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  1. LOL I've seen that fantastic bodywork your truck is undergoing - you're so far ahead it's like you're playing a different sport 😄
  2. How many hypotheticals are we talkin. The one where Trump gets WI - and what other states? Whoever got the most votes wins. So, if Trump turns over enough votes in enough key states, by providing enough evidence to get 40ish electoral votes - then he sure did win. But that's a whole shit-load of what'ifs. So far it's a maybe-ish one.
  3. Biden 306 - 16 = 290 Trump 232 + 16 = 248 ______________________ = Trump still lost even if for some reason MI votes are flipped for him.
  4. Rear QA1 9HT450s came in from Jegs today So I put them together and stacked them in their boxes next to the completed fronts while I wait for the Beebani kit to come + order up the rest of the suspension parts. Still on the look out for an for 8.8 to chop up and stick in in while we're at it.
  5. https://www.npr.org/2020/09/29/917747123/you-literally-cant-believe-the-facts-tucker-carlson-tells-you-so-say-fox-s-lawye Part of the Swanson food family so doesn't need the money - just spewing garbage to anyone that gives him attention. No one should listen to anything that Tucker says and take it at face value.
  6. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/533432-fbi-no-evidence-antifa-involved-in-capitol-riot Regardless, everyone - including this dude: whoever the fuck he is - deserves charges.
  7. Not really - as I understand it they're more around because they're strange. I liked Chappy though.
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