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  1. Has anyone on here have any idea where I put the remote?? It’s return will be accepted ,, no questions asked.
  2. @uberkevin had a giant one of those things in his apartment.. edit not a shit.... a lizard .
  3. Been getting a call a day from what I think are disguised numbers wanting to scam... Jokes on them power boat lovin Russsin dinks though, I haven’t answered phone since about 1997. . sorry Connie,, try harder bro. .
  4. I just checked ... The other forum I’m on, that uses this style format(?) is doing the exact same thing with Instagram posts.
  5. The rusty one in my front yard is Nissan powered.., maybe take it home and Ka swap it , and drive it to work in the summer. If neighbors give you shit.. Maybe they will wake up one morning with their 3/4 truck on the roof .
  6. Thanks man.. My PC keeps logging me out when i open multiple tabs so i can't link right now.... BUT ,, have you found the 411 section on here? Check out jfBrinks(?) threads he is doing some seriously dope stuff .. If you are in Australia there is a dude i think name is ( handle eludes me but i think it's PEDRO) that made front disc brake brackets out of rear brake sheet metal, and calipers from cars that are available over there.. As you might have already found out, front drum brake hydraulics are pretty scarce .. he said something about the certification won't except welded brackets like we use. But he has pretty though parts list/description and DIY photos. look up "411 Canby or bust" ( project datto section) shows you can bring these back from the edge of death..
  7. i am pretty sure I have one still in a 78 wagon, ( it's 1am right now ),,,, would need to get $200. out of it though. We are up in Tumwater WA. I don't ship. You would need to pick it up. I see carpart.com says they have one for $50 bucks somewhere, but i'm pretty attached to my A10 junk. . ,
  8. It is an industrial motor, Continental engine.. just a generic flathead 4 type thing bought it way super cheap as it was single use type forks on it and they had updated many years ago and it was just kind of a thing they kept around ,, and it's pretty tiny for their operations now .. Those forks open up about 6 feet to pick up bales of hops (beer) from the field trailer into storage warehouse.. Going to cut them off and use a carriage i have laying around .. Just trying to figure out how i can keep some of that assembly as it has side shift built into it,, and be cool to be able to keep that.. If you look at forks you can see that motorcycle chain has been welded on each one for more traction. It's replacing this,, as i let my sister have it , to make it easier to sell the farm she inherited, and i knew more weirdos with cool junk to find another . i bet This thing could easily lift my replacement,, haha . I have a forklift this size but manual steering box broke and to lazy to adapt something in. Forklifts are like bulldozers, or a tractor with a backhoe,, everyone needs one,, even if you don't. .
  9. You would think parking 75-100 feet away would be good enough .. car was to the left of that white SUV a good 10 feet or more .. Tan tarp tree is touching that deck in the background
  10. Yea but it wasn’t exactly “under” the tree that fell on it .. was neighbor across the damn streets ..
  11. it’s not mine,, not sure about how insurance will handle as it’s the neighbors tree... and Jrock has already offered him a whole roof .. the guys pretty sick about the whole deal as you could imagine..
  12. How about changing this to destruction of 1200. Victim of Tuesday night windstorm
  13. Are you positive both your positive and negative cables are not bad?? Looks can be deceiving... Have you had your battery tested ? If starter spins up every time you turn key to start , but doesn’t engage ,, its not that spade connection. Having 12 volts in battery doesn’t mean it will make starter actually work . .
  14. I would say back to my 411 but I aint doing shit to it cuz I’m lazy. But here’s a pic of my “new” forky lifter , lol Hyster model.... Just the cutest little forklift eeeeveer .
  15. Since I didn’t include last time ... Pics of his^^^ shit , yo he was changing oils and checking valves lash and whatnot today.
  16. I sent it personal message .. upper right corner . There should be a red dot with number . Click that , then click on letter icon .. should open up messenger.
  17. I sent you a phone number to call ,, guy in Tenino
  18. Didn’t work on the Flo but me and fucking Ted hung out over at Scalpum’s shed trying to figure out starting problem on his 521... Come to find out it was a battery cable that “looked” new but had internally corroded so had to much resistance to turn started.. kinda weird problem anyways.. I don’t have any of truck or his 1200 he’s rebuilding,, but I do have one of him driving us to get burger and a cable. cuz it annoys him when we post his noggin Lol
  19. I just rewatched the running man earlier ,, check out the very start .. The writers missed the year by just over 3 years .
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