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  1. Sounds like someone works for Woodward... Long story short... I left out lots of unnecessary details. Like my credit card number I used to buy it. The box was poorly held together, previously damaged, by whom? ??? No shipping insurance. Item shipped directly from Woodward, not from china. I did NOT break it, but according to phil its 60lbs of cast steel, even if it was drop off a truck, what I described was not possible. Also if I broke it, why not just take the free replacement? Check out my thread on the tig welder I just bought... a perfect example of how some companies just get it. Woodward does not...
  2. They've been around a while... name changes, owner changes , moved production overseas, etc. Sadly... another American company bites the dust.
  3. So i found out tge hard way. I ordered a rotary shear... great idea, poor execution. It arrived broken... i called, and got ahold of Phil, the owner? Anyway, he seemed "upset', that i would complain about his tool, and didnt believe it was broken. Said hes sold tens of thousands with no complaints. Weird, cause ive researched around could find anyone who owns one... he tell me go ahead and ship it back and he'll send another if it is broken. Ok, you're paying shipping right Phil? Nope! 60lbs is not cheap to ship! I explained how the design didn't seem up to the task, and asked him to send me one their traditional type shears... they're actually cheaper, and i need to get some work done. He says, nope cant do that. If you want to return it theres a 15% restocking fee, and THEN you can purchase another tool. Long story short, paypal took care of it, im getting my money and Phil gets his named spread around so everyone knows how he and his company treats their customers. Woodward fab aka heck industries... go fuck yourselves.
  4. Ive had less than an hour on this machine, and less than 3 hours total ever using a tig... heres some results from the longevity.
  5. Best deal I could find was 1300... 25yr old machine, but my power bill would skyrocket compared to my little lunchbox lincoln. So inverter was the was to go. For me, I had to have ac... I want to learn aluminum welding, maxstar is dc only at that price, and I know a guy... lol... power supply went, new one was? Yeah $1200, same price as a complete new unit... my next thought was a "real gear tig 200"... which got a 6 page rave review in a magazine... lmao... I called praxair, and they had no inventory available, a 1yrr warranty, and exchange only when theres a problem, after that its good luck. Longevity had what I wanted, so I sold the lincoln and paid for this. Here she is... crap tablet pics, but u get the point.
  6. So I just bought a new welder from a company called Longevity, I got the tigweld 200sx. I love this machine! The shipping ended up taking a little longer than I was promised... but longevity made it up to me by upgrading it to 2day shipping! How many companies do stuff like that theses days? Its got a 5yr parts and labor warranty, and despite a couple unsatisfied customers, it looks like Longevity really stands by their product. I checked them out with BBB before buying, and they have an A rating. For under $850 shipped, all I had to buy was a bottle and some rod and I was welding. Theres cheaper tig welders, and even ones that will do ac, but for me it came down to the warranty and the fact that they actually honor it. Glad to answer questions and maybe let you try it. Btw... its 110v/220v, so you dont have hire an electrician if you choose. Joe
  7. A lightweight lexus v8 would suit that car nicely. Though i will admit the Z's i've owned were great running cars even when running poorly... hope that makes sense. Give credit to the 4m tho, its dead reliable. Stop laughing. Its the other stuff that hasnt held up as well. That carb was rebuilt a few years back buy a "shop", which is probably the real issue.
  8. As learned from pumpkins dad... some early toyotas came with a points triggered electronic ignition, as found on their bone stock 71? Corona (4cyl). I dont know how to tell the difference! A coil going out could cause symptoms when hot and none when cold, and if its electronic then an ignitor can also cause similar symptoms... if its got points only, electronic makes it just that little bit better. Looking at the pic of the mark II next to the yellow celica, you can really see the family resemblance. I think you and kinda dicussed it, but driving the mark II reminded me so much of driving an old american car it kinda made me want one... problem was i started looking towards american cars for ideas for how to build it. Which made me want one more. This car is finally the one. Building a 289 for it :D but i did consider the lexus 1uzfe, but the 289 is on my top ten list, couldn't pass up the chance to do it. I will own another datsun some day, but its not gonna be a project car. Bone stock roadster... need more room first.
  9. I read back through... I can only assume. You pulled the fuel filter and checked for crud, gunk, or stuff? Other than that, I like to follow a rule I learned from Hainz... and it works 90% of the time on MY cars. If you think its fuel, its probably ignition. If you think its ignition, its probably fuel. Webers are VERY forgiving. Should bolt on and run almost as well as stock without tuning. Heres my baby.
  10. Wow, this is my first chance to read the aftermath. Too bad about the break downs, sucks i know. My only question is wheres the conclusion? Weber installed yet? C'mon... i gotta know now.
  11. i would sell them for $400 without the tires... the wifes car can use them.
  12. Lol. They still are, i have different ideas for wheels, these are awesome, i just want a different look.
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