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  1. New oil ,, gasket set,, antifreeze ,, water pump and timing chain ( fix it once or use all unknown parts and fix it twice) would easily be close to $200. clams... and IF all the parts are in fact all there.. And me personally would put back together with head studs,, which would be considerably higher cost If i had a Z24 laying around maybe , If you want a Toyota 4x4 , trading for a Toyota would probably be better in my opinion .
  2. Every summer we can rent a cottage In the Isle of Wight, if it's not too dear We shall scrimp and save Grandchildren on your knee Vera, Chuck and Dave
  3. Is there any way you can get the passed out dude out of engine compartment so hood will shut?? . .
  4. I am not sure if 165 rears came in very many gear ratios Datzen Mike might know
  5. i think You can directly swap in a 82-83 200sx rear as they have 190s but pretty rare so be prepared for some sticker shock.... And 165 rears ain't worth shit in after market money .. A dude hubblebubble ran a stock 165 behind his Ka24de 78 A10) till he crashed it ,, so they should easily hold up to Z20
  6. Oh I think I misunderstood you ,, I thought you had 190 out of 720,, A10 has tiny 165 rear end 720 has 190 with much bigger axles
  7. He's on it like stink on a pair of homeless womans chonies ,, but not sure if it will be done in time this year though.. He just lives a hop and skip from me. Shits pretty spread out in these parts. .
  8. No you can't swap,, 720 rear is completely different pumpkin than an A10 . You have a 190 3.3 gear pumpkin?
  9. power land! power land! power land! power land! .
  10. I heard story that this exact car was found in garage at clean out and given to 1-800-got-junk for a couple hundred bucks,, ( maybe free??) and that guy sold it to the guy that brought it to Vancouver show last August. .. you may recognize the poor sob drooling over it And yeah,,,,,, it's pretty damn nice. Like brand new ,, inside and out ,,,, nice. .
  11. A guy just south of Seattle is selling a 710 coupe on the facebook NWdipshits page. I think it's a driver enough to make it back to California on it's own power I got his number if you are serious. He works ridiculous hours at the mill so hard to get ahold of without a few phone tags though. . .
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