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  1. someone hit my wifes BMW on monday. no note or anything. didnt do too much damage, popped the bumper out and put a small dent below the pass tail light. $900 in damage but still a pissoff. how do you miss a BRIGHT RED BMW????
  2. nice lookin 77. i got a 76 Sierra Grande K25 here at home. Delvo reman, SM465, dana 44 front and a corporate 14 bolt out back. great rigs. green on green,
  3. most likely its a 904 auto. most were. as soon as i get a rubbing or scan of the options plate i can say exactly what its got or supposed to have. that is if someone hasnt changed it like my last dart. 71 dart custom, 318\904\7.25 rear factory. when i got it it was still a 318\904 but with a 8.75 3.23 sure grip, M1 intake and a Carter AVS. and dual 2.25 exhaust, if i remember correctly that is on the exhaust.
  4. nice scamp. the 318 is a great motor. not a fan of the 74 and later rear but whatever. i have a 72 with a 318. ran beautifully till i hit a rock and destroyed a bunch of stuff. the cool thing is i can decode the body ident plate for ya. tell you EXACTLY what your car has or should have.
  5. just keep teh 6 lug. there are some really nice wheels in that pattern. hell 1\2 ton GM has alot of nice wheels and they will bolt over.
  6. may he rest in peace. :crying:
  7. hot damn its been a while...... as of right now the clutch setup is frozen. its frozen bad enough to flex the firewall as i hit the pedal. i think its either the master, slave or a clogged line. no matter what though, it should be a fairly easy fix once i get the line removed from the old master. on a plus side, the truck started after 6 months or so of sitting. took a while but she started and sounded good for a beat motor. i did get her moved from where she was up next to the evil one so i can compare where things are and where they should go on D. hopefully it will help in putting D bac
  8. thanks man. i hope i do as well. i want to finish this truck and drive the damn thing again.
  9. time to yank the timing cover. while your in there you should do the timing chain as well.
  10. unfortunately work, back injury and recent surgery have sidelined this project. i have since gone through teh motor, new chains, new gaskets, and all other stuff to reseal. all work has been done on the motor itsself. i have painted the engine bay and cleaned up wiring in the bay. i am still working on wiring mounting though but once i can get back to work and move better ill have the wiring done. as for parts still needed, i am missing nuts and bolts for the fenders, new motor mounts, refinish the flywheel, and a new clutch and hardware for that. also am needing bolts for the idler arm mo
  11. if your car was a 74 or a 76 i would be able to help ya. i have the FSMs for those 2. sorry man.
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!! i wish my KC looked like that. mine is holier than the pope. keep em nice man. i am super jelly!!!
  13. nice bug! as you saw mine seems to be a nice start. its down right scary though in the rain. almost totaled it the 23rd coming home from work. its to low to be a reliable daily. ill post up some pics once i get some more and a build thrad once i really get down to it.
  14. the 2nd pic is your choke relay. cant really tell the rest, actually i cant remember. i dont have that stuff anymore on my 620s.
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