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  1. Str8jacket


    Must have dropped a mongrel phillips head screw?
  2. Str8jacket

    1978 620 vg30et

    Is it done or are you just doing happy laps to try it out? Hows it handle with the extra weight up front? Does the turbo run nice with the carby? So many questions!
  3. Str8jacket

    Post-tits $1.99

    From almonds?
  4. Str8jacket

    Truck Porn

    Ive owned the ute and an EH & EJ sedan. All of which crippled my bank account and never spent much time running. BLOODY rust. Im sticking with my 620 and then my D1310 will get some love.
  5. Str8jacket

    Truck Porn

    Wish i still had my EH ute.😔
  6. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    No i havent had a chance to work on the ute in over 2 months. Its really pissing me off. Everything should settle down in the next few weeks and i can finish it off. All the big stuff is done, it needs a bit of wiring and hosing on engine, new water pump and timing belt fit up the radiator. Then it all comes out to put new clutch in and it should be ready to start.
  7. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    Not sure why all my pic links are stuffed. Testing this one
  8. Str8jacket

    1978 620 vg30et

    Thats right. You have a manual gear box. The kick down is for autos
  9. Str8jacket

    1978 620 vg30et

    You can cut the bracket off. Has the carb been built for boost? Referenced power valves etc?
  10. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    Yeah im not terribly happy with the radiator in general. The po had the switch for the thermal fan relays in the bottom tank on opposite side of the nipple. Fans would only kick in when really hot. Plus it appears i have given away my 14in fan so it only has the 10in on there. Im thinking get it running and look at it with a thermal camera i use at work and see whats going on. Will baffle accordingly or buy a new rad and fan set up.
  11. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    Been flat out so limited time on the ute. Have had a bit of small stuff done ignition leads made mounted coil pack some brackets for the throttle cable. This arvo i decided i didnt like having the trigger wheel for the megajolt hanging all the way out the front of the crank pulley. Looked shit. Needed a big bracket that could possibly vibrate and cause dramas so i attacked the pulley and got rid of the vee belt provision and modified my trigger wheel so i could mount it on the back. I had a cool trigger wheel with slots in it which wouldnt work for a press fit on the pulley. Didnt want to wait for another so thought stuff it ill have a go and see if it will work. I cut out a disc in 3mm and machined it perfect round then welded it to the trigger wheel. Then cut the centre out Ended up with a deadly ninja star bit Put the pulley in and spent half hour trying to get it dead centre. Machined off the back pulley edge to suit. Made it a few thou bigger diameter than the inside of the trigger wheel. Heated up the trigger wheel and slipped it on. A few tacks to make sure it wont slip and done. Was super impressed with myself showed the missus. " am i supposed to know what im looking at? " Whats a bloke supposed to do to hey? Really want to hear noise from this thing soon!
  12. Str8jacket

    1978 620 vg30et

    Looks shmick! lookin like all the big bits are coming together, its the small stuff that is the most frustrating i find.
  13. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    Spent way to much time messing with the throttle linkage today. Ended up cutting up 3 seperate cable pulleys off of the 2 vg33 motors i have and welding them together to get what i hope will work nicely. I off set the pulley so the throttle gets progressively fast as it opens. Hope to be not to sensitive off idle. Had my first go at putting a new lead end on a cable as well. Worked out ok. See how long it lasts. Waiting on some studs to hold down the carbs and should be close to done on this bit.
  14. Str8jacket

    69 510 2dr Project - VG30E/Autocross

    Use 2 heavy hammers. Hold one as hard against one side as possible, hard whack on the opposite side with other hammer. If you can put a puller on it and put wieght on it at the same time it will pop easier. Dont hit the threads. I always leave the nut all the way on and back off one turn.
  15. Str8jacket

    Project Storage tub.

    Quickly did the radiator between trips to pool and skate park etc

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