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  1. I have a trailer that would fit that truck perfectly. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Good looking truck.
  2. KELMO

    Just bought a 521

    It snowed here Thursday but damn, not like that. We only got 8".
  3. ^^^I feel like I need this.
  4. Still have not seen The Fairlady Team Transport in my redneck of the woods.
  5. ^^^What he said, I keep coming back to look at this little beauty. Then again, once it has some color on it.....damn.
  6. Seen this car at Williams (and The Keeper also) and it looks the goods in person.
  7. Not sure I got a full on pic of the Figaro, but I did get some others. Got there Friday, unloaded, and found this 620 parked by the coupe Some others..... Chopper Jim and Missus Kelmo @ the Hot Wheels booth more to follow as time permits.
  8. Aaron, your wife is pretty cool. She hung out a bit at the booth and even bought some Hot Wheels. This year's show was one of the best since the start of it 9 years ago. Greg and Becky (mostly Becky) did an outstanding job. There were many cart/trucks there that had not been there before and some cars that have been there almost every year and it turned out to be a really good mix of people and cars. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. I actually took pics this year and as soon as I can get them transferred and blah, blah, blah, I will get some posted.
  9. Mine must have not been that bad, someone stole it off the front porch, thus ending my BMX days. At least I still had (and still have) my Banzai skate board.
  10. Oh, so your dog is just like mine. I call it insane. See you tomorrow.
  11. ^^This times 2 We were way too poor to afford a mongoose. Had to put my own bike together, could have been a Huffy but that was a long long time ago.
  12. Charlie, don't be silly. Yes of course I am bringing Hot Wheels. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 of them. Lots of Datsuns, some Mopar, some Chevy, some Ford, and a few Tomica/Tomy things. Hell, there may even be some original Redlines. We will have some T shirts also but not too many as it is hard to sell a shirt that has New Mexico all over it in Arizona. So, you're really gonna be there this year? Are you bringing your dog?
  13. KELMO

    710 VIN locations

    The VIN is usually stamped into the sheet metal of the firewall just below where the wipers are. On my 1200's and 510's this is the case. If you were to open the hood and look at the back of the engine bay you would be able to see it. Hopefully someone with a 710 will come along and answer this. The metal tag varies in location but also locates in the engine compartment.
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