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  1. Quit playing with your pussy and get this done!
  2. PUT IT ON A DYNO! I would say call Dave Prima and ask if he knows of a place he could meet you at. Might cost less than one of Daves "street" engines. NOT an engine I would willy nilly down the road till you KNOW she's dialed.
  3. That would be from a 4x4 720. Speedo was in the transfercase.
  4. Your at 7. See some current stuff.
  5. I still have two Jeeps.....and a WD21, but, I would realy like to build a Patrol some day. Both of my current Jeeps have been found on farms. Hopeing for the day I find a Patrol in a barn.
  6. OK. Only a couple more. Tell us about your plans.
  7. Running it all the way out will do the best at getting the noise toned down a little. The key is a little.
  8. Eliminating the spring bucket should make for a much easier triangle to build as well. Be sure to keep us up to date on your ideas. Sounds interesting.
  9. FRONT SUSPENSION........... :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :rofl:
  10. Pretty sure the factory thermostat is 170. I a run 180 in mine with no cooling issues. My Dodge Cummins has a 195!
  11. Glad to see you posting Andrew! :thumbup: I had pics of your prerunner for the longest time. I saved everyone I could find. I REALLY want to build one. Is there a build thread anywhere on it?
  12. Oh hell ya! The day after that pic I had to reverse the fender lip to haul my damn pantoon boats to Shasta. The fronts would only rub in tight corners if I was pushing it. Did the fronts shortly after we got back. I got tired of listeneing to it. :D
  13. No, just the same as all the others. I rattle bombed mine with matte nickle.
  14. I've used the Lucas and the Mobile. Bothy great products. Anything is better than a moly based grease. That shit turns to a nasty sticky mess when it gets hot. I really like the John Deere grease #TY6341. It's what is in their bearing & tie rod ends when they come new. I can tell you that high speed bearings last longer with the Deere grease than others. I use it my steering joints too.
  15. Just so you know, if you can find a "spare" from a blazer they were only 7" wide with the same backspace.
  16. Totaly get it. I have started checking out posters content just to see how serious they appear before I just jump in. I've deleted a couple rather long posts trying to help others just to find out that it is the third thread started on the same thing. Fool me once. Continue on brotha! :thumbup:
  17. Glad to hear you have it done. I don't have a book for the 720's, but, I did find an article here @ Ratsun that might point you in the right direction. Lets see some pics of this family heirloom. :rofl:
  18. :rofl: :rofl: Quit being a dick to everyone that comes here. Just because it's his first post doesn't mean he just started looking. Just means he finally figured out were he should have started in the first place.
  19. Sounds like a P90A head. Check it out.
  20. Here Daniel, this should help. The second page has valve head diameters for the L16 and L18. I thought it had the stem length too it doesn't. Sorry. I'll find out for you tomorrow. I know where there is a book. :ninja:
  21. I am assuming that you are discribing what happens when it dies? Do your other accessories work? Lights and such? Have spark? Check the wiring on your primary side of the ignition system. Broken or loose anywhere?
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