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  1. I will have to take exception with the pretending to be something their not part About most 510s .. have you went to a Datsun show.. You will see majority of 510 owners watching in approval as the younger 510 bois look upon their cars while masterbating so furiously it sounds like a herd of wildebeest stampeding through a river in the Kalihari . change my mind
  2. These new viruses just don’t want to put the time in . .
  3. honestly how eloquently can you describe something that is the same shape as a cardboard box ..
  4. I was asking because of all the Karen’s corona screeching. .
  5. The area where this takes place is industrial. the part of Seattle the “chop” is in , is only a short distance away, but might as well be on another planet. Seattle is a very large place , I bet 90% of residents watched on TV like the rest of us. I’m not scared
  6. Two things Draker , just by this avatar most likely does NOT miss the SuperSonics .. What I’m thinking Draker is saying is.. The democrates are all for the tearing down of statues ( and taking down portraits now) as it erases THEIR history as extreme racists .. Kinda like the Nazi would do ,, to erase their involvement in the extermination of the Jews as to give them a reason to be able to argue not that it didn’t happen .. but it was someone else that did it..
  7. Fat510 . He has a few Datsuns , But drove his Cressida because we had to go up north into the tinglewigs to look at a vehicle, and was nice having a chase vehicle with towing power , in case of problems .
  8. You still got that yellow 521? .
  9. I think the part about charging Bill Gates With crimes against humanity sounds accurate , if nothing else not refunding my money for windows Vista still pisses me off .
  10. Have to go drive roads to make sure they ain’t closed or gravel. im not sure where start point would be either .. Since was thinking going past Abandoned Nuke towers On our way out. And bathrooms ... if state opens where we can use campground restrooms, with use of mask .. we would be happening... but being way out there,,, With zero restrooms because restaurants are closed might be limiting .
  11. BUT ,, I bet YOU didn't realize you put him as the last person. yo
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