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  1. I'm going to use them on a A10 just to piss you guys off . .
  2. Honestly ,, i bet he probably just turns advance into it then lugs it up Scott Lake hill,, and backs it off till it doesn't ping.. I wouldn't change anything about the plate.. Nothing I have points in mine so shouldn't be any clearance issues at all for me .. Points aint no big thing ,, easily serviceable, and cheap,.. I like fiddling with things once in a awhile.. I read an article once in road and track type magazine about this rich movie star that drove a triumph spitfire ( that was known to have to be fixed on side of road) He said " i like driving cars that need me as much as i need them" .
  3. a before shifter re-doo ,,,,,, no after right now Matchbox to starter ,, yeah it's that close. haha Was still out on bench for trial starter turnover check All i could get off phone that are of any real value .
  4. He installed, i just was his go to guy for brain storming and welding what he brought over that he fabricated up .. A bit of trial and error on shifter I took pictures but my PC is having a hard time reading them off my phone so only a couple are able to be uploaded right now... I'll use a different device and retake and post. parts that went just as in thread. J13 throw out bearing and collar was used .. original arm was used ( one with adjuster hole in it) ball was stacked with 3 washers ,, ( i believe 2 would have done it) got no pictures at all of that He ground out a bit more of plate and quite a bit on tranny so exhaust is easily installed.. Tranny is very thick at that spot so no holes.. If i remember correctly,, pipe is at least 11/2 - 2 inches away from new slot where it was a bit of finagling to work He is running a matchbox converted distributor so quite a bit of very scary grinding/sanding on bottom corner of "box" and a tiny bit on starter solenoid was needed , ( took pics but almost impossible to see even in real life ) Shift lever was cut and welded with an L to move it rearward ,, Also shifter pivot is much higher so plate on floor needed to be higher than original ( he put another floor plate on top of original ( under carpeting) to gain height, as he has pretty nice original carpet) .. i can probably cut out a 1/2 thick base to lift mine when i do it. rear tranny mount was simply moved rearward and two holes drilled straight up to bolt into tranny ,, there is a immovable crossmember about 6-10 inches(?) behind tranny He's running a 3:70 diff ( that's why it does 80+ up hill ) 205/60/14 tires He is so god damn happy he seems to have a permanent shit eating grin on his face ... he had me drive it and i was so blown away we "test" drove at least 30+ miles last night.. The fact you are traveling so fast without the engine screaming is really hard to compute Pictures to come but it will take a couple days . .
  5. it's running a very mellow RPMs at 73 mph ,,, pulls the car around in fifth,, easy at 60 . I'm sending one of my short 720 trannys to our re builder sometime this week .. I am so fuckin stoked!!
  6. This is cresting hill just after Maytown exit , going north,, in JJ's 67 411
  7. I know i read stuff like that also but ,, the local Fred Meyers is doing remodel and brought in like 20 of the damn things in nearby lot since winter.. and it's hard to believe they would be using them if there was chance of products being water logged.. Was looking at pre-built she sheds ,( 14' x 21' ), but most use that press board siding and that shit disintegrates in a very short period of time. And ground would have to be much leveler that i want to pay to have done. Plus steel container won't burn down if neighbors brush fire ever gets out of hand.
  8. Maybe have them send a better side view picture or pictures ..
  9. Do you have yours out? If you do ,,,,, look at the 65-67 roadster units in the link i post.. Looks like if you straightened the float arm ( looks to me like roadsters is bent) if might be almost exact same thing.. I can't verify if it would or not as i have never tried .. Might wanna start by buying a gasket first to see if mounting holes are same just to be sure. https://www.datsunparts.com/Fuel-Systems partnumber: 1365
  10. Yeah we do ,, and i figured being thick steel keeps the rodents out which can quickly become a problem with seats and things like that. It's mostly junk but it's junk i would have to hunt down and buy again if i needed it.
  11. Yes that's almost exactly what i was going to do, (eventually) , a roof and gravel between them for a extra spot to pile stuff that can take more weather.. Main problem i see with a stick built or pole barn type shed is,, our county taxes you on them.. But a container being a non permanent structure, is exempt. DATmike,, I thought about a fan or fans but they are going to be at least 180 feet away from house so don't wanna have to run wires out there and check on them ,, needs to be set and forget Thanks for the answers. have tons of projects that need to be done in garage that is so full my tiny 411 barely fits.
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