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  1. don't worry so much about the rust issues, it's just metal and can be repaired. If you got a friend or money to buy a 110 welder, thats 2 options ya got. Maybe time to purchases one, welders are cheap today. See Kelmo stepped up on the hubcap, off the list now. 🙂 Got to tell you about rolling windows up on vehicles, bad deal, I got a 67 Lemans 4 dr hdtp, windows were up tight, now the front windshield is lose and I'm sure the floor is bad condition. It's a super low mileage Pontiac, not Fnn happy. Now my cars that sit outside have their side windows down a 1/4 inche to keep moisture from building up.
  2. something I forgot to mention in my last comment, Gage, pull the valve cover off and drizzle some oil over the rockers, pull plugs and crank the engine over for a minute or so, let the starter rest in between then turn over the engine again (repeat this process several times ) until oil is coming out of the oil gallery's. This will show that oil is in the oil journal's and you won't end up with a rod knocking. That's awesome on finding the title.
  3. 1st do a compression test without oil. Get a base line. now squirt some oil in the cylinder's and get comp test. Have you checked the valve adjustments ? Before taking 1st test ? Since the 210 has sit for a while, the rings will most likely need to re-sit. If it's running, take it out on the country road and get the speed up to 60 and then let off, let the compression slow the 210 down until it gets to 45 then run it back up to 60 ( don't baby it ) and continue do do this for the next 5 to 7 miles.
  4. Gage, just so you know, I'll be selling off a bunch of Datsun stuff this year. I've got a few L20's with 5 speeds that DON'T need rebuilt. Once the weather gets into the low 50's I'm going to start a list and place an ad on craigs list. I'll post a link of the CL ad. I'm calling it quits on selling vehicle parts. This is your heads up. Want to talk, send me your contact number and what times are best to call. If I call and you don't pick up on the time you set, I don't play phone tag.
  5. that was pure luck to look to my left, heading north and I saw the roof lines of that 510 wagon. Sold it to a Rat member which still has it today.
  6. looks like a nice score. Believe the mileage is original cause the clutch/brake pads are not worn through, carpet is presentable, not all fuckered up from a Montana cowboy boots. I might have a hubcap of that style, I'll make a note. a girl locally purchased a late b210 with 1000 original miles but it's hatchback, she purchased it from her Gma. The only damage was the left rear 1/4 which has been fixed and now sitting in a 2 car garage hidden. I know of several b210's sitting up on the hill, let me know if your look for ?????? Springs just around the corner and I've been wanting to swing by but snow drifts are bad in that area.
  7. 420n620

    Hood lip trim

    the 521 hood trim is a stainless polished trim piece. No paint, NOT chromed. please let us know your happy with the comments, please hit the likes as you see fit.
  8. you are very welcome to shovel my drive way, lol It's so Fnn cold right now (5 degree's) that the snow is like flour, it's not packing well, sort of like loose dry sand but with no traction. Went to town yesterday in the 05 Camry and almost got stuck at the intersection and my drive way. Plow trucks havn't even come close to our area yet. Their concentrating on the main traffic streets. My neighbor is coming over today with his snow blower, just in time, we got another snow storm hitting us tomorrow for the next 3 days.
  9. Has your friend looked into checking with neighbors that might have a ring camera door bell ? I'll keep an eye out on FakeBook market place since I search for other goodies their.
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