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  1. john510

    New member login

    A 79' that's been buried in a garage since 79' ? Pictures please.
  2. Clean looking car.Lose those rims,keep the engine.
  3. Maybe it's the mechanic ? Measure one and tell us how long it is.
  4. If you got 7 or 8 years out of a battery you got a good one.Most don't seem to even go 5 years anymore.
  5. Is the original impeller plastic ? and try to stay away from Duralast.
  6. So you like the anorexic ones that need to add carbs to their diet ?
  7. That car wouldn't sell for half of that if it was the last one in existence.
  8. As others have said,that looks like somebody didn't shake the can long enough.All the solids are stuck to the bottom of the can.Definitely heat the part (too hot to touch) before you spray it.Spray it and cook it again.I've had good results on a cast iron header and even the header on my ATV by putting the paint through several heat cycles before actually starting the engine.
  9. john510

    Steering Satabilizer

    I don't think a steering stabilizer would cause any slack in the steering if it was worn out.It's basically just a small shock absorber.
  10. I'd love to have a Pinto.In the early 80's that was the next best thing to a 510.We had a local race track that ran a Pony stock class,mostly Pinto's and i think it was Monza's that raced in it.
  11. john510

    Hot LZ23

    Don't be scared,take Ermish up on the offer.
  12. The gasket didn't fail to do anything.Not trying to be mean here but the workmanship is most likely to blame.Fel-pro gaskets are good quality for the most part.Also,no coolant means your temp sensor is not sensing anything,it's not surrounded by coolant.
  13. Google that part # on the Magnaflow site.
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