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  1. Ha you most certainly can NOT! But he probably won his 2nd term because of how he handled the budget after it passed. Howard Jarvis organized and It was added to the ballot by citizen proposition not by the governor or legislature My grandparents were typical of why it passed, I lived there and remember this fairly well. They were born in the late 1800s on fixed income and feared losing their home to rising taxes. From Wiki of Gov Brown and prop 13: Brown was both in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and opposed to Proposition 13 A good history of prop 13 : https://www.capoliticalreview.com/top-stories/a-short-history-of-proposition-13/
  2. They hold the threat of violence over all of us by virtue of being the Government. This is only the opening salvo and if they keep getting their way there will be no place to hide survivalist or not. These mandates are orders, you will obey. They will now use this precedent against us for everything you could think of. You need logic to interpret something you know has been fiddled with. As Dguy210 points out the numbers are probably under reported and some of us think intentionally unprecise ( who died from it vs with it ) to avoid having us get an actual understanding of how fucked up it really is. When the vaers numbers were originally reported a media smear campaign responded to undercut any reliability and we have seen that time and again repeated against anyone and everything other than those vaccines. At first I thought it was just politics orange man bad but it is still headed south so to speak about any opinion other than the accepted orthodoxy. Think of the drugs that had potential therapeutic benefits that the govt. and media condemned that as time passes we can see being used in other countries to great effect that don't have our politics. There are area's where official decree's forbade the use of these drugs and large numbers of doctors still wouldn't dare prescribe them. So yes they have the power of violence and without firing a shot, how many suffered because doctors were too afraid to try something other than what they were told to do.
  3. Are you prepped for home treatment ? what's your plan if it is?
  4. They are all shrug moments unless enough attention is paid to make them uncomfortable shrug moments. Hopefully they gain enough attention there and in other states that some of the possible ways to alter an election is blocked. Like any addict, California is still fucked. I don't think it is possible to change now with the failure of our recall until we hit rock bottom and then its still maybe.
  5. An interview with Arizona audit volunteers now that its over https://rumble.com/vn5jqf-az-voter.html
  6. datzenmike said earlier he didn't have time for that and doesn't read the stuff posted because it would not change his mind anyway. BUT! If he did he might know there is a relationship to SARS hint:SARS COV 1 and SARS COV 2 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32234451/
  7. To say you don't believe any of the shit posted here tells me almost all I need to know. As for following the links I have read and watched almost all of it - yes more time on the PC than I should but its better than playing Warcraft. The info provided has opened my mind and yes no one can know all of it but if you don't attempt to educate yourself you stay stuck in the mire of your own ignorance. "Truth, unlike kernels of corn, is indistinguishable from all the shit around it " I don't know maybe what you are saying is you don't know how to decipher truth from the surrounding shit what I do know is, it aint easy. .
  8. Not the same in the least, the others mentioned work for most people the Covid ones don't. You yourself in this thread have stated many times this is more like a flu shot it may help and it may not. Per the CDC 2 doses of Polio Vax are 90+ % effective 3 doses is 99%, permanently. The Polio vax also used to be a weakened live Polio virus that caused the disease in 3 per 1 million so it was dropped and only inactivated vax is used in the US, a variant of the disease has since developed from those that received the weakened live vax ( sound familiar? ). The Covid vax is crap with mainstream knowledge that the resistance ( not immunity ) wanes quickly, so fast that boosters are being thought of at 6 months. How many jabs of the Vax you took will it take to get you to permanent 90% immunity datzenmike ? I completely understand Duncan's logic, yours not so much.
  9. You may be participating in a massive gain of function experiment where the virus mutates to an even deadlier variant. I make light of it but I believe that statement is true, much evidence exists that vaccinating during a pandemic with a vax that does not stop the virus can make it worse, and like bananahamuck stated its temporary so in effect you've participated again and are still not protected thus all the crying and wailing about the unvax'd are causing this, the unmasked are causing this etc etc. All the evidence is there the Vax does NOT do its job as we were led to believe has serious side effects and may make things absolutely worse. Unless you are old and have serious co mormidity (ahem) 60+ overweight high blood pressure cancer patient your chances of dying from it are pretty much zilch. Not wanting to generate hate here but if the first vax didn't protect you why get another? That is a real question because I'd like to understand the logic.
  10. I thought you said you couldn't find the report? Yet you repeat the propaganda there was nothing wrong with the ballots. Where is your link to the report?
  11. I'd like to hear that commentary without the music and video backdrop *Found it:
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