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  1. It's funny someone on here gets called Dav and gets all upset. You could call them an asshole, cocksucker, shithead, shitweasel ect. That would roll right off there back but the worst thing you could be called is Dav. I guess we need a ratsun shirt that says don't be a Dav!
  2. If I were alone with a woman like that naked my dick would be scared stiff! Um as long as it is a real woman.
  3. Nice list of the criminal class that can get away with anything. Epstein had been warned, given a slap on the wrist then continued his behavior is what finally got him locked up. All the others on the list were at least aware if not directly participating but did nothing to stop this. These douchebags think they are above everybody else and the poor are there to be abused and discarded. I doubt anybody will do any time.
  4. I have a memory of being in the tiny backseat of on of these in college. Well me and a pony keg and couldn't sit looking forward because of no legroom and a tall ass passenger in the front passenger seat. Dumbass driver decided to yank the E brake going downhill in the rain. We slid sideways and hit a curb while I was in the backwards position and got slammed by the keg only to bumper pool off the curb and slam forward into the keg as we hit the curb on the opposite side. Being young we laughed it off but two dented rims and some smashed shins the keg was tapped and life was good.
  5. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the honesty. Trying to get a boots on the ground report of this stuff without the media hype.
  6. Not judging just out of curiosity. Vaccinated?
  7. You can usually find downloadable FSMs online for free. Check nico forums.
  8. I don't believe anything he says. I try to look at other countries and how they are handling this because it is a shitshow here. Looks like unless you are a small island nation with a civilized population that doesn't riot like New Zealand it doesn't seem to be a whole lot better in the more populous countries. It seems countries with lower obesity rates seem to fair better as far as people that actually die from this. It seems to have run its course once omicron makes the rounds. Not worried about it anymore with my family members. Just a flue now.
  9. Your alternator is working
  10. 1977 celica gt. The mustang fastback of the japanese world. A couple of kids had them when I was in high school. One was a desert tan. Sadly one year only, no body parts available if you find one and rusted away to dust even in Florida.
  11. Here's where the chloroquine argument falls apart. This is a world issue. Most of the world hates us and doesn't give a crap about Fauci and are still having major Covid issues. You think the Chinese care about Fauci? Yet they are still using lockdowns to try and stop the spread. Shit the Africans use it for malaria and the covid still spreads. All the people that die from this are already on deaths doorstep. Unfortunately chloroquine isn't a wonder drug.
  12. Remember it was the Catholics who vehemently fought any kind of birth control as it became available. It was a race between religions to try and out breed each other to gain dominance.
  13. We would have to clean up our act because currently the planet is not able to handle the current population at a sustainable level. We are contributing to climate change that's a fact. Ocean acidification is real and probably our biggest threat. As far as unused land goes look across the world at google earth. The US is practically paved because farmland really can't be counted as "Green space" since it is not in it original form providing its balance that the earth has counted on for balance. Everytime time we change things it fucks up the balance that has been going for eons. There are local issues such a arridification out west like what's happening to the Colorado river. Simple math you just can't keep taking water out and expect things to stay the same. I guess you would call that local overpopulated. Things are going to continue as is. Rich folks are not going to change their lifestyles and the poor are just trying to survive and will do whatever it takes to get thier next meal. I don't see any real changes happening so we will continue down the path we are on. I think the Wife and I will be fine for the 30 to 40 years we have left. Glad we didn't have kids they would be inheriting a mess. Funny thing is I have spent most of the last 25 years getting my paychecks from oil related buisness. Ok. Rant over. Back to Covid.
  14. I am always amazed there are people out there that don't think the world is overpopulated.
  15. How about Red Green? I always thought that was the best thing to come out of Canada. You can keep Celine Dion! Keep your stick on the ice Mike.
  16. I have an 82 also. Axles are NLA. You can still get boots. It is a collosailly messy job but you can pull the axles apart, regrease and reassemble. Doesn't matter the miles of the truck the front cvs usually only have a few on them.
  17. Just saying you seem to have this crap more than most and I believe what you say since you have experienced this first hand. I have done the jab + booster who knows if it does any good. I live fairly isolated and mask up around other people and haven't been sick of any type since this whole shit started. I am in Florida now and it seems a free for all. Whatever, gonna stay away from people, don't like them anyway and thanks for the honestly posts.
  18. What genre are you looking for. I did a pan off 68 beetle restoration. Parts are available, just very in quality. Spirited driving? The bug kind of scares me driving the speed limit on curvey roads. No power steering and 4 wheel drum brakes takes some planning and concentration. Looked at your profile and being out west at least you don't have rust issues. Owning a 4x4 720 for the last 33 years has me partial to them but I wouldn't want a second one. Old subarus should be plentiful in your neck of the woods. I always wanted an old wagon or Brat. My wife has a 98 sub wagon an although the car wasn't meant for drivers with testicles it kind of fun on dirt roads.
  19. Wife says I better start showing some symptoms soon or I need to get home and hit the honeydew list. Working on my fake caugh.
  20. No offense Matt and sorry to hear you are sick again but I remember you saying getting natural antibodies was superior to the vaccine. That may still be true but you getting it a second time confirmed in a few months means this shit isn't going to end. Hope you feel better and the rest of your family dodges it this time.
  21. I had to take a pre employment drug test where the lab was located at a clinic that also sees covid patients. The place was packed and I asked if there was a less crowded time of the day and was told there was a line waiting to get in at 0700 every morning and it wasn't going to get any better. They had the waiting room divided for sick and non sick. I got over to the nonsick side as far as I could go. The people there looked like mice dropped in a snake cage as the other side hacked and coughed. The sick side started overflowing because of an endless line of the walking dead kept entering the building. As soon as my name was called I held my breathe until I got to the lab. I should have bolted when I first got there but need to get test over with. After relaying this experience to the Wife she said I should quarantine myself. I was happy! Made sure the Ketch was stocked with grub, beer, rum and mixers. Brought my sailing dingy and kayak and I am happily anchored in the Cayo Costa state anchorage park quarantining. Time to do a little fishing. Later.
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