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  1. Makes total sense, looks fantastic too. Nice job!
  2. Yeah that rear window mod is sexy. What tilt column are you running with?
  3. If you don't watch Stadium Super Trucks, you're missing out on the straight up - fuckin best - racing you will witness.
  4. the sun came out today so I was able to dig though the boxes and find all the goodies that came with the cab. This looks to be the main haul: 1 set of 520 tail light lenses 3 2 sets of wipers 1 interior light 3 window felt strips (only one looks to be not fucked) 1 520 horn button 2 mag rim center caps (for the rims on the rear of the truck) 720 lights / dash lights / wiper washer switches 1 520 ignition + key 2 sets of 520 front blinker chrome strips 3 sets of front blinkers lenses - 1 nos / 1 set is trashed but can be glued back together
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I've only seen them used in the 320 style and this guy came with the same style as the other 2 with the long 'boomerang' style horn. Gotcha covered, lemme check the boxes. Appreciate it! Both front and rear glass are perfect, no chips, no scratches.
  6. Post showed up for a 520 + parts for $300, so I did a thing. After a 2.5 hour drive, we showed up and snagged the truck and boxes of parts. I'll take the front and rear glass, and the plan is to plasma out the floors to replace the ones in the green 521. The main reason for snagging it though was for the metal dash cap. Dash itself is in great shape. Parcel tray is solid, so is the glovebox cardboard. Lots of extra knobs, and the heater is fantastic. The boot appears intact and it's still 'rubbery'. For some reason they just cut the wires to remove the cluster though... S
  7. Nah, doesn't make you an antivaxer, but the more people that get it the more of a chance we have of wiping it out before it mutates more / comes around every year.
  8. A vaccine they don't need? Wat? Asymptomatic is a thing my dude. Not just for Covid, but in general there are diseases that are passed by people who don't show symptoms. Yes the Fed is primary paying for it, but if you have health insurance they're the ones charged. "Sheep" don't think about where gov money comes from? What? It's our money via taxes. Who funds the government? No matter what side you are on, half of the population - are idiots. Look how many mouth breathers can't wear a mask correctly, or complain that they have to wear it rather than just getting though their
  9. Well, if you die to a disease, then there would be fewer people to vote. Sounds like natural selection.
  10. I've heard that too, but I wouldn't be trying to conceal carry that bigass spacegat 😄 They do make fun stuff though:
  11. I am not using them in a 'real life' situation, but I do have a keltec 9mm sub2000 that I've put thousands of rounds though. Maybe a handful of 'stovepipes' but it's been a really fun plinker.
  12. we need another fuckin stimulus, this shit's on my want list
  13. I'm retarded and left out the "smooth" part for the '520 metal dash". I like the look of a paint matched dash and will toy with that vs the black 'wrinkle' 521 dashes - when it comes time to do paint and bodywork on Ole Blue. I am looking for a 520 metal dash top, but haven't sourced one yet. That would likely go in the other green 521 as it has a plastic dash cap that has a a couple cracks in it. Ole Blue here is getting a flocked or alcantara covered dash and I'd hate to waste it on a metal top. Should come out lookin somethin like this one it gets addressed:
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