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  1. In another memory, Snoop Dogg has procured a bottle of Seagrams brand gin, and is intent on consuming it himself, but his associates have worked up a thirst as well. They present their empty cups for Mr. Dogg to fill, but have not offered any payment for the alcohol. Mr. Dogg is angry at the prospect of sharing his alcoholic beverage without consideration, as these requests happen all too often. He acknowledges their requests, but reminds them that his needs come first.
  2. bananahamuck

    ZCCW Snoqualmie casino ,, last weekend

    i seem to have lost a whole section of oics,,, i will hunt them down
  3. bananahamuck

    ZCCW Snoqualmie casino ,, last weekend

    josh said he was going to a Z Car Club of Washington (ZCCW) ( Datsun-Nissan-Infinite ) show at Snoqualmie casino last Sunday the 12th ,, and my neighbor One-Ear said he needed a drive in the Datsuns,, so we met up with Josh ,,,, and went. Was pretty good show ,, nice weather ,, easy to get to food or bathrooms. and shade. Quite a few more cars showed than i thought would Here's the pics i got,, only a couple of us as i don't normally take pics of mine Here's our tiny caravan I have no idea why i don't have clear pics of those silver Zs as we parked just on the other side of the damn things
  4. signed up a couple days after it opened,, If anyone is going and needs camp spot in Birch bay,, i think the registration said 6 people per spot ( it's a field actually) and we are officially at ,,,,, 2 ,, and as always ,,, free. swimming pools ,, movie stars.
  5. bananahamuck

    Need Some Help/Advice for 1972 620 Pickup

    http://www.redlineweber.com/ My neighbor has bought a few 32/36 carbs in the last 4 years or less and all have been install and go,, no problems
  6. bananahamuck

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Fucking noob .
  7. bananahamuck

    Photochop 2018

    How bout now? ,
  8. bananahamuck

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    Actually i never watched the video so i wouldn't have known there was a Bedford reference in it. I think you completely missed Sisu's ( and my ) point/ joke It has very little to do with the first part of the sentence ,, and everything to do with the last part of the sentence Quote Sisu Rumor has it Bad obsession has bought a Bedford.<< just a randomly picked large vehicle... So at 2 month intervals they will take 10 years to build a car hauler 😏
  9. Yeah it looked like it was in an unbuildable green strip gully type area between mostly concrete industrial buildings and very large paved holding areas. and if that building can hold the amount of hot air Jon puts out per hour, if can probably withstand entry into earths orbit.
  10. bananahamuck

    Because Australia.

  11. Jrock sent out a few pics in group text of fire in the woods by his shop , that the "homeless" started ,, looked pretty expensive to control, and i bet no-one will ever get in trouble for it. Even though cops probably know the names and faces of exactly who lived there. /
  12. bananahamuck

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    Quote Sisu Rumor has it Bad obsession has bought a Bedford. So at 2 month intervals they will take 10 years to build a car hauler .

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