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  1. Left Coast Datsun in Long Beach
  2. Good spot. no one remembers mine was done like the original HW 😎seeing both of mine in MT article. Thanks!
  3. hang_510

    JCCS 2021

    free t shirt and a bag of advertisements
  4. hang_510

    JCCS 2021

    the gOOn is registered
  5. my co-workers fixed my cards to say Ass Man
  6. GRN W1D Mobius skinny pizza wagon (Loki ep.5) the pinto hubcaps are perfect for removing bottlecaps
  7. only good locksmith is midtown on main, probably a bunch in oxnard. i did it and bent the cover, needed another locks set to remove the spring for the flap. could rekey it at this point as well. the new set i got off ebay tripled in price when i went to order another.
  8. strange, Eddy is usually responsive. i have not had any issues with their products. rear window seal has been in for over 2 years. Datsport has quality parts.
  9. send antlions https://www.instagram.com/p/CQfe3rHnji6/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. very very low if you dont get it. regular low if you're in a high risk group. we got the second wednesday(fully recovered already), i figured during the chip shortage the odds a chip is include is also very low.
  11. bird is THE word. please review the identify the bird post this was the first version i heard
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