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  1. What someone would that be ? Get your head out of your ass Mike.Another one that places blame in the wrong place because of his despise for the man.
  2. Me too.I'm also not letting my 77 year old mother come visit me even though she insists it's ok.I'm also not seeing my grandchildren or daughter that live 5 minutes from my house.
  3. Does the word "stupid" ring a bell from a previous post ? Your words.I see you're not going to answer that question about what you did when you heard of the first case.
  4. Serious over reaction here.Are you really claiming it's "business as usual" ? Will you answer that last question in my previous post ? There's no need for name calling,it doesn't help you prove a point.And lay off the CNN,it's bad for the mind.
  5. The first clip said we had ONE case,was he supposed to start the panic at that point ? 10 days later we had 8 cases.Panic then ? There are over 330,000,000 million people here in this country.I can see your obvious dislike of our President.He was screwed no matter what he said or did.Maybe you should think for yourself instead of waiting for a politician to do it for you ? Serious question here,when you heard of the first case did you isolate yourself from the world or go on as usual ?
  6. We would be in exactly the same situation we are now no matter what our leader said or did.Stop blaming us (our leaders and citizens) for this.Mother nature does what she wants and we usually can't control it.My hands get washed constantly,i'm not hoarding anything and i'm also not staying at home 100% unless i get the virus.I've been working and enjoying my empty freeways daily.Providing links to extremely biased news sources does not help you prove a point.
  7. Ok what's your solution to this problem ? Nobody dropped the ball.It's just not that simple to have a world leader "talk" us out of this.Again,think about where this problem originated and what that country did to notify the world they have a problem.I'll leave it at that so i don't end up going down a forbidden road.
  8. Place blame where this problem originated.China.They were the ones that tried to sweep it under the rug.
  9. You should contact the CDC.Or stop pretending you're a Doctor,biologist and scientist all wrapped into one.I'm sure the professionals are way ahead of you when it comes to this situation.
  10. I've always wanted an L powered buggy.What transmission is in that thing ? It looks like what we call "mid engine" here in the states.Maybe a VW bus tranny with an adapter ? And good luck getting it going.That's just about the easiest engine to work on ever made.Edit,after watching that video again i realized that's not a mid engine.
  11. I have to ask,did you pull those numbers out of your ass ?
  12. Rare ? yes.Valuable or collectible not so much.
  13. I'm not serious about it.Why the retard remark ? retard is the way people have let this situation take over their lives as if we've been attacked with nuclear weapons.Caution and concern is great but people are out of control with the paranoia.I can't help but laugh at those that get in line at Costco at 6 am and STAND WITH HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE all the while freaking out about catching the flu.People really need to get a grip on things and relax a little bit.
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