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  1. Cool ideas? You could let me have it. lol
  2. Is it being parted out?
  3. Are 320 rockers the same shape as the 521 ones?
  4. bilzbobaggins


    \ Yes. Dont do that. The fuse is there to be the weak point and prevent further damage.
  5. Is this what you are talking about trying? But on a wagon? I cant tell if you mean suspension or body by front end myself?
  6. Where in great lards name did you find two Datsuns in one yard in the South?
  7. bilzbobaggins

    My 521

    Red loctite. Stroffegen advised me to use it instead of the blue. I have never been able to keep one from vibrating loose. So far, so good on the red loctite. And I did have to take it back apart once already and was able to remove it. I used it on the studs for the top part of the adapter to keep them from moving down like I believe you are telling us they did. I used them on the allen bolts that do the rest. Hopefully this might help ya.
  8. Could be the option wheels for the 4wd, the ones for the 96-97 are some of the sexiest ones in my opinion. And 15 inch.
  9. Congrats. My son is 6 and his favorite parts about the truck are the vent window and roll up windows .
  10. I personally have had and still have great experiences with good old green and white Interstates. The one in my dads hardbody did just die, pos couldnt make it 10 years, fell flat at just over 9. Ive got 7 so far on the one in my 521. My two cents.
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