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  1. edit your images and then visit imgur.com drag and drop your images into the browser and imgur will start uploading them right click on the images and select 'copy image url / copy image location' you can then come back to ratsun and paste the image in by right clicking the image into the comment window or going ctrl+v and pasting in the url and ratsun will see the image then we will quit bitching about pictures
  2. BrothersGarage

    521 on BAT

    I should put that in my signature
  3. Bro and I went on a 6 hour round trip yesterday after work to snag him a single-port engine with dual carbs and a ton of extra parts on it for his bug, and stopped by to meet a guy on the way back to grab a civic center council + armwrest for $20 test fitting it in the green truck to make sure it will work Armwrest gives me good space without worrying abot smashing my elbow when I shift, and plenty of room for the top to lift. I will likely come up with something to fill the e-brake area on this like a piece of abs / carbon fiber or something. I will have to come up with some mounts for the rear, but this can just be drilled and bolted though the trans tunnel area in the front. Holding it up where it will sit after I remove the rubber shift boot and floppy metal cover here. It will easily cover the tunnel and will lign up with the shift boot. I don't know if the pleather one that came on the civic center council will reach over the nub on the shiftier arm, but I can juts cut it apart - take the plastic part off and try my hand on making a shift boot - shouldn't be too difficult. This will also need a bracket made up to mount it in the front by the cup holders, but a simple U shape should bea easy to make out of some aluminum and just bend it up..
  4. Seats look sick, those panels are looking awesome as well!
  5. I like the new fuel gauge spot moved over to the top left. New dash lookin' good. Hows the reach on the tap handle?
  6. Looks like they either deleted their channel or it got banned from youtube.
  7. 1976 620 - $7999 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/santa-clara-1976-datsun-620/6965256576.html
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