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Project "MX520" TOP SECRET


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This is my 1966 L520.


The project will result in one Bad Ass Datto Track Truck!


I'm an avid road racer. I am also a Datsun pick up NUT:eek: Put the two together and you get to look into the twisted mind of Bob. My project is a combo of a 1966 L520 & a 1990 Mazda Miata (MX5).


So far I've removed the Datsun: engine / trans / steering gear / front and rear suspension down to the bare frame.


Here are some pics of what I've done so far.








I had to do a little frame work to get the MX5 sub-frame to fit.








Here is the sub-frame modified and ready for its new home





Here is my 520 sitting on independent suspension with four wheel discs and 17's








Well - What do you think? :D

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I still need to finish up the rear. It's just sitting on the sub-frame now. After I get it attached, I then need to fab up shock mounts both front and rear. It shouldn't be too tough. It will be cool once it's sitting on the coil overs :D I'll post more pics as I get more done.

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As far as suspension angles go, I have figured it out based on our Spec Miata Race Car. The arms are not designed to be run in a downward angle. In fact, the 520 arms are not angled up as far as the race car.




This is our Spec Miata driven by my son Tommy at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course. It weighs 2475lbs ( by rule minimum ). We run the subframe clearance at 4 inches. The weight balance is 52% front / 48% rear. I have the Datsun 520 set at 5.25 inch clearance and I figure it will weigh around 2300lbs when I'm done. With ballast I think I can get the balance close to 50/50! It should be alot of fun:D The best part for me is there are no rules to keep me from changing spring rates and using stiffer swaybars. This thing is going to handle AWESOME!

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I got one word for you Bob...;)


Oh...and I call dibs on the next one.:D


What is the horsepower difference from the stock motor to the Miata?


What do you think the difference will be from my gently massaged L16?


See you soon man.:cool:

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mklotz70 said: My hat is off to you! That is completely awesome!!! More pics please! How did you deal with the top of the shock mounts....or are you converting to shorter shocks?


I plan to tackle the front shock mounts this weekend. They shouldn't be too tough. The rear is looking to be a bit of a challenge. I may be looking at some custom rear shocks? We'll see. I'll try and get some more pics up this weekend as the project continues! It is alot of fun! :D


denveratsun said: I got one word for you Bob...


Oh...and I call dibs on the next one.


What is the horsepower difference from the stock motor to the Miata?


What do you think the difference will be from my gently massaged L16?


See you soon man.


The motor I'm using to get it all sorted out should be around 115hp at the wheels. I plan to install a "better" motor in the spring that should put 135hp to the wheels! :eek: I don't know what the hp is for the stock 1300cc L520 motor. I know that the 5 speed trans will sure be nice. :D I'll be out in the shop tinkering this weekend if your bored.

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I have a question :D So since the engine mounts to the sub frame, which locates the wheels in the wheel wells. Did it end up working out so the motor will bolt in the factory mounts and be in the correct location in the engine bay? If so that is fucking awesome!!


Second question: What is the wheel mounting surface width from the MX stuff to datto stuff? From memory the rear of a 521 is 50" so the 520 must be some were around there.


I really really like the build, it fixes so many problems with the old datto trucks. Well I mean just by doing to front end stuff. Not that it looks easy or anything :D

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