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  1. The stuff i've read on Farcebook,Twitter and even Youtube posted by liberal wackjobs is way more untruthful and extreme than anything from anybody that get's banned.I'd compare these ridiculous postings right up there with Alex Jones.I got the boot from YouTube for posting this after the election "Congratulations America you just elected a corpse" And i'm gone just like that.
  2. CNN's newest douchebag.This guy sickens me.
  3. Did anybody hear any of Biden's ramblings at the CNN town hall meeting ? I didn't watch it but heard some of his completely lost mumbling.If CNN were smart they won't do one of those again.It showed that Biden has no business talking without something to read from or getting some sort of injection to wire him up so he can think clearly.It had to be embarrassing for the Democrats.
  4. How does a guy like this get a job with the FBI ? It's probably a safe bet to assume this wasn't the first time he smacked his wife around.What a piece of shit.And how has he not been fired ? Maybe because if the FBI fired him their argument in this kidnapping case would get a lot weaker.
  5. Does that look like a bus full of "Karens" or what ? Except for the two "Kens" sitting next to each other.
  6. They used to call that a "super spreader" event and blame it on Trump.
  7. I don't think i've ever had RockAuto charge multiple shipping charges on the same order.Some of the stuff is so cheap i wouldn't care anyway.
  8. It took a few minutes but Cruz owned her and made an ass out of her.She sounds like the type that will say anything to get that job she's looking for.
  9. ??? At least a with a call i can keep my eyes on the road while talking.Texting involves a little more than just holding a phone up to your ear or putting it on speaker.I don't even like to talk while driving and never make an outgoing call.
  10. So how do you go about censoring the millions of text messages sent daily ? I have the answer.Eliminate texting period and make people actually talk to one another.My boss is a text communicator and i can't stand it.I'm at home right now because he texted me while i was driving back from a job.He had a repair for me to do,tough shit i'm already home.If he would have called i would have done the repair.
  11. I heard about this on the radio yesterday.Just crazy.
  12. And i'm not following why you even pointed it out about Republicans when both sides are just as guilty as the other.What does gay have to do with it ?
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