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  1. Yeah they're lucky it's not me, I'd go to the thrift store, buy a bunch of blankets and tack them to the ceiling. And if there's space for a display, I'd put something random in there
  2. Maybe? But it takes minimum 2 months for an update so gotta wait till the end of feb?
  3. I think binky is in paint shop now, at least, not in the workshop as of last video
  4. he has an instagram. just don't remember seeing posts recently
  5. If anybody ever called tanker an asshole to me I would make them reassess what an asshole really is. And I'm good at that, ask anybody that knows me
  6. I think he meant shave it off and patch the hole to clean up the top of the cover
  7. Why the fuck would some dumbass out cream cheese in mac and cheese? That's almost as bad as velveeta mac and cheese
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