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  1. Thanks..I'm going for a Tiki / Pirate ship / Rust Rod look. All of the wood I used is either from pallets & old Ikea furniture. A wooden air damm...maybe 😎
  2. Ok Gene..hope it's a stellar time.... Ray..I suppose anybody can..there's history here & people were done wrong..I'll let it go...PM me sometime I'll fill you in..peace
  3. A few more pics from last weeks kickoff to the 2019 Colorado river Bullhead city AZ / Laughlin NV season. We did a little fishing & alot of relaxing. Im replacing the carb with a new 32/36 & ill install the sync part that opens both barrels at the same time. a shot of the flakes...
  4. Did you get permission to use the Nu minis / Class act trucks for your flyer ? Just a friendly [ & justified] inquiry......
  5. I've had the air damm on since 2006 & your just now saying something haha. She's running fine I do need to install the other 3 valve seals & adjust the valves. The new carb is amazing !!
  6. Ok Kool I'll try that method. Thanks..it's kinda "done" for now..it's time to cruise it around..
  7. The 2019 Bullhead city river season has begun. Took it out last Wed & she ran ok..replaced the fuel filter & ill check the spark plugs tomorrow. I also now have the original engine bay cover ! It needs some fiberglass repairs then paint but nothing major. This is a pic from last year...
  8. A few pics from the Forbidden fantasy show last weekend...
  9. Coming soon...I hope. I did put a few on my FB page...
  10. Very nice..ran into old & new friends. SWDP was well represented & the 620 got plenty of weird looks haha
  11. Big updates..I have in the last few weeks installed...NEW... 32-36 carb, fuel pump, alternator, battery, brake booster, rear wheel cylinders & brake shoes. I'm addition I made a few bolt on exterior body parts that fit the Ratty / rust look of the truck & went back to the Gen. 1 rims & caps & whitewalls. Taking it to a show on the 30th where I'll Be hanging out with a few of my SWDP brothers 😎🌵
  12. Ordered a 32/36 dgv & air cleaner assembly from www.piercemanifolds.com on 3-2 (sat) & it shipped on 3-4...$238 total including shipping to my door..will be here in a few days..authentic Weber from Spain.
  13. Stick to the L series motor & enjoy the truck..you wont regret it ?Its about keeping it simple & your truck on the road.
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