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  1. my DAP seal &trim has been installed in my sedan for 4 years w/o issue. only 'corners' are at the top. it replaced one of those 5000 seals that failed after 3mos. my wagon also has one going in soon.
  2. 19 and only a motorcycle (Honda CB500) and was tired of having to drive it in the rain. my friend had 4dr auto that we traded straight. have essentially had at least once since. never another auto! still have the only 2dr ive owned.
  3. RIP Tanya Roberts ive swam in this lake 5 of us ditched high school and met her(them) on a Charlies Angel set.
  4. Having issues in a 81 720 wiring a new 85? Z24 & distributor 4wires(W/B/R/G) where the stock Z22 was with same 3 wires above. no spark with any combo
  5. yes, direct to the harness(tech support suggestion). same results. 11.3-10.7v while cranking. ECU powers back up as soon as either cranking method stops. many hour$ later... me either. ive sent the harness back for them to lie there is nothing wrong and send it back fixed. thanks!
  6. i have the bottom one in both 510s since ive owned them, seemed original. works too!
  7. with the starter wire disconnected from the harness, key from ON to START, power is maintained at the ECU. when i manually engage the starter(screwdriver method) it also kills the ecu power. key is ON. also tried a brand new switch, separate power to ECU...
  8. ever seen this issue with a KAde? the ground kit im using (wiring specialties) grounds to both & frame. solid connections everywhere. im having issues with ECU power loss when cranking (no electrical issues until starter is engaged) ECU works fine in a running car.
  9. i use MSD tach adapter #8925??? for inductive tachs(stock is the 4 wires). did the orange needle ever work? a machinist on IG makes those light bezels
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