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  1. my 71 521 has the chains / long links with the hole in the hook. checked the 69 521 parts truck, it has the chains with no hole, long links. Hope this info helps.
  2. Tap on the Quote and a window will drop down so you can comment and/or tap on Drag files here to attach, or choose files... to open your file to your pictures. I'm on a PC, should be different on a smart or android phone. I don't know how to do that. Someone will come along and explain, I hope.
  3. Got a Camera ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This comment is approved cause were pic whores, besides that, pic's are worth a thousand words.
  4. Where did you score the new king cab seals ? Were they the ones for the trim or no trim ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Been using the Baldwin brand, after reading the reviews on them, bought a case of them. B1410 is for the L series .
  6. Time Left: 17 days and 13 hours

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    more 620 stuff found. If you have any question, plez ask. PM what your interested in along with your zip code. Some pic's wouldn't down load, they are, 620 hood release cable, passenger side panel - covers the inside door hinge bolts - left side is next to last pic, front window shield ducts left and right.


  7. Found this info on the internet How can electrolysis be prevented? To prevent this from happening make sure the engine and frame are properly grounded to the battery. Make sure all accessories are properly grounded, and remember painted and power coated surfaces do not make a good ground—metal surfaces must be bare. How do you get rid of electrolysis? A) The quickest way to prevent Corrosion or Electrolysis from occurring is to use either our Stylus 2907 Isolation Tape, or Tesa Isolation Tape also known as Pipe Wrap Tape). Black Isolation Tape (Tesa 51482 or Stylus 2907) is a very thick, tough, durable tape. Can aluminum and steel touch? “Note that aluminum is close in activity with steel. However, they are still dissimilar metals and are subject to considerable galvanic corrosion when in contact in a corrosive atmosphere. ... If this condition exists, the smaller active metal could corrode at an accelerated rate.Jul 1, 2003 As for the anti-freeze, buy full strength, don't buy that 50/50 crap, waste of hard earned money, you'll need the money to fix your Datsun. Go to a grocery store and buy a gallon of distilled water, cost under a dollar. Put gallon of anti-freeze in 5 gallon bucket, add 1 gallon to distilled water, mix up real well, pour what ever your vehicle will take, pour left over into another gallon container. Never can have enough anti-freeze if you own more then 2 vehicles that take the green stuff.
  8. Something I forgot to mention, When you install the radiator, place a " metal " wire screen in front of it, like the screen used on house windows / screen doors, to avoid having very pointy sharp rocks from touching the radiator. Make sure it's large enough so it goes a little beyond the radiator mounting bolts. Most of my vehicles get it done to, much cheaper then going through what you're going through.
  9. I agree with Stoff-Motors, when there's a leak in the tube area, it should be done by a qualified radiator shop. They should be able to tell you if it's worth saving. That is a very delicate spot and if a inexperienced person tries fixing it, the radiator will end up in the scrap pile. Datsun radiators use a thinner material then American rad's. They can't handle a lot of flame like American radiator's, that's why I don't recycle good Datsun radiators. As for the heater core, I've never had done one- yet. Normally the tube gets a very small crack down the side but if you know for sure, have the rad shop repair it also.
  10. Can you post a pic if it's not a problem ? Can give you a better idea if it's salvageable.
  11. is it on a soldered joint ? Cause that could be an easy fix. See you went the Ebay way, don't toss your old one. GLwyP if you win.
  12. Whats wrong with that radiator besides the support bracket needing re-soldered back on ?
  13. Time Left: 10 days and 7 hours

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    Datsun 620 misc items, there is a 521 glove box door knob in with the mix. Please read the craigs list for more info. MODS - tried to submit pic's but there was a down load issue so I went this way. https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/lewiston-datsun-620-misc-parts/7387106271.html


  14. Was at the shop yesterday and seen I still had a used 620 dash with cracks. How complete does it have to be ? It's missing the vents, glove box door and dash insert. It's basically the main part of dash only. Was you still looking or did you score one yet.
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