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  1. I think the part about charging Bill Gates With crimes against humanity sounds accurate , if nothing else not refunding my money for windows Vista still pisses me off .
  2. Have to go drive roads to make sure they ain’t closed or gravel. im not sure where start point would be either .. Since was thinking going past Abandoned Nuke towers On our way out. And bathrooms ... if state opens where we can use campground restrooms, with use of mask .. we would be happening... but being way out there,,, With zero restrooms because restaurants are closed might be limiting .
  3. BUT ,, I bet YOU didn't realize you put him as the last person. yo
  4. There was Dick's in pretty much everyones mouths Glad to just finally get this behind us BLEACH MOBILE YO! ^^^ Not Bleach ^^^^
  5. Moved next door because you can’t eat outside your car at Dicks
  6. That’s a big 10/4 there Rusty Wheeler ,,,,,, ETA. Bout noon
  7. I can’t see them either ,, and on multiple devices .
  8. First off ,, what is Dick Burtons problem?? He’s scowling in every picture And who’s that last Dick?? Looks Very familiar but I just can’t get name.
  9. i know it's a holiday,,, i aint worried about anyone showing up,, it never was intended to be a huge thing ,, we just needed to get this sucker in the books for reals. And since county is looking to apply for stage 2 very soon,, cops will give way more slack than when first put on board. More thought is being put into Wynoochee dam drive ,, i can assure you. .
  10. until
    I am not sure what's wrong with this editor but Not really a meet just going for some Dick's ,, place has been open the whole time.. Social distancing and all that shit bro .. If you wanna wear mask ,, let-er happen cap-en Date is MAY 24th location https://goo.gl/maps/ZiV9XLAgYhzdxQ8o7 We aren't going to make a "statement" just going for a few burgers and a cool breeze ..
  11. I believe I/we are going to keep this date .. We will park in back away from each other ,, stand at a good distance.. Wear masks if it suits you...I personally will have enough clorox wipes to wash a bus ,, copious amounts of hand sanitizer.. Absolutely go by their no groups over certain size laws ,, but I’m going ,, and have a dang burger for Christ’s sake . I will update first page with warnings and such when I’m back on PC I am talking with Ted about cruise out to Wynoochie dam in June (Montesano) .. that should fall under almost every one of their laws as we are in our own cars driving 99% of the time
  12. nice try ,,,, commie calculation user guy
  13. I have been seeing that alot lately,, but .. at least 80% of mask users are not washing “pants” ,, so in your example , after about 4 days you would be spreading more filth than would have normally been in that area EVER In the first place.
  14. And he posted link saying same thing.. from what scuttlebutt seems to say .. we won’t be into “stage 4” in Washington till clear into August .
  15. Hobospincter he already posted powerland is most likely canceled I saw Oregon is stay at home till July 6th .
  16. While i was typing that malarkey my wife handed me a piece of mail from Senor Pumpkinhead saying they just deposited enough money into my account to buy a tiger.. so i'm good to go bitches!! . ,
  17. List of 1100 they already let out... cuz cuz i aint editing again..
  18. i ain't gonna go into my wifes position in government in this forum but i can assure you the DOC worked major overtime to keep the worst of the worst in prison. Ridgeway specifically ,, who knows,, probably used for WOW factor more than real news ,, like you said. "Court" isn't always used to settle things.. You say they were looking to appoint person to look into it.. Obviously they don't vote yes and someone goes and opens the cages,, they have to start somewhere,,, and that's where they started.. So AGs office of DOC has to argue to, Nip in the bud type thing Like i said lawsuit(?) was brought, so someone HAS to answer or they win.. Huge amounts of manpower and paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork wins cases. I don'y know specifics but Unfortunately Ridgeway falls into the correct definition of those that are at highest risk from Covid19.. i only know what i know,, but i can assure you the news changes stuff to fit their outrage at the moment. I think the narrative was to be angry at the supreme court judges, but as i might have not stated clearly,, people should be angry with the bleeding heart weirdos that are ok with people like that being moved to more accommodating venues.. ( he's probably the tamest of some that may have been eligible) Non violent ,, like dudes caught selling a tiny bit of weed at a disco ?? I believe this is the list https://doc.wa.gov/news/2020/docs/covid-19-reduction-efforts-commutation.pdf Random emoji cuz the ones on here suck balls. 🍆 .
  19. This thread needs more music ..
  20. Hate to break it to you but der Führer Inslee already approved letting like 1100 inmates out awhile ago. On this topic: justices you are looking for are ,, Steven Gonzales,, Mary Yu ,, Sheryl Gordon McCloud,, and Raquel Montoya-Lewis But before you get your torches out ,,, them "voting" to dissent isn't a vote to let anyone out,, the supreme court doesn't work that way.. They could have had many reasons,, SUCH AS the wording on the paperwork that may in the future be used to re-sue the DOC ,, meaning YOU ,, as you pay the bill. It wasn't Washington state trying to get them let out,,, it was a group named Columbia Legal Services , The state Attorneys General, was arguing against it.. And as anyone that has been in crosshairs of a legal shenanigans.. You can't just ignore it and it go away.. lol This case and a LOT more are that are less media friendly,, are the reason i have very limited use of my PC monitor for the last few weeks, .
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