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  1. Rhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannon
  2. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I wanna clear up my position,,, i will be there. the second weekend in June is perfect for my schedule,,, sometimes it sprinkles,, sometimes it rains,,,, but it's always like a warm blanket,,,, made up of some of the most eccentric humans to walk the planet. Fuck old school .. They have great Facebook advertising and self promotion but ,,, it's a one day show, and a short day at that. There is quite a few guys from all over the western US , that even though i don't speak much to them,, i feel like reading many, many of their post and seeing what kinda titties and asses they prefer ( liked) over the years ,,, having them there makes me feel comfortable.. anyways. .
  3. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I ain't saying you're wrong cuz you're not,,,,,,, and warmer would be better and more spread out would make more longer Datsun season.. .. Maybe if we mind our manners the place could let us be in there when another smaller group is scheduled to use the place.. .
  4. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    Calendar shows every weekend booked up already.. And from my experience most guys that go to Old school thing are local-er to it and honestly don't want to go to Canby. You can't go by facebook saying they would do both,,,, cuz they are all talk on there.. You know that.
  5. Still wish they would work on font darkening or something for the ageing eye people's on here . .
  6. Ok ,, thought maybe it was just my end.. I honestly was going to just start in a couple letter sections and go through them to see if anything rang a bell and look up their info.cuz I can't remember what letter exactly . Don't laugh it's worked in the past On another UK site theirs a guy called Hotdogwater,,, one name here I caught the other day,,,, electricbill,,, lol .
  7. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    It sounds like you consulted with legal counsel before posting that. on a related note,,,,emoji selection on here sucks hairy donkey balls now.
  8. Is there NOT a members list anymore????? Or is it I just can't see it cuz I'm doing the hand held thing this morning ??
  9. bananahamuck

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    That's kinda funny we only stopped there on Monday's haha. And yeah you're totally right about that bumpers ,,it's kinda weird when you can find them they are usually straight enough to use but rusty as hell... Unlike 510 ones that you find, that are less rusty, but almost always bent... .......But front bumpers on the other hand are somewhat easy to find in useable shape
  10. bananahamuck

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I fucking love tractors!!! If you think you can pull it off ,,,,, do it. Don't try to do to much your first year,,, since the last nut was given to a charity you'll be starting from scratch ,,, and something is better than being overwhelmed debt wise. Do you need any money for event insurance bonding or whatever or does that place handle it?? You might wanna claim a non-profit type status or everything you collect is taxable income if someone was to go up your ass in the future. ;. .
  11. I'm sorry for the late response but i was washing my hair... too soon? .
  12. Just watch out to not step in the homeless poop and everything will be A-okay number one. . , .. .
  13. bananahamuck

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    You must have missed my pictures of Eaglerock swap meet
  14. Seriously you're going with the victim card?? Really ?? First off this isn't your thread dipshit,, this is insomniacs NOT your thread so no-one was shitting on anything. . OK I slightly mention Sunday at 8 is hard for some of us..( notice mine has NOT been edited in anyway) Then in YOUR very next response to me,,, YOU either called me a pussy or a cunt ,, then in the same fucking sentence proceeded to explain to my hillbilly brain that we weren't going to be "smoking crack" and "drinking jd" behind the "7-11 .. And what exactly is that insinuating ... to me it's a condescending prick saying,, i have to be explained what standards you and you ilk possess... SO i feed your shit right back at you and first you do is cry VICTIM!! Oh my god!! I have this to say "dude" as you like using that to show others are lesser than you .. What don't you understand .. You wanna dish it out,,, be a big boy and take it I hope this clears it up for you .

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