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  1. I was thinking the same thing.No bumpers,wipers.hood trim,headliner.I wonder what else it's missing.
  2. Get out,be normal and get exposed as soon as possible.Trying to NOT catch it is just postponing the inevitable.It's taken me two years to catch it.It's a minor cold,that's it for me.Feels like every other minor cold.
  3. Dav's a fucking idiot and will never get it.His opinions are what somebody else thinks.He just copies and pastes it here to make himself seem smart.He probably drives alone in his car with a mask on. He can't wait for his third booster shot.Maybe he's just trolling ?
  4. I'm still in a state of shock that this fucking moron is the President.When you think he can't possibly say anything dumber than the last time he spoke,he does.And how about just take the mask off of your ear ? Talks like an idiot and looks like one too.
  5. I hear the headache is the worst part.And from what people have described to me,it's a bad flu.A bad flu can be brutal,i've had it once in my life.I had chicken pox at age 30,that was brutal.Itching,burning complete misery.That post was more about the belief that the vaccine lessens chance of death.I'm not saying it doesn't but have to wonder.If so,why have just as many died after vaccines were created ? I got my two shots and have now been sick with something three times in less than six months.I typically don't get sick.I won't be getting the booster.
  6. It doesn't matter if you're vaccinated.You still get it and it can be brutal.
  7. Are you doubting Dr. Fraudci's research on HCQ ? He said it works,now it doesn't ?
  8. Climate change is real.With or without us humans it's changed.The scam is the people pushing that agenda on us.
  9. My wife was a little sick last week.She went and got tested Friday because her employer (Home Depot) pays for your days off if you get Covid.She got tested hoping for a positive,it was.Woohoo,two weeks off with pay ! I had a little something for a day or so.No test for me,i don't think the authorities need anymore positive cases to freak everybody out with.We're both going to take a pass on the booster shots,why bother ?
  10. I heard some lady from the CDC today on the radio.She said 75% of Covid deaths were from people with 4 or more comorbidities.
  11. I thought i got banned for calling Dav a tick.
  12. I un-ignored the tick for a post or two and am kind of shocked how weak minded some people can be.Damn the media and the government have really messed some people up.Just follow along with the program to eliminate Covid,the program that in reality hasn't stopped a damn thing but is wrecking the mental health of so many.When you have this problem you definitely need to stay away from the news and even the internet.It's more dangerous than the virus itself.
  13. The one year anniversary of our Government being overthrown by hundreds of rioters led by a guy wearing fur and horns.
  14. Declaring a state of emergency changes the climate ? We'll never change anything,mother nature is in control.
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