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  1. I may have a bumper you can use. Message me on the Instagram and I'll take pictures and send to you. It's either mk1 or mk2, not sure.
  2. Well then I might have to talk to you about the s30. Try to talk you out if something.
  3. Well since its damaged I'll buy it from you
  4. Already commented on YouTube but had to add, wo glad I chose to watch YouTube instead of Netflix tonight during lunch
  5. I think mine are holding up the rear end of a 76 longbed and a hardbody axle right now. I bought the more expensive pump style ones last year after borrowing a set from redeye because they're so much easier to use to move cars around
  6. Wish I could say I havent done the same thing with my work bench but I cant. They work well for moving furniture.
  7. hobospyder

    My '77 620

    Coffin tattoo, love it. Looks like you have a bit more room than I do if those are your legs. Get her running proper and enjoy
  8. Take care of you Mike, it's a big hole but somebody will eventually step up and fill it again
  9. More interested in finding my car but is he still working at home depot?
  10. That thing will be flat by june
  11. yeah i just don't like talking on the phone so i always end up going in myself, always get asked why i didn't call first
  12. why not call and have them order and then only go in to pick up?
  13. i think you might need a new barrel on that wheel but you're in better shape than i am
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