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  1. So i just realized you can direct link from IMGUR without opening 'other media' box .
  2. Yeah , and unfortunately that kinda makes it a garage sitting/ waiting for nice day to drive, type vehicle now. It's wild how the 85-86 corollas used to be every where and cheap enough young guys beat them without mercy,, not any more. lol .
  3. Want over priced early 70s Japanese car that is very hard to find even though millions were shipped here ?? Go shopping for an early Toyota Celica, Jesus cabbage farting Christ . bought my wife one like her first car for her birthday a few years ago .. sticker shock for sure . She bought the first one for $2500. In 1986 with about 50k on speedo .. At a Tacoma dealership that is now the Dodge on south Tacoma way . . .
  4. Hey you so of a bitch, you never even told me you were seeing my wifes sister Bev. ,
  5. clickity clickity https://www.jbcoachwerks.com .
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