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  1. <expletive deleted> NO! Black engine bays suck!
  2. Is there a decent old school auto electric shop that could rebuild it?
  3. So, identical other than solenoid location? Hmmm.... Swap innards. Sounds like a plan! Have you compared part numbers for the guts? Can you post pictures of the two starters side-by-side?
  4. Can't believe Nissan used a different starter on the R16 in a 411 vs a 311 (aka roadster). That said, many roadster owners switch to a forklift, starter, which is shorter. More info: http://www.311s.org/pmwiki-311/pmwiki.php?n=TechSection.ForkliftStarter
  5. Okay, I can see the pics in the email notification you get from Ratsun when you're following a thread, but not in the thread itself.......weird.
  6. CA Hockett (admin of YahooGroups EarlyDatsunClub) has repro gaskets (aka weatherstrip in the parts catalog) for the front windshield and rear tail gate glass. PM me for his email address. And, yes, I realize this thread is from Aug 2019.
  7. I saw them yesterday on one computer, but not today on computers or phone. Looking at the source html, images are links to googlegroups, which I'm guessing means images are hosted on Google Photos. Let me test that assumption.....fail. Guess Datsun Dude needs to fix it. Maybe he can also explain where/how his pics are stored.
  8. Hmmmm.....now I can't see them either.
  9. Now that is slicker than....well....you know. 🤣
  10. Time Left: 20 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Need to trim the herd. This is a non-running project....no engine or transmission installed. - New windshield. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last one in existence. - New aftermarket windshield gasket. - New NOS OEM taillights. When have you seen these available? - New upper ball joints (one NOS OEM, one aftermarket). - New tie rod end (aftermarket...I believe it's the right outer). - Front disc brake conversion with Infiniti G20 calipers and rotors. All new parts that have never had brake fluid in them. - Rebuilt rear drum brakes with new RL411 wheel cylinders (11/16") and new shoes. Again, no brake fluid. - Extra cross-member from RL411. - Extra hatch with better glass and chrome trim. - Extra taillight assemblies and lenses. - Eagle wheels (15") with Cooper retreads. They hold air, but are only good for rolling car around. - 411 parts manual on CD. - Will include 4-speed transmission from RL411 unless buyer specifically does not want it. In putting this together, I discovered I have over $3500 in this car. I'm asking $2500. Plenty of pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/vJlkWlU Questions & comments welcome. Pete


    Lake Forest Park, Washington - US

  11. Sorry to hear/read this, but completely understand. At least I can say I got the first production 411 disc brake kit, right? 😋 If I read correctly, you're retiring, which is a whole new adventure. I retired a year ago, and still figuring it out. Thought all the car projects would get some serious love, but I thought wrong. Having to get a total left hip joint replacement didn't help either although I'm waaaaaaaaay better now. Finally back to work on the roadster again. Cheers.
  12. Only 2 in 2 years? Well, that sucks big time.
  13. How did you brace the shaft to take hitting the pin? That's what has me stymied.
  14. Well, since Canby is no more, you're safe. 🤓
  15. mklotz70 = Mister Klotz in my OP. 😎
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