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  1. sanitys

    1971 Datsun Parts Truck

    so do you have the tailgate? condition?
  2. sanitys

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    took care of some cancer. passenger side suspension was all taken apart cleaned and repainted. Once the front corner is back together im going to pull and cab and do the frame.
  3. sanitys

    What did you do to your truck today?

    started taking care of some cancer...
  4. anyone know where a nice 521 tailgate w/ hardware is on the east coast? Didn't see this one posted unless its a ways back... http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/3774216183.html If anyone goes and looks take some pictures to share.
  5. sanitys

    1971 Datsun Parts Truck

    That and I tend to haul a lot of stuff around with it and its a pain taking the topper on/off. I also use the truck to drive to work 50 miles or so each way on the interstate and the topper tends to create blind spots that I'm not a huge fan of. If any east coasters are interested just PM me, I don't want to thread jack.
  6. sanitys

    1971 Datsun Parts Truck

    Wayno, yeah I picked that up. I don't really care for the topper so I'm looking for a tailgate(small pic to not hy-jack, click to follow).
  7. sanitys

    1971 Datsun Parts Truck

    Pretty sure i ended up buying rogers truck. In any case, do you have the tailgate? pictures?
  8. sanitys

    521 parts

    I could use a tailgate and the turn signal switch on the column. Prices and pictures?
  9. sanitys

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    took the seat out and removed the old cover. Cleaned it up some. A few stains, but being 40 years old, it looks pretty good. Took a pic of the floor with the seat out. Just alittle surface rust
  10. i would be interested in the fenders if the price was alittle lower, however If you want to mock them up to a 620 you are more than welcome to stop by and mock them up to mine. Im probably about 1 hr away.
  11. sanitys

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    got it home yesterday. Here are some more pictures. I put the topper/camper on the 620 since its not gonna see the road for awhile. Will probably fix the floor this weekend. Its just surface rust.
  12. sanitys

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    updates, well i started actually cleaning up the wiring. Gonna make a mold to hold my two AEM gauges where the ash try is. It will still slide out, have a usb slot for my deck and a usb slot for the ecu. Aside from that havn't done much. Buying a house and having a kid eats up funds and time. I did however scrape up enough funds to buy a 521. I couldnt help it due to the condition. Pictures are from the Ad. Ill take some better ones once its here at my place. Edit, oh i did delete some stuff on the intake manifold since i didnt have it plugged in anyways, and I swapped the 3.5 bar map sensor to a 1 bar since im still N/A. I would have bought all the turbo stuff if I didn't buy the 521. Yes the wiring always looks like a mess when you are going back through it cleaning it up.
  13. sanitys


    Houghton, Michigan, but like i said i live in maryland now.
  14. sanitys

    Door Mirrors

    non power. Can be had from mossmotors.com probably the only decent shot i have of them installed, which isnt the best...
  15. sanitys

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    might as well share my wiring mess in the cab since i was just hooking stuff up and not actually running the wires. Gotta love the temp o2 guage mount which is the ash tray. lol. Aside from cleaning up the wiring the rest is waiting on funds.

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