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  1. Duncan the sender bender. Bwahahahahaha Wagon tanks aren't that hard to get out, its the getting them back in that is difficult.
  2. Top left pic looks like the clips that hold the door weatherstrip in at the bottom of the door (depending on their size) Top right pic looks like the part that goes in the instrument bezel at the bottom between speedo and tach/clock(again, depends on size) Middle pic on the left: These nifty little buggers were used to hold in the vinyl/rubber floor mats from the factory. I had these in my 1200 also. Middle picture on the right: This one is purely a guess but, some type of bracket for the seat maybe? They look familiar but I just can't remember. Last pic: I haven't a clue.
  3. I do the tote storage thing also. In addition to that I have a excel sheet in the computer to help locate parts. Wish I would have done that a long time ago.
  4. I think this looks like the one that was on CL a week or so ago. I would love to have grabbed this one up but if I were to bring another Datto home, my wife may very well cut my nuts off. Welcome to the circus.
  5. How many vacuum lines go to the solenoid? Is it a cylindrical? What are the rough dimensions? 2 lead electrical connector, or more? I'll do some looking today (if my old ass can remember to) and see what I can find.
  6. I have a trailer that would fit that truck perfectly. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Good looking truck.
  7. KELMO

    Just bought a 521

    It snowed here Thursday but damn, not like that. We only got 8".
  8. Still have not seen The Fairlady Team Transport in my redneck of the woods.
  9. ^^^What he said, I keep coming back to look at this little beauty. Then again, once it has some color on it.....damn.
  10. Seen this car at Williams (and The Keeper also) and it looks the goods in person.
  11. Not sure I got a full on pic of the Figaro, but I did get some others. Got there Friday, unloaded, and found this 620 parked by the coupe Some others..... Chopper Jim and Missus Kelmo @ the Hot Wheels booth more to follow as time permits.
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