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  1. Fabulous. Cant wait to see you work your magic on a Porsche!
  2. Heartbreaking, I literally felt my hear sink. Glad you and fam are OK!
  3. Well that would certainly save me time. I was worried I'd always question it if I didn't do it right. Driving down the road, thinking 'what if...'. But man I don't want to change the timing cover, and I don't know how much pressure that fixture is really taking. Could be fine.
  4. This is what happened. I was filling the coolent, it started leaking from where the pipe joins. I tightened to 11ft lbs. Heard a 'Tink' sound. Suddenly wouldn't tighten at all, lol. And I watched your vid to get as far as I did. And will again. THe bolt the PO had in there was so short I don't think it engaged 5 threads. I am guessing by the way it broke that is why?
  5. Ugh. You know I knew things were going too well. It is usually two steps forward one step back. Lately it has been like 20 steps forward, no steps back. So I guess it caught up to me. So as long as the oil pan gasket doesn't tear, I can reuse it and not remove it all the way? I'd assumed the whole pan had to come off and new gasket. That would save me at least one step.
  6. Ugh, so I was a day away from firing up the 510 wagon when the water port on the timing cover broke. Literally cracked the timing cover. Coolent everywhere. The pipe outlet was the one thing the PO put on that I didn't check, and he used really short bolts, which maybe helped break it under torque. But I was only at like 11 Ft lbs. What timing covers fit the l-16? I think the L-18 will but not the l20b. But what about the L-24 and l-28? Tried to google it but couldn't find a cross reference. I've never done a timing cover, but I don't think I have to pull the engine. One step forward 100 steps back.
  7. Ridiculous! Those inner fenders... damn dude, you will be melting brains out of ears with this one.
  8. Custom shop in Japan. Yum. https://www.facebook.com/Ghost-Factory-163291017103508/
  9. so sick. Gonna give the Ghost Factory goon a run for its money.
  10. Damn that is one fine goon! But impossible to be a 1973, correct? Only 2-doors that year. I can't mask my sadness that it is an autotragic...
  11. So happy to still be able to see pics of this build!
  12. As always you are makin shit happen. Good on you. Gonna be bad ass when finished.
  13. Nicely done, welcome! Good to have another east coast Dime owner.
  14. Damn, crazy to see what my ratty 4-door would look like if new! Same paint and everything. Looks like a sweet car. I would have tried BAT with it.
  15. Dude, Granny is looking down right sexy!
  16. Lovin the updates on this today Carter! Like binging on netflix. Gonna get that rear coil overs in today and get her on the ground?
  17. Always enjoy getting updates on this build! GOnna be a bad ass B310.
  18. Not a Datsun, but a pretty good, no reserve, price for a 73 Celica on the east coast. Auto, but comes with 5-speed swap stuff. Lots a time left though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/263014708315?ul_noapp=true
  19. Saw that one today. Man with the price of 510s these days that seems pretty good so far for a well sorted dime, though I imagine teh reserve has a long way to go. But I'd agree, I want those pillar vents back.
  20. WOW! I've never seen one of those in the states! Can't believe he didn't take a shot with the windows open.
  21. This is bat, where crazy people are. Collectors are pretty fired up about this one, even more so than the last white 2-door restomod, which hit 40K, lol. (I think that was an anomaly though.) Earlier this month a nice l18 black 510 went for 27K. Wouldn't be surprised if this one gets in the 30Ks.
  22. Put on your seatbelts, this one is already at $16,000 on BAT in just half a day. Six days left. I think it is going to go huge. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-510-8/#comment-1502104
  23. Always bringing the awesome. There is a pretty sweet 2002 on BAT right now that could bring some coin. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-21/
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