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  1. My wife has a 2012 Xterra, I wonder how she would feel about not having seats in it.
  2. Now I have yet another reason to show up for the 10th year in a row.
  3. I must have been living under a rock not to have seen pics of this. Damn Gina. That truck is Sofa King Bad Ass (say it all together without pausing).
  4. I think I'd like to give her my next house. Damn.
  5. Wow, that is some awesome repair work (sarcasm font) Looks like you may need you some www.vintageconnections.com I purchased their CK-4N kit and it has almost all the connectors that I have needed and If I remember the price was quite reasonable. I bought their crimper also. EDIT: Almost forgot...Them lights for the engine bay look badass. Do want.
  6. If you don't have any luck finding this, PM me. I may have one of these that I scavenged off of a B210. I won't be able to look until Sunday (next day off). If I do have one, I can compare it to the 510.
  7. Missus Kelmo shared this one with me: Thoughts and prayers to the guys that told their wives, "don't worry honey, I'll do that project when I have time." Also, I work in an "essential business" (automotive repair) although I never thought of myself as essential. I work in a dealership parts department and there are 4 of us in the department. On Monday, after the controller shut the business office to all employees other than her staff, I shut down the parts department to all employees other than parts employees. 2 of us are over the age of 50, one of which is diabetic and the other a lifelong smoker. One of us is 40 something with chronic bronchitis and the last one is a 20 something. People from the service department were not following any of the guidelines about staying away from other people so I threw everyone out. Now, I am the guy who is "completely paranoid about this virus thing". At least that is what I am hearing. OK, well, once someone at the dealership gets sick, chances are we will be shut down for a bit and then we will all be without a paycheck and these guys just don't seem to grasp that concept. Paranoid? no, using an overabundance of caution? yes. I doubt any of the guys that think I am being paranoid about this can pay their bills for 3 months without getting a paycheck. Rant over. Stay safe, don't touch anything. STFAFM.
  8. Well, welcome to another New Mexican. Just incase no one has told you yet...... This really isn't a Datsun forum, it's a forum for assholes who just happen to own Datsuns. If you have thick skin and or just don't care what people think, you will probably like it here. That truck is really looking good. Once all if this virus stuff passes and that thing is up and running you should bring it to cars & coffee over by the Journal center. Provided you are in the Burque area. Stay safe and don't touch anything. Well, the truck, go ahead and touch the truck.
  9. X2 what yenpit said. I have bought at least 2 of their kits. As well as the "poke" and crimping tool. Well worth the money as almost all of the connectors on my cars were very brittle.
  10. Outdooors? C'mon Bro. Check this food for thought out. Most of us have a shower head attached to a hose. Wait, is that just me? Two words, "Shower Massage." Most of us probably have a toilet next to the shower. Almost all of us have washcloths. I call it the Redneck Bidet. If you don't get it, keep searching for some TP. Most of the above is sarcasm with a bit of probably gonna actually have to do that.
  11. I knew SOMEBODY would get that reference. Good job....10,000 points.
  12. Back to the "what to do/not do" stuff. Be it known that I am no expert on any of this stuff. These are just some things I am doing now that I would not have thought of doing before. I think I have said before that I live in a rural area that has an interstate running right through it. I have stopped buying fuel at gas stations that are close to the interstate. When I do need to buy gas, I have started to wear gloves because "you don't know where I been Lou". If I have the need to go into any type of business, I keep hand wipes in the car and use them before I get in to drive away. I haven't been to the grocery store lately but will be wearing the same type of gloves as I use at the gas pump. I try to not touch surfaces that others may have touched, and carry a pen to use on PIN pads and such. Just some stupid little stuff but hey, ain't it the little things that matter. Now, I need to go touch my face.
  13. So, at the market yesterday....plenty of toilet paper and paper towels to be had at Wally world and Smiths. Now, if you should want to buy a can of Lysol you're just out of luck.
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