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  1. I think wayno nailed it.This post kind of shows that.
  2. They do have awards for the news/journalism.It's Pulitzer Prize related.
  3. There's no such thing as the Flu anymore is there ?
  4. Fact checking for the most part is just another opinion.
  5. That first sentence says it all.I could never understand the complete dedication to a particular party.There are so many people that would choose their parties representative even if that person was a convicted rapist,child molester,bank robber,whatever.
  6. Don't get your panties bunched up,oh you already did.
  7. This and he's a little late to the party.That photo has been around for awhile.
  8. No,kind of like electing fucking idiots to run your state.
  9. Even better,pass a law that says Californians can never vote in Idaho.Make them stay where they're at and clean up their own mess.
  10. Western Oregon has been 80% liberal for a long time.Maybe that's why Californians go there ?
  11. People from California don't move to Idaho to bring their politics with them.They go there to get away from the politics.I doubt there are enough insane people in this country to think Idaho is a great place to live.I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. Your neighbor is a good guy for showing respect to his neighborhood.This reminds me of my hood where we had some older apartments on the main street leading to the hood i live in.Those apartments got refurbished which is nice.But they got designated for low income people.Where there was never a parking problem before,there is now.Now our little side streets are being used because the apartments don't have enough parking.I'm damn glad i live far enough up the hill so it isn't in front of my house.What it does is make it difficult to pull out into other streets because of visibility.The street behind the apartments which is houses is clogged with parked cars.Some people can't even park in front of their own homes.
  13. I had to look her up.I watched a few minutes of her questioning (lecturing) ACB.Yes pretty stupid.Why is a nobody from Hawaii even involved in this nomination process ?
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