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  1. The weather must have been less spiteful.
  2. "Aren't these the cutest thing you've ever seen?" Yes, yes they are. Now tell us where you got them. Tell us now.
  3. Looks like someone has this planned out. I'll keep an eye out for this thread. I also like the license plate on the wall.
  4. Save yourself some headache. B7021-A0800 hose, outlet (the one that goes to the back of the cylinder head) runs about $30.00 and is still available from Nissan. B7020-A0800 hose, inlet. Runs about $20.00 and is still available from Nissan. Sorry it took me a week to get here, I'm a little old and a little slow.
  5. The 56127 & 56112 #'s change up to 56112-W5000 and is still available from Nissan at about $8.00 each. 54418-18000 comes back as NLA
  6. FWIW.... Front outer bearing and inner bearing are still available through Nissan. Outer: 40215-50W00 at about $76.00 each Inner: 40210-50W00 at about $85.00 each The seal (40232-50W01) is NLA
  7. Paid $3.69 for mid grade last night. +/- a dollar higher than this time last year 'round these parts.
  8. ^^^ I think it is, but I may need to up my dosage. I've upped my dosage, up yours.
  9. That is typical for 1200, and B210 510's and some other models had what I would call a "spring plate" that went in last to hold the pads into the calipers. Shoulda taken a pic last week when I had some apart.
  10. Seen this the other day and kept it in the back of my mind to investigate. Right side mirror: 96301-N0900 or 96301-10800 Left side mirror: 96302-A5500 or 96302-23101 I think the "N0900" and the "A5500" are the most current #'s but all of them come up as NLA. As far as the packaging goes, that is current packaging for Nissan. While I'm at it.... 96321-A5500 inside mirror. Also comes up as NLA from Nissan. 96301-N0400 Right fender bullet mirror. 96302-N0400 Left fender bullet mirror. Both of these can be ordered through Nissan Motor Sports. For almost every Nissan part # and even # at the end of the first group of 5 indicates right hand side, odd indicates left had side...except mirrors. This has driven me nuts for almost 40 years. A little bit of useless information but it may help someone out.
  11. Wait, back the truck up.... You can block someone on here?🤪
  12. That almost looks like split fuel line you are using to hold the headliner edge on the pinch weld. What the hell is that?
  13. Now that I think about it....not entirely sure where my screws are either. Damn.
  14. 08510-71210 Tapping screw D=3.5 L=12 (08510-71212 is the same). Pan head screw. From the Standard Parts Catalog, Nissan Motor Co. @1976.
  15. This one was my favorite at the show. That is based on being something I would like to have in my garage and be able to drive often.
  16. This one just hit me as being very cool. So I took 2 pics of it Long bed 620. Crew Cab 4X4 620. Extensive work on this thing.
  17. So about a month later, I get my poop in a group and post some pics from the show. Of course I posted the 1200's first.
  18. ^^^No Bob, YOU drive it down the hill and I'LL go and take the picture.
  19. The "A" motor has a bullet connector for the oil sensor. From the harness side you would need the one on the right hand side in Stoffregen's post. The female type. I would post a pic but I am a wee bit far from Kamp Kelmo.
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