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  1. i use MSD tach adapter #8925??? for inductive tachs(stock is the 4 wires). did the orange needle ever work? a machinist on IG makes those light bezels
  2. I found with my Carter pump in the rear the DCOEs did fine w/o a regulater. pump mounted in the engine bay the regulator was necessary.
  3. Not running mine now. Maybe an airdam helps the same way??? Splash is accurate as without it I would got the distributor wet. Definitely made a difference when I off-roaded. sand was kept out for the most part too.
  4. Dave, submitted my order. Should I have waited for a discount?
  5. Couple closed on ebay in the $35 range. I got one loose
  6. Same here. Don't burn my fingers. I'll usually confirm once warmed up
  7. Will have to stop in and check it out.
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