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  1. What a great way to move heavy parts around.
  2. Original straps had an asbestos (?) padding. What are you using?
  3. Have you checked to see if the roadster ones will work? https://www.datsunparts.com/1992
  4. Trying to recall how this gauge ended up in my parts pile, but don't see how it could be from an RHD vehicle.
  5. Yeah, someone else thought it was a 720 clock, but when I Googled, all the images had the 12, 3, 6 and 9, which mine does not.
  6. Can anyone identify this mystery gauge? Thanks.
  7. Perfect timing! I like Photobucket, but not enough to pay for it. Imgur.....well.....PITA, but if you want free. Thanks all who made this happen. Oh, I agree you should limit file sizes, but you should also limit pixel sizes to avoid images that take up the whole screen.
  8. No grass growing under your feet! 😁 What thickness metal did you use? MIG? If yes, what are you using?
  9. <expletive deleted> NO! Black engine bays suck!
  10. Is there a decent old school auto electric shop that could rebuild it?
  11. So, identical other than solenoid location? Hmmm.... Swap innards. Sounds like a plan! Have you compared part numbers for the guts? Can you post pictures of the two starters side-by-side?
  12. Can't believe Nissan used a different starter on the R16 in a 411 vs a 311 (aka roadster). That said, many roadster owners switch to a forklift, starter, which is shorter. More info: http://www.311s.org/pmwiki-311/pmwiki.php?n=TechSection.ForkliftStarter
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