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  1. john510

    Link to Rear swing arm bolt Removal guide

    Yes it's a word.
  2. john510

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    You go ahead and try the sock in a soup can.Get back to us with the results.Maybe you could do a Youtube video.Fram vs. sock in a soup can comparison.
  3. john510

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    Yes 3 different trucks.My 82' pickup actually went 420,000 and ran fine when i sold it.I drive a lot every year.I also keep my vehicles long term.I'm not saying Fram is a great filter.I think this theory about Fram and it being junk has just been blown out of proportion.It's amazing what the internet or Youtube can start.There's a Fram on my L-20b right now.I hope it doesn't mysteriously blow up next time i start it.
  4. john510

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    This guy sounds like he has an axe to grind with Fram.I know this,my Toyota Tacoma has 350,000 miles on it and runs just fine and still passes smog easily.This would be the 3rd Toyota i've put that many miles on.Anybody care to guess what oil filters i usually use ?
  5. john510

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    A 6 cylinder at 8,000 rpm's ? yea ok blame it on the oil filter.Probably engine builder error or abuse would be more likely.
  6. john510

    I gots Chinesed!

    I've never had that problem.I choose the brand,they ship what i order.
  7. john510

    Timing chain wedge

    And it works great !
  8. I sometimes wear my sunglasses at night because of bright headlights.It works and i can see just fine.The LED brake lights are a killer also.Some brands of cars are worse than others.I also wonder about the legality and even safety issues.When you're somewhat blinded it isn't safe.
  9. These modern headlights are great if you're the only car on the road.
  10. You're most of the way there without 10 seconds of Muse.
  11. Smoke never existed.He was a Ratsun member that started another account to troll with.Just my guess.
  12. Never trust California's leaders to be looking out for your best interest.That net neutrality thing never affected me one bit.I don't know what all the commotion is about.

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