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  1. This says similar stuff, definitely tin foil but, who the fuck understands what they are doing with vaccines anyway?
  2. We went to Vancouver Island too but stuck to the tourist areas. A ferry ride between your home and the general population isn't a bad thing. I have 4 hours of some of the worst roads in Australia between us and the coast dwellers.
  3. We had a holiday in Canada in 2019, remember coming into from Vancouver from a different direction than we had earlier in the holiday and holy fuck it was like driving into a seen from a scifi movie, homeless for what seemed like 2klms straight, crack heads meandering around in the middle of the road and then all of a sudden... gone, like an invisible line was crossed and it was normal? Well as normal as it can seem for us rednecks from a town with 2k people in the middle of Australia. I couldn't get over how arrogant pedestrians were, would literally stand and wait for the crossin
  4. And now with, fuckheadbook, insta, cameras on phones etc you are not even allowed to grow, change your opinion, evolve, forget, move on or ask forgiveness.
  5. I don't particularly want cops walking around with that sort of fire power either, it does seem to effect a person's.... ego? I don't know, I got this fucken rocket launcher, and I really want to use it! I was more leaning towards the reason they have it could be simple, not everything has a deep state agenda. I too digress.
  6. I have no doubt there abuses of power, corruption, fuck ups in general you name it. There are humans and bureaucracy involved. But how the fuck do you deal with someone who has completely lost their shit, whether it be drugs or not. They don't seem to be held to any accountability for the actions, or the injuries or damage to public facilities etc by the SJW crew, only the cops. As for the weapons being over the top, could be as simple as, I like bad ass guns, and we can get em cheap? Who knows.
  7. I don't understand what the article is about? There are no POCs wronged, its just about some white person.
  8. I haven't read one comment where someone has expressed joy or enjoyment over the death of George Floyd? Have you ever asked yourself what these cops go through every day. Do you ask what it must be like trying to deal with someone in this state? Then in the moment knowing every action is recorded to be analysed by the self righteous with the benefit of detached hindsight? All the has been said in reality is. A life time of fuckery, no matter the cause is going to often be met with an equally fucked ending. Both actors in this scenario got fucked ending's. The perp and
  9. As an avid user my self, i really appreciate the levels of sarcasm this guy can reach.
  10. That statistic has been incorrectly attributed. It is obvious he died due to systemic racism and white supremecy, maybe even some patriarchy was involved.
  11. Then again some parents should be sued for leaving them on, some look like a footy sock hanging off the end of their bell-end
  12. Very interesting poll results. Points to the differences in rational thinking from the various sides, it even shows in normal discussion here.
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