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  1. I miss my Tonner! 308 with a poorly tuned 650 holloey, the fuel gauge would go down faster than the speedo would come up! Every 20 year old should have a car that sounds that good but is still slow enough you cant get in to much trouble 🤣 could rip good donuts though.
  2. What is that? Where do i find one?
  3. Google Upper control arm shaft 620. You will find a heap of ratsun links
  4. It blocked the coolant ports off. I had the later head, i cant remebmer which number it is sorry. Also look out for either a good quality mechanical high flow low pressure fuel pump or an electric pump designed for webers. 3psi is all you need, a return to tank regulator worked best for me.
  5. I had a lynx manifold and a single 45 dcoe on my l20b. 36mm chokes. and i think from memory i went full circle back to almost standard jetting that the new 152g 45s come with. I can find my book with the jetting. The standard emulsions were either f2 or f16 i cant remember now but they are rubbish. I think F8s worked best. There is a guy on side draft central that sells a modified emulsion tube that i wish i had back then, i had a hesitation on transition from idle to mains that i reckon they would fix. I have a full set for my triples and the quality is top notch. I also would recomend a megajolt ignition or crank fire if you can afford it as it was the best money i spent on the engine. Tuning is much easier if your ignition is top condition. I even have the map i ran. It could be refined more but it went awesome as it was.
  6. By the time people have turned into human flotsam it doesnt matter what solution you come up with, you are going to be heading down the same path as Hitler in one way or another. 🙁
  7. I dont hate them at all..... just the sound that comes out of the face hole of the lead singer.
  8. For everyones sake. The only people who should listen to it are those who have already withstood all other forms of torture and still havent cracked, its inhumane but it works
  9. Hey im not disagreeing in any way, i just find it immensely amusing! We keep creating all these stupid rules, laws and devices to keep people "safe" and good ole nature and Darwin keep coming up with new and exciting ways for people to remove themselves from the gene pool
  10. This at the end... "If you, or anyone you know, struggles with addiction, please call the drug and alcohol abuse hotline 24/7 at 1-888-506-0699." Should read... "If you, or anyone you know, feels the need to shove large quantities random narcotics up your date and then party on with a round of fisting,........ ." Shit i dont even know what to suggest as help for that??
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