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  1. I appreciate all the compliments guys, means a lot. It helps starting with a clean dime to begin with that's for sure. Thank you! Yes i remember that, what was that 2009 or 2010?? I wanted to head to that park this year but a lot of my buddies bailed on canby saying they weren't ready. Haha better safe then sorry! Heck no! Unless it's a car we are selling then the L series stays. :rofl: The old motor went to my dad but he ended up recently selling it to a buddy to fund his new SR build in his red two door. Thank you Loren and it was nice to meet you. The swap is not too bad just one step at a time and don't pull your car apart till you have acquired most the parts is key! Thanks Carter, your Canby photo album has some sweet shots by the way! I was hoping to see his wagon, it is a super clean car! I remember it from last year. It has the power windows correct??
  2. Hello Ratsun! I've been slacking on my forum post badly! I'm on Facebook and instagram (510_dillon) but I'm hoping to get back on here more. So after my awesome trip to Canby, Jeff (Icehouse) had suggested to make a build thread for my girlfriends 510 wagon. I'm sure a couple people saw it at Canby and recognized it. It was previously owned by Doug who decided to post it on craigslist since he didn't drive it much and it just sat in his garage. Ashley and I had talked about picking her up a wagon and when she saw it online she was already sold. We picked it up February 2014 for a good price since he knew it was going to a good home. The pic is right after we picked it up. She was grinning ear to ear since random people on the freeway were giving her thumbs up not even a half an hour after the purchase driving back up to Everett. The wagon had an L20 with a weber carb, and dogleg 5 speed. It ran awesome and had good power. She took it to a couple shows, cruised it all of summer 2014. After riding and driving my NA SR powered dime she decided that's what she wanted in her wagon. She slowly started getting parts for the swap since we were in no rush because the L20 was a good runner. Fast forward a couple months to April 2015 we had most everything for the swap so we decided to go for it since I promised it would be done by Canby. Last bath before BYE BYE L-SERIES! Took the chance and ordered up a Nissan s14 sr20de through ebay after doing research on a couple engine importers. Started stripping it of the power steering pump and AC unit in the back of my truck. Time for some cleaning! Installed a lightened flywheel and Exedy Clutch, also talked her into a B&M short shifter because I have them in both my dimes and they are the BEST! The engine and trans went in flawlessly. Flipped crossmember and t3 trans brace. Ran some bigger fuel hard lines and tucked them up nice and tight! Mocking up a downpipe using a SR turbo header and a steel bolt on flange to the outlet. Picked up a Nardi deep corn wheel as well! Craigslist score! Also ordered the futofab TC rods. Motor set with the header. Cleaned up behind the grill and repainted the black before the radiator gets mounted. Went with the CX racing radiator and have not had any problems. It is a little wider then most but it fits! A quick tack together for a shifter plate box I built. It didn't turn out too bad. Sorry no close up! Sprayed it with a wrinkle finish black. Bam! Who doesn't love the color purple??? It really made the engine bay pop. Illusion purple powdercoat with a clear. Fabbed up a gas pedal from a nissan pathfinder at the local pick n pull. The cable was a little longer then I would have liked but it works. After getting everything squared away other then the wiring my father and I trailered it to my wiring buddy Jeff! (icehouse) He put in the hours and had it ready to run the next day! After discovering the fuel return line was pinched by the tank the first fire up went smoothly. finished product! All in all the swap was completed in exactly a month since we had most all the parts and with Canby approaching we had other datsuns to work on so we hustled on the goon. Plus I wanted her to get some drive time in to make sure it was all good for the drive down. Other then the brake fade in Portland traffic from the header heating up the brake master it made it to canby successfully with no issues. I picked up some heat wrap from a generous datsun enthusiast at the show to wrap the master and took out the inner headlight to get better airflow as a quick fix so we had no problems on the way home. A heat shield and synthetic fluid will be the next fix. Couldnt be happier that she made it to Canby 2015! Next to Joels beautiful wagon. Hope you guys enjoyed the read and pics!
  3. You cant post a pic with the red wagon in it, those wheels are a tease Carter!
  4. Finally I get spotted! I drive it everyday but usually stay only in the everett area. Son_of_a_datsun_guy I used to have the bluebird grill on but once I finished my two door it went on there. It looked real mean on the four door but if someone hit it at work I wouldn't be too happy haha.
  5. Got a group of Everett guys meeting at the safeway on 41st street @ 11:30am. Then hoping on the freeway from there. Anyone else going?
  6. Yeah for now I'll just clean it up and get her running so its one less broken down datsun :)
  7. I didnt know you were looking! Ill keep my eyes out for one.
  8. I cant believe it has already been three months since I last updated! Time just flies by. Two months back I got word of a 68' four door down in Oregon and was emailing the guy back and forth and it looked complete so we set up a time and my dad and I headed down to Tigard and picked her up. Most Datsun guys have extra parts right? haha. my rusty cars new buddy! I havent touched the 68' yet but I managed to get my two door on the road and it sure does feel good to drive it again. I got rid of my t25 and stock header and downpipe and replaced them with a Tomei header and downpipe and also an s14 t28 turbo. Also thanks to Idol Rides for the sexy powdercoat job on the valve cover. The quality of the Tomei parts were flawless and everything fit perfectly which is nice! I feel like I may leave out some stuff but Im trying to feel you guys in on everything over the couple months. I was talking to Datsun Dave with the 240z out in Marysville about all his cool LED lighting he does and we decided hey, bluebird taillights would be even better with LED's and sequential flashers! So he took the challenge and I was very impressed. He cleaned up the housings, polished the lenses and made the taillight harnesses look new! I have yet to take a video other then a shitty cell one but here is a little picture. Ill see if Dave can post the video he has. I have some pics of the housings if you guys are really interested I will post them. blinding people with the reverse lights! :rofl: Just a couple pics from Fest out in Monroe, WA. Wagon of doom! It looks exactly like I imagined the new look inside my head. I still have some things I want to do before Canby but it all takes time and money. I hope I can find both within the next 6 months lol. Oh yeah Merry Christmas! who needs a truck anyways. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. If anyone has instagram add me, I'm always posting datsun pics. 510_Dillon
  9. His name is Nate. he lives right on old broadway down from the little D&J mart. He also has an older celica and bmw 2002 I believe. There are so many Datsuns in the area we need our own meet haha.
  10. We bagged up all the little items such as interior pieces and grills just misc. stuff to bring to canby 2014. So not all is gone but yeah a lot of parts were scrapped today already.
  11. Today is the last day of the garage sale. Practically giving stuff away. You better stop by if you want crazy deals on datsun parts!
  12. Thanks for everyone that showed up. We barely made a dent in the parts so yes it will be going on this weekend the 21st and 22nd!
  13. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/4059774916.html Can't post the pics I took yesterday helping set up the sale since I'm just on my cell at work but they are posted in the refreshed craigslist ad. Oh and the address is in there too! See you all saturday and sunday. Any questions call 4252804747
  14. Count me in. I'll let my other datsun friends know as well!
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