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  1. KELMO


    So, after a long cold winter this is still up on stands. I am, however, close to putting her back on the ground (and street). The grey coupe is up on stands and ready for a little refresh also. The 5speed I had for the grey car turned out to only really work in 1st and reverse so the 4speed will go back in it for now. Or maybe rebuild the 5 speed and add an A15...time will tell.
  2. Just ran out and took some pics. At the back of the caliper, depending on how far you have taken it apart. Make sure this little doo dad is not keeping the cylinder/piston from moving back. If you look at the bleeder nipple, just above it you can see the metal "tang" that somewhat holds things together. The cylinder/piston could possibly slide that far back or until it bottoms out on the rear opening on the bracket. From a different angle. The cylinder/piston is fixed, it is actually the bracket that "floats". You may already know all of this but I thought I would share what limited knowledge I have
  3. So, that is a "floating" caliper. The cylinder may well be pushed all of the way in. The bracket that surrounds the cylinder/piston is designed for the piston/cylinder to slide on. My thinking is that the cylinder/piston needs to move back on the bracket. If I remember correctly, I had a bit of a bitch kitty doing brakes like this the first time. Also, in the pic you have of them standing on end, with the locator pin holes at the top, it looks like the new one is taller than the old one. That could just be an optical illusion.
  4. Welcome to the circus. Think I know a guy in New Mexico named Steve....drives a roadster. Probably a lot of guys in New Mexico named Steve. But I only know one guy, in New Mexico, named Steve that has a Datsun. And there ain't a whole lot of Datsun's here.
  5. It may be possible that the B210 uses a "floating" caliper similar to the 1200. If I remember correctly (old guy, suffer from CRS), I had the same issue with a 1200. The caliper on a 1200 is basically a 2 piece thing. The "hydraulic thingy" is in the main body of the caliper which slides on the mounting bracket. When I first looked at it I did not realize how it worked. Being that the B210 is mostly the new 1200 (back then) there are some similarities. To post pics on this site you will need a hosting site like Imgur. Just don't use Photobucket...….we don't like them and they don't like us. If we could get some pics it would help. Also, I think that suspension from a 79-80 210 would work but I am not sure how much would need to be transferred.
  6. Um, are you guys hiring? Got 26 years Nissan parts experience. Damn, you're in WA. Can't do it.
  7. Damn Charlie.....Just damn.
  8. Actually, I think I meant pics of the Telecaster...….
  9. I know of at least one other member on here that has dabbled (or maybe it was a large part of his career) in guitars. I have played on and off since sometime in the 1970's. Not really all that good at it and no one really would want to hear me play. But sometimes it is fun to turn on the old tube type Fender amp and rattle the windows a little. You are going to post pics of the Strat; right?
  10. That Lincoln...….Kelmo's dream car. Thanks for posting that.
  11. Just a tiny bit miffed I didn't get to see this car in person. But you're still welcome to stop by the White Trash Garage any time you are passing through. This next one should be good to watch.
  12. Them wheel part #'s should start "40300".....30400-XXXXX is transmission related. A little dyslexia happening there.(sarcasm/smartass font).
  13. Awww fuck, I can't take it anymore. I just can't keep up. Do collect those Dairy Delivery, think they are kinda cool. May have that yellow one, but pretty sure I have it in gray....maybe.
  14. I didn't listen to it but wow, Ratwagon shows up. What The French......toast.
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