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  1. BrothersGarage

    My 521

    Leave that shit!
  2. BrothersGarage

    My 521

    The goddamn rain drops are longer than your truck is tall. Screw that much of a downpour. Did you plastidip the reflectors on your tails or bluedot / smoke them?
  3. building cares for a purpose is where it's at.
  4. Best I've ever found was a 14" drywall hammer laying in the middle of a 4 way stop, still sitting in the back of my car lol
  5. Because I am a big idiot who apparently is a glutton for punishment, I did some serious road-tripping today with more than 300 miles covered for some parts just today lol I messaged a follow 521 owner who was looking for a fender and some headlights, that he should try ratsun, and the DPAN groups, and he said that his wife hand convinced him that he has too many projects and that he was going to part out his truck instead. Asked about tail lights (as every single other 521 owner) and he mentioned that someone asked if he can hold them for 3 weeks while they get the money but if I drove up with cash in hand I could have them. So 184 mile round trip later: The truck they come off of sat in a shed on a farm since 2001 when the truck was in a front end accident so they are SUPER solid - far better than the set I currently have on my green truck (i think these will go on the green truck once the're fixed up. Only problem is the backup light on the drivers side: but there are rebuild kits and my green truck has already benefited from one of them. Once I got home I got a message from Josh, a fellow 521er. He had a tailgate and bed piece I needed to wrap up all the body parts on the blue truck, so I headed out another 45 minutes to meet up with him today. I was a stalker and snagged a picture of his truck rolling: Funny enough, i snagged a shot of his truck at the Old School Reunion car show earlier in the year - https://ratsun.net/topic/75702-old-school-reunion-2019-bonney-lake-wa/ Josh and I bused our asses in the sun and got me loaded up with parts: and 45 minutes later I was home and the parts were on the truck: Then I ran back over to Bros house after he got his welder back up and running and we wrapped up getting the new rails mounted to the passenger seat of the green truck Super busy friggin day but at this point I have enough parts to 'complete' both trucks, and I just gotta start saving for the new Engine + ECU and management system for the blue truck while we tinker on both.
  6. Lewis Hamilton takes Sir Frank Williams for a hot lap around Silverstone in an AMG Mercedes and beats the shit out of it https://streamable.com/9os82
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