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  1. Not going to happen. I still can't get her to post a pic on the Facebook page. She just had a photo shoot done tho so that she would have some to post. I watched her for 45 minutes the other day taking selfies and none of those were up to par. Jfc
  2. I just laughed like a fucking loon. The new afternoon bartender came in with one of these on. My first impression was that she is easy. This helps hammer things down. Thank you
  3. um....put em on and see what happens?
  4. Lots of leverage and some heat should help
  5. Fuck yeah. I love this car.
  6. On would most likely be the third gear switch for retarding the timing in third for emissions. Another probably is a neutral switch. And of course, the reverse switch
  7. Why can't I like this post multiple times? I lulz out loud
  8. Made me remember this thread. Thank you. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/51440-heat-your-shop-for-free/
  9. You can adapt the factory air cleaner with modification or buy an adapter for it. Hope this helps
  10. bilzbobaggins

    My 720 Resto

    Nice work. Are those the plastic ramps from harbor freight? If so, how do you like them?
  11. I thought it was spelled Lenin??? Learnt something new. ;)
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