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  1. Well that's good. I'm guessing that means my twist the pull knob knob was a good suggestion?
  2. im curious if it worked now
  3. zero gauge EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i am not an electrician or really know anything other than basics)
  4. Twist the knob pull knob? At least that's how it is with my 620s
  5. And he talks about it at the end of the video. I should wait until I finish watching to make comments
  6. The blue truck in the bay is a 1981 luv and his son (I'm guessing) has his own channel for it. Lowluvlife
  7. Same, mine is mostly a youtube and netflix player. Same with my ps3
  8. I sent you the playlist, all but the one I missed are on there
  9. Sorry I didnt see it, I looked but couldn't find it
  10. I haven't watched any of his other stuff but he's got a 350z he is working on as well
  11. hobospyder

    521 youtube build

    Found this channel one weekend browsing Enjoy
  12. Bought the first season on DVD so I can watch it. Gonna slowly buy the rest of the original DVD, dont care enough for the newer shit to attempt to buy all of that. Accidentally bought the full weeaboo version of an anime recently, comes with art book, chibified bookmarks and a pillowcase featuring 2 of the females from the show. Found out about all this when I had to go in and see if it was the entire series or just half of it (was only half)
  13. And hobo is saddened to know he knows what the fuck is going on there
  14. I'll watch it when I get home. Currently hiding at work
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