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  1. How about changing this to destruction of 1200. Victim of Tuesday night windstorm
  2. Are you positive both your positive and negative cables are not bad?? Looks can be deceiving... Have you had your battery tested ? If starter spins up every time you turn key to start , but doesn’t engage ,, its not that spade connection. Having 12 volts in battery doesn’t mean it will make starter actually work . .
  3. I would say back to my 411 but I aint doing shit to it cuz I’m lazy. But here’s a pic of my “new” forky lifter , lol Hyster model.... Just the cutest little forklift eeeeveer .
  4. Since I didn’t include last time ... Pics of his^^^ shit , yo he was changing oils and checking valves lash and whatnot today.
  5. I sent it personal message .. upper right corner . There should be a red dot with number . Click that , then click on letter icon .. should open up messenger.
  6. I sent you a phone number to call ,, guy in Tenino
  7. Didn’t work on the Flo but me and fucking Ted hung out over at Scalpum’s shed trying to figure out starting problem on his 521... Come to find out it was a battery cable that “looked” new but had internally corroded so had to much resistance to turn started.. kinda weird problem anyways.. I don’t have any of truck or his 1200 he’s rebuilding,, but I do have one of him driving us to get burger and a cable. cuz it annoys him when we post his noggin Lol
  8. I just rewatched the running man earlier ,, check out the very start .. The writers missed the year by just over 3 years .
  9. I must say ,, I think we’re making some excellent progress . .
  10. you know why Senators don’t use book markers?? they like their pages bent over
  11. Have you looked at the pictures though?? Or just written it off because you have bias? some of the comparisons seem to have merit
  12. In high school my brother-in-law had me change his water pump in his king cab 79 pickup for probably less then a Big Mac meal now.. that long ass bolt proceeded to break off drilling and grinding and tapping and cussing later got that sucker out .. then low and be fucking hold, after putting cover back on,, I bet it was 2 or more days trying to get the fucking oil pump and distributor to align again.. year was either 1983 or 4 . With no manual,, not even a useless Clinton manual cuz we were 40 minutes from any parts store . never really cared for them since .
  13. Pretty good considering we are also saving the world ,,,, again ,,, with our superior knowledge , money and power to come up with a vaccine and have it distributed to 3rd world countries like yours in less than a year. you are welcome
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