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  1. If you look on rockauto ,, 67 520 shows nothing but if you look at same year 411 (j13) the site shows a few different options.. not sure why though If it matters I was running a 68 520 truck tranny in my j13 411 .
  2. Sounds like just the thing to surprise her with on Valentine’s Day. or Christmas but might have to include a pine bough poking out bung hole .
  3. Although why add bottom text ?? For the fatally stupid
  4. I enjoy going to IKEA more than buying anything from there. I used to talk people into going just to see if they had changed furnishings up . And it’s always a zoo which is a bonus
  5. yeah , one of those high dollar builds with the huge rims, rubber band type tires. Everything than can be made out of machined aluminum,,, is . . I don’t know the guy personally but to his credit I have seen it on quite a few road cruises and motoring past my place 30 miles north (we live on a road that somewhat parallels freeway but twisty so nicer lower speed drive) .. and around town, ALOT
  6. It will work but I’m sure no one makes them for resale When I was younger and braver,, we used to use a pipe with a chain ran through it to flat tow vehicles that had no brakes sometimes down the hiway We lived on the end of the earth though
  7. The rusty side .. (edit) just noticed cars in background are perfect example of traffic in centralia .. hillbillies and hot rods Only thing missing is primered Honda with a visqueen rear window
  8. I go around asking if shits for sale all the time .. but we/I offer what it’s worth . just helped pull this out of a backyard yesterday.. and it is in front of garage now being stripped of a few parts and hopefully “resold” by Friday evening
  9. Again I don’t care about YOUR situation,, I’m talking about 99.9 percent are to broke to fix if it was a running vehicle . I have no money ,, but I have a huge amount of free time and a very large amount of tools and multiple garages.. Most who ever ask about cars in my yard,, don’t have a garage, don’t have a trailer and think a plastic case of craftsman tools they got for Christmas one year is enough .. fuck Um ,, maybe put a sign up down at the tavern asking for guys to give your shit to ,, but me ,, I’m keeping my shit ….. even if it is shit .
  10. in this scene .. YOU << are the guy asking to get car/machine for almost free because you believe you would be a better caretaker than current owner ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so you want someone to give you something after you tell them you’re to broke to pay what it’s worth?? So they give you car ,, you have no money to fix it so how is it any better than where it was before ?? “I’m going to fix it one day” is old people speak for make a reasonable offer you broke ass .. . . .
  11. (1) drives up and stops .. Hi, I noticed that cool old car in your yard that has been sitting for a few years .. )2) Ok,, (1) iWas wondering if it might be for sale? (2) Maybe. (1) How much you think you would want? (2) Make me an offer . (1) well I don’t have much …… ( Charlie Brown adult noises) (2) listens for a bit ,goes back to what he’s doing ,, then later moves it farther away from road.. So ,, moral of this story .. fuck you guys and your self righteous shit ,, if any of the first 1000 assholes would have made a reasonable offer or trade that car/ piece of machinery probably wouldn’t still be there .. It is still there in such bad shape cause nothing is free . you’re welcome
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CStzm7fjb63/?utm_medium=copy_link could have went in covid but belongs more in here .. she makes it seem like the question would be an invasion of privacy,,BUT ,, the woman only asked for Percentage of vaccinated .. fuck these guys
  13. They look like TSL super swampers to me .
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