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  1. Mike you should know better than to trust Wikipedia on controversial topics.Check out there words on Antifa and Proud Boys.
  2. She could live for years with it.
  3. Does anybody else feel that if every single one of us in this country were vaccinated we'd still have Covid and all the bullshit that comes with it ?
  4. Well that's sad and so wrong.
  5. If i remember correctly it wasn't Brown that came up with the plan.Do Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann ring a bell ? Brown had nothing to do with it except for maybe signing it into law.That proposition was voted on by the citizens after Jarvis got the ball rolling.Jerry Brown can kiss my ass.
  6. And this brings us back to..... If you've been vaccinated you're safe and don't have to worry about Rona,or those that didn't get vaccinated.Right ? And in case you didn't know i CHOSE to get the vaccine even though i didn't have to.You sound like the typical liberal that thinks he knows what's best for everybody and wants to force it upon them. "some people are only thinking for themselves" LOL.
  7. Thanks for the insight Geddy Lee.Have you ever had to make a choice that would involve turning your life upside down over a vaccination ? Are you being asked to get vaccinated and if you don't you get fired ?
  8. Fortunately here in California we have Prop 13.And how that got passed is beyond me.It was a long time ago before the dictatorship got control.I'm paying about 1/3rd of what somebody would pay if i sold today.They can only raise it about 1.5% a year. In Cali they fixed the "shitbox" car registration fees.No more cheap ride.My 510 was about 20 bucks years ago and going down.Then Arnold stepped in and now its over $120.A good friend bought a Chevy diesel truck,registration was $850 bucks a year.He moved to Texas and now it's $60.
  9. I'll keep it simple,bullshit. "they have to accept whatever goes with that choice" So you have to choose but MUST ACCEPT the consequences of that choice ????? Think about that for a minute.
  10. Not sure if that came across as expected,that was supposed to be sarcasm.
  11. Well he is a Republican and would have MISHANDLED it like only Republicans can do.
  12. Taxation is necessary in a civilized society.I have no problem paying them.What gets me pissed off is the continuing additional tax hikes and fees for ridiculous shit.We have two sides in politics and one of them wants to continue raising taxes for everything and the other doesn't seem to interested in doing so.Yet the taxation party continues to get a lot of support.If you think about it you're paying a tax on just about everything you do,add it up and your taxed paycheck is only a small part of it.The one that gets me is property taxes.I have to pay the Government for my paid for property that i paid for with my taxed earnings as long as i own the property.
  13. I'm not sure what a flexible mind has to do with the flip flopping from Dr.Fraudci,the CDC and our current Government.Definition of "flexible mind" ? Sheep ?
  14. Maybe we should change "forced" into "bribed" ? What is this "eradication is a dream i concocted" ? I've never made a suggestion that the vaccine eradicates Covid.Maybe California now has a lower infection rate because we had a higher infection rate some time ago ? Isn't Los Angeles still a mess ? And i don't trust whatever is being reported,who would be dumb enough to trust everything we've heard as absolute truth ? They're all over the place with what they tell us.Remember "two weeks to flatten the curve" ? That was over a year and a half ago.Remember "no masks necessary" just to be changed a few weeks later.Now two masks.Get the vaccine and you don't have to wear a mask,now it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not,wear that mask.Kids were fine and somewhat immune to Covid a year ago,now they want them vaccinated ? So which is it ? If you're outdoors and alone you don't need a mask yet we watch our President stroll out to his helicopter,alone and outside wearing a mask.Yea i trust all of this back and forth changing of the rules and different opinions from all involved.Now have i forced you to ignore me or is it a choice ?
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