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  1. I call bullshit, If compare numbers to other countries that have 10% of the population of the U.S, then bullshit. If you compare to countries that have similar or more population, but is run by a totalitarian gov. That fabricates all information. Then bullshit. If you compare to countries where half the people are in less than poverty conditions and who's lives dont really matter to the gov. In the first place. Then bullshit. The numbers from all these sources are bullshit. Australia did well because it is isolated, has fuck all people and we are spread out. Hawaii did well because it's isolated. And has fuck all people. The same person raving about how shit America dealt with it is then saying it was already in America in 2019, well before any masks were mandated. Plenty of time to get a good toe hold. It is all bullshit. The numbers are, the masks are, the lockdowns are. It is a virus with some 98% survival rate and we have destroyed millions of lively hoods some twat can spruke his virtousness about face masks. If you spend 20yrs making the majority of your population the unhealthiest in the world by feeding them the cheapest nastiest processed shit you can then let loose a virus that kills unhealthy people. Then your numbers are bullshit. I call bullshit on the whole lot. Follow the money and power, that is the real issue.
  2. No Alexis and no mask!?!? Well you are definatley a threat. Why? Why won't you people just assimilate? If only you could, you will own nothing, and you will be happy!
  3. Sky news is the "white supremacy" of news, extreme right wing. If you have watched any Sky news you must now immediately watch atleast 24hrs of Australia's ABC news (think CNN BBC CCP) to recalibrate back to the correct sheeple way of thinking. I would also suggest you wear a mask the whole time, double check your privilege, and if you intersectionality isnt high enough consider donating to BLM. That should get you back to right 🤔... left again.
  4. I can agree with that, many people may be wondering how long this will drag on for though. Lockdowns seem more about politics and control rather than safety now.
  5. If you are 80 + years old what is your main priority in life? Honest question? If you are over 80 and are locked away from everyone you know and love, then you are already dead, that's my view on it. I assume others would feel the same way. At that age its just a competition on what's going to get you first. May as well live life.
  6. The answer to why this is all happening... we are all just a reality tv show for some alien planet. Covid is just the latest in a series of plot twists to boost ratings. Some green bastards are just up there thinking up new ways to dick people around so that viewers keep watching. "Right team ratings are dropping, the humans are becoming used to all the bullshit, what are we going to do?" Murmuring in the room...... "I know! Let's program that idiot who runs Cali to.....insert latest round of fuckery here." Its the only reasonable answer.
  7. Um no. Both sides are politicizing the mask bullshit One side is using not wearing one as a statement against the other side, and doesn't care if they are effective or not. The other side is using masks as a political weapon, a training tool for assimilation, revenue raising, a fashion statement and a signal of virtue and doesnt care if they are effective or not. Let's be honest, the large majority of caring citizens are not wearing a proper mask in any form, most are wearing what is akin to either a leopard print g-banger that suits their current out fit, or a mean looking skull print that suits their current "peaceful protest" attire. Dont be as blind to your chosen sides failings as you proport others to be.
  8. Unfortunately lack of intelligence rarely has as big an impact on survival as you'd like. Especially now where we have so many protections in place to save stupid from themselves.
  9. If half your country is locked down and business are shut how do you also maintain exports numbers? Any economic data from this year is going to be an false representation of any government performance. I see that shit here, "the country is broke blah blah" "It's blah blah fault" all from their home studio, being payed their normal wage, wearing their mask and being all virtuous and shit.
  10. Yeah but Trump is out, so all is good. Everything is ok. Just look the other way. Equity for all
  11. The crazy arse lefties are only barely in the race as it is with all the possible fraud etc. Imagine what the results would have been if the tech company interference hadnt been so blatantly one sided, it would be like they hardly existed at all...
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