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  1. I know this thread is ancient but did this boat ever sell ?
  2. Buy a NEW Weber 32-36 & call it good / eliminate further issues. Keep the Hitachi for wall art or toss it.. Yes a new Weber..adapter plate & air filter assembly + shipping will be around $300 but youll get many years of reliability & performance. I bought mine from... www.piercemanifolds.com DGEV is electric choke... DGV is manual choke... Happy shopping 👍
  3. Sounds great Ed & thank you. We enjoy visiting with everybody & you guys make our event a lot of fun 😎
  4. Everybody in attendance this year will get a 3x2 inch SWDP decal & were hoping to have t shirts for sale this year.
  5. It will be good to see you again this year..we have a new thread started for this years bbq.
  6. The part # is the name of the part haha. I called in my order & told her what I wanted but didn't know the part #...she said "sync link" is the part #...
  7. Of course..your a big part of our club 👍 This years event will be alot of fun with hopefully a few surprises.
  8. TY for getting things started Charlie. Heres a link to more info on the park including directions... https://www.fontana.org/714/Martin-Tudor-Jurupa-Hills-Park As in years past our event is open to any & all vehicles & theres room to park trailers but we reccomend you get there early seeing as parking fills up fast. & we will be reserving gazebo #2 this year..a HUGE TY to Carlos for making that happen... I have tracked down 2 of the original membes of So Cal Datsun Pickups & hoping they can attend. One of them still has his club jacket & pics from back in the day which he will bring to share. Mr George koepsel founder of Fontana Datsun should be there with pictures & stories..if you have a chance sit & visit with him..hes a very kind man with a rish history with the Datsun brand. Come out & enjoy a day of old school trucks & cars & help us keep the tradition going.. A few pics from last years bbq...
  9. It sure is !! It does have a little more top end speed & I'm getting a full throw on the throttle cable now. It doesn't " kick in" like It used to when the 2nd barrell used to open..now it's a smooth acceleration all the way through.
  10. Ive been doing the Datsun thing for a long time & have learned over time....dont cheap out when fixing your truck or car...buy NEW parts to make it safe & reliable 😎

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    2. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      A little..got tired of it just sitting👍

    3. bananahamuck


      Man,,, I am so cheap i buy my light bulbs at junkyard.

    4. Charlie69


      I thought light bulbs were covered by the admission price!  LOL

  11. Ive been driving it here & there & the brakes are holding up fine..radiator temps staying normal & its not smoking as much [valve seals] Most importantly is the truck finally feels safe & reliable..thats not always been the case. Onto a few "beauty" pics HaHa... & my ladys 93 HB... & im fabbing up some metal for a back window "trick" ive been wanting to do for awhile...pics soon...
  12. Im so glad you have this 620 & upgrading things & making it "right" It deserves to be driven seeing as it wasnt before..enjoy.
  13. A few pics from last weeks river time. NEW 32-36 dgv with Sync link & tall adapter installed. Nice smoth acceleration, smooth idle & no more running rich / the back of the boat covered in soot... & a Jet boat racing the London jet tour boat...only on the Colorado !
  14. Our 12th annual SWDP bbq is coming up again in August Stay tuned for info & were hoping for a few surprises this year & TY for all off you that have supported our event in years past. 😎
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