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  1. Just noticed That key Flippering around is like a Roman battle chariot . i assume it was field fixed Earlier with no way to cut off .
  2. no ,,, only pedophiles and sexual deviants flood pick . we pick like men Edit .. that picker is one of our older ones.. check out build date
  3. oh , and one more thing America fuck yeah!!!
  4. Well I’m glad we are finally getting somewhere in this thread. Where that is I have no fucking idea. I’ve missed you ladies because I been driving a Cranberry picker around but it’s storming enough no one wants to work ,, so I’m here ,,, in the swamps. waiting for them to drain.... literally. pic from yesterday for attention
  5. Ratwagon licks prepubescent boys buttholes change my mind. .
  6. yes ,, it shows what is really going on between Current government and the Native peoples of America , not just racist name calling.
  7. Pence believes he rules with the blessing of god. . .
  8. Pence is negative also... you guys for abortion rights And hope Trump croaks??? hahahahaha aaahh hahahahaha Cough ,, snort Hahahahaha
  9. Trumps racism knows no bounds I know ,, old but PC is in same spot as wifes "work from home" AKA. how to drive someone crazy with arbitrary law questions whilst they are trying to watch Price is Right reruns
  10. In case you might have given up looking... Fred Meyers is finally getting more of the remote control 510s that you can find them now . me and Scalp-um both got one at the same store at least a week apart
  11. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/classic-truck-wheels-and-accessories~65670-3-857-17-601
  12. All his early pics are gone but NismoDr had a wide set on his .. Sold truck and new owner did this to it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But it looked like this when the bearded wonder had it here's his build Like i said,, all but very last pics are now gone but it was pretty badass with the wide rubber on baby moons
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