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  1. POR-15 has a tank sealer.It isn't cheap and it requires some special prep and extra chemicals to make it work.I used it on one of my ATV's that had a seepage from a solder/brazed seam.It only held up a year or so.
  2. JB weld is a temporary fix.I would use the two part slow cure mix,not the stick if i was to use it.If you properly prep the area around the holes,scratching it and wiping clean with acetone you'll get a better repair.
  3. Polly want a cracker_ - YouTube.html
  4. I see,my thinking is bullshit because it doesn't line up with yours.That is certainly the liberal way of thinking.You win again.Since you brought your media bias graph/chart into this let me ask you this.Can you name one,just one CNN commentator that has said anything positive about Trump or his policies ? I can't.I could go turn on CNN right now and already know what would be on,Trump hit pieces.Now about Fox news,i can name several people without even thinking about it that have bashed Trump constantly.Chris Wallace,Judge Napolitano,Shepard Smith and even Tucker Carlson on occasion.Yet Fox shows to be on the right farther than CNN is to the left.The problem Fox has is Hannity.If it weren't for him the "fair and balanced " thing would ring truer.I don't know how you can consider somebody misinformed just because they don't buy into the media's constantly running propaganda machine.
  5. I took the Tribe test and thought it would label me a right wing lunatic.Nope,i'm moderate.
  6. Maybe you should try thinking for yourself.Do you really think CNN is centered up and fair (no bias) ? come on.I don't look at the news to help me make up my mind on things.That might be part of the problem in this country right now.Turn the TV or the computer on so i know what i should think regarding important issues.No thanks.Your sources aren't shit,they're what you want to see.
  7. You're the guy posting somebody elses views to support yours.You might have noticed i don't provide links to what somebody else thinks or says.
  8. Hilarious.Do you even look at this shit before you post it ? CNN is in the middle counted as neutral.Bloomberg also.It's no wonder you believe what you believe.You win again.At least it got INFOWARS right.
  9. Jesus,25 links from biased news sources ? no wonder people think the way they do.That shit will warp your mind and not allow you to think clearly if you don't step away from it.
  10. You sound ridiculous Mike.I'll pay extra for next day shipping on the salve.
  11. A few of you need some of this.Give me an address,i'll send you some.I also recommend laying off the CNN to help speed the healing process.Especially you Mike,you seem to be parroting everything the liberal media is reporting.You live in Canada and an American President bothers you ?
  12. So Trump supporters don't wear masks because he doesn't ? Somebody's been infected with the mediavirus.
  13. john510

    '80 720 L20B

    Good luck finding L-18 4cc dish pistons in an oversize.
  14. So does anyone know the risk involved with logging on ? serious question because i'm computer stupid.And no,it's just not you.
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