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  1. Buddy of mine had had one back in the day and it always made me laugh because it was called a "Power Bass Reactor". Google shows it to be a "KENWOOD SW201X".
  2. BrothersGarage


    Nothin's changed says the guy who's completely changed his truck 🤣
  3. Well, at least now you know what you have to paint on the under side of the cowl on the MR2:
  4. 2 huge boxes from Beebani means I can start on the suspension
  5. Thanks guys, I thought it was a pretty cool piece as well ✌
  6. They post about the upcoming events on the Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/nwmotiv/ but most events are held in the greater Seattle area. I believe they have it going as every 2nd Sunday of each month now, but the most recent one was held this last Sunday 1/9/2022 and ran from 10am till noon. I got out of there a little early but there was easily 300+ cars of all walks of life - though generally leaning more towards the import side. Here's what I thought highlights were before before I got out of there: LS swapped 1J swapped RHD FC Mexican 4door Wicked clean coupe This dAdvan is great
  7. Little random weekend update. Tagged along with my Bro while he was doing some fab work for the brothers up the street. They've got a really sweet shop setup with a bunch of projects goin on. There's a 510 in the back getting the full resto (the one from the floor video a little while ago) behind the IS on the right. A /really/ clean 620 pickup. A swapped 1st gen MR2 off to the left and some other cars under cover in the back. Bro was putting together a custom intake for the @Redline280z build - now that he got his new engine back from the shop and is putting a bunch of new parts on it. More pics of the process on my Bro's insta @hawn_made for those interested. While we were out I got a couple boxes delivered. I snagged a vintage style peace sign brake light that I may use for a 3rd brake light? Otherwise a cool parts for the parts bin. The seller included a 720 hotwheel and some candy which the girlfriend loves so that was killer. Same day another shipment from Beebani came in That puts me around 15/25 ish parts parts from the kit Then it's slap in the QA1 coils and source the 86-91 D21 upper ball joints / outer tie rod assemblies and lower ball joints from a 83 720 - and get it mounted up to that ford 8.8 rear.
  8. Rather have the F100 but both are cool
  9. Besides parking your car in a personal secure garage, there's nothing you can really do to deter someone from breaking into your car. The biggest problem to worry about IMO is getting it stolen. As a couple other people pointed out here a killswitch is a good idea for peace of mind, but even then I've seen people cars towed. If you have an iPhone the cheapest thing for a complete peace of mind would be adding an Apple AirTag - and they're like $30 a piece and last a year without a new battery. Hide it somewhere like in your backseat / under the carpet and then track down the fucker that touched your stuff. Example here:
  10. I think I called it with the 'reverse watermelon' 😉
  11. BrothersGarage

    NM 521

    That's what I'm going to use in my blue truck for a little 'updated' security as far as locks go. Haven't installed yet, but I'm pretty sure you will have to widen the factory lock holes, but its worth a little peace of mind. There is an install guide on ratsun for a 510 (but the process is the exact same) located here: @japanautoengineering on instagram - found some datsun roadster locks with the cool lock cover option and put them in his 521 https://www.instagram.com/p/B7Z-bfJn6Jw/ I know I have a better saved picture of that somewhere....
  12. Woooo, just saw the pics on Instagram. She's lookin real cherry 🍒👌
  13. Also got rid of lots of unnecessary stuff in the engine bay. No more vin plate?
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