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  1. Why is there shredded tire on the Interstate 77 (Ohio) for only a 2 mile span? Its not just trucks that are dropping tread, even the lil chevy spark had his whole rear passenger tire blow out completely right in front of me. Its insane, I switch over to the far left lane and its even worse. It goes both ways South and East, both directions equally littered with shredded tire. Didn't see any nails or anything. Road was clean and it was humid out. ,,, hmmmmm
  2. I just think of French chicks,,, skinny with one giant ,,,,,,,,,, ( cavernous )
  3. after a couple drinks, I still might hit on the second from left
  4. why is MSM suddenly talking about UFOs ???? I see them every other day in Appalachians. Jus saying,,,,, RVD NIGGA IM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I could see that. Dang Ooph you are a full time capsil of info. Californian to the bone.
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