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  1. bananahamuck

    A few pics from today's JDM @ ADM Show

    The almost stock looking 1Uz GT-S is bad ass.. ,
  2. Honestly, knowing my old co-worker friend Apaloo ( Mongo) ,,, i believe we maintain that presence to keep the peoples of the world safe from THEM . .
  3. we kinda like Samoa a bit better /
  4. Let's just agree to be pissed off at Qtip . .
  5. I know i read that,, that's why i looked at the video a little harder.. I wasn't talking to you that's why i quoted VTR . OR .... thank you captain obvious .
  6. The phone 1-800 number on the box truck is 1-800-461-6635 classic displays 5959 Ambler Drive Mississauga, ON So ... Bullshit
  7. It's not in USA ,, the Tim Hortons in the background gives it away.. and the "make Trudeau" hat the girl puts on backs it up. .
  8. bananahamuck

    Pumpkin Daves Parts & The Birdshit Goon.

    it was pretty crunchy and now sold . moo There was what looked like a NapZ turbo exhaust manifold there that had been dented to clearance something ,, but otherwise pretty decent. ,
  9. bananahamuck

    A few pics from today's JDM @ ADM Show

    i would like to see the other older cars and trucks that were there.. Not really interested in the "modern" cars though. /

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