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  1. I believe it https://t.me/themelkshow/16478?fbclid=IwAR3DXRZNq6_06Z6n7SOqcJP_qrTrdfo8oEwSbzqLImF_lzUrx36oINHF09g
  2. you said my last rabbt hoe was a conspiracy,,,,, hmmmm have yet to hear a better explanation
  3. UNITED States of America now we don't have to carry all the dead weight from the shithole countries we are United with. happened last 4th of July, so Biden is taking oath into a job that no loonger exists,,, fact checker, I"M ALWAYS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sooooo today is the big day !!! Democrats walk up to the podium and sign their own death warrant on public T.V !!! Its like a red carpet event without the Oprah,,,,, can you handle it ????
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