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  1. Yeah it's an in person sort of story. Would've been a great one for Friday night but we were talking other things
  2. And jbird proving he doesnt know about Gary oldman. That story was not told this last weekend
  3. And, well.... I almost got into ren faire a few times. And meat pies mmmmmm meat pies
  4. I miss the rental faire people, had an older lady would sit and bullshit with us after dark through the fence.
  5. I'm in and with Mike, may even have a datsun or Nissan next year
  6. I barely managed to get out of there at 11, meant to leave at 10 and kept getting distracted myself
  7. Wait you're the Marysville cat I saw last minute as I was saying goodbye to people
  8. Thanks for hosting Jay. Gonna have to drive down there with my daughter this summer
  9. Dont call that local group, I'm not local to you guys
  10. Had an awesome time, looking forward to next year, may have to bring the tow truck down so I can have a datsun there
  11. Grabs, grabass and more grabass
  12. I dont think they are but I never weighed them. Just based one feel of 4 drums vs feel of the 4 ginormous rotors I think they weigh about the same. I honestly done remember that was 2 or 3 years ago. I wanna say closer to 4
  13. dude i paid good money for mine back in 2015 or whenever i got it, wouldn't mind having a second one for a king cab.
  14. yeah i'll take the 32mpg subaru over the 10mpg tow truck. would like to save a little bit of cash and nothing i have is really worth bringing atm
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