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  1. Where they called a "Mainline" or a "Customline " in Australia? I was very close to owning a Mainline once, not enough funds at the time. Still not enough tbh!
  2. Mount it on the RHS. Can you make the front mount on the top link adjustable? Are your lower links parrallel to the ground when looking from the side?
  3. There is probably no reason why you couldnt leave the front mount of the 5th link (i assume you are talking about the top control link) centered on the chassis mount end and modify the link to be a vee shape, kind of like a triangled 4 link but with a single front chassis mount. The rear two legs can then have mounts welded to the tubes. It will essentially be the same geometry wise. You want the front mount to be the rose joint so it wont bind. Or you can just offset the top link to one side, keep as close to the centre as you can. Ensure top link is parrallel to the car axis when viewed from above.
  4. What ever happened to this sort of style and cool? Now every new car looks like it is modeled after an old bar of soap.
  5. Im sure the various fathers of her future 5 or so kids wont particularly care, you probably wouldnt be able to read what it says once it is stretched and distorted to 3 times it current size🤔
  6. Horizontal lowers parrallel to ground is perfect, if you google "Billy Shope" he had a website with calcs on 3 links to work out offset on your top link to one side of centre which counter acts the torque from drive line so it will launch straight, another option if needed. Top link front with the front lower will give you some "anti squat" which will help for good launches and to stop it slumping in the rear every time you accelerate hard which will happen if the top link is also parrallel to the ground. To much is going to re arrange your spine though! I have plans for a 3 link in my 620 so i really like the work you've done for a bit of inspiration! Keep up the good work.
  7. It just goes to show, my mum was right. "You can't be an electrician" she said, "you need to get a proper trade!"
  8. My next gamer build is going to be using solid monogamy panels i scored off some cabinets
  9. What is the movie this is from? Trying to remember if its some dodgey Segal one or something? Annoying me for days!
  10. The 720 chassis is a good idea. You can buy drop spindles from Belltech as well. Is there much of a width distance change between 620 and 720 between the torsion bars. I could use a few more inches! Also a wider front may give some options for rack and pinion. All of which would help on a drift truck id think. That said i have D22 spindles and brakes on my 78 620, the steer arms need swapping to suit other than that its like nissan lego.
  11. My 5 year old did the same thing with his elbow in the back of a dining chair, straighten your arm out ya dingus.... oh, tears off!
  12. Ha ha no i dont hate diesel Cat 3408s hate diesel! They were in a big hurry to burn it all. Only out done by a 3208! We had one to drive our transmission test bench, holy crap it could get through some fuel! The diggers I work on use nearly 9000Lts of diesel every 24hours. They can smash some diesel.
  13. Hates diesel! Must rid the planet of diesel!
  14. I miss my Tonner! 308 with a poorly tuned 650 holloey, the fuel gauge would go down faster than the speedo would come up! Every 20 year old should have a car that sounds that good but is still slow enough you cant get in to much trouble 🤣 could rip good donuts though.
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