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    pic's coming tomorrow This is a complete wiring harness I removed it from a 73 620 that's NOT been hacked/chopped up. This is why it was pulled, most have been hacked cause they didn't know what the F they were doing. Don't take this personal if your a wire hacker. Only wire noticed cut was a black one (ground wire to battery ) in the engine compartment. Also comes with voltage reg, horn relay, head light relay not sure what other electrical components, fuse block. Will get more info and add tomorrow, I pulled this harness last year, trying to test my memory. lol All the connectors are solid, no frayed wires, no repairs or damaged. NO side markers, NO rear tail lights, NO front turn signals are included. Since I've had a few people waste my time getting shipping rates, I now charge $3.00 which needs to be send personal so no PP fee's. If you do decide to purchase, I'll deduct the $3.00 from the total. Since it is a requirement to summit a pic, the squirrel is for Ratsun members enjoyment.


  2. 420n620

    WTB 521 Parts

    oh chit, you might get banned or a spanking if it's your 1st time. you need to post here > https://ratsun.net/classifieds/ GLwtS
  3. if your not in a big hurry and will be in south east Washington, hit me up, got 3 - 5 speeds in dry storage. sellers on the internet hate us " form dwellers", we can beat their prices. lol We got ample supply of Datsun parts since were into them and hoarders. Anyways, good luck with what ever route you take
  4. THAT'S TO MUCH, they normally sell for around 200 to 250. At that price you better get a warranty in writing.
  5. 420n620

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

  6. 420n620

    WANTED: One piece front bumper without override holes

    Might want to let people know for what model of Datsun the bumpers your looking for. I know it's for your 510 but only cause I went into your profile to see your list of vehicles. Anyways, good luck. :)
  7. 420n620

    Which coil is which, and ignition wires question

    32 years of experience working on vehicles & MC ? cool story dude. since your a newby here on Ratsun, don't be a dick towards other members when their trying to help. If a comment bothers you, move on. :) good luck, were all rooting for you. lol
  8. 420n620

    521 J13 frame and L16 frame the same?

    He already purchased the 521. Now what would you suggest he do ? how about a few pic's haubstr to see if it's worth the time to make road worthy, once again.

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