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  1. new long hall garage episode driver seat install
  2. still have to go get the car from cali (there will be a video on that) but plans are simple get it running bolt the 610s old slot mags on it lower it find a grill and rear tail light and drive it
  3. more pics cause the 4 mb limit
  4. To all the old timers on here you may recognize this picture as you can see that is an old station wagon in the driveway while my 610 is on the street well...... i now own both cars a little back story this is my grandpas 1974 toyota corona mark 2 wagon. I had told him years ago that I was interested in it if he were to ever part with it. well about a year and a half ago he passed away and his sister is handling his estate. turns out he left it to me. Ironicly, my dad got my orignal yellow 610 from him. He is kinda the family vintage jdm dealer she needs a few odds and ends like a grill and a driver tail light lens but other then that totally complete and original
  5. finally after being backordered forever my seat is here
  6. havnt done much waiting on the body guy still but the rear coils are installed and i picked up the last big piece for the engine swap behold the glory of the borg warner t-5 with chevy bellhousing with b&m short throw and who needs a truck when you have an acura also finished the car key that will be painted to match the car will hopefully be getting some bigger updates soon as im trying to arrange getting it to a friends place to finish the front coils and make some sub frame connecters
  7. also got crafty its a kenmari but the closest ill get with a hotwheel. I'ts my car....key will be painted to match the car when the body guy sprays it
  8. made a facebook market place score 20 bucks new in box
  9. had some time today and finished fabbing the fuel tank firewalls debating on starting to do video updates from now on
  10. thats actually really cloce its a gm color saphire blue
  11. isnt it though? and it wasnt even a color i originally considered but my body guy suggested it and i instantly fell in love with it
  12. managed to get the passenger floor stripped back to bare metal again and got thedrivers side started before the stripper wheel gave up coated in rust converter before i coat in roll on bed liner this time it should last unlike the rattle can bed liner
  13. It goes working a new job married lost the set4 to a dumb ass who decided to ram into it while i was at work bought a new daily and now trying to get this thing back on the road i miss driving it it should be painted and driveable by mid summer i hope
  14. well after a long winter im working on her again fabbed up the fuel tank fire wall and mocked up my new seat also started stripping the floors back again this time im doing more prep to make it so i never have to do them again
  15. and shes home for now fabing up a fire wall for the gas tank removing the head liner make it stop again then off to get the cage then back to the body shop to get sprayed i tried to get pics of the good in the sun but it didnt wanna work with me
  16. she comes home monday till about mid november when it goes out and gets a cage
  17. yes im doing it more for structural rigidity but it will be a one off cage
  18. car should be blocked out in primer and jammed monday it will then come home for a little bit before going out to get the roll cage and finally sprayed and color officially picked! gm sapphire blue with a teal pearl over it
  19. passenger side flares are done and passenger side is almost all blocked out flares are subtle and really clean rear flares in primer looking at the front flares towards the front of the car
  20. i just found out threw the ratsun facebook admin chat im in shock dave was such an awesome guy and this is a serious loss rest in peace dave you will truly be missed
  21. yup still going home stretch though at least for the bodywork
  22. stopped by today hes almost done with the rear and started with the front
  23. body guy started working on the flares i dig how hes incorporating a mud flap its gonna be about 1.5 inch flare im super excited oh and new wheels actually on the car
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