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  1. Oh. One shitty thing was grabbing my flasher knob in a hurry. Red knob down ☹️
  2. Nope. Been having issues with loss of spark still. Found it. It was my two wires from coil to distributor. I pulled them from the car originally when I got the parts. The little L shaped plug was randomly losing connection. Will depin it later on and rewire. As annoying as all this was, it still means I have two good distributors. Well, one with a bad vacuum advance. I can clean up the good one that’s going on the motor I am building in the garage and install. off to fishing I go. It’s 74 degrees here. Fuck work.
  3. Your low beams are forward on the stalk and highs are to the rear? Or did I misread? Mine are the opposite? And kudos to the o.p. I spent two hours looking up wheels for my 521. He got my question answered before I could ask it.
  4. I ordered two sway bar link kits and used the bushing out of that. Then used the bolts to fix a gate to the backyard.
  5. China stuff is hit and miss. And shipping is silly slow right now. You will also be out that time if its garbage.
  6. I would just like to wish the r&d department at ford the worst day possible. I am doing my first 5.4 3v timing job on a expedition. First, you design a godawful motor. Then, you fuck me by running the ac lines over the valve cover so I have to blow 4.5 pounds of r134. Its not a sports car. Its not a high end machine. Its a soccer moms wet dream. You just decided to fuck anyone who needs to get the valve cover off. Fuck you. Just fuck you. And how many revisions of the phasers have you had? And they still are garbage. I used to kinda respect you. You didnt take a handout from the goverment. Guess you didnt need to after folks needed shittons of work over and over on these motors. Just fuck you.
  7. I remember watching that race. Fucking alonso comes out of that walking better than I do normally.
  8. Found my dads first vw ever and also his first attempt at a baja. This has been in the woods on the farm for 40 or 41 years.
  9. Only in 2020. MLB rules state for a no hitter or a perfect game, you much throw at least 9 innings. For a perfect game, no batter may reach. Double headers this season are 7 innings. Starting in the 8th inning, they put a base runner out there at second. You get through the 8th without anyone reaching or the runner scoring. In the ninth, you get 3 consecutive groundouts. The runner scores that was put out there. No batter reaches base. You lose 1-0 So, throw a perfect game and lose Only other way is a forfeit in the 10th.
  10. That was kinda my point. For 20k, I could get over my sentimental attachment to my lovely death trap and get another 521 and some other stuff.
  11. A guy stopped me last weekend while I was mowing my lawn. Wanted to know what I wanted for my 521. Told him it wasnt for sale 3 times. Finally, I told him 20k. He scoffed and said he could get several for that price. I told him that was the point. And none would be mine. He was nice enough but oblivious.
  12. Yet another reason to hate facebook. I have several alerts set up on my phone for stuff like this. Every stupid misspelling. Never get alerts. I also search marketplace umpteen times a day for stuff. Dont see stuff. Or my favorite, shows up during a search after being on for 4 days. I swear they are fucking with me.
  13. Damn, thats about 1 and half hours away. To bad its such a nice looking truck, needs more rutsy.
  14. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1965-1972/brake/rear-brake
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