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  1. I dont generally get south of everett. Not much that brings me even to everett if I aint working but plenty enough going on an hour and a half ish north of Seattle at home to keep me occupied on my days off.
  2. Turn your monitor
  3. Don't go to cap hill and you should be fine? Or just ignore the city entirely and pretend it doesn't exist because you're a country boy and don't like big cities
  4. posted from android, did not resize
  5. From Android When I tried yesterday it was too big or something No option for image size
  6. Glad you got the locks working Just hobo works for the record. I should change my screen name...
  7. If anything im an hour and a half ish drive north of seattle, and i have at least 6 620s worth of doors for comparison, or ted down south of Tumwater probably has doors for sale. And there's plenty of 620s in between us
  8. the doors won't lock as long as the door is open. that was a new one for me when i got my 73. but i also don't know what your lock issue is so it could be something else entirely
  9. And i can think of 2 people that would need restroom access possibly
  10. Cock it up Its always good to learn from your mistakes and you won't make that one again
  11. Its in the plans but I gotta get the roof and electrical sorted first. Thinking both 2 and 4 post
  12. You redid your driveway and installed a lift? I need to go to your place more often
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