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  1. So i just realized you can direct link from IMGUR without opening 'other media' box .
  2. Yeah , and unfortunately that kinda makes it a garage sitting/ waiting for nice day to drive, type vehicle now. It's wild how the 85-86 corollas used to be every where and cheap enough young guys beat them without mercy,, not any more. lol .
  3. Want over priced early 70s Japanese car that is very hard to find even though millions were shipped here ?? Go shopping for an early Toyota Celica, Jesus cabbage farting Christ . bought my wife one like her first car for her birthday a few years ago .. sticker shock for sure . She bought the first one for $2500. In 1986 with about 50k on speedo .. At a Tacoma dealership that is now the Dodge on south Tacoma way . . .
  4. Hey you so of a bitch, you never even told me you were seeing my wifes sister Bev. ,
  5. clickity clickity https://www.jbcoachwerks.com .
  6. Are placing your child in a tree forts mandated by the government?? and you say you skipped over, lol, I guess so .. cuz the kid was 13 .. which normally would be considered Well above the age of a SIDS death . 😂 Honestly I don’t care if anyone reads what I post . But I do like to argue ,, literally about anything. like it’s been said in past Ratsun is like a couple of group of assholes standing in garage debating who’s standing closer to fridge and has to get beer for everyone. . .
  7. I personally have never once asked or told you to stop ,, so there’s that But that ain’t going to stop you from climbing up on the cross as most mask/vaccine shamers do
  8. yes , exactly Mr. Dude Just a reminder if some out there don’t know,, My youngest ( identical twins) are as fragile of human beings that have ever been born on the planet.. Since they are adults ( funny taking them to tavern as they are still very much childlike but can legally eat at bar). ,, we are legal guardians now so kinda at governments mercy with no recourse as why they can probably take them away now if not following whatever horseshit .. anyways Wife took them to Tacoma at one of those large “ drive thru” events in , April or May I’m thinkin,, to get maybe them vaccinated with the Trump cure , lol , long story short the head of the Pierce county health dept , that was there that day overseeing ,, was unsure if they could be safely vaccinated. Small rant Guardianship ,, funny how the government makes you pay a relatively high legal bill to take your title as parents away from you .. lol , If it wasn’t so sad .
  9. so you are trying to say Google/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter haven’t openly said they are censoring covid content not aligned with their views Really ?? OK asking someone to find stuff that has been censored off the internet by using the internet to back up their claim … lol I switched to DuckDuckGo to get stuff not directly aligned Jeff Bezos governments official world view.
  10. I’m not the one who wrote articles., aka “ the reporter” but going off the fact the New York Times ( notice I included the name at top of screenshot) is about as left leaning bird cage filler as you can get I’m surprised 9 could even get through their screeners .. You “reported” the vaccine as perfectly safe .. and like I said Google and all it’s tentacles ain’t going to let you find shit arguing against their narrative.. so ok
  11. Not sure where Doody got that number ,but , I don’t think the 98% in somewhat healthy adult Americans is even close to accurate.. I don’t think covid has anywhere near 2% mortally rate. But I’m not going to go look right now . I was never arguing old people getting vaccinated,, cuz I honestly don’t give a shit.. i “” a relatively unhealthy middle aged person”” was tested positive,,( in a clinical setting) for covid a month or so ago and I was out digging ditches just yesterday because of the flooding . So I’m not scared of dying from the sweet and sour sniffles. Also about the vaccine with trace amounts of stainless steel in it ,, if you notice who said it was safe ,,, it was the manufacturer that said it’s perfectly safe ,, lol. .
  12. The “9” is being stressed as a number from god,, I see it as the number the government/big tech will allow through their “fact checker” system.. like I mentioned ,, the article was explaining why a sitting senator was permanently banned off Twitter for posting CDC and dept of whatever-the fuck numbers as “facts” I asssssume the same place the 1250 number is coming from ,, lol Ok,, from sept.. how about giving your child a possibly permanent heart condition with odds of 1-5000?? Is that enough % ?
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