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  1. No you're not measuring wrong.What is it you have to have 12 volts for while cranking the starter ? A brand new battery won't show 12 volts when you hit the starter.That's normal.
  2. There will be NO "12 volts while cranking" anywhere on that car while engaging the starter.
  3. john510

    My engine siezed

    Are you sure it seized ? pull the plugs and try to spin it.Maybe you have water in the cylinders ?
  4. "Original paint looks great" Except where the trunk lid is rusting and the hood is dented.
  5. john510


    Looks sick.Wish i still had mine.
  6. Don't sell it for 500 bucks.When it's running it'll be here for sale for 5X that.
  7. Not on the 510 hood and fenders.We used a chopper gun for that.We did do vacuum bagging of other things though.Plastics class,i took it for two years.We made all kinds of cool stuff.Surfboards,kayaks,canoes,car parts even bongs from acrylic.Vocational/technical class instead of college prep courses.
  8. Probably not much lighter than a steel hood.I made a fiberglass hood and front fenders in high school.If you made them to have any strength they were pretty heavy and fit like shit.
  9. 450 HP L-20B ??? good luck.
  10. Where are you located ? I have a brand new one but it isn't cheap.
  11. Don't buy into everything Mike says.He oils K&N air filters with WD-40.The K&N filter oil is the same according to him.I've had good results using Seafoam as an injector cleaner.Do i think it will fix a shot engine ? No of course not.But it does have uses.
  12. Advancing the timing makes it more likely to fail.
  13. I also got a lot of crap for my Huffy.I had the Rough & Tough model.
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