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  1. Yeah I forgot materials have gone through the roof. But still good luck
  2. Hopefully you can get the permits soon and have the shop started so you can work in it this summer
  3. Hey I found the shop picture I was actually looking for. This is closer to what it looks like currently
  4. House garage is static like this right now, just need to clean up around the cars Shop is in flux and I need to re clean under the loft while I'm organizing (constant problem) Would love to get the roof fixed so I can start working on other stuff with the shop but house roof first
  5. Fill it with vinegar and let it sit. See what happens? Maybe throw some gravel in with the vinegar and you can even give it a shake
  6. Did you go? Eagerly awaiting the next bleach garage video over here Rain is in the forecast and I have an extra person in my house currently so couldn't bring the 300zx down, hopefully they'll have a Japanese cars in the summer so I can
  7. Date changed to the 7th
  8. Date is subject to change at this point, which is why I put it so far out, so let me know, I can shift a weekend or two in either direction. This is your fault after all On a Saturday so I don't have to work that night Hoping my roof is done before August and I have little miss driving again
  9. North West end meet up was requested, north west end meet is provided Hoboland, at the house like the last one because dickish neighbors, and I kinda want to mess with the 3 new sets of neighbors that haven't seen a bunch of datsuns loaded up at a house yet. Saturday August 7th because I'm an asshole and schedule things way the fuck out
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