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  1. Quit my job, did a thing... Can fit 2 Dattos and still have room to move around. Now if I could just get the damn pellet stove to work on a regular basis. When it does, I can get to about 75 degrees in there.
  2. With respect to Jbird, he has a very thin skin and has seemed a bit unstable IMHO. Everything posted on the net and this forum outside of technical specs should be taken very lightly... Two of my favorite thoughts: 1. Everything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of. 2. Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded. The politically correct term is "advance challenged" not retarded. To the cig butts...The fucking MENSA candidates around here that throw them out the window.....we're in a drought moron, stop it. If this post looks the way I think it will, I must be adavance challenged. Jeebus.
  3. Yeah, like my baby. Whisper that, it sounds really creepy.
  4. ^^This post is a bit amusing. I was walking by the grey coupe yesterday and had one of those quick thoughts of "I should look into getting a set of vents for that". Maybe I shouldn't have quit that job after all.
  5. Yes, yes they are. You need to get out more often...or in, as it were.😁
  6. I have been using Imgur since the PB fuster cluck. Works out for me...download your pics to their site (remember to resize for message boards prior to downloading) and them copy and paste the BBC code link into the thread.
  7. Ken did suprisingly well in the divorce proceedings and now this is all she can afford.
  8. 807 is the paint code but I no longer have any info available to confirm the name 100% The "G" is your interior trim code. Is the interior black?
  9. This topic was being discussed just yesterday. If you should so desire, the glass run is still available through your local Nissan dealer.
  10. Car looks the goods. That diff plug looks like a bitch kitty. Seen one somewhere along the line that had to have a bolt welded to it to get it out.
  11. Last 3 pics got some wow factor. Well, for me anyways.
  12. OK, well a quick look for the box produced nothing and will take some serious digging so don't hold yer breath. I did, however, crawl my fat old ass under the dash and the wiring is much the same along with the inline fuse (see, I WAS wrong). Looked like mostly the same except all wires come out of the back of the radio including the antenna connector. The red wires have bullet connectors instead of a "T" connector. The search for the original box may be as successful as finding a set of chicken lips as the radio was installed two houses ago.
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