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  1. Who's ready for the aunt jemima treatment?
  2. hang_510

    Anyone I know still around

    A blink of the eye in terms of rust
  3. Country music is dangerous "I couldn't make it as a punker"
  4. One of the dead in TO was in Vegas
  5. hang_510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Only NEED the minty #12, but I'd take the 2 skylines. More trading?
  6. Mass shootings and raging fires, FUCK
  7. I didn't get a harumpf outta this guy
  8. Hosenose horked all the beer, eh? what a hoser
  9. hang_510

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Where are those from? I found a guy making factory replacements, works great so far.
  10. hang_510

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Before eaglerock, I added a new drive shaft, replaced half shaft u joints. Hit close to 120 on the way, all scary vibrations gone! also replaced all the clutch hydraulics, (hosestop custom) Had a blast with Shacks510 taking the long way home. Now I gotta work out a hesitation around 3500rpms. MSD or carbs???
  11. hang_510

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    So sad reading this... He never failed to amuse me. He's riding around heaven on his big bike with clown shoes making angels pick up ass pennies.
  12. hang_510

    Cuz butthurt...now with added dickbees.

    What was C? Canby? is it the opposite of dickbee?
  13. hang_510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Road rage after entering Oregon. the rest happened in Corning on the way home. The guy crashed into 2 cars as well. The guy he tried to fight was friendly.
  14. hang_510

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    2 datsuns enter, 1 datsun leaves
  15. hang_510

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Lighter always 12v and this time(first???) a phone was plugged in during ignition.Added it before Canby and used the same 12v supply the adapter does. Gonna fix that. Rest of system fine, charging as normal. Sent it to MSD to autopsy and possibly replace.

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