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  1. Look up Bonvo on here, he has a 610 thread. Maybe compare a bit? My .02 worth. Always wanted one of those.
  2. Hello Mr. Insurance Agent? Um, my Cessna was attacked by a Polar Bear. How should I file that claim.
  3. Wait a minute. Shouldn't I have gotten a card or some kind of certificate when I voted?
  4. Back around '83 or '84 the only mode of transportation I had was a 76 (?) Honda 550Four and the timing chain went south on me. My dad let me use his truck for a couple days. I was a parts driver at an MB dealership and asked the manager if there were any cheap cars on the used lot. Turns out they had a 1200 Sedan and wanted $300.00 for it. I didn't have the 300 and my boss talked the owner into taking 50 buck out a paycheck till it was paid off. Hated that car at first but wish I had it now.
  5. Paid time off....ppppffftttt, you're funny. Actually had that phone call yesterday and the gal I talked to seemed to have an IQ somewhere in the 20's. Told me after some questions that they were asking me to self quarantine. OK, how long? I asked. She tells me until the 6th. Of January? Yes, January. Okie dokie, have a nice day. My first guy comes back on the 7th. I think we're good.
  6. Seems the NY Times don't math so good.😵
  7. At the bottom of the door it reads; Seven-Up Bottling Co. Deming, New Mex. Deming is in the Southern part of my state.
  8. But yet, here you are. Not to worry, Doc and Marty have been called in to fix the issue.
  9. When my grey 1200 grows up, it wants to be this car.
  10. Easy, you just don't lead 'em as much. Ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha
  11. I get to have a phone call today with the state Gub'mint's health office because of contact tracing. (one of my employees tested positive). I had to send the positive guy home last week. Had to send another home this week cuz he works next to the first one I sent home. So now it is down to me and a kid I hired about 3 weeks ago. Joy of all joys. Very likely I will have 2 weeks of time off without the benefit of a paycheck. The only saving grace is that the Missus is a CNP/RN working hospice care and is tested every week and has been for the past 2 month.
  12. It even has the OEM parking brake from the looks of the left front tire.
  13. KELMO

    My 1971 521

    I got that but was thinking you were taking the drive shaft out of the trans also. If that hasn't been separated from the diff in a couple decades, it can be a real bitch kitty
  14. ^^^Until the Left gets ahold of it in the States. Could the dude at least have given an alternative flag? I read through the article and did not see a suggestion.
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