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  1. john510

    Recommended Killswitch

    A hidden kill switch for ignition,a hidden kill switch for the electric fuel pump,and the club.I don't leave my car anywhere but my house long term.If i go out of town the distributor cap, rotor and coil wire all get removed and i park another car behind the 510.I had a nice 510 stolen once and am paranoid now.
  2. john510

    Hot LZ23

    I always loved that shift pattern.Odd at first but i got used to it real quick.
  3. john510

    Hot LZ23

    They gained notoriety because they were a direct fit.
  4. Really ? so what's it worth Mike ? You left out tires and the oil that came with it from the factory.
  5. I don't think that price is ridiculous,maybe a little high but that car looks to be in great shape.Everything but the carb looks original.That means a lot.
  6. If that's the same car that's on BAT it isn't a project car.I wouldn't touch it other than maintenance.
  7. No,a rectal is a procedure.A rectum should be pink,i think.
  8. john510

    Hot LZ23

    Why are you even here asking for advice ? you seem to know it all already.And that counterweight argument you're making ? my L-16 didn't run or rev nearly as smooth as my L-20b with a fully counterweighted crank.I doubt Nissan put that extra steel on there because they had some to waste.
  9. john510

    Hot LZ23

    Sounds like this guy has it figured out and just wants to argue with the good advice he's been getting.
  10. The politically correct way to show your Southern pride ? The rebel flag made out of Canadian license plates.Disclaimer,i'm in no way,shape or form trying to start a political discussion.☺️
  11. Yes,cruel punishment then slow execution.People like that just need to be put down permanently so the victims families can have some closure.
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