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  1. john510

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    Whatever cure you find to solve this problem make sure to let us know what it was.It might help somebody else NOT fix what isn't broken.
  2. john510

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    Couldn't tell you if the covers would fit but i do know a stock 510 seat and a stock 240Z seat are very different.
  3. john510

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    Why would a stock carburetor need smaller jets ? I know i mentioned it before but the Cat might be shot ? how old is it ? I ruined a cat on my 2000 Toyota Tacoma by driving only fifty miles with a cylinder misfire.This is on a V-6.One cylinder not igniting fuel destroyed it that quick.You said you've been running rich enough to have black sparks plugs.All the tuning and adjustment you could do won't fix an inefficient cat.
  4. john510


    An ass like that and you notice the color coordination ? SMH
  5. john510

    Flush or Recessed Broken Bolt in Aluminum Removal

    I've had the best luck with a left hand drill bit.It usually spins itself out before even using an easy out.After breaking an easy out off in a broken stud i'm afraid to use them unless i have to.
  6. Even better,thanks.
  7. I found that if i click where it says "10 minutes ago" in the lower left of a post it will take you to the latest post in that forum.Hope that makes sense.
  8. Where are "new posts" ?? clicking on unread content doesn't help much.I just checked in on Randomness and realized i was reading stuff from 2013.
  9. The way the castings look shouldn't be as much of a concern as the internal pieces,piston and seals.Trust Japanese made before Chinese.I put a Centric brand clutch master cylinder in my sons truck.It leaked bad in 6 months.I didn't even deal with the warranty,i just bought a different brand.So far so good.Cheaper is usually not better.
  10. It's 110 degrees on my patio right now.I'm glad i worked on the 4th so i didn't have to work today (outside in the sun).
  11. john510

    Anti-seize ins and outs--general info

    You may have added too much calling half of the posters "dipshits" The rest was fine.
  12. Try and find Beck Arnley stuff.Made in Japan as far as i know.
  13. john510

    Forum down today???

    I thought i got banned.
  14. john510

    Anti-seize ins and outs--general info

    The guy just posted some information that could be useful to somebody.This post of yours has no real benefit.Who cares if he's a new guy ? and you posted info that is also available on the net.

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