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  1. Maybe that's why there are well trained attendants to pump for you in Oregon
  2. News is stating that 6 of that group are now infected - vaccines effectiveness make you feel safe now?
  3. Ooph!

    Help! 73 620

    Have you taken it apart? there's really not much to break except the side load ratchet spring. If adjusted all the way in they will bottom out and give you the impression of it not working and may be stuck in place.
  4. Here's the real super spreader event, 5 test positive now. Dems running away from Texas photo op
  5. Look in your area for a drive line service shop. Have them check the flanges they can tell you if they are unusable. Couple years ago I had a Camaro drive shaft modified, flange changed to a different U joint and the length shortened it was much cheaper than I expected.
  6. Didn't BAT used to have cars you actually needed a trailer for?
  7. I think a tit's post is still required
  8. Anyone else having trouble getting here? I was unable to get to the forum using chrome and Firefox finally gave in to trying Interweb Exploder and had to make it accept the expired certificate.
  9. Funny things they are they don't eat snails, I've only ever seen them eat the shell leaving the insides on the ground
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