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  1. That was after she paid her dept to society in that penile colony.
  2. There is going to be a lot of people jealous of your floorplans and that is before the added mat.
  3. Reasons to replace 1. Over 75 k miles seems to be the point where they become iffy, especially if coolant was not serviced. 2. Engine has sat a long time. They do not like hibernation and seem to fail shortly after reactivation. 3. Uncertain of the age and you are taking a long road trip. From when the weep hole starts leaking to full blow out seems to be about 200 miles. 4. The engine is out of the vehicle and it's been a while since replacement 100X easier that in the vehicle. These are wear parts. I have changed them out in my shop and in mosquito filled rest
  4. I will give Trump credit for the corporate tax cuts the other nonsense negated that. Biden is basically a vegetable so no praise there. The economy is picking up people are spending more, home sales in volume and price are up despite silly increases in materials. This kind of feels like after 911 when people were initially scared then realized they wouldn't live forever so spent their money on homes, cars and things they wanted to put on their bucket list before they died. The economy boomed.
  5. Yep really whoever is in office doesn't have much effect on the stock market. Just another one of Trumps lies and false claims that somehow he had something to do with the success of the market and people somehow believed him. The current president is proof a mummy can do better. I am just glad things are getting better. Now if Boeing would quit having max 8 issues I would like to dump them in the green. I want out of common stocks too volatile as I get older.
  6. My 37% exxon ytd rise. I guess if Trump claimed a president effects the stock market I guess I will have to thank the head Corpse in office Biden.
  7. I left California in 1996. The quality of life so much better other places. Once you get away from the crowds, the crime, traffic ect. Your stress levels drop and you will be kicking yourself for not getting out sooner. The pay may look better but the state takes it all by taxes, high cost of living. Wtf are you paying for gasoline nowadays anyways? Oh and most other states you can drive whatever you want without them scheming to take your ride from you. Good luck.
  8. I am using this to test my imgur. Anyways I Captain research vessels for a living. Sounds a lot better than it is. Lots of boat, equipment and people problems. Ocean is rough most of the time but some days it is worth it. We are conducting seismic surveys for windfarms off Delaware at the moment. We carry mammal observers to make sure we keep a distance from marine life and shut down our equipment that harms the hearing of Marine mammals. This pod did everything they could to shut down operations. This costs the companies money but everyone onboard enjoyed a couple hours of a whale show. A lot
  9. Oil sender notorious for leaking. Mid engine under intake. BRITISH PIPE THREAD universal metric sensors leak don't work. Make sure you get the right sender and use a wrench on the base. Do not twist hard with your hand or it will ruin it.
  10. Any seats is a little misleading. These trucks need seats that sit very low and to do it right might need a little fab work. Just search the forums for seat ideas. It has been covered dozens of times on here.
  11. Do what everybody else does and retrofit what you need if your handy. My 82 720 has 2003 power maxima seats, 2005 dual diaphragm booster from a frontier, KAe, c series trans. Honda parts in the power steering ect. You handy?
  12. Thanks. I hadn't given steel much thought because I was trying to keep the "in the woods nature them" of the homestead. But steel structure with wood siding I guess is an option. I did mancave the inside of my shop with rusty old metal roofing material and it came out rustic looking. Thanks for pointing out an option.
  13. What's steel doing these days? Mainly roofing materials. I was planning on building a pole barn this summer.
  14. Are you driving in 4x4 on pavement? Don't, its hard as hell on your driveline. The tires need to slip since there isn't a differential between the front and rear. AWD vehicles have either a viscous coupling or some type of differential arrangement that allows the front and rear to turn at different speeds. When turning each tire's traveling a different speed and distance. Dirt, snow, sand ect allows everything to equal out gently.
  15. I kept forgetting to open my manual and got shitty gas mileage. I had a dgv so no auto option. Anyways if installing manual cable make the run as short and straight as possible. Any curves add a lot of friction.
  16. Damn dude, I thought I was a cheapskate. I would have just let that muffler go. Way to stick with it Wayno.
  17. No! Hours and hours if you are a good fabricator. 2 scrap vehicles if not.
  18. Got a friend with a junkyard. $100 c series 5speed I pull all I want at that price. 95 truck ka $200 because his helper pulled. Power seats and belts from maxima for an antique sign I did not want anymore. Complete near new weber $25. Lots of parts for my other vehicles usually for 12 packs of hienican.
  19. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-got-covid-vaccine-january-1135185/ I find this amusing with the Trumpers railing against the vaccine. Trump got the vaccine a long time ago after getting Covid.
  20. Pussy! You'll be fine tomorrow. I don't know which vaccine you got but in a couple of weeks you will feel better knowing that at least any kind of severe reaction to covid is pretty much non existant. I got mine (Pfizer) three weeks ago and am back at work on a 150ft boat jammed with 9 other people. We will be taking on 13 more in the next 2 days. I dream of the luxurious amount of space the average prisoner had compared to the conditions we live in. No social distancing here. One Dingleberry brings on a cold and within 48hrs everyone has it.
  21. I am guessing pcv crud not soot. Carbs run gas through the manifold keeping it clean. Fuel injection. Just pcv vapors that coat the manifold and clog idle air control valve. Clean with gasoline like nature intended.
  22. I looked it up and only saw people trying to fix cracked tanks. I doubt replacing the aluminum with the. Old plastic would make sense.
  23. No it's not flooded as it was last year this time. This is when it bottomed then stayed stagnant.https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://fortune.com/2020/04/20/oil-prices-negative-crash-price-crude-market/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiSgtX33u_vAhUICc0KHbfQBdkQFjAOegQIIBAC&usg=AOvVaw3WIxiLNn6lPxN3lKrN2Fp_&ampcf=1 But demand is increasing and will continue to increase unless there is another major event that causes a shutdown. Those news assholes will dust off their "pain at the pump slogan".
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