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  1. bananahamuck

    521 on BAT

    Cars come.,, cars go .
  2. Did I just say that out loud?
  3. Shifter knob says it only has four positions , which totally takes value down. On another note,,, how can you assholes actually have fun using hand held devices to internet ??
  4. My neighbor built and extended 521 and 3 axle trailer to tow his roadster behind it,,, every wheel was a saw blade type wheel.. THAT was alot of saw blades anyways ,,, carry on
  5. How come there's ever any 411s on the shirts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that's right ,,,,,, cuz you guys suck.
  6. this guys ( i know your real name but not your user name) other badass black with flames Z car ( seen in other Oly event threads) hit a deer full on a couple weeks before show so he had to bring this old girl ,,, sad face Tacoma based Kings and Queens came out on a large bunch
  7. Oh,, it's put on by the 510realm guys they do an outstanding job with such a large show,,, they must have 20 plus volunteers ,, 250+ cars/trucks Big up to them,, as i seen Byron(?) at end of day sitting in a chair,, and he looked beat .
  8. It was All Japanese Classic in North Vancouver BC ,, i didn't post cuz registration was open so late and closed within a few weeks cuz it was full.. There was tons of really rare weird Japanese cars at that show,, been going all 4 years of the "new" show... Was a Datsun only show till then Or the real reason is ,, i haven't been able to use the PC as much so it's almost impossible to make new threads ,, post pictures and such on Amazon Kindle. AND one would need to get either a passport or EDL to cross border and most either can't get those or have a past that denies them entry ... We stopped in Arlington Costco for gas and hotdog but we didn't see you there ,,, what the hell man..
  9. I wouldn't go to that lying piece of shits show if it was the last Datsun show on the planet , he IS the problem with car culture these days Last year on Facebook he lied about being told someone from Olympia was going to scratch his piece of shit ( one of which is a business owner AND the son of one of THE largest auto paint suppliers on the west coast ) and another worked at one of THE most prestigious hot rod shops in our area. At his bluelake show. .. And this year he called Powerland and demanded they disclose their bonding/insurance out of i guess spite.. And after he called and called that arrogant piece of dog shit,, didn't even bring a Datsun to show and had nerve to say how he enjoyed show .. And you have to wonder ,,, has he done this before to other peoples start up shows to try to get them cancelled?? And before you let the big guy delete this look up the facts and THIS IS MY THREAD.. .
  10. Yes everything worked great ,, The one thing i'm probably going to change is,, When i remove to change engine ( didn't want to risk untested engine on that kind of maiden voyage) i am going to make the unused bump above where the exhaust is cut out,,,, into a taller bump with hole and tap transmission to install bolt from front of plate... to make exhaust bolt up way easier.. as it is now,, the top exhaust nut is almost impossible to get at,, So that would eliminate the bolt directly on top of exhaust,, but still retain ( i think) most of the strength .. on original engine ,, bump was a locating pin i believe maybe
  11. Our route as we couldn't get into our usual Birch Bay campground ,,, and had to stay out in Lynden https://goo.gl/maps/pMmvAbn3bSaoLJeGA And a couple from show Coolest radio ever There was a 620 motorhome and some real crazy builds but my phone as usual ,,, storage screwed up again
  12. Following the Warthog into show And parked next to Merlin Why own it,,,, if you don't drive the fucking thing????
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