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  1. I think everyone feels this way but is too fucked up on MSM and social media. Today if you want to be a hero just put on a dress and say some annoying shit about Trump, nevermind saving people from fires or help old ladies across the street. Its that diversion CCP shit, drives me nuts.
  2. great, now we have a whole page of Joe Biden hair plugs, I miss the old classifieds
  3. Right, the place looks like a prison now. At least people aren't using the memorial war fountain as a toilet anymore.
  4. they are still there ! Busting deep tunnellers, holy shit looks crazy
  5. This truly is an uncensored platform, great for time travellers you rule !
  6. pedocrats, deep cleaner Is Ted Cruz really the only guy in politics who has never taken a bribe????? I think he is.
  7. hahaha,,, insane "and 2021" the reporter admits he is still potus
  8. thank you, I solved the conspiracy puzzle now, It clearly says that your status is not decided by how, fat, popular and slutty you are, just give us your babys, Thank You! clear as a bell
  9. Wish I was smart enough to fully understand the underline mental agenda of that infographic post, however it sounds to me like Ruth Gator Ginsburg eugenics program. Its amazing people cant't see through it and buy into the mind control. I don't even think they are human, certainly no real concern for a toddler. Also just a tip of the iceberg as to what they really do behind closed doors.
  10. really starting to like this guy ^ sad what they do to that girl, but that's what happens when you go against Hollywood.
  11. it so annoying because they will always refer to the broadest bandwidth on the spectrum, ya like who the doesn't want prosperity and world peace?
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