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  1. We have stayed at The Lodge on Route 66 every year since this show started and really like the place. A bit more spendy than your motel 6 types but worth it IMO. www.thelodgeonroute66.com 928-635-4534
  2. I should find me one of those...….it would be the first Datsun that would take less than 5+ years to put together for me.
  3. Well, guess I'll leave the Hot Wheels home this year. I've been to every show since it started in 2011 and last year was the only time we got snowed on. The first year there was some weather on Friday but it was all clear by about 10:00 Saturday morning. Ranman, ya'll enjoy your cruise. Tell your Missus that my Missus says hi. It really wasn't all that bad.
  4. Reserved a room yesterday. Plan to have the How Wheels booth again. Bringing the green 1200. Only thing left is to register.
  5. The show in Williams AZ, formerly known as the Multi State Datsun Classic, is on again this year October 4-6. link: https://route66jdm.com/
  6. I really wish there was a way that I could unsee this.
  7. Must be "older"......cuz I remember that movie.
  8. So what I found most likely will not work as I forgot the hole was oblong not round. But, here are some pics for the hell of it. The last pic is on a car that the PO applied a lifetime supply of bondo. The part is about 4-5 dollhairs and may not work for this particular application but there could be others.
  9. I think I have found the part # I used before. I ordered one yesterday and it should arrive today. We'll have a look see when it gets here.
  10. There was something that I used on my 1200 for where the brake lines went through the "body" that was a Nissan part. Do I remember what is was? Hell no. But I will poke around a bit and see if I can figure out what it was I used. All that being said, let's consider I'm getting a little older these days and tend to forget stuff. Hoping for some garage time this weekend and will do some looking then.
  11. OR, ya'll could bring 'em to Williams in October. You know where Williams is right? Just leave your house, go to Flagstaff and turn left.
  12. ZeroSports, Damn that car looks good! OP hasn't posted on here since 2012. I MAY have a pic or two of this car somewhere.....almost positive he took that to the Multi State Datsun Classic in 2012 and we met up with him. Please start a thread and post up some more pics of that beautiful beast. EDIT: Oops, just stumble on to you thread, gotta go look now.
  13. Just curious if you have looked at the mounting points of the caliper you just received. I have serious doubts it would be the same but hey, it's there. If it were me, I would look for brake parts from 79-80 210. The calipers on a 210 are the exact same design and 1200 and B210. Comparatively (spelling, maybe not even a word), The caliper for a 210 (the one I have is off of a 07/78 210, making it a 79) is just a bit more beefy than the 1200 caliper. B210: Rt Fnt Caliper: 41000-U6701 Front Rotor: 40206-U6700 Front Br Pad Kit: 41060-U6728 210 (Model B310): Rt Fnt Caliper: 41000-U6701 Front Rotor: 40206-U6700 Front Br Pad Kit: 41060-U6728 source: Nissan Fast catalog I can post pictures of the '79 calipers that I have here (no they are not for sale, their destiny is a 1200), but that will have to be tomorrow.
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