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  1. I have Scott's product on my grey 1200. It is highly possible they have been on there for 10 years and are still in good shape. Keeping the vehicle indoors helps greatly as I live in the DSW(you know, like PNW only Desert is the first word).
  2. "Yes, people wave at me constantly"
  3. I will second yenpit's suggestion on vintage connections. I also spent some doll hairs on their connectors (bought a kit actually) and got one of their crimpers. Some of the best money I have spent as far as tools/supplies to help with this Datsunitis. I do need to get some more single and double connectors in the near future.
  4. 77720-89908 Still available from Nissan Should be less than $1.00 each.
  5. My buddies older brother used to tell the boys dating his daughter..Just remember, I have access to 20 acres and a backhoe, I can bury you AND your car.
  6. KELMO

    Lowered Wagons

    Personally, I like the look of the 2" drop. Nuts, I'm an old man! Get off my lawn...
  7. KELMO

    Z24 Heads

    Patrick Smith is usually at the Williams show and usually brings a 720....or 2.
  8. KELMO

    Wagon Fuel Fill

    Try to find content from Duncan on here. He has a wagon thread that covers a boat load of stuff. I cannot remember for sure if the fuel filler was part of it or not. I bought a trailer of 510 wagon parts last November and I think I saw one of those covers amongst everything. I will take a look, but it will take some time. Some of the parts have been boxed up and some have not.
  9. Original parts are no longer available but here are part #'s you can use for cross reference. Right front strut 54302-W5825 Left front strut 54303-W5825 Strut insert (or cartridge) 56105-N8425 (this is the most current #. the original was 56105-H8825) Strut bearing 54325-H1000 The new part # for the insert also states to use this # for B210 (?), the inserts may be the same but the strut assemblies certainly cannot be. Bumpy roads? New Mexico? Have you found a road here that is not bumpy?
  10. KELMO

    New Project - 86 ST

    I should have put the word "sure" after the "100%"😉 The tag Mike is talking about will probably say it came originally with a Z24I engine. Which was throttle body injection.
  11. KELMO

    New Project - 86 ST

    Nice score. Not 100%, but I think those may be Frontier wheels also. Don't recall seeing those on 720's
  12. 'Posted Monday at 09:01 AM Kelmo what is the fitment of part #27150-62W20?" 720 12/1983 and up. OP lists vehicle as an SD22. In the States this motor ran up to the end of 1982 (10/1982).
  13. Original part # is 27150-03W20 # is for US models but I would guess it should be the same in other markets.
  14. KELMO

    720 Part # Thread

    16404-28530 is still available through Nissan. Almost 140 still showing in stock at PDC's (Parts Distribution Center) across the country. Suggested retail price $12.72. Sorry, had to redeem myself on the bushing thing in that other thread.
  15. I still think we need an "Oh Damn" button. That pic ALMOST qualifies for the Post Ass thread. IMHO
  16. One other thing to note; On the label it indicates that these were a "VOR" order which means they paid freight to get them from Nissan. Did they whack you on freight?
  17. OK, I will stand corrected. Legit picking label (the white one) with dealer code and all. Now I have to call my factory rep and ask him WTF. Very glad to see you got OEM.
  18. And, if that is too rich for your blood. There is this.
  19. Do not want to be that guy but.... I seen this post yesterday morning and the link posted seemed odd to me. The statement that the bushings are OEM and at the price listed are questionable at best. The claim of OEM and the price piqued my interest. And, no picture of the product. The price they have is almost a dollar under Nissan Dealer Net and I think it was stated in this thread that they are still available through Nissan ( I think the number was close to 100 still available). My question is how can an Aftermarket Distributor carry OEM parts and retail them at a lower price than
  20. It is also possible that because it is an "A" motor, it just won't go any faster (sarcasm font). I know this because I have a few. Have you checked compression? What do the spark plugs look like?
  21. ^^^That looks like what would have been called an 810 Coupe here in the states. If that is what it is, over here it would be as rare as chicken lips.
  22. I may have a full set of window regulators somewhere around here. Can check this weekend.
  23. KELMO

    Head Bolts and Gasket

    It is a production date thing. In essence what he is saying is that the part in question is used from November of 1985 to July of 1987.
  24. Recognized it because I have an "02 Maxima. Love the 2 setting armrest. Car just turned 200K over the weekend.
  25. Mike is right (it happens a lot). The catalog does not list an external regulator. The only other thing I can check is my quick reference book but that is at work. Cross reference part # 23100-W5807R. This is a 60A Alt. Is it possible the parts house got you one for a 1st gen 510? The two units in the picture, where are they located in the vehicle? Assuming Mike is right (see above), and one is the horn relay, I suspect the other would be the ignition relay. If there are readable part #'s on them, please post them in here and I may be able to figur
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