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  1. Sweet. That's great it stayed within Ratsun if he had to sell it.
  2. I was kind of wondering how many old members would still be around
  3. Thanks. Is that Klotz's old 320 in your pic or a twin?
  4. Nice. Yeah, he was the reason why I decided to pop back on here. I spotted a ratsun sticker on his truck and talked to him a bunch after that.
  5. After running into a fellow Ratsun member today, I decided to pop in here and say hi to everyone. I'm sure a lot of newer members won't recognize me because it's been years since I've been on here. I haven't fell out of the Datsun scene, life has just consumed me over the last few years. From losing my house in a divorce, getting our shop broken into (which now has a security system and hidden cameras), racing, quitting my engineering job to pursue my own business, blah blah, you get the point lol. I still probably won't have any time over this next year for any of the big datto projects t
  6. I see 620s, 510s, and 521s on a daily basis over here.
  7. :rofl: That's not a pic of the car. It looks like a mazda emblem on the steering wheel and look at the mirror on the other side.
  8. Here's one of my dad's old 510s. It's hard to see but it says RPM Datsun in the stripes. (Rick's Performance Motors which was a business he created for racing tax purposes)
  9. I was actually already planning on making my own bushings for it regardless of how I do the bags, but the material I use will be dependent on where I place the bags. I'll shoot him a PM and see how they are holding up.
  10. I know what you guys are saying about the weight issue on the upper arm. I would reinforce the arms at the very least if I do that or just build my own.I haven't pulled the suspension apart to see what kind of bushings are in there. I will be turning my own bushings for it but just not sure what kind of material. That's interesting that he didn't get much lift out of that. The bags can be placed closer together a little bit but I'll look into that. Take a guess... :cool: I was mocking it up but ran into a pretty big issue but have found a steering box that should actually work.
  11. That truck is turning out great. I love the bed treatment.

    Canby BBQ

    I'm in. I'll bring some potato salad.
  13. :lol: I would do that if I could get off work friday but I'm already taking over a week off this month and couldn't get more.
  14. That's what I kind of figured but didn't want to get screwed when I show up. We'll probably end out taking a rental down there. I wonder if the rental company would care if I slapped a ratsun sticker on it.
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