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  1. john510

    My 1971 521

    I'm wondering if returning four bad alternators from several vendors means the alternator isn't the problem ?
  2. She was overweight and never got any exercise.She quit smoking about 10 years ago.The timing of it all is what raises my question about how safe it is for those already at high risk.I wonder what would have happened had she NOT had the vaccine ? She never left the house so she wasn't really exposed to crowded places or anybody other than family members.I also know two people that had their second shot and got sicker than shit.
  3. My mother in law passed away last week.Three weeks after getting her first vaccine shot.Within days of getting it she started having breathing problems.We all thought it was normal.She ended up in the hospital,doctors said there's not a lot they could do except help her with the breathing but expect her to pass within a week.We took her home to be with family.She made it two weeks before moving on.Now i don't know if the vaccine did it or not but the doctors were sure silent about that possibility.Mother wasn't in the best of shape either,she had health issues but nothing like what happened to
  4. So who bugged you ? This is the kind of shit my boss would do,plant a GPS on my personal vehicle to see where i'm at.I would love for him to do it because when i find it i'll disable it with a BFH.
  5. The whole student loan thing is a crock of shit.You borrowed the money to educate yourself so you could make good money.It turns out some people aren't really good enough to make the big buck or are just too stupid and employers know it.Just pay it back.
  6. If the market is flooded with oil wouldn't the prices be cheaper ? It's policy from the new administration.A roughly 25% increase in gas prices happened real fast.We had that problem under control for four years.And then Biden happened.
  7. Yea because it's just a coincidence that gas prices went up about .75 cents a gallon within a month of the moron's inauguration.I heard a news story that claimed higher prices are because the Covid crisis is winding down and people are driving more.I say bullshit on that one,i drive everyday and traffic is still a fraction of what it was a year ago.I'll blame the great fuel prices on Trump and the high ones on Biden.When the media covers for him you know it isn't true
  8. If those that voted for him weren't aware of how screwed up Biden is they need to have their right to vote taken away.I'm a firm believer that the hatred of Trump (thanks to the media) was the biggest factor.It still shocks me what the average voter has done to this country.And we haven't even got started yet.
  9. Biden and those that voted for him are fucking morons.That is all for now.
  10. Mike,don't hold back.Tell us how you really feel.And be prepared to be sick after your second vaccination.
  11. It started in the early sixties.We're still waiting for it to work.
  12. I had a 1970 510 with a smog pump and single point distributor.I had a 1972 510 that did not but had dual points.The smog guy told me the '72 had changes to the carburetor to allow no smog pump.They both always passed easily.
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