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  1. And 3rd you're participating in "straying towards politics"
  2. If he would have had his papers in order they wouldn't have turned him away.
  3. WTF is this shit ? wrong forum.
  4. It's actually a decent movie,and no not because of the gayness.
  5. john510

    Pacesetter L series Valve cover

    WTF ?
  6. john510

    Gaskets for L18 motor

    A local auto parts store would work.Or Rockauto.com if you can wait for parts.
  7. You watched the whole thing ? you must be one bored individual.I may have got about 30 seconds into it and then said fuck this shit.
  8. john510

    L16 big bore

    Yes,get an L-20B.
  9. Carne Asada fries with chipotle sauce ? that does look tasty.
  10. john510

    L18 vs L20B iron cast header

    If it's one of those long tube headers don't ruin it trying to bend it.I tried to fit the L-16 long tube after installing the L-20b.No way in hell i was going to get 4 separate tubes to bend properly.Just get one that fits.
  11. What ? why then when my car is on jackstands i can turn the steering wheel with one finger ? on the ground it's both hands and a lot of effort.Sticky tires make it worse.
  12. You should give yourself a vacation.
  13. john510

    Copper coat spray question

    Nail polish remover is probably diluted compared to straight acetone.Also more expensive.
  14. john510

    Copper coat spray question

    It should come right off with acetone and a rag.

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