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  1. Oh yeah she used to tell me sarcasm is the lowest form of humour all the time. Her guidance obviously helped steer me away from that bad habit.
  2. You know you have made a lasting impression when you bump into a "favourite" teacher ten years out of school and the look of utter disgust they give you could strip paint! "How are you Mr Str8jacket?" I'm doing really well Ms Anderson" "Well...... that is a shame" she says ha ha. Miserable bloody sod it was. Hated being questioned!
  3. Ha ha welcome to Australian pricing losers. We have been getting fucked like this for my whole life. Good times. The great thing is the prices never go back down to the old price. So good. Soon you will be paying $70k for a piece of shit hilux!
  4. He had it coming, actually deserves it, going around with all his questions and digging about it government business
  5. As said above the survival rate seems pretty good? I'm glad the assimilation is taking well.
  6. Yep select the naturally stupid, brainwash them with fear, force them to take a vaccine they dont need. Keep up the fear and propaganda campaign, use any and every psychological angle you can to get people scared. Then the sheep line up for you for their next dose. It doesn't cost the sheep anyway, the government's paying for it because they care. Sheep don't think about where gov money comes from. So at $15 a shot it really does pay if you can get the other ""stupid" non believers to line up too. According to that "report" that would be like half the population wouldn't it?
  7. Or you could use a known drug with a long history, little side effects and is very effective. No patents current. Cheap. Administer as required. Third world countries have better results than the global leaders and their vaccine. But if we use this drug how will the global elites and big pharma combine to fleece the population of as much money as they can? How will they use a pandemic to gain more control? How else will we be able to push a massive experimental vaccine with unknown long term consequences upon a huge portion of the global population?
  8. A lot of em would just cover their ears in case they did start to question. Because thinking against the mainstream is hard.
  9. I think the current US government doing an excelent job demonstrating just how far further down the shit shute it is possible to go. I see many public figures that are "progressive" starting to pull up and say wtf have are we doing?. Hopefully by the next election some of the herd of sheeple will stand up on their hind legs and think for themselves..... If there is anything left by then.
  10. Can't say it is something that has ever really crossed my mind........ until now🤔
  11. New tyres or used? Sounds like tyres to me.
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