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  1. Really looks like the place to be. IMHO
  2. ^^^^Bad Ass, I think. Now hurry up and get it done.
  3. Thereby proving my point. Missus Kelmo is way prettier than I am. But hey, I ain't that hard on the eyes either. IMHO
  4. I used to run our FBO, now Missus Kelmo runs it and has been for about 2 years. Our fuel sales have increased over the past 2 years.
  5. ^^^^ Dream car...tore up from the floor up and leaking like nobody's business.😉
  6. 1200's come in at about 1650 LBS. I think 510's are in the 2200-2300 range but as far as a list of weights I am not sure. I thought weights were listed in the beginning of the catalog but I just checked and no such luck. Maybe in the days of microfiche is what I am remembering.
  7. That 2 door walked away with an award if I remember correctly( I even voted for it but cannot remember if it was for best 510 or best in show). The only time this show was in the parking lot of the DQ was the first one, all of the rest have been on 66. I was right across the street with the grey 1200. We talked for a bit until your dog decided it had had enough and drug you off through the trees.
  8. KELMO

    OEM oil filter

    15208-13212 supercedes to part # 15208-H8920. The H8920 is still available through your local Nissan dealer. Suggested list price is $8.53. The A12 motor should take a 15208-H8903 which supercedes to a 15208-55Y0A. This is the filter I use on an A12.
  9. That is pretty cool. Can't wait to take a look at it in person this coming Saturday.
  10. I'll bet that color is something to see in person.
  11. KELMO

    GLHS's 1971 1200

    Good looking coupe. Do you know if the fenders were cut to accommodate the 15X7's? Have 14's on one of mine and any wider than 185 starts to rub.
  12. Show is 3 weeks from yesterday.
  13. If I didn't own a business, I'd do both!
  14. Negative, these things eat rodents, rattlesnakes, and other annoying things around my house. Just gotta look close and make sure it is a bull snake and not a rattler. Pitched it over the fence, the husky was unimpressed.
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