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  1. i don't usually thank anyone BUT Thanks to Hosenose for the beer for the wife ( she digs it) and showing us around Whittier and all his cool stuff . Datrod and Tanker for bringing me a couple Inland empire shirts Rivdat620 so kindly let me have.. Ole John for the heated discussion,, and Hey Hugh for helping send us in right direction to ship from Mexico.. . And most of all Bluebirdsss for getting this thing together despite the trouble he has to go thru to host it... and this character even though i only stopped by for a second,, for making me laugh ,,,, move up north where you don't have to chew the air. Saturday Afternoon Sunday Morning A few from under the over pass If i remember right,,,, the guy said it had 400k miles ,, pretty damn clean interior .. repainted before he bought
  2. Pantydropper8.0 or drooper if you're into the older ladies. . . .
  3. I think i saw this thing on instagram with new caps?? i wish mine were real and fit tighter and not 70s ford courier , i would probably still be running them.
  4. @MikeRL411That tranny traveled a good piece to get to where it is now ,, considering car has been dead for many years before it started it's travels,, haha ... Maps say almost 9 hour trip.. There is a route that is 1 hour shorter but it was supposed to snow in those passes the day we headed down in Teds van of doom. And that's not counting it's trip from Yreka CA https://goo.gl/maps/r9VyQgHZdMKjfhjF6 /
  5. They will fit the back pretty easy,,, but unless you cut the bottom of front fender or run extremely low profile tires i believe they will rub the front.. I didn't want to cut my fenders andi think after much trial i found about 175/60/13 was tallest tire that would easily clear. I don't know what supras have for offset but i'm thinking we tried them on 70 510 ( 195 or 205/60) and they rubbed ,,, if it matters my wife and sons have about 6 sets of baby supras between them with various tire sizes so they have been tried on almost everything with 114.3
  6. Gas is too much money now ,have cust needs a turn signal switch .

    1. bananahamuck


      For what my man?   

    2. bananahamuck


      It's not gas prices keeping me from rollin down,,  it's the time it takes, to coordinate and make the trip.    

  7. Yeah,, that is a field we are trying to get to grow vines not weeds so if you look there's a shit ton of vine growth but not many berries,, (still have to prune every year though) We ending up with (approx) 61.2 tons picked and sent away to cannery .. used to do about double that but mom had dementia and dad couldn't get out so bogs suffered pretty hard .. He passed just before Canby 2018 .. and brother that was destined to run them died of stroke at 57 in 2015. It's all for sailing if you need a part time hobby ,,,,, i'll make you a deal ,, might even throw in a couple forklifts those bags are about 30+ pounds each,, bog extends about 900 more feet to that treeline on left turned around pic of a couple nephews ,, notice building and the neighbors bridge sprayer in background is same as first pic only other side.. . anyways / thread jack complete ,
  8. Honestly i don't think anyone ever has described Linda as a neighbor to dream about ,,,,,,,,, like literally ,,, ever. All my other neighbors have died so i am surrounded by strangers now ... They don't know how nice they got it not having the 20 somethings next doors friends, stopping by at all hours of the night, to show how long of tire tracks they could leave on roadway . Or crashing into and getting stuck on top of,, the shrubbery ( now trees) in the front yard on way home from bar.. haha.
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