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  1. Interesting tilt to the results and the descriptions of the results as well. Also interesting that the people who have put the survey together are also contributing writers to some of the most "centre" bias media as described in that highly accurate bias chart posted previously. You know those unbiased media outlets like the Gaurdian🤢🤮
  2. Yeah right, good call.... seems reasonable.
  3. Ha ha that f#$king chart! That anyone can look at that and say "yep, looks about right" ha ha! Holy shit the world is doomed. Start lining up for bread sheeple!
  4. Don't be coming round here with your all your logic.🤣
  5. This is what we need more of! Tolerance of others, understanding of others opinions, polite thoughtful discourse and equality for all.....
  6. We are closer to 26million now 😉
  7. I suppose how much that matters all depends on which "index" you are using to measure troglodyteiness🤔
  8. So..... you wouldnt happen to know the location of this cave?
  9. Then you bleed every last cent out of the "rich" to pay for it all..... until that runs out and everyone starves (except the ones running the government, they'll be ok). Ala Venezuela. In reality i dont think any government is going to come out of this with out them having made the wrong decision, it wont matter what the decision was it will be wrong, and all the politicians will continue to push whatever agenda thier financial, religous, etc backers require. The circle of life continues.... yay.
  10. Sheeple pouring the odd bottle of draino down their anus because someone told them it to isnt the real issue here..... The fact that anyone gives half a fuck enough to prevent someone that stupid from doing it is what is concerning.
  11. Sarcasm aside, the stupid thing is "people" seem to forget that where ever manufacturing etc gets sent to stop pollution in their country is probably still apart of the same planet. If i cant see it, it isnt real.
  12. Need to add "influencer" and any "expert" wackjob on any social media platform what so ever. Youtube most of all. Cant believe i used the word "influencer" 🤔🤢🤮
  13. Look mate, ive been stuffing about talking myself out of buying another set of rims for the 620, even though i am that bloody busy i dont know when it will roll again. And then you post this message of absolute reason and wisdom! When i cave (not if) im blaming you😳
  14. Trimming the bushes around your deck to make it look bigger?😆 No point comparing your "outdoor areas" to those guys! I think they use some other tricks🤔
  15. F7 emulsion tubes were the trick, fixed the transition f2s or f16s are no good. on a l16 id gues 28mm chokes with the single carb. F8 or f9 idle jets in similar range as recomended for twins. And mains one or two steps up from what the recommended for twins, say 135s instead of 125s etc. Find a carb with the 4-5 progression holes, or someone who can mod a 3 hole. Lynx manifold is the go. Evens the intake pulses out. Make sure you only feed it 3psi fuel pressure and the float level is spot on. 25mm i think from memory. Before carb buying, spend money on ignition. Most poorly performing carburetors,( especially individual runner) is really a shit ignition system. A guess here cause i had an l20b, but 14 to 16 advance, 15 degrees mech advance and i had another 18 vacuum. It ran beautifully, no pinging etc, no coughs on decel. Thats my single carb experience hope it helps.
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