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  1. Buddy of mine that lives in town and uses my shop for working on his jeep says "I want to put the spare Jeep axles under that old Datsun on the tennis court. That would be rad." Just, for ideas, yaknow
  2. Yeah, I keep to less than half a pack a day unless I'm doing long distance driving by myself or hanging around other smokers
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRbwCknlWxV/?igshid=1vd08iz6r014y Don't remember why but I had a bucket of gas out in the shop at one point. And, well.... I felt the need to test it out
  4. Since its already lit nothing. Especially if he's just holding it and not inhaling.
  5. Find a set you like the design of and paint them
  6. Watch Copart and iaai auctions for dead leafs?
  7. I'm gonna put a leaf motor in it
  8. "I filmed that" You sure?
  9. i know someone who would gladly take that off their hands (funds aren't willing though). like, dream car status even if the person who wants it doesn't fit behind the wheel
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