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  1. Where are you located ? I have a brand new one but it isn't cheap.
  2. Don't buy into everything Mike says.He oils K&N air filters with WD-40.The K&N filter oil is the same according to him.I've had good results using Seafoam as an injector cleaner.Do i think it will fix a shot engine ? No of course not.But it does have uses.
  3. Advancing the timing makes it more likely to fail.
  4. I also got a lot of crap for my Huffy.I had the Rough & Tough model.
  5. john510

    Charging issue??

    11.8 volts is a dead battery.
  6. Never buy into what the smog guy tells you.I just had my '85 Toyota pickup fail.He says it's running rich.It gets 27 MPG and is properly tuned with new parts so i'm thinking bullshit.I replaced the catalytic converter and what do you know ? almost zero emissions.
  7. I've always had better results doing valve adjustments cold.Some will disagree with this but it works for me.I've tried doing it when hot and always have valve ticking when finished.
  8. john510

    My 1971 521

    Try a different brand of belt.My wifes Toyota with only 30,000 miles had a squealing belt issue.It was under warranty and the dealer replaced the belt twice.Same problem.I went ahead and bought a Gates belt instead of what Toyota uses and it hasn't squealed yet after another 40,000 miles.Go figure.
  9. john510


    Never had a problem buying NOS Datsun parts on Ebay.If anything was counterfeit the seller did a great job of getting the patina right on the boxes.
  10. john510

    Key number?

    Except it's missing a number.
  11. I think your math is a little off on those fuel mileage numbers.
  12. I had one tested at a shop that does speedometer repair.He hooked it up to some sort of electric machine and actually calibrated it.
  13. How about oiling your K&N air filter with WD-40 when it was suggested to use the right stuff for the job ? remember the sense of humor now Mike.
  14. Hmm,taking all the advice and suggestions from a Datsun website and fixing things that aren't broken ?
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