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  1. HaHa its so dry here & nothing rusts naturally so i spray on a solution i made that accelerates it. I like not having to make parts look perfect on this truck...
  2. Thanks...the rust kinda grows on you...& the truck haha
  3. I made more new grill progress today. I added the 2 middle sections & i attached it for the 1st time. Just needs more rust & then ill clear coat it.
  4. Thanks Charlie..once it kools down I'll start driving it again.... & after i replace the rear freeze plug...
  5. Pic from Sept. 2019..just put the new clear signal lenses on.
  6. Pacific coast Datsun


    Watch & study this video...
  7. www.piercemanifolds.com should carry the throttle linkage kits + many other parts. Ive bought 2 carbs from them last year..great prices..fast shipping & great tech support.
  8. My 620 has no glass...i pulled them & the mechanisms out then capped the doors...πŸ˜‰
  9. Random L 18 pics..Weber carb..Electronic ignition..L 16 ex. manifold..& a little chrome πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  10. Thanks my friend..its a combo of ..i cant toss anything metal...& the wood was free HaHa !
  11. & a few pix of the racks i made last December. I used pallet wood..part of an Ikea bed..510 coil springs...& a rusty utility cart..
  12. None of those critters here...they dont like our temps haha.
  13. The group is "datsun 620 owners" & Joe yocum is the guy thats fabbing these valves up.
  14. It was ideal ! Was only 100 with a very light breeze. I forget were in the desert when were on the river...🌴🌡🚀
  15. Just a few pics of the interior mods i did last March...😎
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