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  1. Let me get some things figured out, will try to have one in september
  2. Don't worry about it rick, I'm going to have to cancel this one last minute. Roof emptied my wallet a bit too much and now I have to fix my garage. Sorry guys, I screwed the pooch on this one
  3. 10 year difference between your own posts, I doubt the lot is still there
  4. I have a ryobi, works pretty good. And I'm tied down to the platform since.... well my daughter wasn't born yet
  5. That's what my chevy would be
  6. I mean, if everything goes to plan there will be one at least
  7. maybe have a second show during the summer designed around the same idea but be mixed makes, it's nice having the purely datsun event and since we aren't in all the communities who knows how the camping would go with the other makes involved. this way we can possibly keep the all datsun meet if the other one is a complete flop and they don't want those guys to return
  8. next year i bring the drone and add that to whatever video the hippy puts out
  9. i showed up at 330 yesterday, you were on your way north already i think. i did look and ask around for you
  10. last time i had a coleman fold and go stove and grill, pretty sure i used both on one of the picnic tables if i come down this weekend it'll only be for a day and just to see people and then heading back home. haven't started in on the roof yet which is where everything is supposed to be going, no datsun just the subaru again
  11. and after scrolling up the page i see a picture of your gas tank.... all my advice is bunk except the vent tube that's right next to the filler tube if you look in the hole can you see tubes going to the bottom of the tank where the other two lines are?
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