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  1. Thanks mods, no need for a photo host now.
  2. yenpit, believe it's for a 72' 510 sedan
  3. Time Left: 16 days and 8 hours

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    Datsun 520/521 flasher with red knob.The knob won't come off so the switch is included. Knob has a very small crack as seen in pic and theirs no set screw, the knob is on there good. Comes with under dash bracket. Knob is a little faded, will need a little elbow polishing. Price includes pay pal fee's and shipped to the US. Not tested but these switches are easy to service, if your mechanically inclined.


    - US

  4. Time Left: 16 days and 8 hours

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    Datsun 520 clutch and brake pedals. Not 100% sure if pedals will work on the 521. I'll need to check to be sure. Check pic's for condition. Pedals swing with no slop. If you only need the pedals w/ hardware, let me know. Send zip code for shipping quote. Total will include pay pal fee's.


  5. Time Left: 16 days and 8 hours

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    Datsun 520 metal dash,ash tray or ducts NOT included. Great replacement for the cracked 521 dashes. Comes with OEM fasteners. $95.00, last one for sale and getting hard to find. If interested, send zip code for shipping rate, pay pal fee's will be included in total. First to pay, wins... if their is one.. Once shipped a tracking link will be giving to buyer.


    - US

  6. that would be left up to me to get it done. What becomes the problem with such a big item is the size of the item. What I can do is get the info like weight, measurements, then check Fedex shipping site and then call Greyhound bus in Spokane for a rate, week days only. I drop it off at a gas station in my area which takes about an hour cause I'm not a priority customer. Gas and food customers are. Fedex will be expensive and bus takes a lot longer to get it plus theirs no tracking number but it's the cheapest way to ship if your not in a big hurry. . I'll be over by their place today to get the ball a rolling. Is your zip - 32825 ?
  7. to bad your not in my area or nearer. Know of a 620 hood in a friends basement. Never been installed on a datsun, just not sure if a after market or OEM. hood is located in south east Washington, if you ask.
  8. I purchased that 74 620 back in 2008 around Orofino Idaho. It had a blown motor when I got it. Just so happens down the street a auto/wrecker business had a wreaked 78 620 with front end damage to it. When they had a auction I purchased the 78 620 and put the running gear into the 74. Sold it and that owner blew the motor up and reinstalled another motor. Since then I lost connecting with him but would see it parked at a few different spots around town. Then one day to never see it again, thought it went to the scrappers. It's great to see it has survived and in good hands again.
  9. 420n620


    mikes going to let you know your doing it all wrong, here's where this needs to go >> https://ratsun.net/classifieds/ you interested in buying a set of rear bumperettes for $500 shipped BF Idaho ? used OEM my guess is the 521 is a late 71 of December cause MATT says it has belts. Whats the door plate say ?
  10. did you call to see what parts were left ?
  11. Parting out Datsun 1200’s. No titles. Call Kyle at 509 954 - 9363 https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/four-lakes-datsun-1200s/7118790778.html
  12. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

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    https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/four-lakes-datsun-1200s/7118790778.html not mine, contact them, ur welcome what ever happen to the CL thread ?


    - US

  13. the way around that is a waiver if the attendees enter on your ground. Pull and save business doing it all day long. it's only a 2/3 day event, who in the law enforcement going to find out ? Is their a snitch on the form ? get a rope, lol And when did anyone give a chit about what Kate Brown has to say. Shes a nut case. anyways, your call.
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