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Got robbed

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Franks shed and garage got broken into last night, they took every thing the could haul to there truck. So boys we need a bunch of people hunting for the bellow items.


1. t25 with brand new megan racing header and down pipe

2. t28 with used header and new down pipe.

3. My megasquirt computer!! (the only item the got of mine that I really miss :( )

4. preasure washer

5. weed eater

6. my bag of recking yard tools

7. automotive spray gun

8. 68 new tail light lenses and chrome. FOUND!!!! When they broke in they knocked it under Thrillens car.

9. T3 TC rods and adjustable LCA's




I will update the list tonight when I go over there and we really find out what was all taken. Kinda makes you wanta give up :( I know there was more stuff I just can't think at the moment.

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they stole so much stuff i cant even believe this!

both our turbos jeff are gone!

your 68 lenses i found them like under my 510, all the air tools and a paint gun, our shed everything is gone! i looked in and it was pretty much empty, i dont know everything is gone, this sucks :(

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not cool. not cool at all.fuckin tweekers. sorry to hear about that.


how about a fence with a mean dog or some other cheap alarm?


is the garage lit well on the outside? my friend has a big light that looks like a fuckin street light on the front of his garage door and nobody comes near it. but if they're tweekers nothin will stop them. except some friends named smith and wesson.


makes me wand to find them and burn some ratsun rubber on them. or maybe drag them behind the car/truck for a while.

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We got a lead on the rig they may have used. Red box truck, I guess it was an X Uhaul truck that has a shitty red paint job over it. Anyone local keep your eyes pealed.

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its a growing thing today these 3 mexicans walked up to the front of out house took the velance pannel and crom trim peice to my car as well as an ac window unit in broad daylight i stoped them and got the cops to deal with them but now because i went out there barefoot i have 2nn degree burns on my feet but i got my parts back

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This blows ass. For most of us who earn the cash for our hobby, to have someone shit on our plans and dreams like this is really disappointing and like you say makes you want to give up. This is why I made my shop VERY hard to get into. They will have to ram the garage doors or pull the man door off cause it cant be kicked in since I made it pull out, and there is no windows. Plus I put 2 motion lights up that have a good radius for sensitivity. Cops wont do anything except file a report. Unless you have serial numbers to your parts they cant give them to the pawn shop or scrap yard. I have been through this with tools on the job that people steal. Now I write down my serial numbers which is just that much more added hope to get stuff back.

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...Cops wont do anything except file a report. Unless you have serial numbers...


Yeah, but the even more populated areas get you nothing more than a "Just call your Homeowners (or Auto) Insurance, they'll take care of it".

F-in really? Well, my Deductable is $1000 and I had a lot of custom parts or tools that have no value, except the time it took to get or make the part or tool. Does homeowners help? Sure, If they take the entire house or garage worth of contents. But, its a necessary evil. By the way, after receipts, I still had $100 or so to make up, just to get to the $1000 deductable threshold. I said screw it...Didn't want my rates to go up over some bastard thieves who don't pay crap into the system anyway. You would almost swear that the thieves are paid by the insurance companies, just for S&G. :blink:

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I hear these work very nice, you can choose which ever one fits the occasion. they all have the same affect.


sorry to hear about you guys getting ripped off. Hope you catch het S.O.B. and retreat your stuff back.

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Damn guys, that sucks ass! You know, it had to be someone that has seen what you guys are doing over there or someone that knows you guys. How would someone just randomly go into that shed and hope that there was something good in there? Sounds maybe a little more than just tweakers.


Hope you guys catch the muthafuckas, tie them to a chair, cut one ear off and pour gas on them while dancing around to "stuck in the middle with you" playing on the radio!:blink:

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I too beleive it was someone that has seen the shop b4. Make a list of all the dudes that have been there over the last couple of months and start checking them out. Ask around the neighborhood and see if anyone has seen strange people lurking around. I hope you get your stuff back. I also hope these fucking thieves get what they deserve! I have been watching way too many police shows:blink:


I will keep an eye out over here in Kitsap.

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