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  1. totally, like that god damn black panther movement, took 60 years to retardify the public,
  2. I am NOT a freakin racist, but a spade is a spade. If they are gonna do affirmative action then they must cover ALL aspects of the public sector like surgeons and pilots, Soros would love that.
  3. Just talking shit on Denver and SFO Oakland Airport, parts of Colorado are heaven, huge fan of Laramie Wyoming and Boulder, but expensive. I live in a Swedish Meth village in Ohio / WV, but by choice.
  4. Unfortunately I feel the same way the second I get into Colorado, Bay Area airport looks like fucking Venezuela, HUGE families of foreigners, shithole vampiric magizine section next to Voodoo Donuts.
  5. Richard Grenell is our new president, google it https://rumble.com/veurdn-richard-grenell-potus-of-military-occupation-11.11-arrests-dc-wall-coming-d.html?fbclid=IwAR2mvtydKpuvyc4MlJGW7o8YLVZBRER1467_9jAm0Cl1YpcTeW6OHVl8uf0
  6. unfortunately it doesn't seem to be playing out to well for the brits , kinda depressing. Their navy keeps importing refugees for cash, they drop them off in camps in places like Kent or some other cottage town in the middle of a field.
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