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  1. So related to the floors. My bro has been cutting the floors out and installing with parts from KlassicFab - with the bros @redline208z youtube channel and their friend @bigl206 - so here's what hopefully anyone with the skill will be able to do to their 520/521 (and hopefully not setting their shit on fire lol).
  2. And fuck'em for messing with old SIR.
  3. I know they had that problem a good while back with the drag strip portion. Stupid fucks moved next to the track (literally in their back yards) and were fucking up events. Fuck yeah! They've been talking about that for literal years! Super excited to hear the good news and progress.
  4. Wow, they've torn the shit out of those houses in the background
  5. Nah, the red truck was bought specifically for parts and to replace a section in the drivers side floor in the green truck, however there was a post on the 521/620 Datsun Facebook group where people were complaining about not being able to get door sills / floor pans / or anything else like you can for 510s and 240s. I posted that I had one for parts and Gerson reached out to me and asked that I cut the bottom out like I did so he can get them remade like he does for the other Datsuns he supports via his website. Like this for the 620 as an example: From there he will send the red floors back and I’ll just cut the floor panel out for the drivers side floor as I intended, but I rather get some of the parts I have into the hands of professionals so that there are some parts being re-popped so people don't have to cut up trucks like this.
  6. Got some fuckin work done today. Bro and I pulled the glass (front and back are perfect, no delaminating) and then chopped the 520s floor out. and gave her a chop down the middle. Going to toss them on a palette this week and send them off to Gerson from kfvintagejdm.com to kick off getting floors re-popped for these little trucks. Then he'll shoot them back. Then I got to work stripping more and pulled the dash, and other parts. Everything but the steering wheel and heater unit is left on the truck, and then it's time to kick the red one over to the recyclers.
  7. I'll be happy to have everything to proceed to wrapping up the suspension lol, but realistically I'm aiming to go coilovers + disk brakes + be able to run 15"s so this should be sufficient. That said, I am super excited to see what Mike rolls out.
  8. Nah, it's abundantly clear how mint this will be, besides, I need that shit to finish my build 😄 .
  9. wow those new panel gaps
  10. First beebani parts arrived today. Coilover mounts and upper control arms.
  11. Excited to have 'prgress'. Dan from @mayhemandmechancis swung by the other day to get precise measurements for the engine harness and figuring out where the majority of the sensors are goign to live (on the rwd kmiata intake / headers my bro made ect) and Beebani shot me an insta message that the UCAs and coilover mounts were on the way.
  12. People treating another commodity as something to hoard. Lots of rich people adding 'vehicles to their portfolios' rather than driving them as they should be.
  13. Went for $550.000 USD https://hypebeast.com/2021/6/paul-walker-barrett-jackson-1994-toyota-supra-fast-furious-movie-car-550000-usd-record-auction-price
  14. Thanks for bravin the shit weather for us. Great vid.
  15. Always loved the style of these. My buddy has one that's pretty decked out. One of the few cars that legitimately scared the crap out of me while riding in it.
  16. Muse put on probably the best 'large' live show I've ever been to. Really on another level as far as a stadium experience goes.
  17. That's gotta be the credits to an anime
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