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  1. Anyone read through the postings on BringaTrailer? I noticed that most of the vehicles shown were either bought within the last few months/last year,or the seller is either a dealer, or someone selling it for somebody else (not the owner).
  2. Mike, You don't watch the news? Maybe I can't get Fauci to send you an autographed picture to put by your computer.
  3. I guess you haven't been to Virginia.Lots of smokers here - it's the home of the major tobacco companies. What irritates me is all the cigarette butts I've picked up in our neighborhood.Almost every one of them was thrown out of a vehicle passing by. Also amazed at how many young people smoke in this state.
  4. He just did a "Press Conference".I wonder if the reporters were screened ahead of time.He only seems to call on the ones that he has pictures & names of in his notes. Have you seen his new book? It's called "The President's New Brain".
  5. 720 4WD in Greensboro,SC.If it looks as good as the pictures,it's a good deal.http://roanoke.craigslist.org/cto/d/greensboro-1981-classic-nissan-datsun/7431050044.html
  6. That's one of the biggest reasons most of us can't afford cars like that anymore.
  7. There's this one in a wrecking yard in Blacksburg,VA.
  8. I agree - it's more about control & raising money,& keeping one political party in power.
  9. I almost forgot the obvious (at least to me) Ford Cortina,Anglia or maybe a Carolla.
  10. I can't recall ever seeing a Lada in the US.
  11. And the Catholics appose abortion,but the Pope told Biden that he could partake in Communion,even though he pushes for more pro-abortion laws.
  12. I've seen Navy jets fling low around here in the last few days,heading East. Probably out of the NAS in Norfolk.
  13. Except the Mexicans & Muslims - both seem to have big families overall, here in the US.
  14. Miatas - overall,if you've seen one,you've seen them all. And I own one.
  15. http://youtu.be/P0niyTcxeqs Couldn't get it to work.It was the Steve Goodman song "Talk Backwards".
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