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  1. Maybe things have changed here, I think this thread is proof. Was your version of speaking freely a personal attack? I remember you (loatsu or iotsu?) but don't recall what got you booted maybe its best left unremembered. I agree with what you are saying about the user agreement the problem with what's happening is they are making shit up putting words not said and meanings not meant with words that were said to block someone that seemed to actually boost the twitster platform with his use of it and if they can do it to him they sure as shit can do it to us. In addition to the corporate blocking now we see that the unity called for by the President Elect and the left really means conformance. kinda like these guy's
  2. Not too long ago on this site there were mass protests about classified Ad's and how the new ones sucked. I feel that way about Farcical books market place, Craigs we all know was time limited but FB hides shit from you. I've experienced it looking for something I knew I'd seen and no matter how I searched for day's it wouldn't come up, when at a friends house I told them I had suspicions and they searched it right up and said hey its here!
  3. Ah yes Danny boy, faker of reservist paperwork for errant pilots somehow deemed smarter than your average news reader by angry left leaning trolls.
  4. Heard on the Limbaugh program with Mark Stein The Democratic party are the Harlem Globe trotters at an exhibition game and the Republicans are the 2nd rate college team opponents
  5. We are both correct and incorrect What is a “Top Two” Primary election? In a Top Two Primary you may cast a vote for any candidate, even if you are not in the same political party. The top 2 vote getters will be on the General Election ballot in November. Do all offices on the March ballot follow the Top Two rules? No. “Top Two” applies to these voter-nominated offices: Member of Congress State Senator State Assembly Member
  6. In the primary like in 2016 you as a Republican selected a republican from the 16 candidates. Non party items to vote on are for everyone in a primary like local taxes etc
  7. You can vote in the primary based on your registration only for Republican or Demoncrat or whatever
  8. Oh please tell us what his foreign policy achievements were? Any Muslim countries sign peace accords with him involved? Oh I know what it was he had a prosecutor fired for investigating his son
  9. Give us an example of him doing any of that, really I want to see it. Oh and they had 4 years to impeach him what makes you think they can get it done now in 13 day's ?
  10. I can't comment on all the crap that was posted today I'm way too far behind but I can point out the woman closest to the camera has a really nice breast shape
  11. That's the one thing he can't do for our sake. If he were to walk the left would erupt in a communal orgasm having achieved their goals and it would destroy most of us to see him abdicate his responsibilities, it would be catastrophic.
  12. There are plenty of angry right wingers looking for a fight, there are bigots in both camps I don't think the crowd needed that many anquifa infiltrators but they were there and add some boogaloo for good measure they'd fit in real good. I had the NTD/Epoch Times live feed on it felt like all day and I saw a few crucial moments. Its my belief the situation was manipulated to take advantage of people's natures to add fuel to the mob. Like stated a few posts earlier expect a crushing response to the "desecration of Democracy's cradle" I was told that yesterday by a lefty dumb shit that can't think their way out of a paper bag. Hell they are trying to remove Trump again today now imagine in a few day's when he is gone who and what will they turn their attention to?
  13. Good idea, can it be in something like Excel so that it can be modified and all found in one spot instead of having to read an 800 page thread? Even some of the read first threads have become picture less and 404'd links
  14. Ooph!

    Radio Schematic?

    It seems that switch is usually taped over and should be a grounding polarity switch + or - ground I found the schematic located at https://elektrotanya.com/hitachi_tm-701-ba_all_transistor_auto_radio_1969_sm.pdf/download.html#dl be careful what you click on if you go there I got several warnings hitachi_tm-701-ba_all_transistor_auto_radio_1969_sm.pdf
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