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  1. pants were tight but not that tight.. when pitcher was pitching ,, camera view was from left/center field . Not all the team was athletically shaped though.. they had a catcher that Is built like a WWII British battle ship.. .
  2. Tokyo olympics update!! Check out the scooter on #17 (short stop) on Mexico woman’s fast pitch team. .
  3. work crews going in and out every day
  4. Pretty much sums up Olympia right now , in one picture .
  5. Was changing my background picture and I deleted my god damn avatar by accident.. stupid Flanders forum
  6. They aren’t even close to the same . .
  7. yeah,, there was a bunch of people asking if we had seen some old pervert in a light blue Gaylord staring at all the fat chicks the day before.. .
  8. @Hawaiian620 you guys should try to make Hoboland up in Sedro Wolley . Be more kick back hang out type thing.. could ride ferry over for shorter drive . I can’t post link because on phone but it’s in events a few posts down. if you gotta drive a normal car ,, drive it .. Hell I think I’ve only seen Hobo drive a Datsun like one time
  9. That’s ok,, won’t be very many of us either. Most locals had plans and a few are thousands of miles away .. haha Donovan ain’t even driving a Datsun ,, he said he’s driving miss Daisy .
  10. We are leaving Tenino at about 9am so probably be through Elma before 10 . if you drive your 210 we might be persuaded to hang around Elma for awhile FYI Teds drivers side wheel is basically dangling for years now,,, so how bad could the noise be . .
  11. I’m not sure . But probably be close to Aberville by 10am .. Ted is on call at 5pm(?) so not sure what schedule on hanging out is .. I’m going to discuss it with him in a few minutes and post again with a better guess.
  12. Are you staying Friday night in the Quinault Nation or Wetpit?
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