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  1. There are a few. Easiest way to search this site is as follows. Go to google. In the search box type "ratsun" followed by what you want to search "ratsun" 521 evap canister I just ran that one and got lots of hits.
  2. Well, me truck laid down on me for the first time and I didnt have enough stuff with me to get her going. Was coming up a hill around 65 and she just cut out on me. Avoided getting ran over and got to the side of the road. Quickly figured I had fuel but spark was bye bye. I messed around with all the connections and tried another ground and a wire right to the positive on the coil. Nothing. Called and got a ride the last 3 miles in and grabbed a spare distributor that had worked in the past. The vacuum advance is busted on it. But its a spare. Also grabbed a coil in the pile. Drove back and started messing with it. The used coil from home made no change, so I put the coil that was on it back in. Then I installed the other distributor. I got a baby baby weak spark. Then, nothing. Pulled the cap back off and realized I had the wrong rotor on the spare. Put the rotor that was on it back in the "new" distributor. Fired right up. Ran off on the way home though. Started missing around 60 mph but ran fine under that except for when I turned and tried to use third gear. Stumbled and I did not punch it. So, guessing the module is bad. If its bad and not repairable I will get a remote module for it. I will mess with it later. I was already covered in power steering fluid from a Astro van. And sweat. Long day.
  3. I love the indian guys that call selling viagra. I always ask them if they are trying to get my dick hard and care about the firmness of my shaft. They get so fucking mad they lose it.
  4. And another tip, best way to search is to go to google, Put "ratsun" followed by whatever you are searching for. The in house search function is bad.
  5. Cool. Another Datsun in Georgia. I go through Ringgold ofter going between Summerville and Cleveland. Welcome to the show.
  6. now I need to watch basketball. good work fellas
  7. I just checked on my fruit phone. You can use an outside hosting site such as imgur or there is now an option that should be at the bottom of the text box that says drag files here to attach.
  8. No? Remember, our centers of higher learning that can name the mascot and such all think that picking what other schools have is intelligent. Bulldogs, Tigers.........Its pathetic.
  9. what was wrong with your other thread on this subject?
  10. Howdy. What I use for a parts interchange is fairly simple. I go to oreilys website and look up the part I know I need. Then I click at the bottom where it has compatible vehicles, I and then I know.
  11. JFC, a vehicle enthusiast site talking about communism and no one posted this.
  12. Uh oh. Sounds like a bruising weekend was had.
  13. Holy shit, I use a zip tie on my safety bar. Same one has been on there for five years. I just slide it back and forth.
  14. Only when they spray everything black like the wiring, brake lines, relays.........
  15. Been working on a 95 hardbody we got at the auction. Was showing 317k on the odometer, but was also TMU on the report so who knows. Anyways, damn thing was idling around 2k no matter what I dicked with. Did notice that someone was kind to the old girl and had replaced the idle air control valve with a very nice oem one. Finally took it off to find out they were special to the max. Bought a 175 dollar?? oem part and skimped on the gasket. Thats bad but this is what they "made" for one. What it needed to look like What it looks like with no gasket. Seems the gasket only come with a icv or from the dealer. So I made one with a dull razor and the side of a box that had my sway bar bushings in it. Not the best by any stretch but eons better that what some fuckwit tried to make before me. The result after reassembly. Much better. Idles around 800 fairly steady. Shes not a beauty queen but shes a truck, so almost time to go to the lot.
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