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  1. Headed over to run some errands and I came across the owner of this sweet little truck at a stop light. Rolld down my window and told him I loved his truck and that I have 2 of my own. He asked where I was going and if I could pull over so we could talk.I told him I would follow him so we pulled over just past the next light and chatted about our little trucks for a bit. Jeff is his name and he has owned this truck now for 7 years. Gone though just about everything and put it back to stock. Fantastic little truck.
  2. 1972 Datsun Drag Truck Project - $2250 https://skagit.craigslist.org/cto/d/mount-vernon-1972-datsun-521/7132766247.html
  3. The whole build is awesome, but I still marvel at that work to relocate the gas door access and how well it was done.
  4. I never noticed until you pointed it out, but it's little touches like that that take it to the next level.
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