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  1. My buddy Mike rebuilt a 67 GTO 4speed but got seriuosly fucked on an engine rebuild so i gave him a 455 i had been tripping over since forever.. He had that rebuild with all the mean shit the first guy was supposed to use in first engine.. Came over to show me.. Upon leaving he punched it straight out of driveway,, took out of here,, got squirly ,, still slammed 2nd and posi caught and it bounced about 2 1/2 feet towards opposite side ditch,, stood solidly on brakes locking them up just before edge of fog line then regrouped and punched it again off down the road ( probably out of embarrassment ) . .. he left the weirdest set of burnie marks ever
  2. only if we can video you eating it for youtube,,, cuz ain't no motherfucker going to believe ANYONE would actually eat that shit. I like my meat like I like my women,, held prisoner and on drugs. .
  3. Had some tires delivered Wednesday ,,that should have been delivered Tuesday ( said i wasn't home) and had to send description of house ,,,, the God damn Russian fucker was supposed to go to, he still couldn't find it after sending detailed description of shack to shipping company i get text.. I wasn't home again No,,,,, can assure you I do not live in a bright yellow house it's brown with multiple brown garages,, just like I said... and yes there maybe another house on my road with forklifts parked in driveway ,, but not within 2500 feet for fucks sake
  4. Free food ,, free parking,,,, free , free,, FREE !! Tumwater WA. Sunday April 28th ,, Come join us celebrate Saddam Hussains birthday. There is a real bathroom in building so we got that going for us. Bring your Datsun or vintage import down and hang out for a few hours.. Get a FREE burger,, hotdog or spill some of Rick Rats world famous chilli on your shirt. Wobble that fucker down to here, brah If you wanna bring something go ahead and bring it,, if not,, come anyway. There will be tissues provided in the bathroom for those celebrating Jessica Alba's birthday . Brah.
  5. Time Left: 24 days and 5 hours

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    WTB 1978-79 510/A10 sedan ( trunk NOT hatch) right rear tail light bulb housing .. I need part that holds lights in housing so broken cracked busted smashed,, lens and or housing would be fine.. Right/ passenger side------ not interchangable left to right.. . Picture is of part but it is wrong side. 1980-81 might work but i don't know as i don't have one. Located in Tumwater WA .


  6. Fuck Canada,, shit is stupid expensive up there... Southern Oregon or even Washington coast in the old saw mills ,, they are already wired for major power and cheap labor.. .,
  7. Not sure why in the fart it won't stop snowing but i'm thinking of investing in pengiun farming. If this is the type you were looking for,,,,, Sending this one and another,,,, that is totally giving me the slip right now. .
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