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  1. If the fellow above does not, shoot me a pm. I think I saw these recently so I actually should be able to find them.
  2. bilzbobaggins

    why so slow

    I got blisters on my fingers.
  3. bilzbobaggins

    Ka swap

    go to google. In the box, put "ratsun" ka swap 620 all kinds of good info on here
  4. I know. Unless you want stock wheels as I do. Its my own goddamn fault. Kinda like the NOS 521 carrier bearing and rubber that was already a steal on ebay. I should have just clicked buy now, but tired to beat him down.
  5. right after you get more brake kits done most likely........🥺.....For those of us who are stupid and did not get while the getting was good.
  6. bilzbobaggins

    Rebuild begins!

    I am getting mine from rock auto myself. They have a hitachi for 52.99. 1501040F00A is the part number, I looked up 96 Hardbody to find it.
  7. you should be able to reach both without removing anything. Check to see if your right bulb is burnt. I usually just twist slightly to a good clean spot. Trying to find a pic of the back of the cluster so you know which ones to feel for. GD photobucket is the worst std ever.
  8. Loose or dirty connection on the bulb holders in the cluster? Mine do that. I just reach up and adjust them till they start working. No amount of cleaning the board or bulb holders has ever fully fixed it. Side note, my board patch must be failing for me on mine. Left turn signal causes the upper left bulb that lights the cluster to be the one flashing. LOL
  9. Just I guess to keep this here, can someone verify my gasket list? Valve cover gasket Thermostat housing and cover gaskets Fuel pump gaskets Timing cover set with front main, oil pump, and distributor gasket in set Rear main Intake gasket Oil pan gasket 7 40mm brass expansion plugs Exhaust down pipe gasket Please let me know if I am missing anything. With the exception of the freeze plugs, it all ships from one place off rock. Just trying to cross my t's and dot my lower case j's. thanks
  10. I have tried to order two of those style gaskets for the Y pipe. Both times, nissan handed me a felpro looking one in a bag. No returns on them at my dealer either. Havent bought anything else from them in 8 years.
  11. If the later bypass hose is 3/8, why not drill three 1/8" holes in it? Or am I not thinking of factor to toss into my thinking?
  12. Nice. When is the old owner going to take it off facebook? lol
  13. Look at post number 11 on this thread. Its waynos. Best description I can find. I can think stuff in my head but find it hard to type it out.
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