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  1. And I thought AAA tow trucks were yellow.
  2. At least Datsun parts are still cheap (rolls eyes).
  3. I do use GPS,but always keep a map in my vehicle when I'm traveling. Some places like Norfolk,VA are near impossible to navigate without GPS. I often wonder how I got around in the '70's when I went to places like Los Angeles.I saw some really cool stuff back then.
  4. If Biden dictated it,the Hollywood elite would embrace/promote it.
  5. "They'll be a Minor delay while we load the plane".
  6. 1982 720 4X4 parts truck - http://roanoke.craigslist.org/pts/d/floyd-1982-datsun-4x4-parts-truck/7377788321.html
  7. I heard he tripped over his dog when his white cane hit a crack in the sidewalk.
  8. I'm glad to be out of there.About the only things I really miss is the area & the people. Still,it hurts when you read what's going on there. And I agree - just HOW can voters be so STUPID?
  9. I was really hoping that something good would finally happen in California politics.
  10. Off subject - In the mid '80's,we stopped in Lincoln.There were two restaurants. We picked one.Turned out that the waitress was Gina,the Wife of my Brother-in-Law's best friend.
  11. What else like this is hidden in the TRILLION $ bills they passed/want to pass? From what I understand,only about 10% is actually about infastructure.
  12. Why are people so easily accepting this stuff? Why are they so trusting in the Government? Whatever happened to "QUESTION AUTHORITY"?
  13. The sad thing is,this kind of thing is already starting - paying for things on your phone, cameras almost everywhere,etc. Recently,there's been a "coin shortage". Is it real.....or fabricated?
  14. Well,the snake did say "BITE ME!".
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