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  1. Quit playing with your pussy and get this done!
  2. PUT IT ON A DYNO! I would say call Dave Prima and ask if he knows of a place he could meet you at. Might cost less than one of Daves "street" engines. NOT an engine I would willy nilly down the road till you KNOW she's dialed.
  3. That would be from a 4x4 720. Speedo was in the transfercase.
  4. Your at 7. See some current stuff.
  5. I still have two Jeeps.....and a WD21, but, I would realy like to build a Patrol some day. Both of my current Jeeps have been found on farms. Hopeing for the day I find a Patrol in a barn.
  6. OK. Only a couple more. Tell us about your plans.
  7. Running it all the way out will do the best at getting the noise toned down a little. The key is a little.
  8. Eliminating the spring bucket should make for a much easier triangle to build as well. Be sure to keep us up to date on your ideas. Sounds interesting.
  9. FRONT SUSPENSION........... :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :rofl:
  10. Pretty sure the factory thermostat is 170. I a run 180 in mine with no cooling issues. My Dodge Cummins has a 195!
  11. Glad to see you posting Andrew! :thumbup: I had pics of your prerunner for the longest time. I saved everyone I could find. I REALLY want to build one. Is there a build thread anywhere on it?
  12. Oh hell ya! The day after that pic I had to reverse the fender lip to haul my damn pantoon boats to Shasta. The fronts would only rub in tight corners if I was pushing it. Did the fronts shortly after we got back. I got tired of listeneing to it. :D
  13. No, just the same as all the others. I rattle bombed mine with matte nickle.
  14. I've used the Lucas and the Mobile. Bothy great products. Anything is better than a moly based grease. That shit turns to a nasty sticky mess when it gets hot. I really like the John Deere grease #TY6341. It's what is in their bearing & tie rod ends when they come new. I can tell you that high speed bearings last longer with the Deere grease than others. I use it my steering joints too.
  15. Just so you know, if you can find a "spare" from a blazer they were only 7" wide with the same backspace.
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