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  1. I noticed an increase in cornering stability and predictability at the limit when I went from rubber bushings to spherical bearings. With the rubber bushings and the large amount of rear toe in that I run the bushings would deflect so much that my tires would rub when in reverse. I notices little to no difference in ride or NVH...but my car is loud, as you already know.
  2. Duke

    A 510 named "Hey"

    It really depends on the course. With 3.90 rear gears and the broad torque band of the KA I can pretty much do everything in 2nd, with the exception of only the fastest straights. I might try and go to 4.44's next year though, and it will be interesting to see how it changes things. I think it may actually hurt me when it comes to autocross, but help me at the hillclimbs.
  3. Duke

    A 510 named "Hey"

    I have my limiter set at 7000. Apparently it shoots some pretty sweet flames when it hits it!
  4. Duke

    A 510 named "Hey"

    KA's are cam on bucket...I bang mine off the limiter pretty regularly, never had a problem. :devil:
  5. Duke

    California Fires

    Mike, you live on Vancover Island. Prime spot for earthquakes/tsunamis...I think the pot is calling the kettle black.
  6. Duke

    California Fires

    I live right on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, about a mile from the now infamous Coffey Park neighborhood. I was awoken early Monday morning by the sight of flames on a nearby hillside. Over the next few hours they quickly spread, pushed onward by 60+ mph winds. Sitting with a bag packed ready to evacuate is one of the most unnerving thing I have done. I know many people who have lost nearly everything, and it's not over. After this catastrophe, the area will never be the same. I know firemen who say that they have never seen anything like this in 40+ years of service. What is going on is unbelievable. My family has been lucky to have not yet been affected. My heart goes out to anybody who wasn't as lucky. I just hope that the fires are contained soon before much more loss is suffered.
  7. Duke

    Is Go Kart steering possible

    I read your original post and couldn't agree more. I don't think I would want anything close to go kart steering on an actual car. I would imagine it would be nearly impossible to control. I have also heard that once you drive a real race kart, everything feels like slow motion once you get back in a car.
  8. Duke

    Is Go Kart steering possible

    Here is the link to the steering mods I have done. Not exactly a bolt in affair. A bunch of the pictures on my build thread have been lost due to the lame photobucket bs, but there is some info on there about other suspension stuff I have done. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/4137-dukes-72-510-carbed-ka-autocrosshillclimb-car/?p=1491062 Haha, seriously. Rowing a steering wheel back and forth isn't the easiest thing. The steering in my car is pretty heavy (wide, sticky tires, 6+ degrees of caster, quick steering) and is a total bear at low speeds. Armstrong power steering is a must.
  9. Duke

    Is Go Kart steering possible

    I did have done a lot of work on the front suspension of my car. It is primarily an autocross/hillclimb car so quick and precise steering is paramount. Over last winter I did a complete re-hash of the steering system that included a quick steer rack. The rack is 2.2 turns lock to lock. Not only is it quicker than the old steering box, but having completely new steering gear has made an immense difference. There is no more dead feeling on center. When I turn the wheel, the car RESPONDS! Here is a video of a recent as an example of how responsive the steering is.
  10. If you don't mind going north of the border, the work that Tyson (I think that's his name) at Big Time Motors in BC has done on a few 510's on the 510 realm looks to be top notch. He is a 510 guy himself so that helps. Hope to see this car to get fixed right!
  11. Duke

    510 Weight Thread

    I just posted this in my build thread, but I figured I would put it here as well to add some info to the thread. Specs: KA24de R180 280zx struts w/Willwood calipers 4 point roll bar Stripped interior (fixed bucket drivers seat, no rear seat, no carpet, no passenger seat, no heater) No bumpers All steel body panels. Many other "useless" :hmm: things removed such as high beams, horns, misc brackets, spare tire well, etc.
  12. I finally had a chance to get my car on a set of proper corner scales yesterday. I'm very pleased with the result. All it took to get the cross weights to 50/50 was two turns on the front right coilover. Also pleased at the weight with me out of the car. It would be cool to loose 50 lbs and get the car under 1900 lbs, but drastic measures might be necessary for that, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to get that crazy. Any weight loss measures will be concentrated at the front though, at an attempt to improve the F/R weight distribution. All weights are with 1/4 tank of gas (~3 gallons, which is what I typically run when autocrossing). Total weight without me. Total_WO_Driver by Eldukerino, on Flickr Total with me. Total by Eldukerino, on Flickr Rear. Percent_Rear by Eldukerino, on Flickr Front. Percent_Front by Eldukerino, on Flickr Right front/left rear cross weight. Cross_RF_LR by Eldukerino, on Flickr Left front/right rear cross weight. Cross_LF_RR by Eldukerino, on Flickr You may notice that there is a small amount of fluctuation in the weights, I just chalk this up to "noise" in the scales and ignore it.
  13. Duke

    Red 71 4dr - Carbed KA24DE

    Looks awesome! I'm in the planning stages of rewiring my car and am seriously looking at the American Autowire kit. I'm hesitant though because, like you, I don't think I will use any of the connectors included in the kit, so I would just be buying it for the fuse box and wires. Not sure if it is worth it. I really like that cast manifold you have. Very cool piece. Just a note on the Uni Filters you are using. From what I have read and heard they are junk in terms of flow. With an air filter the one of the most important factors is surface area. With those small filters you are just choking the engine. It would be interesting to run the engine back to back with and without the filters and see if the AFR's change. Bummer you won't be in California for much longer, it would be cool to get our cars together and see how they compare.
  14. Duke

    Brake ducting ideas

    For my autocross/hillclimb 510, I have never had a problem with brake fade, therefore I have never considered ducting. This may change if/when I start doing track days, but with my current motorsport activities, the brakes just don't get that hot. Check out the ducts used on this car (picture is about half way down) http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22786&start=255. They are from a Z06 Corvette and look like a good solution for maintaining tire clearance.
  15. Duke

    Bonneville Speed Week

    Late 90's Kawasaki ZX9R (900cc, 4 cylinder) with Kinsler mechanical injection, running on methanol.

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