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  1. My buddy's dad let us build a set up in the garage. Can't remember how big it was but you had to crawl under the "table" and there was a cut out in the middle where we had the controls. We built somewhat of a small town. The only cars I remember having for sure was a early 70's Camaro and a '55 Bel Air.
  2. I have the # 35 car sitting on my bookshelf 3 feet to my left. AFX slot cars, man did I burn some hours way back when playing with those.
  3. FWIW, At the very least, the two rods that are used to lower the spare could very well still be available as the Titan, Frontier, and Xterra all use this same method. I will check to see if this is a valid statement and if it is I will post part #'s. Nissan has a lug wrench that has a square hole that goes over the end of one of the rods for lowering the spare much like the original part. If memory serves, the three parts can be had for somewhere between 30 to 50 dollhairs.
  4. ^^^This is amusing. I got a flu shot Thursday. First time in my life. Missus Kelmo is a CNP (Certified Nutty Princess...no really, some kind of nurse) and advised me to do it as I am mid 50's, still dumb enough to smoke, and could be considered a heavy drinker...it depends on the scale I guess. Much like DM above I don't go out, don't entertain, no kids and bars? please, I can drink at home at a decidedly cheaper rate and only have to stumble from the shop to the house. I would bike to work but 43 miles one way is a bit much IMHO.
  5. KELMO

    1200 wheel alert

    It is too bad I don't live in Cali, these would be an awesome Saturday impulse buy. 13's would really help to get the grey coupe away from that "Hot Wheels" look.
  6. "John Wayne is a son of a bitch" We could use us some John Wayne right now.
  7. One of my 1200's has rust like that and I once thought I would fix it. The car has been a driver since 2011.
  8. That filter in the air cleaner housing is a 16565-U6700. Came up NLA through Nissan. It seems to me that these were used all the way up to early 80's model Sentra.
  9. A. Your shift boot beats the crap out of my "Crown Black" shift boot. B. Seats, I'm in the same boat in the grey coupe.
  10. It has been said that men never mature past the 6th or 7th grade mentality so I think that adds some justification. Oops, I think my sarcasm just surfaced.
  11. KELMO

    GOONS check in

    If L16, vales appear to be NLA from Nissan INT; 13201-23002 EXH; 13202-23001 Would have to do a little more looking but that is what I found when I took a quick peek.
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