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  1. Here's what I found you'll have to get the others from the FSM AXCF4057.pdf
  2. that's correct Moog install says its a spacer
  3. Looks like I had it wrong according to the install directions it goes between the boot and control arm
  4. Pin is part of the pedal? I would try a small file to knock down the edge and be patient
  5. Is it a copper radiator ? take it to a radiator shop they are repairable aluminum radiators aren't I know they are few and far between but they do still exist.
  6. No they have a zero covid tolerance policy not that they have zero covid
  7. Not mine $350. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/459728845869944/
  8. Minor math correction 25.47 + .25 = 25.72 Guugole maps on my phone gives me mph when its giving directions, around here there are portable radar speed limit reminder signs if you find one you can use that.
  9. I'm late to the party but hopefully this helps. I kept thinking I still had an original tire as a spare on my 620 so went looking, when I pulled it I remembered having them recapped. It's been under there a good while. Rollout measured with a stagger tape Pushed it against the garage door and measured Size shown and under the dust it says 6 ply
  10. I believe it means vindication to all of the conspiracy theorists
  11. Whenever I see these messages in threads I always read them in this voice
  12. Yes in Dr. Campbell's video's he has provided evidence
  13. I have to agree, as a conservative I see him as a figurehead because whoever is pulling the strings on the left does a magnificent job of it, to get 80 million votes with some old dottering failure and to keep the Republican party on its heels convincing all those people of all the shit they keep winning on is just over the top.
  14. Both the Auschwitz and Dachau signs were stolen a few years ago
  15. Is that a woman? cause there's a bulge in those leather pants...
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