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  1. You have to read the last sentence really fast to get full effect
  2. Ahh ok .. I read some of your other posts ^^ up there and see what you’re saying .. I guess the almost old person in me would ask... Why can’t you post pics anywhere but at work? POW!! .
  3. It’s there .. click that box “insert image from url”. and paste link into box then ,, add to post. You can add like 10-15 pics at a time your oics and there you are .
  4. Buster Nutter didn’t post that it was a response to Nutter
  5. whoopsie daisy Caution nsfw. coming ....
  6. So... I went through the thread in question,, the pics are still up .. I have no idea how to multi-quote on phone . Logs me out if I open more than one tab For now ,,, happy hunting
  7. He was just arguing with Tdaaj the other day on Facebook.. .
  8. I think You should be able to click on the farmer name/ link and takes you to his profile. Also since I tagged him so might come here looking why he was tagged I ain’t trying to steal someone else’s deal ,, just info and Farmer is a really good dude .
  9. i was hoping to kinda “ piggy back” on the East side street Rodders event they have out there,, since they have a poker run in the morning we could join in on.. and car show at the docks later in the day . They haven’t announced if they are going to have an event yet though. I have a small cabin in Grayland with running water that we could BBQ at,, but paying for a burger in Wetpit would be way easier. .
  10. I was getting Aunt Flo set up to go quite a bit farther south if this didn't go (😽 ),, since we chickened out with the 100 degree forecast last August.. So since it's so much closer maybe i'll drive the diesel 720... windshield is so busted i might have to install a periscope to drive it though.. lol @paradime just do it. . .
  11. @Farmer Had a couple/few rebuilt j13s in Grants pass .. Was awhile ago so might have tossed by now.. Would have to again arrange shipping but, having rebuilt might eliminate a few bucks in the long run. Google shows it's only 3 hours away from you, .
  12. If Canada opens,,,, 28th is to late in year for us because of “ All Japanese Classic” and if weekend before,, puts us going up to almost Canada then up to Canada two weekends in a row what about 7th ?
  13. Did no one else zoom in thinking it’s a nude woman with a Spider-Man costume painted on ,, because of who posted it??
  14. I would change name of thread to include 210 ,, that way 210 guys might respond.. That model is very popular in USA also. Lots of 210 knowledgeable guys on here ,, should get you headed in right direction. But they have to see it to help .
  15. Most likely because he didn’t try swallowing a pocket full of fentanyl ,
  16. If I am ever forced to zoom jury duty .. Im going to hang a Charles mansion poster upside down behind me, and pile of newspapers with a bunch of articles cut out of them, on coffee table in front of me . maybe the government people they send over to check on me ,, can be asked to mow the lawn for free like the Mormons
  17. We have 2 areas one for Zoom school and one for my wife’s office meetings.. Some haven’t been indoctrinated to the new normal yet . Right this second I have teachers helper fumbling through the giving tree on one side. And from other side there is apparently a new hire being told what the office looks like , on the computer ,, in my kitchen area,, because ,,, they in fact , may never get to go inside the office to work .
  18. New mustang,, resembles old mustang New Camaro , resembles old camaro New challenger , resembles old challenger New 400z ,, resembles 350z at least it looks less like a Lexus now good job stylist,, good job .
  19. Would be cool to get miles on the tires.. we used to do family road trips,, we all drove separate cars. Went over 90 then south to Wapato then back over white pass .. would be fun to do that again. One last time .. might have to have wife travel in minivan to haul wheelchairs and changing room .. She has 77 celica coupe maybe strap a ski rack to both that and Datsun could work I think July would be nice would have to suss that out more.. if it was me I would just help us look/scope out a KOA / privately owned type campgrounds as state ones get kin
  20. @COOCHaDAMus You're name comes up when searching but cant figure out how bring it up to message ,, so i friend requested ,,,but that didn't help pull name up in messenger either.. if you know how,,, you can delete the friend thing and message and ,,,,,,, we could go from that... lol Figured it out ,, you were in third set of mores but i clicked on the other rows that were apparently insta or some shit........ i'm stupid .
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