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  1. 420n620

    NM 521

    Can't tell what you got going on in the pic cause of the fat red circle but here's what I've got on my 71 521. I removed my air pump since it was seized and capped off the hose line under the carb as seen in the pic. Also noticed you've got a intake bolt missing. That will cause your engine to rev higher.
  2. Time Left: 25 days and 12 hours

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    I'm helping out a local retired Datsun parts person that had all this Datsun / Nissan NOS stashed away for over 30+ years. This is the first tote list of NOS parts and theirs 2 or 3 more to go. Theirs no price on any of the items but I will be in touch with Marv twice a week and get one. If your not very active on Ratsun, maybe you should check in more often. I'm only doing this so the NOS stuff doesn't go to waste or end up in the dumpster. As for shipping, I don't pump up the price or add any extra fee's for handling. Please PM me for what your interested in. Some items were not Identified but I posted it up incase someone knows what they are. For right now, I'm going to see how this goes. Sorry for not have pic's, way to many items. Might take pic's on the items members are interested in, MAYBE. I'll be posting up another classified ad as the other NOS parts are ID'ed, a BIG thanks to datzenmike. B8012-C9910 is a Hardbody, '87-'91 Sentra, '87-'89 Stanza and '87-'92 Pathfinder radio B9250-64400 Perhaps newer than 2004? 26550-84W00 same 13091-77A01 same 13085-77A03 '87-'90 Sentra and Pulsar tension side chain guide GA16 engine 13028-77A01 '87-'90 Sentra and Pulsar timing chain GA16 23300-N5901 Starter motor for Canada. Gear reduction.'77 and up 280z, 810, S10 200sx, 620 and A10 (HL510) through '80. (Canada had the L20B in '80, US did not) 32264-21P00 blank 13024-77A00 '87-'90 Sentra/Pulsar cam sprocket GA16 32607-M8001 synchro ring for 210, Sentra, Pulsar, Pulsar NX, Stanza, 33136-33G00 Hardbody/Pathfinder transfer case needle bearing 40210-85000 Wheel bearing for Patrol,520/521, SR311 Roadster, 510/610 sedan and wagon, 240/260/280z, 620, 210, 720, 280zx, S110 200sx, Maxima, Sentra/Pulsar NX, Stanza tensioner 13070-77A12..... Sentra Pulsar '88 and up GA 16 engine bearing wheel 38440-N3100........ diff gear 240/260280z,zx, 300zx R200, 720 C200, Vanette, D21 WD21 cable 275H2-03W00........ nothing bearing needle 32219-D0100.......... nothing sprocket 13021-77A00............ crankshaft sprocket GA16 engine '88 and up Sentra/Pulsar lens R 83 220-235 43.............. MUST BE 10 CHARACTERS looks like a Hardbody right housing, not 100% sure yet water pump 21010-23028............ nothing bracket 48531-43W00........... internal idles arm part up to Dec '82 720 2 & 4 wd gear set main 32200-55S51.............. '89-'93 main gear set counter drive 71C D21 & Vanette brake pads-disc 41060-23C90............ '87-'89 D21 VG30 2wd, Pathfinder and Vanette Z24i main/rod bearing set 12207-58010..... '62-'69 Patrol marker lamp side 26190-N9600........ '90-'91 S110 200sx right rear side marker lamp assy. bearing needle 32350-25510.......... for 5th gear 71C 300zx, D21, WD21, Vanette, S12 200sx


    , Idaho

  3. Got a wagon for parts, might have it, just want to make sure I know what it is. Could you post a pic of it ? while at the shop today, I checked and it was not there.
  4. incase some one wants one from the drivers side. lol
  5. seen around the corner from a car S&S last weekend.
  6. Ebay, you know it. lol $250.00 cause inflation...... Condition is "New". This is the early one with chrome around letters. 1972 to 1975 years. >>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/154522086846?hash=item23fa3bedbe:g:MgkAAOSwxipg5d2b
  7. 420n620

    521 carb rebuild

    Looked at my 71 521 carb and didn't see that bracket. I'm with Charlie, put it in the glove box for now. Can you put in your profile what year and model of Datsun U got. Makes it easier for us members to know what you got.
  8. Found this NOS emblem on Ebay. Hope it helps.
  9. if it's not a problem. Can you take pic's of the underside of the cab, the frame, driveshaft & e brake cables. Curious what the PO did to lengthen the 620. If the bed is to rusty with a zillion holes, maybe it's time to replace the bed. The drivers door looks rusty at the bottom, passenger looks ok. Was looking at Boise craig's list and theirs a 720 similar to yours. https://boise.craigslist.org/pts/d/nampa-chevy-43tbi-toyota-70s-80s-22r/7343780519.html
  10. bet it looks similar to this one.
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