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  1. Same topic. No hypocrisy. Not sure how I could write that any clearer? How about the government just let's people decide. I don't have political affiliation nor preferences. If you choose one side or another and think it actually makes a difference then that's great news for you, in my country you are voting for either wing of the same corporate controlled bird. There is absolutely no situation that any form of government can't make worse. This planet can attest to this.
  2. Isnt a government that controls everything you do essentially the definition of "commie bullshit"?
  3. How about the government/ governor minds their own business and fucks right off and let's the business owner demand what ever they like and the customer the choice to choose wether or not to spend their money there? Seems reasonable? If an employee doesn't feel safe because everyone isn't vaccinated then they can quit. I mean it's their choice. No one is forcing them to stay? No one even needs to be penetrated against their will. I've quit job places that were unsafe, fuck I'm going to lose my work over this bullshit. the way this country is going I might not even be able to go the shops to buy food. But hey you know, it's my choice starve or science experiment that works so well everyone who has had it is fucking terrified of the thing it is supposed to be so good at protecting you from.
  4. Ha ha come down under. Over $1000 a year if you own a v8. We are the lucky country
  5. The blind belief in this is the correct decision blows me away, it's like there is not even the slightest doubt or questioning? Or is it more I have made this decision right or wrong and I don't want to go down alone? Or if there is no control group to compare against then there is no way to prove it was the wrong decision? I can not wrap my head around this mentality. Every trial has a control group?? 100% vaccination rate doesn't leave much left does it. Unless there is a control group and it has been decided the plebs aren't in it? #eattheelitesfirst
  6. Nothing replaces a combustion engine for sound and feel. But if it means I don't have to drive a prius I'm in. The machine contollers I use have an electric vehicle division, I really need to price up a system to see how much it would cost
  7. I have considered it for my down draft Weber's onto vg33. More as a mock, I have got onto a foundry that specialises in one off's and small runs. I am looking at a 3d scanner in the future as I think that would be the easiest way. I'm not sure what filament you are considering, I use mainly petg. I don't thing it would hold up long term. I've seen where people bake the print after to further strengthen it. But on side drafts with an exhaust manifold close I don't like its chances.
  8. These "vaccine's" that are the magic bullet for everyone's life to get back to normal are still the brand new ones made this year that are under trial aren't they? I can understand a person assessing the risks for themselves and opting to take it, but the mental leap to forcing it upon all when as far as I am aware a trial that isn't complete is still a fucking trial. Comparing this to existing vaccine's takes some real mind bending thought processes. Existing vaxs have decades of results for a person to look at before choosing to take. These are less than 18mnths in the population which would also mean you have no fucking idea what the results will be 5 years, or 10 years. Given the fact that they are proving to be essentially useless after 4 months I fail to see ROI being worth the risk? You don't need fancy statistics and some gov bureaucracy to tell you what to think, if you were at a used car yard and the salesman was selling you the equivalent pitch your bullshit meter would be off the charts. But 6months of fear porn and every fucker is now thinking they have the moral high ground to enforce what every body else does. As sure as the wind will pick up the second I pull out a sump plug , I am sure there is going to be some bad shit happen from these experiments, it doesn't take much, look at the cluster fuck that is going on with a "covid" death rate of .02%. If in 2 years they realise that 1% of the people who have taken the Vax is going to die, shit is going to get real. Or all could be well and nothing could happen, I may consider it then. What I am interested in watching is the mental gymnastics of the Vax enforcers if it does go south, would be hard to mentally reconcile when your neighbours kids are all fucked up from this little corporate business venture and you have been out there being a good little salesman. Seppuku would be a answer to that issue I suppose.
  9. Well they killed old mate, had a bad heart and died during arrest. Sounds feasible.....
  10. So you are saying arse beards are no longer in? interesting....... It appears that various threads on Ratsun are giving conflicting opinions and information in regards to the current trends of pubic hair maintenance. I've only seen this sort of misinformation spread about when it comes to the virtues of dual vs single dcoe's. 🤯
  11. Is this the gateway to the manscaping trend or further evolution? Do shaved armpits help lower your temperature when sick? So many questions.
  12. Sorry but that is bullshit, it has proven we can have stadiums full of people at football matches and government sponsored dinners and events and they dont get it at all if the appropriate social status, sorry, distance is maintained. Covid even knows the difference between a blm protest, which is OK and a lockdown protest, not ok, possible super spreader event. Matthew has undoubtedly attended a non sanctioned event or area, possibly a small ma and pa Cafe (they are the worst) or maybe even visited family🤯 and is not telling the truth due to the shame of it. Stick to big chain stores and government sponsored events and you will be safe..... you know it's almost like covid and the government's of the world are working together🤔
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