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  1. There is a "fix" for blurry PB pics on Chrome . i don't know what it is but got it off Pirate4x4 site awhile ago if you need to steal for your own use,, you have to click and open in another tab and save that pic or it just downloads as fuzzy water marked as before. Even if it is clear to your computer type unit ,, at the moment
  2. Ebay is a great way to sell,, if you have the time.. You don't have to ever haggle over what it's worth . It's worth exactly what someone bids it up to. why give someone a "great deal" just to have them flip parts for a profit .
  3. I'm not sure why, but i really like Rick and Morty . It's like Cow and Chicken ,, just so insane you can't look away or something. picture not related
  4. I think you will probably have to fab something up using newer , easier to find motor mounts .. I have seen a couple RLs in fields but mounts are always in two pieces .. Try getting a hold of a guy by the name of Erich Paul on face book he might be able to help with your search
  5. fun fact .. While waiting for a state patrol VIN inspection yesterday i learned that Russian type speakers pronounce i5 ..... I5 Their lips do a pointy thing while it's happening but comes out the same.. anyways .
  6. From one old glam/hair metal guy to another ,,, give it a second to get going
  7. I just came across DJcumberbun the other day ,, he's damn good ,, the rammstein/wild cherry song is very well done. if you haven't yet.,, Check out BillMclintock he's twisting up some cool shit too BOTH of these songs suck by themselves
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