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  1. Here's a perfect example of how liberals think,amusing.I really wish i could understand it.
  2. How can you NOT see the difference between media coverage in the early seventies and the present ? That was the argument.They have more ways than ever to sway opinion and belief,shit it's working well.Trump did plenty of productive things.Hatred and irrationality blinds you along with the media's reporting.Tax cut to stimulate the economy (beats the Democratic alternative),peaceful Middle East compared to the norm,stable fuel prices probably due to energy independence etc. I know you don't believe any of it.There's a list floating around somewhere.The journalist you pointed out was hardly punished.Brian Jones got a slap on the wrist and resumed his career elsewhere.His lies were about himself.
  3. My memory of the Nixon thing is that there were three major news networks and no internet.There also wasn't 24/7 news on television like there is now.I'm thinking the ability to get a message out to the public is a little easier now ? We get it,you hate Trump and could never look at anything he's done as productive.Fact checking is laughable,no such thing with regards to the media.Alex Jones ????? He's just as fucked up as his opposition is.Same crazy shit,opposite sides of the spectrum.Can you name a member of the press that's actually had anything done to them for reporting things that weren't true ? Lawsuit they lost,fired,censored,defamation suit that prevailed maybe ? I know CNN paid a settlement to that young kid in that Native American incident where they lied out of their asses to promote their agenda.That's the only one i can think of.
  4. Trump's attacks on the media ? I'm pretty sure that worked both ways except one of the two was very outnumbered.The media is also never held accountable when they report fake.false or straight up lies.There are so many examples of it.Anonymous source is the first clue that it probably isn't true.I don't ever recall any politician being attacked like Trump was.He fought back so they silenced him for exposing the bullshit.Free speech isn't a right to lie or distort things.Maybe it is ? We are becoming Russia,China and others that censor.And i don't think you were banned here because of any opinions you might have had.
  5. The Bastard is definitely an online dickbag.Something i will agree with.
  6. First question,we've become sick of politicians and their behavior and they know it now.Second question,Nancy Pelosi.
  7. Are you one of those fucktards that lumps all Trump supporters into the same group that tore up the Capital ?
  8. Fuck OSHA.They have some of the dumbest inspectors there are working for them.I had one unplug my extension cord to a miter saw while i was cutting through a 5" Newell post.He wanted to inspect it for the ground prong.He scared the shit out me,bent a $100 dollar saw blade and ruined the post.He got an earful and was called names by a very angry guy (me).He tucked his tale and couldn't get away from me fast enough.My cord passed his inspection.
  9. Unless you live in California where you get to choose a Democrat or a Democrat.
  10. IF or when they discover anything it will be too late.That would be interesting to see what would happen if they found out the wrong guy got inaugurated.Or it wouldn't be if a war starts.
  11. Yes Citibank can blow me also.I was a 30 year cardholder with a perfect record of payment.Two weeks ago my card wouldn't work for Paypal.After a little investigating by Paypal they discover my card is being declined.I call Citibank and talk to some lady in India.Turns out my wife forgot to make a $20 dollar payment for the first time ever and we were now 5 days past due on a balance of $600 bucks.My credit limit is $25,000.First ever missed payment,no email,no phone call just shut me off.Citibank now has their $600 bucks and one less good customer.
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