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  1. Just about the time you get to sleep,,,,BOOM!! It’s like the fucking Gestapo coming in
  2. Cuz that fucking kid is awake and he’s banging that fucking cast against the wall
  3. Oh yeah man ,,, and the drive out to Wilber, to watch cars drive by, going over to Creston ,,, was one for the ages . .
  4. bananahamuck

    J engine

    Oh shit!! I just realized this isn’t a 520/521 and is a positive ground type vehicle .... Im not sure Pertronix would even work at all .
  5. bananahamuck

    J engine

    The pertronix has no adjustment to worry about but the holes,,, ( i Assume ) won't match up to bolt in.
  6. bananahamuck

    J engine

    what i believe to be a E1 distributor ,,,, came out of E1 engine i have Notice pivot point for adjustment ________________________________________________________________________________ J13 distrubutor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Again notice adjustment pivot point,,, this is same as most Datsuns up to like 76-77(?) I believe if you have this you're good to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, maybe ,, haha I am by no means a E1 guy .. so maybe @wayno can confirm .
  7. bananahamuck

    J engine

    before you order,,, maybe give a couple shots of your points as they may have used E1 distributor that came in truck ,, and those are to different of a setup to use same pertronix.
  8. we qualified for very few services just DDD for Medicaid ( having pretty decent insurance from work and them being American Indians,, everything was free and since none of them payed total ,, nothing was denied or cost anything ) .. wife makes to much money even with 4 kids till last year when they turned 18 and now we are just guardians and now go off their income ,, so basically starting from scratch on all that stuff.. Last year we had to do guardianship ,,, THAT was spendy ,, I think it was $4000. For each boy .. And that was a deal because there was two so didn’t need separate court dates or guardian ad litem appointments .. kinda weird To go thru that .. You can actually do it yourself for almost free ,, but like the old saying about being your own lawyer.... my wife is paralegal and was stressed about what could happen if you get it wrong somehow..
  9. I said good morning to Bort but didn’t notice I had posted in another thread,,, haha so good morning again Bort
  10. bananahamuck

    J engine

    Directions included show how to use either kind of coil Setup.. very simple pictures and text .
  11. bananahamuck

    J engine

    I just converted my 411 (j13) in about an hour or so because had to solder wires to make longer to reach coil... if not for that it’s probably a 15 minute job taking your time . I had pertronix in my old 55 Ford for 10-15 years or more with no problems... brother has had pertronix in his 510 since 2009-ish and never had to change out.. So I’m pretty ok with using them.
  12. bananahamuck

    J engine

    Honestly,, Points are very reliable and really only take a little more care than normal but not any more than those front drum brakes so it works out . and you can have extra new set in glovebox .. never left me stranded .
  13. bananahamuck

    J engine

    Count yourself lucky if it’s a J not and E as J points are same as almost every Datsun up into the late 70s .. E1 use weird points that are rather hard to source .. Which means you can install a pertronix that fits all those same models if you want set and forget type electronic ignition.
  14. bananahamuck

    J engine

    411 had twin SUs on a model named , special,, I believe .. I’m not sure if Japan only but I’m pretty sure never imported here . my take.. 520/521 guys were the poster child for being Datsun cheap till just a few years ago ,, so importing anything exotic would have probably been unthinkable .. I Was a “truck” guy and most of the guys I grew up with or hung out with were truck guys , and we treated them like trucks.. we took engines out of 510s /610s to get a 521 running that we got cheap that owner had blew up ,, and junk the rest .
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