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  1. Moving some of my fresh fruit boxes ,, I think I should have bought a little bigger truck
  2. https://www.google.com/maps/place/29+Rd+%26+Unaweep+Ave,+Grand+Junction,+CO+81503/@39.0444181,-108.5153963,3a,66.3y,296.47h,78.49t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8ELIMn8NiNS9owuLRT Wow,, with all the fancy Do-Dads i thought it was @mrbigtanker truck for a second there ., . Couldn't hurt to call the place,
  3. Not sure if this reaches the eastern part of the state of Washington on the Tellyvision so thought i would post here.. . Attorney who advised Clinton campaign indicted in U.S. Trump-Russia probe https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-grand-jury-indicts-lawyer-who-represented-clinton-campaign-2021-09-16/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58591969 Peace, Love, Dope .
  4. I think maybe you need a bit more coffee before logging in this morning now reread my post less like this guy And more like these guys .
  5. Copart ,,, they show a couple auction yards in Colorado they are for the most part "junk" or insurance totaled yards but it don't take much to total a Datsun.. Some vehicles look to be regular tows that would happen if you left it somewhere you shouldn't have .
  6. Sorry ,, i do not believe the conspiracy theories alleged by the far right , white supremists.. . .
  7. SO I have a picture of Jeffery Epstein hanging from a bar at my house.. It's not signed though NOW,, are you Gonna defend the pedophile ?? .
  8. When i went to a Buddy Hackett show in the 90s he started off with a disclaimer for those that are to fucking "tender" to take a joke should leave.. Always wondered why he would have to do that,,, i guess i was today old when i found out why. I have seen quite a bit of scary shit in my younger life,, included death and much violence. and i literally swim in mental illness 24 hours 7 days a week , I'M NOT SORRY !! So if it was aimed at me
  9. I have a picture of Robin Williams hanging on the closet door. Not signed of course .
  10. Ah yes , the brakes , good call.
  11. go to front page and pick either 521 section ( best for more help) or project datto , very busy so it drops off fast but gets shit all in one place open up a new topic ,, name it , and post some pics .. you can change name down the road if your mood changes most of my threads are just random shit that I had on my mind whilst piddling around with my Datsuns or buddies with their Datsuns
  12. And like Banzai said ,, get a Weber and for ease of service a pertronix ignition unit .
  13. i can post pics if I had some on phone or my Imgur account but I’m a PC type guy so pulling a picture of internet and copy/pasting posting is near impossible for me. Where’s your build thread?? .
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