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  1. Just a few weeks away..looking forward to seeing everybody again. We have reserved gazebo # 6 it's the 2nd one on the right as you enter the park.
  2. I know this thread is ancient but did this boat ever sell ?
  3. Buy a NEW Weber 32-36 & call it good / eliminate further issues. Keep the Hitachi for wall art or toss it.. Yes a new Weber..adapter plate & air filter assembly + shipping will be around $300 but youll get many years of reliability & performance. I bought mine from... www.piercemanifolds.com DGEV is electric choke... DGV is manual choke... Happy shopping 👍
  4. Sounds great Ed & thank you. We enjoy visiting with everybody & you guys make our event a lot of fun 😎
  5. Everybody in attendance this year will get a 3x2 inch SWDP decal & were hoping to have t shirts for sale this year.
  6. It will be good to see you again this year..we have a new thread started for this years bbq.
  7. The part # is the name of the part haha. I called in my order & told her what I wanted but didn't know the part #...she said "sync link" is the part #...
  8. Of course..your a big part of our club 👍 This years event will be alot of fun with hopefully a few surprises.
  9. TY for getting things started Charlie. Heres a link to more info on the park including directions... https://www.fontana.org/714/Martin-Tudor-Jurupa-Hills-Park As in years past our event is open to any & all vehicles & theres room to park trailers but we reccomend you get there early seeing as parking fills up fast. & we will be reserving gazebo #2 this year..a HUGE TY to Carlos for making that happen... I have tracked down 2 of the original membes of So Cal Datsun Pickups & hoping they can attend. One of them still has his club jacket & pics from back in the day which he will bring to share. Mr George koepsel founder of Fontana Datsun should be there with pictures & stories..if you have a chance sit & visit with him..hes a very kind man with a rish history with the Datsun brand. Come out & enjoy a day of old school trucks & cars & help us keep the tradition going.. A few pics from last years bbq...
  10. It sure is !! It does have a little more top end speed & I'm getting a full throw on the throttle cable now. It doesn't " kick in" like It used to when the 2nd barrell used to open..now it's a smooth acceleration all the way through.
  11. Ive been doing the Datsun thing for a long time & have learned over time....dont cheap out when fixing your truck or car...buy NEW parts to make it safe & reliable 😎

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    2. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      A little..got tired of it just sitting👍

    3. bananahamuck


      Man,,, I am so cheap i buy my light bulbs at junkyard.

    4. Charlie69


      I thought light bulbs were covered by the admission price!  LOL

  12. Ive been driving it here & there & the brakes are holding up fine..radiator temps staying normal & its not smoking as much [valve seals] Most importantly is the truck finally feels safe & reliable..thats not always been the case. Onto a few "beauty" pics HaHa... & my ladys 93 HB... & im fabbing up some metal for a back window "trick" ive been wanting to do for awhile...pics soon...
  13. Im so glad you have this 620 & upgrading things & making it "right" It deserves to be driven seeing as it wasnt before..enjoy.
  14. A few pics from last weeks river time. NEW 32-36 dgv with Sync link & tall adapter installed. Nice smoth acceleration, smooth idle & no more running rich / the back of the boat covered in soot... & a Jet boat racing the London jet tour boat...only on the Colorado !
  15. Our 12th annual SWDP bbq is coming up again in August Stay tuned for info & were hoping for a few surprises this year & TY for all off you that have supported our event in years past. 😎
  16. Thanks..I'm going for a Tiki / Pirate ship / Rust Rod look. All of the wood I used is either from pallets & old Ikea furniture. A wooden air damm...maybe 😎
  17. Ok Gene..hope it's a stellar time.... Ray..I suppose anybody can..there's history here & people were done wrong..I'll let it go...PM me sometime I'll fill you in..peace
  18. A few more pics from last weeks kickoff to the 2019 Colorado river Bullhead city AZ / Laughlin NV season. We did a little fishing & alot of relaxing. Im replacing the carb with a new 32/36 & ill install the sync part that opens both barrels at the same time. a shot of the flakes...
  19. Did you get permission to use the Nu minis / Class act trucks for your flyer ? Just a friendly [ & justified] inquiry......
  20. I've had the air damm on since 2006 & your just now saying something haha. She's running fine I do need to install the other 3 valve seals & adjust the valves. The new carb is amazing !!
  21. Ok Kool I'll try that method. Thanks..it's kinda "done" for now..it's time to cruise it around..
  22. The 2019 Bullhead city river season has begun. Took it out last Wed & she ran ok..replaced the fuel filter & ill check the spark plugs tomorrow. I also now have the original engine bay cover ! It needs some fiberglass repairs then paint but nothing major. This is a pic from last year...
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