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  1. I think your math is a little off on those fuel mileage numbers.
  2. I had one tested at a shop that does speedometer repair.He hooked it up to some sort of electric machine and actually calibrated it.
  3. How about oiling your K&N air filter with WD-40 when it was suggested to use the right stuff for the job ? remember the sense of humor now Mike.
  4. Hmm,taking all the advice and suggestions from a Datsun website and fixing things that aren't broken ?
  5. Do you mean regulator ? I don't think they are.
  6. Won't touch a Fram oil filter but will spray WD-40 on a high quality air filter that never needs replacing,got it.
  7. I figured you had to kidding about cleaning that filter with WD-40.Now are you kidding about using WD-40 for the filter instead of the K&N filter oil ? Pry your wallet open and pay for the right stuff.A can of K&N filter oil will last for years.I've got K&N filters in 3 cars and 2 quads and i'm going on 5 years out of the same can.
  8. An L series bottom end is pretty tough stock.Not really necessary to do anything unless it's a full on race engine.
  9. I agree with Hainz.Clean it up and run it before tearing it apart.With those upgraded parts chances are whoever built that motor did a decent job.
  10. Well so much for it being the happiest place on earth.
  11. I believe those do work.From what i remember i upgraded to stainless lines with my stock calipers and later went to the ZX brakes without buying new brake lines.
  12. john510

    Hot LZ23

    Fancy paper ? never mind.
  13. john510

    Hot LZ23

    Maybe it's time for Bastard to join the 510realm and spew his infinite knowledge over there ?
  14. Well it's as ugly as a Tempo.
  15. Hot water and Dawn dish soap.Let it dry good.Use K&N filter oil only.Those filters are gauze inside the screen.We use those on our desert toys in the sand dunes.Never a problem keeping fine sand out of an engine.
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