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  1. Looks like I need towing capabilities on my goon
  2. Other than the 100 RLC that they signed without hologram serial numbers, all can be bought and autograped. I have a bunch, but once they added a gold serial number sticker, meh. I have a bunch of stuff autographed. I really like the 280z hubcap hat they signed at Laguna Seca. I doubt I'd sell anything unless broke, and since I'm already divorced, more (Datsun) toys! weird that my toys are part of my retirement portfolio
  3. I have a cracked and repaired available. I'll trade it for a custom aluminum one.
  4. Wonder what my autographed card 510 is worth?
  5. Registered the van this time.
  6. I remember that partial build. Not a bad interview. Where's the uproar over available cars or the cost of them? Mine went up another $2000 after watching.
  7. I have a few available. Specific engine necessary.
  8. I find tools. Never found a 10mm
  9. I heard he is a tranny expert, exceeding even the keeper by a factor of 3
  10. It's not a gang,it's a club
  11. Across the bay still better than Irvine was... earl Warren showgrounds would be fun
  12. My step dad has 2. He builds model planes in them. The larger has leaked(seams) from there being near the beach. Has a wood floor and he added ventilation (those spinning steel globe balls) and that worked perfect for the smaller. He's had them on the same gravel for 30+years. no rodent issues in the site. One on the 3 cabinets from the Dukes of Hazzard set I just got had the steel floor rotted out. The other 2 are perfect.
  13. I watched a dad and his son search while he explained what to look for. I found a regular TH after they left.
  14. Go back to datsunville and get a set!
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