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  1. scored a tail light from ebay gonna just use the lens as my surround is better
  2. i was just surprised to see a compressor in there lol im planning on making it function as this is destined to forever be a cruiser i freaking love it to my wife isnt thrilled i brought another one home but i couldnt let it get crushed especially with all the memories attached
  3. they really do have similar side profiles yeah i dropped the driveline didnt want to hurt the trans and it was only 8 bolts
  4. all original under the hood it has factory ac oh what a feeling at the oregon border and home
  5. so unmolested still has the original headlights
  6. ive been waiting for this for months now i now have it project fox is finally at home drove 1000 mile round trip to bring her home enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfEJidrNcmE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8FcQyLndeU
  7. new long hall garage episode driver seat install
  8. still have to go get the car from cali (there will be a video on that) but plans are simple get it running bolt the 610s old slot mags on it lower it find a grill and rear tail light and drive it
  9. To all the old timers on here you may recognize this picture as you can see that is an old station wagon in the driveway while my 610 is on the street well...... i now own both cars a little back story this is my grandpas 1974 toyota corona mark 2 wagon. I had told him years ago that I was interested in it if he were to ever part with it. well about a year and a half ago he passed away and his sister is handling his estate. turns out he left it to me. Ironicly, my dad got my orignal yellow 610 from him. He is kinda the family vintage jdm dealer she needs a few odds and ends like a grill and a driver tail light lens but other then that totally complete and original
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