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  1. Nothing to see here. https://odysee.com/$/embed/Fake-Vax-Shots-Compilations/1dd8a69ccf924e79bd48082acf1d134745f27f2e?
  2. Some c#@t wearing a monocle, it's the only possible answer 🧐 probably has a bald cat too.
  3. The business model works better if they are mandatory, then once started the yearly "subscription" updates keep the dollars rolling in.
  4. I am a bit of a fan of these apples. So much so that just make this post I had to go through 10 pages of titties and half a dozen pages bums to find it. It was quite the effort.
  5. This is the problem today in a nutshell. So many safety labels, warnings, protection devices and guard rails have kept people like this alive, when if left to run its course natural selection would have swiftly removed them from the gene pool.
  6. If you catch covid and take ivermectin at the early signs of symptoms,( if you actually are even effected by it, younger people are not as susceptible. ) it helps you get over it very quickly. You also get natural immunity. The vaccine is not the only way to get immunity, you can also still catch covid, it reduces symptoms not a magical barrier. Look at the UK. If it is real and not manipulated purely for politics, they are having 20k new cases a day of the so called Delta variant. They are supposed to be almost at herd immunity levels of vaccination. It's all bullshit. I'm fucken over being lied to by greedy piece of shit politicians playing power games. You guys over there need to hold on to your guns and your constitution tight cause these fuckers over here have us by the balls all because of politicians 100 years ago.
  7. Is there any of you guys in the US that are able to buy ivermectin? Our shit government have decided that it is not safe to give us a drug with over 40yrs history and not one death that I can find anywhere, and very little side effects. I think the real issue is that it appears to be very effective against covid, so we should get an untested Vax instead. Anyway aside from ranting, has anyone managed to gets some over your way?
  8. A bit of both, basically just being a spelling nazi looser. 😏
  9. Wots dat then? Haven't seen one of those for 15-20yrs. Was all we had when I was on-site out west, before mobile phones had reception everywhere.
  10. .02% if you under 70years, and even lower if you are allowed to use medications that shall not be named that have been proven to work.
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