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  1. What a story! Glad the car go cleared! Congrats!
  2. Normally I would say "Pics", but: Location: Vancouver Island Story checks out. 😄
  3. ^Damn that's slick Matt. Also: Saw this posted to Facebook and i thought the rear door setup may be of some interest to you for the guys 'future' plans for his truck:
  4. Those bumpers look great! I also like how your toolbox is also customized 😉
  5. Don't let it fool you, the only straight panel is the passenger fender 😄
  6. More work done on the Green truck today. Had to modify the drivers seat bracket to get more room around the transmission tunnel (you can see on the top left here). With that done my Bro started scribing out where we drilled the brackets out for the new hardware. Once we got those done we placed the seats in the truck and used a sharpie to mark where it sat on the floor. Drilled out new holes in the truck, and then sprayed down the interior so it the new holes won't rust. The new mk2 Recaros sit a little lower than the back window: Swapped out the factory lap belts for these auto-retracting lap belts from eBay, and they are awesome Since the Green truck runs I did a bunch of car swapping between my place and Bros and finally brought her back home!
  7. Thanks for the pictures and the guide!
  8. Goddamn, you have a beautiful truck.
  9. BrothersGarage

    520-521 bed

    Since Craigslist now charges for listings, your best bet is to search: Facebook Marketplace > Offerup > Craiglist To find the bed you're looking for you may have to settle on looking for "Datsun Trailer" for 2-300$ and then swapping the beds out. Example: https://spokane.craigslist.org/tro/d/priest-river-06-utility-trailer/6863182676.html
  10. I will totally send you a sticker dude. Shoot me a PM and let me know what color you want for the fridge and I will have one sent over to your place.
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