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  1. I'm still here my friend. I have a 1 month window to drive the 620 until our summer starts. Fires up now on the 1st or 2nd try as long as I choke it.
  2. Unfortunately our fuel is all 10% ethanol here in Northern AZ. I'll just start / drive it more often to keep the gas "fresh".
  3. Thanks...😎 I'm hoping to bring it to the Williams show this year. I'm 3 hours away in Bullhead city AZ.
  4. I've recently replaced the accelerator pump on the Weber due to non starting issue / AZ gas has 10% ethanol that dries out rubber parts. I also now have to use the choke to get it to fire up & need to fab up a lever (manual choke) ..I tried using a cable with no success. The fun never ends 😎🌵🌴
  5. Thanks Redeye for posting these pics..i took these about 1 month ago.
  6. I'd like to purchase another of your DA 322 Air Dams for my 1967 620 Longbed.


    Have tried to email you to no success. 


    Thank you.

    1. datzenmike


      Must mean '76 😄

    2. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      Hi John..i dont sell the fiberglass parts..my friend does..give me your email adress & I'll forward it to him.

  7. No worries & a Ty in advance. I'm not on the laptop much anymore to upload & post pics.
  8. I suppose so..just dont seem to have the time to actually enjoy it these days.
  9. Long time coming update. I had to replace the HEI ignition module now it runs again. I also had to pour gas down the main barrel to get it to fire up. Im seeing that Weber carbs don't like to sit for long periods HaHa
  10. Remove the Hitachi carb & insert it into the closest trash receptacle..go to www.piercemanifolds.com & purchase a Weber 32/36 carb & adapter plate..install & adjust the idle & air fuel screws..enjoy driving your truck..total cost is approx. $250 & will last the life of your truck.
  11. I'll miss this show due to my job. Have fun l..be safe & take lots of pics. Charlie & Chris make sure you wear your SWDP shirts 😎
  12. Ok update time. Last time out the motor developed an internal knocking noise & I lost all power. I'm guessing one or more of the bearings went out. Over the winter it will get a full rebuild & I'll get the engine cover repaired & mounted.
  13. Our event was on the small side in terms of attendance but everybody had a good time. Next year will be the 13th event & we will continue to keep the tradition & heritage of the old school mini truck lifestyle alive. TY to those that came out & spent the day with us 😎
  14. Stick with the L motor & enjoy the truck..you wont regret that decision.
  15. Thanks to all that came out for the day & my SWDP brothers for making this event happen. I wasnt able to attend due to work but I'll be there next year. Ive saved some pics from the bbq I've seen on FB & I'll post them soon.
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