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  1. Remove the Hitachi carb & insert it into the closest trash receptacle..go to www.piercemanifolds.com & purchase a Weber 32/36 carb & adapter plate..install & adjust the idle & air fuel screws..enjoy driving your truck..total cost is approx. $250 & will last the life of your truck.
  2. I'll miss this show due to my job. Have fun l..be safe & take lots of pics. Charlie & Chris make sure you wear your SWDP shirts 😎
  3. Ok update time. Last time out the motor developed an internal knocking noise & I lost all power. I'm guessing one or more of the bearings went out. Over the winter it will get a full rebuild & I'll get the engine cover repaired & mounted.
  4. Our event was on the small side in terms of attendance but everybody had a good time. Next year will be the 13th event & we will continue to keep the tradition & heritage of the old school mini truck lifestyle alive. TY to those that came out & spent the day with us 😎
  5. Stick with the L motor & enjoy the truck..you wont regret that decision.
  6. Thanks to all that came out for the day & my SWDP brothers for making this event happen. I wasnt able to attend due to work but I'll be there next year. Ive saved some pics from the bbq I've seen on FB & I'll post them soon.
  7. Tomorrow is the day..I won't be able to attend due to my job. I'm giving a huge TY to my SWDP family for stepping up to ensure everybody has a good day. To all that attend have fun..take pics...& be safe.
  8. Hoping to see everybody even if you need to bring your daily drivers...πŸ‘
  9. Less than 2 weeks to go to ! As in years past SWDP will provide burgers dogs & water & will grill anything you guys want to contribute to the cause. Im planning on driving my 620 this year & am hoping to meet up in Barstow with Ray, Danny & Darin. Im also spreading the word on facebook ..see you guys soon.
  10. I will..I'll be leaving home @ 2am to beat our desert heat 😎
  11. Since my last post we've been taking the boat out every Sunday & she's running great. About every 5th trip i top off the oil...im guessing the rings are going bad & I'm getting smoke coming from the filter on the valve cover breather.
  12. Since my last post I've completed my back window mod & have been starting the truck once a week & letting it run for awhile. I'll be prepping it for a 220 Mile (each way) trip to Fontana CA for our SWDP bbq. It'll get a new thermostat..a minor detail & loaded for the trip😎
  13. Just a few weeks away..looking forward to seeing everybody again. We have reserved gazebo # 6 it's the 2nd one on the right as you enter the park.
  14. I know this thread is ancient but did this boat ever sell ?
  15. Buy a NEW Weber 32-36 & call it good / eliminate further issues. Keep the Hitachi for wall art or toss it.. Yes a new Weber..adapter plate & air filter assembly + shipping will be around $300 but youll get many years of reliability & performance. I bought mine from... www.piercemanifolds.com DGEV is electric choke... DGV is manual choke... Happy shopping πŸ‘
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