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  1. Just the bolt holding the eccentric on. Just gotta make sure its tight. And maybe replace the fuel pump just in case, but save the old one and possibly rebuild it.
  2. I've got the housings in one truck and a set of leds waiting to be plugged in and used. Just used regular halogens when I put them in little miss. But last year I bought a couple sets of leds for the two sets of housings I have and a set for the 4x6 that were on the 180, they seriously didn't want me to put leds into the 4x6 but were fine with me putting them into the 575s.
  3. Looking at that date i think I know where they were going or leaving Theres a few dattos down your way, only a few in my neck of the woods
  4. i should have an extra 4 speed down in the shop. but i'm not taking it apart, if you want part of it you get the whole thing. just on the other side of the state from you
  5. No worries. I'm sure if I hadn't read warnings before I had to replace a fuel pump on my l16 and it didn't have one I probably would've just slapped the fuel pump on there.
  6. and if i had known about the need for a fuel pump insulator/spacer thingie I probably have a spare or 2
  7. Drove to Eugene and back with a belt that wasn't on quite straight because the alternator wasn't lined up. Matter of fact I think its still off today, would have to go look
  8. Everything is in different states of disassembly so they'll need work to get to moving. I'm just trying to get rid of stuff at this point
  9. Yeah I'd be bringing a shitty 620 down Street parking is fine by me
  10. I have 2 questionable l18 block, at least 1 l20b block. Couple of heads, but no running motors. But ifn you want you can come grab some stuff
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