12. Umm, I thought 70 models had the round reflectors? Or is it maybe a case of they started phasing the rectangular ones in when they ran out of round reflectors sometime in 70?
  13. https://nationalcarburetors.com/1980_c_1275.html I used these folks 8 years ago. My carb worked great after my failed attempt at fixing my carb. edit: I see its a r&r service anymore. Dont help you as you dont have a carb to be worked upon. damnit
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