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  1. For sale. Trade for a sport quad 450cc with electric start
  2. It has a trim peice that goes around it and then the plastic will go back on
  3. gauge cluster is finally complete
  4. you decided against the bosch 044 pump or the TRE pump
  5. I have the premium version. I cannot for the life of me get the MS to see what im seeing on a timing light its way to far advance the car is trying to start way before TDC
  6. Well you can buy new bushings. For the front end balljoints and tierod ends eveything you can get from ROCKAUTO.COM as far as lowering it you can cut the springs some. Or 510 struts or 280zx struts bolt in
  7. ???? looking for help very soon. Can pay for services
  8. What suspension advice do you need?
  9. The car is still mine and work will continue shortly just in case anyone was following
  10. Need some cash wanna take the wifey to Hawaii
  11. For sale 5k firm no flakes.
  12. very nice stuff man!
  13. Yea. I went pretty hard on it and just was frustrated. Where i live your not gotta have someone near buy that will know about this stuff. Cause i dont care what anyone says you cant tune a car via the internet. Its either figure it out yourself, Or dont do it at all. Im sure i will get it. The MS wasnt my only problem for some reason oil leaks always plague my motor builds for some reason. Hoping i can just let it sit a bit and it will fix itself LOL
  14. No i burned myself out. Moved on to my 521 project i picked up and decided to put floor pan in it instead.
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