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  1. No anger here champ, just amusement. What is going on inside your head must look like the mess left after a bukake stick flick, a bunch of sad limp dicks wondering what they're doing and random spoof flung everywhere. I'll just keep on being calm. You just keep on being irrelevant. 👍
  2. Appears it doesn't have much efficacy against rabies either 🤔
  3. Hysterical ranting from quack extremist doctors pushing their own agenda for personal gain.... https://rumble.com/vslp9q-pat-cash-and-7-doctors-talking-novak-djokovic-7-mins.html?fbclid=IwAR3LD0DeCk_zUi0pdmQikXyMGy3XPBszr2izWCGHWF124qghpG3jcZBBkL4 Not even wearing masks while alone on a zoom meeting! Don't they even care about anyone who isn't there with them.
  4. I find it a little amusing that the same people selling climate change and carrying on about plastic straws hurting the turtles are the same people who have just had the world crankout untold amounts of fucking disposable masks and billions of plastic rapid antigen test devices. Environmental damage and pollution is obviously real, "climate change" is a scam to fleece more money from the herd
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59960689?xtor=AL-72-[partner]-[bbc.news.twitter]-[headline]-[news]-[bizdev]-[isapi]&at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom3=%40BBCWorld&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom4=9A9E70F6-731C-11EC-8140-68D24744363C Taxing the unvaxed.
  6. Not all peoples mental health has been effected some are still as bat shit crazy as before, they just have a new subject and audience to annoy. In fact isolating them from the general public may have been a bonus to humanity.
  7. They have had some of the longest enforced lockdowns in the world, many people have lost everything due to no work, marriages etc have suffered with the stress of it all. It is essentially isolation torture at that level, with no hope of any type of recourse or avenue to get out of the situation, even leaving your house to look for work or just walk will get you arrested. Australia has lost many more people to suicide than to this virus. Both man made problems, made worse by scared weak willed people that our kids kids will need to be still dealing with. Yeah I guess he took himself to seriously...
  8. And the shit cunts are still rolling in full steam with mandates and lockdowns, masks and restrictions. If you want it get it. If you don't, then you shouldn't have to. (The death jab) Next door neighbour was forced to get it or lose her job, has just been sick for a week with covid. Her husband no Vax and still hasn't got sick? Been multiple people with heart issues at one site I work at, near heart attack symptoms, more scary is that they are behind the wheel of 500t dump trucks. Shits all fucked up. One lesson I a making sure my kids learn out of this, there is no situation at all that a government can not possibly make worse .
  9. It is very deadly people. Be afraid all the time. Twittertard...... I’m flying today but I’m not fucking around with Omicron. ✅Pfizer x 3 ✅Negative rapid test ✅Natural immunity ✅N95 sealed to my face with surgical tape ✅Secondary mask for displaying opinions ✅Face shield ✅Vinyl gloves ✅Touchscreen gloves ✅Shitton of Xanax
  10. For your own good of course. They forgot to add that bit in.
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