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  1. Congrats man! Thing has come along nice. I possibly missed it or just forgot, but where did you score the saudi distributor?
  2. 420n620 filled ya in. Its been cool watching mr noll put that thing back together. His z was sad when he got it. Thats all.
  3. My 521 was like this. It was bad grounds on mine. Front and rear signals had shitty grounds. Cleaned them up and they work fine. Mine still slow down when idling at a light or intersection, but I also still have a 35 amp alt and also ride with my headlights on all the time to hopefully help keep from getting splattered.
  4. That pic ^ probably got Noll all hot and bothered.
  5. I do think it has to do with the manufacturing. They cannot make everyone the exact, exact same size. So, they measure and know which one was the best fit for that cylinder. Its so they can slight variances and use more of the parts. Someone with better words will make more sense soon. lol
  6. Custom jockey box with some cupholders would be my suggestion.
  7. Not my thread but guy put a hardbody seat in his 521. He shows how he mounted his as well
  8. Ask the guy that was at the bar a few months back. Not sure why he was playing with superglue, but we told him more superglue gets the old off....... Only downside was the bar top needs to be refinished at the one end.
  9. Only one I can remember seeing done. Most all the pics are there. Not very comprehensive but the jist of the swap is there.
  10. Took the truck to get fill up the gas cans. Glad I have new wipers, was raining. Need to rivet the defrost tubes up but otherwise a good ride. My injectors are not firing on the supra. Not supposed to rain tomorrow, so I can diagnose, only supposed to be me cold and damp.
  11. Have not been driving the truck much even though "winter" time here is a fine time to drive her. I have been test driving vehicles that needed work before we send them to the lot to sell them. I personally try to put at least 500 miles on anything we buy. I dont want to rip anyone off. I know it could lay down at any moment like any car but a 500 mile shakedown seems to weed out the utter losers or gives me the opportunity to find issues and resolve them. Did start dicking around with the 81 supra yesterday. It runs on ether. Got the fuel pump to pump with some love taps but
  12. I hop in a lot of them that have clapped out transmissions. I am fearful of buying one to resell. With that being said, if I get a chance to drive one, drive it hard, get it as hot as possible and it does not slip an skip, I would roll the dice. I can apply that statement to any of the cars I buy of course. But when it comes to buying a automatic nissan without a drive, I turn tail and run. I would assume with your wifes parameters you will be buying from a used car dealer or the used car side of a franchise. Any franchise with a brain wont sell pure junk because they dont wan
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