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  1. Next up you need to make sure the body ground is good. It goes from the top of the valvecover to the body. You can do the jumper cable trick again from the batt negative to a clean spot off metal on the body.
  2. Hook a jumper cable from battery negative to starter body. This will check if your ground cable is bad
  3. Depends on how you are going to use your truck. I used a couple 280Z trans in my 82 4x4 on 31s. The gearing was too tall. Really had to slip the clutch in first gear especially when pulling a trailer. The high overdrive was nice on a flat spot of road though. They grenaded their countershaft bearings eventually and I switched to a C series about 17 years ago and it is still going strong.
  4. 82 and older NLA. I think you can still get 83 and up. Chinese I believe.
  5. Ha. Yep it was a 2.5 hour drive home by myself in the 720. Should have driven an automatic, shifting got old real quick when the anesthesia wore off. I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavy, a 12 pack would have been over the limit so I bought 2 six packs and shuffled my way out of the store and back to the truck.
  6. Anybody asks me what the best investment in my life was? My vasectomy! $300 cash for a lifetime of protection from the sexually transmitted disease I was afraid of most. Children! Cheaper than one child support payment.
  7. You can buy rebuild kits for Hitachi's. Bearings, brushes. They come apart easy and go back together easy. The only specialty tool on reassembly is a toothpick.
  8. Passed this on the way offshore today. Two gunboats and I don't know what the sub has for defense but I don't think you could successfully get very close without being Shredded.
  9. This was destined to be a shitshow no matter who was running it. I think it could have been a lot worse. We are out, let the Barbarians kill each other. If they want to send shit our way Afghanistan only has one functioning airport. That can be fucked up beyond repair quickly if there needs to be some punishment. Let them fix their own shit we need to stop the fiscal hemorrhage to this shithole.
  10. After dealing with the hospice people when my mother in law died (I know some guys would cheer but my mother in law was a great person) that definitely takes a special kind of person to deal with that day in and out. I am in awe of those folks. No, kind of dinghy so not surprised she got it early on. Thought she was immune and it turned out worse the second time but not hospitalized. Weird thing is how differently it affects people. She did have some nice aftermarket tits!
  11. I would think at 6'5 you would be close to the roof. I put a smaller steering wheel in to gain a little space. The smaller diameter and thicker grip of the wheel managed to block the view of the speedometer. One small change can cause other unforeseen problems.
  12. Great solution! Everybody get COVID so we will be protected. Looks like that's what's going to happen anyways. Still glad I got Vaccinated even if it only reduces my downtime if I catch the crap. Luckily the dumbasses I work with have already gotten the natural vaccine. That being said I know a few people that have had it but show no antibodies 6 months later. A ex dingbat girlfriend of my friend has gotten it twice!
  13. So is one vaccine more destructive than the others? I have had several friends coworkers look/feel like death after Johnson. Didn't have a bad reaction with Pfizer or heard much about others having an issue. Vaccines seem to get lumped as one when negative issues are brought up.
  14. Swap ain't cheap or easy. If you have smog laws probably next to impossible.
  15. I can't really think of any extended period in the last 8 years that there wasn't a run on guns and ammunition. Didn't seem to matter which party was in charge. Couldn't buy 22s in the Obama era and 9mm has been scarce for probably going on 3 years.
  16. Between my wife and I we have a few friends in the Medical and science field. We trust them and followed their recommendations to get vaccinated with phizer. We did and no issues other than a sore arm for a day each time. I am not worried now and the industry I am in is starting to kick out the non Vaccinated. Just kind of on the sidelines watching this now.
  17. What about the 1980 4x4? I didn't think they offered the 4x4 without power steering.
  18. I added a slider to my truck probably 25 years ago. I wanted enclosed access to my camper. Next paint job I will be replacing with original glass. Sliders rattle, leak and aren't as easy to look through.
  19. Does that mean ratsun members are banned?
  20. All the Datsuns in the NE returned to the earth from the shit they put on the roads up there. I am in Maine and dragged my Datsun up from Florida. It will never see snow in Maine. Gets tucked in the shop and I haul ass south. I think there are couple of members on here from Massachusetts but that's about it.
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