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16 hours ago, datzenmike said:






Who buys this shit that doesn't live in their mom's basement?

What I wonder is what state is the vagina in that the smell is modelled after? Fresh out of the shower? After a half marathon? Been camping for 4 days with no amenities? Had a threesome last night? What smell are we talkin here? And some of those aren't going to be great as they are, but then you set fire to it? 

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Did some yard work at the folks house and came across this handsome fellow. He is considered an invasive species and is supposed to be killed but I couldn't do it. So I gave him a job as head of security in my weight room.


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These are Yin and Yang (not their real names) My son moved and couldn't keep them. His loss, mine now.

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On 1/20/2021 at 12:21 PM, datzenmike said:

God made a woman all wrong. He put the dump too close to the playground.



Q: What do you call the piece of skin between a womans vagina and anus?




A: chinrest

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9 minutes ago, bottomwatcher said:

Man I am starting to feel bad. This is how my new little friend spends his days. There might be a breakout in the near future.



I had one a few years back they need direct sunlight to stay warm and I'm sure that wild one wants to stay outside.

Mine loved bananas I mean LUUUUUUUV try a piece and see if you get a reaction


Iggy in cage 30 Dec 2002.jpg

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Been getting a call a day from what I think are disguised numbers wanting to scam...


  Jokes on them power boat lovin Russsin dinks though,  I haven’t answered phone since about 1997. 



. sorry Connie,, try harder bro. 


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Here's what to say when they call: "Shit! There's someone at the door hang on a sec... " Then literally, go take a nice long shit and forget about it.

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Well, you probably did have a giant shit at one time or another. You just pushed too hard and stroked out.

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