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  1. hang_510

    Cuz butthurt...now with added dickbees.

    What was C? Canby? is it the opposite of dickbee?
  2. hang_510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Road rage after entering Oregon. the rest happened in Corning on the way home. The guy crashed into 2 cars as well. The guy he tried to fight was friendly.
  3. hang_510

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    2 datsuns enter, 1 datsun leaves
  4. hang_510

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Lighter always 12v and this time(first???) a phone was plugged in during ignition.Added it before Canby and used the same 12v supply the adapter does. Gonna fix that. Rest of system fine, charging as normal. Sent it to MSD to autopsy and possibly replace.
  5. hang_510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    The signatures are different, if that matters. He signed my car. Gotta be worth an extra $500 now.
  6. hang_510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Me too. 1 red Z.No supers at all. acetone soaked q-tips for removal.
  7. hang_510

    Datsun 510 side skirts/splitters

    Better than the gutter rubber skirts that were on mine when I got it (90s) Still used on the spoiler.
  8. hang_510

    Need parts values

    What if he floats?
  9. hang_510

    Need parts values

    Got any 4 speed trans?
  10. hang_510

    L20b Front Cover Issues

    Stock manifold good for 192hp. Works great on my setup. PM me for a timing cover.
  11. hang_510

    How do you eBay?

    Using a - to skip for when people use #datsun for Honda parts Works for other searches too.
  12. hang_510

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    hail of a good time this year! Met a few people for the first time and for some it had been a long time. Trip up flawless. zero cops 13mpg low (2 tank average @ >85mph) get 19 @ 80avg 23mpg hi Return trip: clutch issues, fluid contaminated, flushed and no prob. 0.99 USB charger failed and let the magic smoke out, cord melted. Then a few minutes later the tach redlines and the msd adapter let's out it's magic smoke. Melted plastic but no fire. 95* in the shade in Modesto. Removed and made the rest of the ride fine. Used a liter and half of oil. Afraid to total the gas. Trip was ~2700mi, won something for it too
  13. hang_510

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Gassed and good to go. Kid ditches school @ lunch and we're off to the keeper party
  14. hang_510

    Trying to help someone join Ratsun.net

    It's revealed when you learn the secret handshake.
  15. hang_510

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Turn the camera when you take them. Or rotate them before you save them.

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