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  1. 420n620

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Current bid: US $6,600.00 [ 117 bids ] boy, you ain't a crapping !!!
  2. 420n620

    79 620 voltage regulator

    it's in the alternator ...... ✌️ 78 and 79 620's have internal regulated alternators... please don't ask where and whats a alternator. lol
  3. 420n620

    The ol' dat620 window seals.

    Toms alive and well, lives in Phoenix Az.. Helps his good old buddies work on their Datsun's. --- members on here so you know. Makes me wonder what kind of people have a thief for a friend. SMH Stole over $1000 from the members so he could put a down payment on a new home he purchased about the time the theif was happening. Toms son is the one that died, dam wrong person. wait, Farmer got seals ??? not the ones that could fit a 747, right ?? hope Tom might be still alive. Some of us still got a chance to kick that scum bag in the fuking balls if we see him. That's if he has the balls to show up at Canby 2nd weekend in June. < just for u Tommy (prick) Sure one of his good old buddies will tell him his name came up again on Ratsun. do I sound a little bitter ? When a little low life uses GOD to make him self sound so fuking righteous of a person to only be the opposite. yeah, enough said. . . . . . one last thing to say, IBtL and thanks matty for the salt, wasn't needed. ;)
  4. https://chambana.craigslist.org/pts/d/datsun-510-engine-block-18/6327620317.html
  5. 420n620

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    horry crap, Oliver must be going to take it all with him to his grave. Sorry I posted that CL link now. everything is "HIGH" price on the left side of Washington state since pot became legal. :no:
  6. 420n620

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    > https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/datsun-engines-trans-and-parts/6317263480.html
  7. 420n620

    Original downpipe diameter

    same here on 521 j series.
  8. 420n620

    Front suspension ‘Yiching‘.

    I don't have a 720 but assume it's close to the 620 front suspension, not sure what to call it but theirs a small square bolt on the back side of the backing plate towards the front, by the outer tie rod/s. When you crank your wheels to far in either directions, this square bolt head ( which might/ is adjustable ) rubs up against the lower control arm " wuts you ma call it bracket " on the lower control arm and makes a hell of a screeching sound. It's not required to grease the square head bolt but a little can't hurt. GL
  9. 420n620

    Searching for Driver side Datsun 620 Fender

    I'd post a link for one but someone might beat you to it. check your PM message
  10. 420n620

    74' 620 Stopped Suddenly While Driving

    think you forgot to answer this important question.. This also happen to me and all I did was cleaned the terminals / connectors on the coil. to check if you got electricity to the coil is take a test light, ground the clip and then test each post on the coil with the ignition switch in the start position. If no juice to 1 or both post, you have narrowed down your problem. Good luck,
  11. 420n620

    Building a 620 trailer

    pic's as promised. This axle was made back in the late 80's not sure why they didn't use square or rectangle iron. It is what it is. C channel iron was used with flat plate welded to the opening of the C channel. this hub is a 5 bolt lug ( Ford / Dodge ) but should be available in a 6 lug to match the Datsun trk's.
  12. 420n620

    3rd tail light and letters

  13. 420n620

    CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

    agree, think about it, what will the Datsun campers have to do when in the camping area when their just standing around with nothing to do. huh :confused:

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