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  1. hang_510

    Hot LZ23

    Forgetting to remove it is worse... Z22 crank & block bored to 88.5mm, open U67 head (44?mm in/ 38mm ex) semi dished JE piston custom pinheight full floating on l20b rods, isky .490 cam, I've put over 30,000 hassle free mi on this setup, it has gone over 7000 many times. Glyphed the block and custom pan. Drives on the freeway on 87, but 91 eliminates problems. Cooled by a stock 3 core radiator, never overheated.
  2. hang_510


    Who dey? All chargers today, fuck the patriots
  3. hang_510

    Tomorrow So Cal at Duck pond /Honda center 1-5-19

    Ducks SUCK!!!
  4. hang_510

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    Last year a guy from Japan bought a motor home and trailer to buy cars, then sold it.
  5. hang_510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    It's on, It's at your place now
  6. hang_510

    Dat Nuts!

    Did you get them? Probably have 13 or 14
  7. hang_510

    Blue Lake 2019 35 years of Datsuns

    My aunt lived in blue lake ca, now she's in Salem. haven't made it to Portland in the same year... 2019 may be the year
  8. hang_510

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    Since you're towing... Sounds like a total shit show. Wouldn't miss the very first one for a free shower
  9. hang_510

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    The night time is the right time At least it's not on fathers day
  10. hang_510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Damn, all this time it's been Monster® and don't mess with my head, that stuff goes in the gas tank! [/img]
  11. hang_510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Gotta do both. made Canby six times in the sedan. The 10hr drive plus stops sucked every time.
  12. hang_510

    who do you all insure threw?

    Mercury. cheap as fuck, and that's what you get when you need it.
  13. hang_510

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    Cut it open and let's see the oily sock Socks and crocs never wins! Ever!

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