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  1. May wanna invest in a tow vehicle possibly Dont use it too often but comes in handy when you need it, especially if you have a backup driver you trust
  2. i have one i'm gonna be doing this on as well so good luck dude
  3. If you're referring to what I think you're referring to than yes those are the correct ones
  4. Does the vg30e in my pathfinder count? 300zx came with a vg30et so it's the same block right?
  5. Up in bc and he usually makes a thread about it. They drive right by you and didnt even stop for a howdydo
  6. I could bring some bulbs down to icehouse one day. I work not too far I think, but i do have extra bulbs floating around
  7. that i lack along with a lot of the internet anything is better than nothing, gonna make me cry
  8. A fib is fun. Specially when they cant figure out what's wrong and medication doesnt help. Dont let it go 24 hours without seeing a doc and you'll be fine. Hopefully they didnt have to shock you to get it back right, not fun, trust me. Good luck, dont overwork yourself, limit alcohol stress caffeine and nicotine (the big 4 causes for afib) and you should be fine
  9. But there's nothing to enjoy. I need visual stimuli
  10. What? Are you flirting or just..... issues? Because I can work with either Maybe, I'm picky about my partners
  11. I dont have the appropriate paperwork to get out of country and the car I had with an sr20det got stolen 4 or 5 months ago I think. Not sure on timeline at this point And I'm just as surprised as the people I'm talking to when things come out of my mouth.
  12. I would consider buying this thing myself with a king cab in trade as well but neither of my king crabs run and I wouldn't be able to give you a known good motor. And I may or may not have too many projects going on at this time to add another. And i cant get into Canada
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