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  1. I've heard that too, but I wouldn't be trying to conceal carry that bigass spacegat 😄 They do make fun stuff though:
  2. I am not using them in a 'real life' situation, but I do have a keltec 9mm sub2000 that I've put thousands of rounds though. Maybe a handful of 'stovepipes' but it's been a really fun plinker.
  3. we need another fuckin stimulus, this shit's on my want list
  4. I'm retarded and left out the "smooth" part for the '520 metal dash". I like the look of a paint matched dash and will toy with that vs the black 'wrinkle' 521 dashes - when it comes time to do paint and bodywork on Ole Blue. I am looking for a 520 metal dash top, but haven't sourced one yet. That would likely go in the other green 521 as it has a plastic dash cap that has a a couple cracks in it. Ole Blue here is getting a flocked or alcantara covered dash and I'd hate to waste it on a metal top. Should come out lookin somethin like this one it gets addressed:
  5. Managed to track down a 520 metal dash radio area's a little whang-dang-doodled but should be an easy fix and with either a delete plate or custom switch panel it won't matter.
  6. That door work is magic. That shit took forever to come in, from what I heard its because Italy was blasted with Covid and it took them forever to get their production back up to speed. Did you go with a full kit or just the display? I was thinkin about sticking the GPS unit there or where the windshield wiper motor goes, but mounted to the underside of the panel.
  7. Leaked production pics of the new Z https://japanesenostalgiccar.com/production-z35-nissan-400z-photos-leaked/?fbclid=IwAR110RSurbkWzwIevsGr5Wu6ehhDXH7o_lOeoxbO0-XyygJSvITCLcYZyP0
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