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  1. KELMO

    Underhood Fuel Line Grommet

    FWIW...The pat # is 24250-89937. Which is odd as the leading "24" indicates that it should be in the electrical group. Possibly this is used elsewhere on the vehicle for a harness pass through. Using vacuum line split down the middle can work, but I have always found it to be a little bit of a bitch kitty myself.
  2. KELMO

    Newbie looking for some guidance

    Neither do I...….cuz old guy. Maybe Imgur has an app(?). That is what I use for posting from my laptop.
  3. KELMO

    Newbie looking for some guidance

    Dude, you can't say that here and not post a pic. (Sarcasm Font)
  4. KELMO

    my nissan a15 turbo

    Links in the first two posts do not work. Would love to see them though. Try using a hosting site like Imgur (anything but photobucket). Imgr has several links you can copy and paste, use the one for message boards/BBC code.
  5. KELMO

    B210 dogleg 5 speed in B310/210

    FWIW....I have put 60 series trannys in a 1200 without too much jickyness. I would think if you are going from auto to manual the mounting should be close. I have a 60 series 4 speed laying in the shop and also a 60 series 5 speed, do you need pics? Both of these trannys came out of 210's
  6. KELMO


    Thanks, I really like that car. She is a real treat to drive. Will be even more of a treat once the 5 speed is in. This car really came out the way I envisioned it looking from the beginning. 12" slotted "D" wheels and a 2" inch drop.
  7. KELMO

    Kelmo's Coupe Build(?)

    So anyway...…………………………... Put the 5 speed from the green car in this bitch, drove it to Williams and back. About an 800 mile round trip and some other road trippin'. Decided the transmission is good so what do I do? Put that MF in the Green Coupe. I have a 5 speed from a 210 that works really well in 1st gear and reverse but nothing in between. So, this little bitch will have a 4 speed until I figure out how to rebuild a transmission. I asked Missus Kelmo how she would describe driving the Green Coupe and the Grey Coupe Her response; The Green Coupe is kind of a priss and the Grey Coupe is a bit of a Bitch. You have to treat the Green Coupe nice but you can drive the Grey Coupe hard and put her away wet (I paraphrased there but you get the idea). Holy Crap I love that woman.
  8. KELMO


    Soon to be now with 5 speed.....wait, didn't I say that about a year ago? Well. yes I did. And I did. After about 100 miles it started to make noise. What to do? Put it in the Grey Coupe, drive the shit out of it. Took it to Williams with no issues. I put about 1000 miles (+/-) on the trans so now it goes back into the Green Coupe. Back to Zero drivable Datsuns ATM. Don't nobody tell Missus Kelmo. Could be trouble.
  9. KELMO

    What are you listening to???

    Queen, A Night at the Opera; The Prophet's song I'm in Love With My Car It's not like I'm gay(not that there is anything wrong with that), just damn...that guitar.
  10. KELMO


    Hey boys, look who's back from Holiday. With a fucking Vengance. Not sure I spelled that right.
  11. KELMO

    So, I messed up.....

    10,000 interwebs points for NVFireFighter. Just cuz. The points don't matter anyway.
  12. Walls definitely work. Holy Fuck Balls. Just spit Ginger Ale and Whiskey on the screen. Again.
  13. KELMO

    New 320 owner, 62?

    The sickness is called "Datsunitis". We are all infected by it. The symptoms are mostly the same but not limited. Symptoms include; buying more Datsuns than you really need, going to wrecking yards to "just look around and see what they have", hoarding Datsun parts(this also includes buying spare parts that you don't need but think you may need in the future), telling your wife/SO that you really don't have THAT much money tied up in cars/parts, knowing that you have a part some where in your stash but being unable to find it until you start looking for something completely different and then it pops up. Some may feel a strong urge to buy Datsun Hot Wheels. Don't talk to your doctor about Datsunitis as this may lead to strange looks and possible incarceration in the looney bin. There is no cure for Datsunitis but relief can be found with the occasional road trip or hot lap around the block which should create a little shit eating grin. Once you have Datsunitis, avoid cars like Honda, Toyota, and Mazda. Hope this helps.
  14. KELMO

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    That right there is pretty damn funny. Well, to me anyway.
  15. KELMO

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Went to a car show yesterday. There is always a guy there with an HW booth and I usually drop a good deal of cash with him. Got some stuff I have not been able to find living in a rural area and 1 or 2 that just had to be duplicates. Bonus round: Went back into one of the buildings and just happened to walk by this. Not an HW but cool none the less. Will make a cool business card holder for the airport office.

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