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  1. hobospyder

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    I ran that thing over in accident
  2. hobospyder

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    I don't know how or where they grow. Most operations I have seen have been indoors but most of the farms near me are corn. I have a buddy that does a couple plants a year though
  3. hobospyder

    June Deschutes Falls fun run 6/30/18

    Normally yes, fucking hilarious, this week not even close.
  4. hobospyder

    June Deschutes Falls fun run 6/30/18

    Not funny at this point in time
  5. hobospyder

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Shit I can use some spare stock Sr parts
  6. hobospyder

    June Deschutes Falls fun run 6/30/18

    I will be in texas
  7. hobospyder

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

  8. hobospyder

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    I've had this conversation before
  9. I saw it a couple days before canby and he updated his thread around that time
  10. hobospyder

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    It's not a Silvia. Silvia's have non pop up headlights and I think we're only coupes, I have a hatchback. Also if you're meeting up with the Steve that called my car the wrong thing I could possibly swing by depending on day and time. Only person that generally rides anywhere with me is my daughter so sports coupe and trucks are perfectly fine for me. I personally plan on shoving a vg30 into a 620 at some point. Don't know when yet though. And look for hoboland projects in project datto or go 4 it 5 pages back and there's 2 locked threads, little miss and the toolbox and ducky Chronicles or something like that. I update via YouTube these days
  11. hobospyder

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    North of Seattle. Buy a farm, grow some corn.
  12. hobospyder

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    It'll end up costing a bunch but mail them the glove box door with return postage and hope to whatever deity you hold dear that it comes back hine
  13. hobospyder

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    shit, this is a fact. I can't just go into a store and buy a water pump for one if my cars. Shit I don't even know if I can go to a dealership to get it. Sr20det stock motor...
  14. hobospyder

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    i've driven with redeye a few times and he gets up and goes plenty well enough with a ka motor. as much as i enjoy my sr motor i don't think i would want to put the extra money into figuring out how to stuff it into a truck unless you're trying to keep up with carlos and his 521. but still, you'll want better suspension. i'd say fix up an l motor, get the suspension work done and ride it like that while you save and PLAN your engine swap. plan being the key word. the ka is a well documented swap, the sr not so much from what i've seen. know that whatever you have budgeted you will probably end up spending more plus the time and effort of doing it.

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