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  1. You have to read the last sentence really fast to get full effect
  2. Ahh ok .. I read some of your other posts ^^ up there and see what you’re saying .. I guess the almost old person in me would ask... Why can’t you post pics anywhere but at work? POW!! .
  3. It’s there .. click that box “insert image from url”. and paste link into box then ,, add to post. You can add like 10-15 pics at a time your oics and there you are .
  4. Buster Nutter didn’t post that it was a response to Nutter
  5. whoopsie daisy Caution nsfw. coming ....
  6. So... I went through the thread in question,, the pics are still up .. I have no idea how to multi-quote on phone . Logs me out if I open more than one tab For now ,,, happy hunting
  7. He was just arguing with Tdaaj the other day on Facebook.. .
  8. I think You should be able to click on the farmer name/ link and takes you to his profile. Also since I tagged him so might come here looking why he was tagged I ain’t trying to steal someone else’s deal ,, just info and Farmer is a really good dude .
  9. i was hoping to kinda “ piggy back” on the East side street Rodders event they have out there,, since they have a poker run in the morning we could join in on.. and car show at the docks later in the day . They haven’t announced if they are going to have an event yet though. I have a small cabin in Grayland with running water that we could BBQ at,, but paying for a burger in Wetpit would be way easier. .
  10. I was getting Aunt Flo set up to go quite a bit farther south if this didn't go (😽 ),, since we chickened out with the 100 degree forecast last August.. So since it's so much closer maybe i'll drive the diesel 720... windshield is so busted i might have to install a periscope to drive it though.. lol @paradime just do it. . .
  11. @Farmer Had a couple/few rebuilt j13s in Grants pass .. Was awhile ago so might have tossed by now.. Would have to again arrange shipping but, having rebuilt might eliminate a few bucks in the long run. Google shows it's only 3 hours away from you, .
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