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  1. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I fucking love tractors!!! If you think you can pull it off ,,,,, do it. Don't try to do to much your first year,,, since the last nut was given to a charity you'll be starting from scratch ,,, and something is better than being overwhelmed debt wise. Do you need any money for event insurance bonding or whatever or does that place handle it?? You might wanna claim a non-profit type status or everything you collect is taxable income if someone was to go up your ass in the future. ;. .
  2. I'm sorry for the late response but i was washing my hair... too soon? .
  3. Just watch out to not step in the homeless poop and everything will be A-okay number one. . , .. .
  4. bananahamuck

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    You must have missed my pictures of Eaglerock swap meet
  5. Seriously you're going with the victim card?? Really ?? First off this isn't your thread dipshit,, this is insomniacs NOT your thread so no-one was shitting on anything. . OK I slightly mention Sunday at 8 is hard for some of us..( notice mine has NOT been edited in anyway) Then in YOUR very next response to me,,, YOU either called me a pussy or a cunt ,, then in the same fucking sentence proceeded to explain to my hillbilly brain that we weren't going to be "smoking crack" and "drinking jd" behind the "7-11 .. And what exactly is that insinuating ... to me it's a condescending prick saying,, i have to be explained what standards you and you ilk possess... SO i feed your shit right back at you and first you do is cry VICTIM!! Oh my god!! I have this to say "dude" as you like using that to show others are lesser than you .. What don't you understand .. You wanna dish it out,,, be a big boy and take it I hope this clears it up for you .
  6. Maybe,, but your ignorance covers yours like a bright periwinkle Hillary pant suit.. Let me explain this to you like you didn't actually get your degree from Mcdonalds clown college.... Read as slow if you need to.... It will most likely be RAINING ,, It will most likely be in the middle 40s if i left from that hipster bar at the time you wanna start.. Most of us live more than a hour and a half from Portlandia and driving home from downtown Portland it will take me OVER 2 1/2 hours to get home,, at around 10:30,, ( if i left the "bar" ) at again,,,,, 8pm . That's just goofy I would suggest we meet at Castle Rock at 8pm, but i assume you wouldn't be able to rent a trailer for your car in that short of time. .
  7. 8 pm start time on a Sunday ,,, you realize it's winter up here right?? . Anyways
  8. bananahamuck

    What are you listening to???

    Dear god,,,,,, that heart shaped box is the wooooorst version .. i like the Muzak version they play on the elevator at the bank better.
  9. Yeah,, us Olympia//Tacoma guys would only ever do a weekend , for something north of Seatac or probably Tacoma really.. Especially in winter Us Oly monkeys do,, do weeknights ,, but we usually only know when we go over to someones garage and there is a few of us already there drinking beers. Or someone texts they wanna go to Tacoma mall at about 6:40pm on a Friday __________________________________________________________________- Public notice!!! Tedward Tentacles is pretty hot on a 4x4 weekend out at Tahuya state park ( very mild 4x4 park) in a few months.. It will not be a Datsun/Nissan vehicle ONLY thing .. From what i understand there would be more than enough parking if you brought a DATSUN ( lowered or not) and just wanted to hang out and maybe Rick rat could bring his grill in his 620 and fry up some weiners . and a popup will be brought to keep the rain off . current 4X4 "maybe" going list for that.. Me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 85 ranger flatbed Fat510 ,,,,,,,,,, 87 toyota sr5 Tedward,,,,,,, 89 isuzu Trooper Chester,,,,,,,,, 9(?) Nissan pickup Joel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 620 with the Ford V8 We are surely going to be able guilt a few more of the Oly guys to caravan up there ,, in their girly men lowered Datsun "trucks" and a guy in his Bubba lipped 510.. So it will be a DATSUN meet,, but not necessarily a 4X4 DATSUN event. Does that make sense??? , .
  10. bananahamuck

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Tumwater Fred Meyers about 30 minutes ago.... In the stand up box display in the isle, by toys on tables.. More than 4-5 black Advan Z cars At least 3 black 620s and at least 2 of the red z cars, can't remember if writing on side or not ,, i would assume they did ... Those were just the ones on the outer rows i didn't dig through them at all. if you aint found yours yet,,, GO!! ,,,, , Why are you still scrolling down,,,,,,,,, GO!!! ,
  11. bananahamuck

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    I assume that's the one in the old VW junkyard... I have to ask,,, So where exactly do they people that own that place live?? Is it in that motorhome?? We stopped 3 times in the past and spent HOURS waiting for someone to show up... We even went over and asked at the sketchy neighbors that are just to the south of that place.. They said ,, oh yeah they are always there,, yeah right. Wouldn't mind having that rear bumper for reals,,
  12. If it was me i would go into a neighboring DOL ( one you don't intend using in case they say something crazy) and run it by them what a gifted vehicle would run you before anything... If they write gift on bill of sale. you will only have to pay like $35. and if tags are current. you wont have to purchase new ones or plates.... Was just gifted a 98 ford 1/2 ton a few months ago, and total was about $38.(?) Make sure you don't have to be a relative to be gifted a car, cuz that i don't know.. If it says gift on title anywhere it means it has been gifted before and it is no longer eligible to be gifted.. If they write anything under about $250. on bill of sale,, and vehicle is currently licensed,, they (license place) will most likely look up Blue book value and charge that,. no matter what you say is wrong with it.... You will also have to replace the current plates, and buy new tags, even if tags are current. On a $200. vehicle, taxes, fees, tags. and plates,. runs just under $200. in thurston county where i live... i know King county tax rates are higher but about that price I don't have any idea on emissions as we don't have to do that down here Your results may vary .

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