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  1. I don't know about regret.He did clock three of them pretty good before one of them needed a skateboard to take him down.
  2. john510

    What was this?

    I'm not too familiar with that intake manifold but maybe an exhaust heated intake until the motor warms up ? what was attached to it ?
  3. john510


    It's an L-20b and not meant to make power at high RPM's.Mine has dual Mikuni's,a bigger cam and ported head.It's done making power at about 6,500 RPM's.Shifting at 5,500 works just as well.More than that i'm just killing it.
  4. Well shit,i thought an adjustable coil over was for getting a certain ride height when you don't have other options for an old car.And to think i wasted almost 200 bucks for springs and perches that fit each other properly.I could have just cut my springs.
  5. You're not going to include the Fram oil filter in that fight ? And what's wrong with adjustable coilovers ?
  6. It looks like the ones playing catch and holding the ball aren't fighting.So it looks like the ball is there to keep you from getting an ass whooping by a guy twice your size ? seriously what was that ?
  7. They're probably still looking driving that thing.
  8. Same problem for me.Tell them what you're looking for,give them an email address and phone number and nothing ever comes up.
  9. Switched to plastic straws from what ? i don't remember straws being made from anything else.Try one of those new cardboard/paper straws,your drink will taste like the straw.This plastic straw ban is one of those knee jerk reactions to a problem that didn't exist.I'm all for protecting the environment but this law is stupid.
  10. Because they really aren't trying that hard to sell it.It's Craigslist.I place ads and specifically ask to be CALLED,not texted or emailed.You know what i get ? texts and emails.If you want what i'm selling call me.
  11. If you tasted our Socal water you would be buying bottled water too.It tastes like it came right out of a dirty lake.
  12. Ok i'm not getting paid for plastic products i buy (bottled water,etc.) if you want to get technical about it.I take them to the recycling center and get XXX amount per pound back.Today it was $2.05 per pound/plastic.
  13. Are you saying China buys our recyclables and then throws them away for us ? what a deal.i find it hard to believe my recycling center will pay me for plastic and then send it to the landfill.
  14. Nice mole,err i mean boobs.She should fix that.
  15. Your recycling centers don't take plastic ? what's wrong with you people over there ?
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