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  1. Yepyep! Just been working and living. Hours are all over the place, mid day to night, morning to mid day, or just 4 hours somewhere randomly. Also I'm currently on a 9 day work week.. Then a day off then back to work for another 8 days. Then maaaybe that 3 days off that I asked for months ago but was never approved do to the fact I gave someone my work day giving him a 6 day work week.. I guess isn't allowed.. Had to go to the big wig to see if she would be willing to give me my 3 days off.. being I'm currently working 9 days.. As far as the Datsun.. Had to get some new tires. Also suspension is shot! Haha I drive her every now and then. Had to get a new maf a while back. Was also looking around with a multimeter and it seemed my tps isn't giving a reading at all.. so I gotta look into that. Probably why my throttle is a little odd some days. Been getting the pathfinder buttoned up to drive it this winter. Fix the driver window, door handle, passengers window, sun visor haha. Some other random shit. Oh valve cover and intake gaskets. 250k miles and still doing good! Needs new timing belt and water pump.
  2. Would really love to see some pictures.
  3. I was running that battery. I'm no longer however. I moved the location of my battery under my bed. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/super-start-extreme-power-sport-agm-5001/battery-accessories-16452/battery---automotive-16864/battery-12836/battery/etx14/4742665/1962/ford/falcon That's what I used, it's just a little bigger then the pc680. Better CCA at 220 I believe the pc680 is 170. When it got cold it did struggle to start. But I believe that was when the temp was 20° here. I'd recommend the second of the two batteries
  4. Really old belt. I'll look into pulley.
  5. Couldn't find it Annnd idk on the wheels
  6. Disintegrated a belt..
  7. My one tire fire is relatively back in action.. it's waay to hot here! And the past few months I've still had very little time to work on the Datto been helping my uncle build a few buildings and of course good'ol Costco is keeping me busy. Got a nice fence around the garden a long with lots off great garden foods. I've been driving the 521 a while now just not really around town I STILL need to get tabs haha, luckily I live in the farm area of Pasco so there's no cops around these parts. Running to the store and small things. I had to fix my torsion rods, my ride height was all fucked up, has been since I've gotten this truck haha the driver side has always been a bit lower then the passenger side..... annnnnd another alignment is in order.. scary at higher speeds.. I checked out a Z not to long ago, icehouse happen to buy it. However that thing was 10x scarier!! Bouncy ass FUCK! All over the road! Glad mine isn't like that but it's close and I've gotten used to driving the Subaru and the Xterra.. not the lossness of the Datto. Need another radiator fan.. broke mine on accident and with how hot and smokey it's been I really need that before I'm daily driving it.. Not to much in the way of an update but I'm on the road. Lol.
  8. Your right! Looks like ive gotta make my own.
  9. Could have did without the leopard-print but I think it turned out great.. Now make me some.
  10. I'll swap mine out for these and see how they do and get some pictures and measurements for the 240sx tranny.
  11. Thanks Mike. And Redeye.
  12. I asked Dmike. I'll let you know.
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