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  1. Looks like Shelton is a good place to meet up with you ass-clowns. We can figure out a time you are going to pass thru there after I get my Datsun trip app for my smart phone. :geek:
  2. Should we make this event "Planet of the Datsuns"? It usually lands on or around this date the last few years.
  3. My Junk is to big for skinny jeans. Male camel-toe :blush:
  4. Now I have to find a 510 to buy!
  5. What a great turnout! Had a great time seeing all the Datsuns & talking with everybody. It was nice the rain held off too B) 30+ Datsuns all in a row! What a cool sight! :thumbup: I cant wait for the next meet!
  6. Kitsapers are meeting at the NAPA auto parts in Purdy @ 10:15am. Will wait there till 10:40am. :thumbup: Looks like the weather will be in our favor so far. B)
  7. Nice KC. I dig your signature to! El Duderino! B)
  8. What should you do with it? Hmmmmm........Sell it to me! :thumbup:
  9. If this were @ Carls Jr. & on Saturday Id go :devil:
  10. The title says CARLS JR. That is where the meet will be! Now no more whining! :ninja:
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