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  1. But, the engine bay is painted with minimal overspray. (needs sarcasm font)
  2. The 12" inch tires on my coupe I found on a Mini Cooper site 6 to 10 years ago. I looked recently and decided I would rather try and find a set of chicken lips
  3. This 1200 makes up for the too high 1200, it's moar low. 12" tires.
  4. Running 185/60/14 on my grey coupe. Looks a little Hot Wheelish....or so I am told.
  5. Two hole style: Single hole style: Both are still available from your local dealer. If they tell you they are not, shoot me a PM.
  6. Hey Mike, that Thermal Vacuum Valve is broke (I'm here to help). Any pics of the cracked housing? Is it the upper or lower? Could still be available OEM. I got some recently...will have to pull them out as they still have the part #'s.
  7. So I asked the question because on the green coupe I have no plate and played hell adjusting the slave (can I still use that word?) cylinder. Neither one of my 1200's had that plate. Both were A12 motors. And at least one for sure was a 4 speed.
  8. Careful man, that could be looked at as segregation. Wink, wink, nudge nudge.
  9. I should send you my trans to rebuild. And I forget, does this have the A12 motor still? Do you have the plate that goes in between the block and bell housing?
  10. Ain't gonna lie....a little jealous here
  11. A possible future conversation between a foreigner visiting America and an American... So, tell me about your history. I can't. Well why not? We threw all of our history away. Why did you do that? Because some people were offended by it. Cool story bro, when is the next bus outta here?
  12. The link that Charlie posted is the NAPA brand. I have used this for ....Well, a very long time.
  13. As promised, I'm reporting back. Granted I am quite a ways away from the PNW but....I'll also be vague AF in order to protect the innocent (as well as the gUiLty). So this show was not advertised as it has been in the past, we are a small rural community so it was done by word of mouth. I talked with the organizer of the show and that person told me it would be a stripped down version of previous shows. No vendors, no food trucks, etc. We full on expected to roll into the parking lot and be told by some local authority to leave. We pulled in and boom, full on car show....tents, vendors, food trucks, DJ. Just about everyone I talked to prior to show day (organizer included) said this would be a Car Cruise not a Car Show because car shows are currently not allowed here. On the news the next day there was a story about a town south of here the held a car racing event on the same weekend and the organizers are now being investigated......WTF, really? Well, what good is this post without pics. This dude showed up all random. We got to meet a new Datsun guy....with a 1200 even.
  14. My order from them showed up over the weekend. Ordered in the beginning of May.
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